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Camaldolese History Class. Conference #7 (Jan 25, 1984) & Conference #8 (Feb 22, 1984)


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now we were talking last time ah
about the monastic see more or less the time of st rami old at the time of
he's joining the monastery of cloth today and especially during the period in which he was at the monastery a quick stop sign
now southern branch that part of the duchy of barcelona catalonia territory but we need to really tell the story of how st ronald
got there so we go back to
nine seventy five when wrong your leaves clumsy and goes to venice and he teams up with this little guy and a marino
who may or may not have been monk he was a hermit but you don't have to be a month before you become a hermit so if he was a bit addicting
we don't know
if he was a greek monk that's something i put in a footnote as possible hypotheses
maybe he wants from apulia southern italy the area where there was visiting nomination through our till the beginning of the eleventh century and in fact
st peter damian was the only one who talked about marino
there is no documentation that whatsoever anywhere else accepted the life of the wrong you by peter david but peter damian tells us that money no went back to
napoleon is if this were his home territory
it lived there for wild man was killed by serious and pirates and we can estimate the table his death on the basis of
records of incursions pirate incursions they were muslims and arabs or services
peter they call them
i got in
which mean
sons of hug i never be letter to ah
we're paul make this kind of allegory of the children the free why sarah the children of hagar
so one x term for the muslims in those days was
but back in venice with run now rami old had been with marino hardly hardly more than a year when a revolution took place in the city
romeo had gone there partly i believe to avoid the political implications of his joining the monastery classic he wasn't interested in politics but he couldn't avoid it he was one of the big member one of the big families in order to get into class that he had gone to then
archbishop ernesto then your next day
very often you had a man with the name that was also the patronymic so on esther was of the honesty family and romulus family the sergey were
related to the honesty by a marriage so rom ewald gets the archbishop to tell the abbot to accept this court versus this candidate who is apparently too old to join monasteries twenty years old but the advertised to accepted
but part of the problems that rotten add there was all of the implications behind his joining monastery in his own hometown and one more motivation for him to go to venice
but he has been there very long until he gets involved embroiled in another thing and this was the revolution
peter damian tells the story of this rebellion of this revolution some seventy years after it happened and his information is sometimes inaccurate but we can reconstruct most of the events on the basis of documents regarding peter or sale or first on account of whom wrong you would soon be living them
no if ever go to study the history of beds or she ever go looking up in encyclopedias and history books in the index or say a low or peter or othello you're going to be confused because there were two of them there's peter or sale of first who is the father and then peter or say
or the son who was doge
not immediately after his father but after a couple successors of his phone
the end of the tenth in the early eleventh century know
a sale of the second son of same people who say
was very important also we shall see in the life as a romeo because of the connections that you find with the court of the autos the emperor's the german emperors the connections with
the evangelists nation of hungary which was of interest for one reason to the emperor's motto and so forth and for another reason to wrong
she'll just keep in mind these acquaintances these connections that romulus makes and the course of his early monastic life because then when he becomes a pungent when he becomes a reformer of monks and pyramids this will be significant and the connections will be important
the venice a romulus time was not exactly as we see it today but the aura was the same what the aura of them it was been to venice you have then no no no okay brother state of was events and
but everyone is in pictures up in a know it's a beautiful place and it's fascinating because it built on canals and instead of bustles the at a rapid rate favorites of a little steam engines
successors of the gondola
to which are service buses and taxis so you can only go by water and then what there is some bridges in there is some but you know sidewalks inside between the buildings but the whole concept of the city of venice or something very different you know from what we would associate with the city and the center as you know
no of venice is st mark's square is a photocopy of the square st mark
and it's a fascinating place and walt disney made eight
a plaster of paris replica can you believe it this place down in florida
and he put in everything sept of course the church so it st mark's square without st mark
which is something very close to sacrilegious for lancaster
anyway the venice of st romulus time already have this aura which you can perceive when you go there
it's commerce with the east had enriched it and it's dominion of the see began to spread over the entire northern adriatic down the peninsula of istria and along the dalmatian coast now western you will slavia
it enjoyed a favorite position between the two christian empires the byzantine empire and the holy roman empire and we might use that term anyway the empire
now in the hands of germanic rulers the are those of this time
it enjoyed a favorite position between the two christian empire is being relatively unexposed to attacks from without whether by saracens and with the great enemies of the byzantine and the pig in my jars the ancestors of modern periods or at least part consists of
ben and jerry's
they were pagans and wisdom
they were very behind multiple cyrus impulsive
romulus ancestors were from history up
i don't have my map here i didn't think to bring it
istria you kind of picture the the east side of italy and where it connects with yugoslavia there's this kind of triangular shaped peninsula which is south three est now so the italian peninsula is at an angle
well it is pointed from northeast to southwest and then if you go around the gulf their you come to this peninsula east area which is now part of yugoslavia
and until a few years ago want very many years ago ten twelve years ago
the territory was kind of disputed between italy and it was loved and then they came to very good terms and she asked was guaranteed as italian territory and the tide and government recognized
yugoslavia jurisdiction that's because just before tito died yugoslavia his possession of istria which still i think has the population some of whom speak at her
romulus family his ancestors were from there he was born in ravenna his father and retcon probably were born in ravenna somewhere in the past they were from history hysteria they were lombards they were dramatic but they have been italian i by them
now being from istria rom you may have been distantly related to one or both of the rival venetian families the candiotti and the or sailed there were three big families that had overlapping dynasties in the town did the early eleventh century the candiotti the or say
daily and the
r e g asking i think it's the name of the other family but they don't fit into our store
because the situation that takes place after ronald arrives there is between this two families candiotti and or sale the doge that's venice's elected ruler was a republic but the doge at total power you see
so the heads of families would elect the doge and then he would really be the top man the doge was peter conti idol the for
st peter damian confuses him with vitale can pianos brother who would not become doge for another couple of years
peter come deanna was a petty tyrant hungry for power and unscrupulous to the point of putting his wife and a convent so that he could marry well data the daughter of humor the marquess of tuscany and sister of ubud successor whew
all these people keep in mind hue of tusk
the brother of wall prominent who married peter cardio why is this important because you would later offer support to romulus when he comes back with catalonia ten years later and to peter damian peter david was very fond of you have test welded the nsa
but how greater ruler it was well he was a dictator and we would consider him an abominable person but he did maintain law and order and peter damian
like or not he was lot of word
anyway waldrop the daughter of uber the sister of you tuscany candy yeah was new bride brought him a rich dowry this was not a love of them
somehow array me to grow the normal through the wars or whatever and got this new
lion through marry her and above all he married her dowry
land goods and servants and so with all of these possessions and that these territories you see these were far these very relax and with all of these possession he needed an army so he raised a private army of mercenaries day but anybody could join his army accept a venetian you see this is the technique of the day
dictator but you can see this now when you know and the small countries you know that have these kind of people running them their bodyguards their own private army is always somebody from the outset like mission of mercenaries
and so this naturally was quite disgusting to the venetian they didn't like with the tour
so rebellion have been seething in the lagoon for some time now but no succeeded in breaking through the lines of candy animals tuscan bodyguards finally his enemy is it upon a plan which would involve in some way the rival or sale so peter was a cunt yard and so well let's get the for sally and on a play
lot here at tried organizers that see we can get rid of this guy the revolt was to begin with a fire started in the or sale of palace which if
my guess is right is probably like on this this is the dodgers pounds you see this this horseshoe shaped building here and then then there's the bridge of sighs when under the bridge of sighs you can see it the bullet this little bridge next to it is the present
well this is the later centuries and i became the prison but i would bet that this was probably the location of the your sale how your next to the power to the dog
how old is venice or
it goes back to the early centuries of the middle ages if it's not too all because they were fishermen you know they'd go out there and these were sandbars and they really didn't have much
uzi merch you know i'm in a fan and and ooze at grass and the water would come up and cover it and then with the low tide will be exposed you'd have little lander the fishermen would go out there pull up their boats you know i'm and low tide than you know when that tide started coming in they'd go get their boat and float up and people actually live
live in a hundred lagoon up and down and in and out and then they started
bringing in you know boatloads of sand and dredging channels and then
planning more the grass you know bunching the grass up and also it would then gather the debris and the and the flotsam and jetsam of the the rivers that flow into the lagoon
and gradually they build it up and this was very nice place to live with it known that and page you they're very safe and fluid it was really in the i would guess around the seventeenth century that has started get very important and then it became more and more important and then this time in the tenth century was it was really becoming import
it was really becoming a rival of designs and became a seagoing park they had a time there period hundred and more years where they were pretty much free of interference from everybody inaccessible they can defend the see themselves from the see no one was an invading them from the lab
and and they were able to really organize themselves and bill
one main impetus for
hidden go to him
yeah i should between

yeah like we live yeah i'd be layering remember that the on the main the omen same time every little for a moment to read the i'm going to their to bog

by the way well that that area used to be part of austria you know so that connects your purse with your childhood history education i'm sure exactly and sure you learn that and of christie for mobile az there were glad to be under hundred the boston fell
okay with do they were defended by the catholic princes them then importantly on and so it was unlucky that they were so closely connected with the but that we're getting way out of our time for him yes there was the inputs from at layer and but there have been
people living there i mean these are the fisher who have begun to kind of build something like land
normal tides are about two feet so that it was able they are able to build on he's very low i'll almost right floating water and then of course you'd get the five foot tides niche fills everything up and that their problems of the lamb thinking
from bennett so they went to put up inflatable dive
rubber rubber dykes can you believe it with the tests the order
well yeah actually it's been improving the last few years symptom been trying to get the pollution under control but let's keep in the late tenth century last word of the tenth century nine seventy five nine seventy six remember the day finally here we are at the crucial point they find
the a
plan this revolt the revolt was to begin with the fire started in the or sale of alice which was situated next to that of a doge the fire
you see they couldn't get into the dose pounds so they went into the next door building started the fire there
and as spread the fire soon spread to the surrounding buildings and began to eat away at the basilica of st mark built in the early ninth century to how's the evangelist relics which had been stolen from alexandria by venetian pirates
the stealing of the relics and the building of st marks marks that feeds me that the verb hit to my or
is the is the focal point of the establishment of venice as an important city why would somebody's bones be important for a city because of the mentality of those days
the rebuilt in the foundations of fossils and evangelists so they had also a place of pilgrimage pilgrimage and commerce were very closely
who are in some way related to the marxist train of thought i don't mean marxism as continents of soviet union sort of thing there is also what they call the marxist line in historiography which is worthy of much more attention that has given to it in
this because in europe you find people who have nothing would ever do with communism even conservative people politically do a spouse some of the marxist idea of history
and the importance of economic it's just a matter of emphasis for many of them and they identified with marks because he was the one marx and engels for the one who insisted on the
economic mechanism as the driving force of many historical events and that's true in many ways it's something a person that
most everyone admits today because it wasn't attend to very much but we have to i think has christian store it always correct this by realizing that there was a spiritual value and wall that had not do for shall we say was in itself and if
nature distinct from an autonomous with regard to the economic mechanism but they were closely linked so relics commerce establishment of a city where your important
it was very important by the way in the monastic renewal written revival in those days of sanctuaries establishment of monastir you've got the relics person then you go to church and then you build your monastery and he was set
so the fire burn the basilica
and it started to burn the palace and so can't yeah rushes out of the flaming palace holding his infant son in front of him as a human shield the mob seizes the child watches him before his father's eyes and slays the don't know
you back that's what
is described in the story
no contrary to what peter david tells us peter or sale of the first was probably not directly involved in the ribbon
the other lives of peter a sale
do not present us with the kind of man that would get involved in that sort of thing but the fact that he was immediately elected doge obviously implicated him at least in the minds of the current jani the open
or sale was an admiral in the venetian navy and his successful battles at see against slavic peoples from across the adriatic
the information about this is a little hazy we're not exactly sure because it's son also
had some naval battles against the slumps but that's i think we can say that he did do this and this had made him a popular hero and it helped to assure of a net venice's position as the great commercial rival of his answer
so the people liked he was about fifty years old when he became ruler of all them
where sale as chief concern as doge was to cancel all visible effects and as far as possible all memory of the revolution
reconciliation pacification
the two years of his rule nine seventy six to nine seventy eight were a time of feverish building activity in which st mark's square began to assume the aspect it has today the company isla was built so peter a sailor built that beautiful cat
and byzantine architects and craftsmen were commissioned to create a new cathedral modeled on constantinople basilica of the holy apostles are the facade was the you can see part of the brick facade either way behind the gothic and victorian gingerbread
facade you have the facade of st mark's was finished in the last century
so the mosaics there are really nineteenth century stuff vaguely imitating the business style but
if you can kind of present you know from that facade you can see behind it that the the very plain arches in the brickwork well that was
the the original good structure that was begun at the time peter for sale
and then the other bit of dodgers palace and all of these other building so he gave a saint marks were many ways
and the architects and the and the craftsman were from constantinople this byzantine influence was continually present in the the the construction and and beautification of venice marbles blending you have it's over overlapping the the god
they can know which is very western european and the byzantine some time marbles
now the candy on that the predecessor of or sale peter be on the candiotti family had nurtured close ties with the saxon emperor swaddle the first dog with second as well as with the mark of tuscany you know the father of well dorada why second wife
the to condemn peter or sale made it his policy to keep these same alliance bipartisan foreign policy is like in our country
to keep these same alliance is especially the latter with the marquess of tuscany and for this reason he treated while radha with the greatest deference restoring to hurt the dow rate which her father had bestowed on peter to andiamo now there's this other nasty legend that peter a sailor became her lover
i don't get extra i really don't think that's true because he was over he was already have not quite as saying he was pretty close to he was a very holding them
and his attention to it was out of a sense of compassion she had gotten involved first of all end up in a marriage which where she was simply the the pot was her dowry and that the alliance that was important on or person and then you know her husband gets killed
so he was very kind to her in buell it's his neighborhood and her job that was their only child
and of course this was also in view of the peaceful relations with tuscany but in way worse sale his cousin and friend john grubb and ego organized a state funeral for the murdered doge and his son
but it was our sailors own meekness of gentleness of character that com the wrath of the rival clan and finally there was peace of venice
he was a very meek and gentle man we see this in his life there and pizza
but already this was part of this care
however the emperor out of the second of this time as emperor could not have ignore the political implications of the overthrow of his ally yeah no it is quite possible that he sent word abu ghadiya pixar then on his way back from the holy land instructing him to examine the situation and report back this is a possible
whether it had happened that or not is of no great importance
because anyway the problem resolves itself very quickly gadi arrived in venice during the summer of nine seventy eight
peter or sale a welcome the ebb and listened eagerly to the story of his pilgrimage to jerusalem and to bethlehem where he had succeeded in obtaining what was believed to be the would have the manger in which the infant jesus had lain
so it takes a back up with some picks up comes to be called the monastery of the lord's crib
monasterio sap dawn
in the course of their conversation peter are sale of surprised gadi with a riddle
can a ship wrecked man be saved if he does not come to sure the avid reply certainly not peter continue then tell me what sure must i had four
gadi understood what he was hinting at and was pleased to find that the doge had felt the interaction of monastic life for some time now and especially since he became don't
his marriage his own marriage had been a political affair and they've always worked anywhere and after the birth of a son and heir he and his wife felicia had lived apart
vibrant and said that he will celebrate after that and i think probably that's not unlikely
then he really did observe
celibate chastity
but maybe not but that's not important
please that the whole political question had so easily found its solution avid gadi immediately accepted his unexpected postulant and agreed to accompany the doge to the abbey in catalonia just as soon as he had returned from the final stage of his pilgrimage and wrong
the pilgrimage had to completely wrong gadi left venice and headed south by land crossing the montreal the pass and following the mountain road along which fifty years later to a day to to the come on really would be built
from albany was on the pill one of the pilgrimage roads the one that led from venice ravenna down to wrong people who would come back from the holy land and would stop off in venice venezuela they would then take this road
what benedict the seven a man of business fond of byzantine culture and greek monasticism received gadi with honor happy to meet an abbott who shared his interests then the pope gave gadi the rei
alex st valentine and sent it back to venice so one of the other treasures that he took back to his monastery with relics and st valentine
the just plan had in the meantime remained a well guarded secret and getting his second visit was aroused no suspicions not even in the part of the dodgers wife felicia
nor did she suspect anything strange when he sent her off to the mainland to make preparations for the patron or feast of a chapel on one of the dodgers farms peter promised to fall over the next day
at sundown on august thirty first nine seventy eight the dates are absolutely correct because we have we have they have the the records of the chroniclers of venice so if you're the top guy naturally the made a note he left there one surprised me though it was august thirty first nine seventy eight with the day before though
everything was ready a ship loaded with church ornaments and other precious gifts for the abbey layup acronym the lagoon
shortly after midnight gadi the doge and to use the expression of the somme chronicler three noblemen of his duchy john moto zeny john read and ego and romulus there was no mention of marino embark and sale self to kill joe jones
his on the bottom of southern most point on the lagoon
there they transfer their goods to wagons mount horses and set off on the overland route by way of verona and for long
ronald has spoken of as as one of the automatic one of the doubled by this event
are you because both of the others hundred job and rockville that was a ravenna name so that no one else probably around there was a wrongful and by the first mover for they just think for ship super cute mean gets they grant the they didn't cross directly of the lagoon they went south
well perhaps to avoid the obvious rose to to cover their tracks so they went south to judge up and then followed the rha river
oh up to verona and that from bruna they went on into law and class the afternoon
felicia began to worry when peter was not there for the vigil feast the first best you can do it up but she knew something was amiss when he was not even at mass the next day in the city they discovered what had happened and the great council met that morning to decide what was to be done
they sent messengers by every possible route westward and finally they found the abbott and his party but peter or sale a result realizing they probably would have tried to follow him and shaved his beard and put on monks garb and but the boat load low over his head he was unrecognizable
back at the chronicler state
so gaudy and his companions continued their journey and then a few weeks arrived at the foot of snow covered mount county go for cutting viewers it's pronounced in french today as they approach the abbey of st michael the bells were rung and the months came out and festive procession to welcome their abbott with his
cargo relics vestments and other treasures crippled the more like to see violent valentine so what was bone sticks and bones if the so important for their like well we shouldn't be too critical or to him sarcastic about it
there was just take kind of a of a network of significant around relics and him it's hard for us to unravel at all and so we just have to accept that was the way people thought they have that feeling about
when they begin to approach the monastery the former doge this mouse and walks the rest of the way barefoot
yeah he says he went on handling fee on his needs navy and they do that you know penitential exercise in the last one hundred meters or whatever up the up the hill to the the gate he may very well have gone needs as a gesture of humility penitence
and yet is the monastery which was now his poem and where he would have his days about ten years later by nine minutes later midnight years
now romblon had so far spent his life and the planes and wetlands of northeastern italy has anyone ever seen a swamp yeah would you like to live in a swamp
lots of swamps the middle even up until the second world war this bright to lots of wetlands there
and lot were cleaned up i mean you gotta give the devil his due so mussolini has credit for cleaning up some of the swamps here and there
but that the swamps were constant problem
where you have swamp you have the mosquito where you have the mosquito you have malaria so they were terribly unhealthy place is lit robert was born there and he was used to it
but then when he gets to resign he discovered the beauty of the green valley beneath the white and rocky pyrenees and this would be the kind of scenery you prefer when after his return to italy he would begin founding permitted as and monastery but now he would be spending ten years
like we saw his longest period than any one place
i think that's important you look at the dates and even might have spent seven years at sea tree our little more but his ten years if we saw were very important for him period of his formation his ordination the priesthood the discovery
not get really it was only when he returns steadily that he discovers that maybe does have a vocation to be a founder
but he was very happy he loved the place
if you gotta love raw fuel
and numbers of getty and it was a very happy period we know it must have been very happy period for years of his life
how did they live there what happened when they got home first of all you had these noblemen of venice and they had to make the inhibition
three of the maiden a bitch romeo was already a mock he didn't have to make innovation and he and marino says peter name in
very soon after the what a couple months or something retired to hermitage that is a little ski a little sell a few minutes walking distance from the monastery from the abbey
and there was a little garden there and they have little chapel have seen a photograph of it which is dedicated to see ronald
not very far away from the monster the the name that we have in the labels and iran will does longer data which doesn't seem to be permitted anywhere else but that may very well been the name that they gave to their will keep their in the name of the fuck away from at once where the little little sell was so romulus and probably
medina i think we can believe that money was there he does not mention perhaps because he was not a mobile you just a commoner
nobody would even a holy man but they weren't interested the chroniclers you know up the of venice and of the monastery we're not terribly interested in the sky so they didn't mention
and then after the novitiate that's one year
the john got an ego john boehner zeny and peter of sale though make the vowels
john read an ego we are told by bruno clipart immediately after his division have you been there a year was given permission to go live with rondo
and he does so
it seems that peter or sale and john moto he remained there in the abbey we hear that peter a sale loaded into a dedicated himself to many simple humble menial tasks when the chapter obedience as came along after his profession he offered to be
sacristan now sacristan in some monastery was very important to office i guess they're in it was more the
guy in charge of cleaning church or making things ready for the archers so he him offers himself for this job but it has said that he swept out the thing
place de guard and did all of these menial services he wasn't standing on his status as nobleman
matt great general this humility
no means all of the that people are road on him admired this and underlying this quality john old zeny is not mentioned very much
the date there in the different chronicles of lives of peter a sale we have these roman numerals and the roman numerals because they have these xs and nails and these eyes they're very easy to mix up there very easy to can confuse people especially when one man who answers his call
being another manuscript he puts it in takes out an i puts an axe or something like that so we have all of these different numbers we don't really know how to sort them out but it seems that the the story of the rest of peter a sailor's life is more or less like this
there is the mentioned a window and no mana card to me in the life given in a document commendably know this is supposed to refer to his debt however it would seem more likely that this refers to the time when he left the abbey the cool
mr and moved in with fuel because the other documents do suggest that he did live
for a while in the semi aeromedical life that ronald and
not even when got an ego were living so he went up and joined them this would be in nine eighty two you've been there lower forty years he's fifth year of his monastic life and then the date is important nine eighty two because at that time we find john moto z back and minutes
so i get the picture that the two of them were left there the monastery because they perhaps had not been religious joined about an ego perhaps had somewhat of a religious formation we don't know but there was some reason why the avid gave him permission to go to be a hermit whereas the other two state of monster i think that's probably the way it
elton john moto z any however does not feel that all to
the the skeet their longer data and attacking returns the venison bounds a monastery he finally found the monastery of san giorgio sir george the benedictine monastery right across from st mark's so when you stand with your back to the company like u c san giorgio st georgia and the beautiful
so palladio the great
late renaissance architect of venice and that region of italy palladian architecture is a great school and so that's interesting that the one monastery left with him venice is still somehow related to run the older related to you know
the history we're talking about because it was bothered by john waters eating no nine eighty two we know is there we know he finds found san giorgio and then disappear
but then somebody else terms up in ravenna turns up as the archbishop a ruin but his name has been changed so
and yet there's reason to believe that john zeny had been chancellor archbishop of ravenna were one of the sabres
it may very well have been although this was rather rare but there may have been some reason for him to take a monastic name people usually did but sometimes they did especially if they had a christian saint for their baptism they usually captain this was at commodity this was the rule until what fifteenth sixteenth century
why did it change custom other has were doing and carmelites were doing so they got the idea of doing
that is why i'm chris him the necrology ease of these medieval monasteries find and one with the same name like the convention that before it was named peter peter john benedick one or two other said it you have a hundred people are they all have seen christian to him you have to distinguish the by whether probably with their father's name was
mommy old himself as was wrong with a third of the fourth or something like that because they alternated probable concert with it fair favorite names in his room anyway
and maybe the john was any is the same guy has been chin so archbishop of ravenna when we find their in the
years following the founding of san giorgio st george's monster
imagine mary know
one man
this is and if you work or if you're unsure
i don't see any reason to deny that i don't see any reason to deny this and i think there because it seems to believe it's like wrong events are going to see this is this is menino whom he teams up with their in the in the venetian lagoon but ronald's i mean peter damian says that he was
new law much as thirty will me be there an e-ticket another words they had no training the amateur their medical live which means the router with the monk
but we don't know
it may have been that the picture people got a ronald with marino was not a run will disable marino master but a ronald monk a nobleman and muddy know commoner serpent months had the servants when they were noble people and in fact peter david tells us that
as soon as they get to two weeks off and they move back to the hermitage
the relationship is reversed and muddy know delights in obeying you
and in fact i do feel that what peter damian says is not simply the piety of a a geographer but does represent what happened there in the little some aeromedical colony in the
on the farm of the of the dmv
the the youngest among them romulus was twenty eight when they went their problem for twenty six but anyway he was he was
beginning to be mature in the fullest tenth of the word people didn't live that long so i've mentioned that before the a of twenty six twenty eight was probably pre mature much more than they would be considered day in our own society and then a few years more couple three years four years more the idea of
putting the youngest among them in charge of that was something that also corresponded to a certain monastic ideology of the child will leave them and prophecy of isaiah also st benedict's reference to
listening to the youngest member in the community hm
byzantine lives and today we're going to talk about the
greek spiritual a monastic influence at st romulus time and consequently upon saint ronald himself
it's not necessary that there be any statement in any docked and about see rob ewald that there was some greek influence upon him we simply know that
there was this convergence or confluence flowing together of monastic experiences
during the late tenth early eleventh century romuald was there were this was happening
and also we say from the
style of his own live
and from the places that he lived the there is obviously this
graco byzantine influence
it is not necessary
either that we suppose romulus having read something of the greek fathers and greek he may have known greek it's not impossible
it's not impossible that he picked up a little bit along the way and really did have contact with some greek sources but a lot of the what we would regard as eastern monastic spirituality to in christian monastic spirituality was available to him through the
the good old books that were being read than were being rerouted shall we say there was a reawakening of interest not only in the rule st benedict but also in sources of rules think benedick and therefore those texts which are mentioned in the last chapter the rule
st basil and greek trumps in latin translation
the institute's and conferences that is of cation and the lives and things doesn't problems and various collections
and we're told that wrong you'll read those recommended the reading of them and that to do otherwise than to base his own life and his own monastic teaching
in other words
whoever with base life and teaching upon what he makes up in his own mind or what he dreams up on his own would be presumptuous
so wrong your bases himself upon this tradition
which was something very much alive for him
i'm simply quoting ruin of a corporate and the life of the five brothers and one of the
statements in praise of st wrong you'll by bruno careful
mentioning and putting these words in the mouth of john gruden ego
rom yacht is the greatest teacher habits of our day because he does not
presume to know on his home the this way of life is beautiful way of life but learns it from fathers and it is they're teaching that he transmitted to us this sense of of a renewal as a transmission of a living tradition
we have to i think
pay attention be careful about our own kind of tendency to to see or to hear the word tradition or to see tradition in a somewhat negative sense that which forbids us from doing something that is meaningful for our time the opposite of relevance all most
most and current jargon would be traditional but tradition is best described
now you have to remind me father who was it has said that that we are worth standing on the shoulders of giants are soul john of salt or beautiful image we are dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants may see a little bit farther than they did but because we are standing so high
and yet often we think of tradition history
as a weight upon our shoulders some heavy yoke we must bear
but anyway nice to or our twentieth century hang up some we can get over them easily enough if we simply pay attention to the liveliness the vitality of st romuald and of these monks of his time we're really looking to to run
new this great way of life in the church now in order to understand these greek byzantine monastic spiritual influences in the west we have to keep in mind to important events which took place in the ninth century eight hundreds middle of the eight hundreds
the third quarter of the eight hundred
her two events very closely connected the events associated with the brothers cyril and methodius the to cope patrons of europe along with st benedict and the events associated with focus
the patriarch of constantinople we had a hard time
getting himself accepted by the bishop of rome and even accepted and unaccepted and then and been out and recent historical studies have tended in the direction of rehabilitating photos insisting on the fact that he died in full consciousness and full conviction of
communion in the one church there for communion with the bishop of rome
he did not die any sansa what we might call an impotent says matic he was not this now some of his polemics as the polemics that took place
in the west round his character and round the byzantine church some of these did lead of course to the breakdown of communion which reached a fever point in the middle of the eleventh century and then kept getting worse until it became
a situation to churches sister churches but his strange sisters
but this all took place one same time because cyril and methodius were close brands of potions
now cyril name really as constantine so you sometimes see the names constantine and methodius his name's cyril is his monastic name which he took a few weeks before he died in role he is buried in rome and the church of st clement in that the basement there
down at need anyone who goes to rome and doesn't go to st clements and go down beneath the different levels of that church has missed the whole beauty of rome
even a simple devout catholic woman like my cousin anna
after she returned from her one trip to rome mother said that was the thing she remembered the most meant the most to and she went to st peter's and st john lateran and all the other things that you're supposed to see but she said gee that was fascinating fantastic and it is and as remarkable because you go down to the to the the lowest level and you'll see this
a crypto of of the cult of mithra the great from competing a religion of competitor christianity and the for century home and then you go up to the next level which is the church of the ninth century in which you find the tomb of st cyril
ah methodius who was the older of the two brothers methodius became a monk had a rather a young age
he entered the monastery on mount olympus in affinia mount olympus which was a great monastic center at that time second only to constantinople itself they were born in thessaloniki the best salonika or salo niki in modern greek which at that time was a
bilingual city there were a lot of people who spoke flow vanik at city and the brothers grew up hearing both languages greek and slavonic and that's very important that they had this bilingual title background
methode thirtieth became a monk and a priest constantine became a professor having studied under photos he was a lawyer
but of course he also studied well scripture and also he was he was insane to at least he was on the way to becoming great same and
a great man of the church but he was more caring towards the
church as involved in in social life and legal affairs and so forth and he was a diplomat he was sent as a diplomat to the arabs and into the khazars various tribes that
we're always a threat to the eastern empire
in and sixty one we have purchase
the patriarch of constantinople and eight sixty two there was a request for missionaries from moravia
the ruler of moravia was a prince called rostislav and he was interested in gaining independence from lewis ludvig the german of bavaria was trying to move him on moravia as part of press
isn't day
now this this has nothing to do with independence from rome this is not a problem of of divided church it's simply a problem of politics he didn't want the germans and he felt more comfortable with the greeks so he went to them he said i want missionaries i want people to come and teach and preach and so the emperor
what was his name i didn't put it down here michael the third of something like that asks the two brothers constantine a methodius to go and prepare for a mission to these slavic peoples and moravia so constantine the scholars and sat down and embedded in alphabet because at that time there was no written
slavonic language and that is what we know if the global lytic alphabet now there's another alphabet which is used today in russian and in what serbian and built bulgaria
which is called cyrillic and that's the name given it in honor of st cyril it was really developed by disciples of st methodius who outlived his younger brother
a thorough than invented what is called the blog olynyk alphabet and translating he headed the translation committee to translate first of all the gospels the first word they translate it was the first word in the beginning was the word and the word was god word was with god and so forth
series of readings from the gospel beginning with the gospel of easter you say that really
insignificant that the mission the preaching the teaching the writing
even the educational ministry begins with the proclamation of the risen lord who is god from eternity
the christian message all summed up in that the christian message now in carnage in another culture may also translated the liturgy the byzantine liturgy which was their own and also the roman liturgy
from a greek translation of the roman liturgy which was called the mass massive st peter
it was a little isn't in ized then in the early twentieth century
a great composer czech composer called louche janacek wrote his miss glove politica blog lytic math which was based on the text slavonic text of their own right as fascinated by the zero said it's an opera piece the car
three piece is not related to he wasn't it
very much a practicing christians far as i know but was part of his culture and folklore some he didn't write a musical setting this blog olympic mass and it's still sell will celebrate that are listed was up until the second vatican council in certain chapels a special privilege of the celebration of the slavonic translated latin right
we find that this mission to the moravians also began to extend towards bulgaria and in bulgaria became very important bulgarian became really
a byzantine nation you might say in eight sixty five
the ruler bulgaria boras was baptized so we have these
new mission countries opening up and especially to be served by the missionaries from constantinople now there was some debate there was some conflict here whether they were doing the right thing in a sixty seven the two brothers went to roll now rome was having a fight with potions
so this was a real diplomatic problem because they knew these two brothers were close friends approaches
and pushes was the one who really promoted their mission to moravian bulgaria and yet they were also recognized what they were great saints and great men of the church and great with a great sense of communion and of the gospel
above all petty squabbles that if sometimes betrayed the unity christ's gospel gives me the up to tell me what functions position once again said patriarch of constantinople but not recognized by wrong who recognized a man called ignatius at that time
but recent studies have shown that finally the thing worked out so that pushes
when he himself went to his eternal rest he was in full communion with bishop so forth there was a lot of bickering and lot of conflict doing so i don't want to go into that that's another restaurant i'm just mentioning that this is important because of the relation ship
these two brothers is two things they also had with them when they went to rome they had with them what was believed to be the relics of st clement that's why he went to st clement's by he was buried there and they brought with them the relics of st clement from constantinople whenever they were
and so pope hadrian the second gave them his support
and you found a another pope who said oh no we can't do this we can permit this that means that i'm in church and then you have another pop again saying oh that's right you can god can be worshipped in any language and so forth so on and eight sixty nine constantine becomes ill he makes his monastic vows and is that that
few weeks later his time he dies is buried eight sixty nine buried in the church st clement his brother goes onto the mission

oh okay
oh that's cute
now reading this is a note somebody stuck into my notes and
i think the man who did this is named father robert hale so i will read what he says give equal time to the opposing party photos had the hotspot hotspot that's yiddish for the gall to hold that his holiness with heretical ah
dramatic alliteration and seduced eastern catholics and sizzle and harris not rudolf god punish them by dumping him off his high horse throne and the ecumenical council of constantinople condemned him eight seventy nota bene that the council was held in his own city so he couldn't even much must have the votes and his own city let alone the upstate vote kind of
ninth century john glenn okay later he repented and so his holiness let him get back on his throne everyone having noted for the umpteenth time that is thrown didn't even come up to the footstool of the chair of peter summing up he wasn't a very nice man but what can you expect of someone named potions would you name your son potions
can you imagine prince charles and the ad naming they're coming second child potions
okay comic really now let's get back to it to the vicinity of byzantine monasticism
byzantine monasticism thirties was a monk zero became a monk
the to great spiritual ideals of the early christians which remained very much the to great models of holiness where the byzantine church are that of the monk and the martyr now in the eighth century that's going back a little before cyril and methodius in the eighth century there was the iconic
plastic controversy the emperor's what the to eliminate the images churches
i won't go into details explaining why they wanted to do this i don't think really that there was too much but the question of islamic influence upon them because there was something there was an undercurrent always president christianity of kind of you know the literal interpretation of of the second commandment according to
the greek numbering
that they would have refused to accept images but this was very much the tradition of the people the common people out of monks they loved their icons love their images therefore they're willing to die for them in the essential know there were saints recognize of course by wrong who gave shelter
many refugees from the persecution
that's important that there was a wave of refugees from the iconoclast prosecutions who in the eighth century and times thereafter also fleeing from saracen invasions the the muslims lot of these came to italy southern italy and to rome itself group of them came to
san gregorio algeria which then became commander these and the centuries later
now the months of the east wall of what are called the rules of st basil which are really a series of texts aesthetical teachings
the long rules and short rules and as the spiritual guide for their way of life and then the actual day to day ordering of the monastic life was done according to what we call the tippy carpet a typical on is a series of rules which govern
and the daily schedule especially the performance of the liturgy letter to the hours and so forth
the important typical of the eastern church or that those of st sava the monastery of studios
and the against de law brother great lavra on not office one of the great
stars of the of eastern monastic life is saint theodore of studios great monastic reformer in the city of constantinople to the else is the name of a nobleman who donated the land built the buildings for the monster is a theater was a great confessor of the faith against the iconic plastic emperors appealed very all
often to rome for to the bishop of rome is it's very much the private and the church he was a contemporary of st benedict of anya the great carolingian asked to performance so you had kind of a parallel a moment there in the church and then you have st athanasius of apples who
formed the community of the great love for a grand law on mount athos and nine sixty three
then born within three or four years of
three years perhaps of say romney old three years before him st simeon the new theologian also as to date mom
had a smaller monastery of st mamas and customizable
st simeon of krishna was great core spiritual direction and also for the enthusiastic pie a popular piety that his own devotion to his own teach her found elder aroused here was an avid canonized his spiritual father
slightly irregular but really the rules were not all that clear and ultimately
he was never really know and then for doing this although they didn't like it because he had like on painted the relics put in a box and people would flock to st mawes or the great feast of of st simeon of studios
two us to this is bob spirit father's name is also simeon
since you mean a new feel that i could go on talking about him he was a great mystic of light and therefore also in many ways a
parallel figure to st rondo different and in some things simeon was a writer and but not for all that
what you would call an intellectual have brought him after it tells a man but the poet you see a great effective party and i'm really a powerful preacher powerful a poet and missed the greatest mistakes of all types of all the church
and say bravo who didn't
right very much she wrote a couple books but that wasn't his thing yet also very much a man of effective piety christos centric propriety a mystic of light mysticism centered on the transfiguration and the resurrection
oh in the eastern tradition you often hear the complaint raised that the emperors had too much power over the church first the emperor is interesting and love the emperor emperor of constantinople were granted the power of presidency over the church
watch by whom pope saint leo the great the famous statement of lille addressing the emperor saying not only are you supposed to be in charge of the civil society but also your responsibility of the presidium some thick lazy eight
one isn't all right that's fine i'll do that and they were the edit and and a lot of trouble at best you had what would be called and what what's called a kind of harmony between emperor and patriarch and in this harmony
in this c major chord you often had a dissonant note and happens the months offer they sang off key when the emperor and patriarch from in full agreement especially and iconoclast controversy you had the months singing
through another tune
marching through a different drummer and silver
the the monks were very important in the life of the church life the people
let's move back to st raphael st romney was a lombard a lot of an italian eyes lombard
ravana was dominated by lombards until outils second came and gave it back to the pope ronald was fifteen years old at that time there was a senate pope john the eight
an emperor otto the birth out of the great
and nine sixty seven alpha senate and ravenna and the emperor declared that for nine all the lands around and now belong to people states on to hope
course they weren't local families didn't care about terribly like this i suppose around around your family also was a bit disgruntled at this
and then one of the romulus disciples we'll we'll see him on the later on benedict of benevento one of the five brother who went up to benevento benevento was also longer the kingdom
now these lombard princess especially the princess of benevento benevento carport which was a kind of a kingdom and odd section of the map of italy the wrong set or kind of
pushing up towards her then not going to hundred rome
the princes of the
does she benevento cap while lombards sought alliance is often with constantinople
why as a kind of a counterbalance to the influence of the german emperors see and promised in the middle wrong people see was dominated by the roman families
and the pope would always be somebody son or grandson or nephew
sometimes the next pope was the former pope's something that's an order nephew
so this family business and rome was it was a real mess out of the
third broke the stranglehold of these families later on we will see that he pointed the first german pope and the first french boat in succession
in the duchy of benevento we find
monte cassino
now one of the very important saints in this area not from them that to about from calabria town called rossano was st neil's he was born beginning of the tenth century live very long like died ten oh for and therefore was for a part of his life
a temporary of st rondo
they're very close in many ways and it's very strange that there is no mention of st ronald in the life of st ne laws and there's no mention of the neil and lifesaver on older like five brothers by bruno perfect
because auto the third had dealings with both of these saints well it's just so happens that the has did not really cross of the same time although they were often
they're near with the emperor at
close intervals needless arrives in the duchy better than tour around nine seventy five nine eighty pandolfo the first was the duke of the prince welcomed him he was glad to have greeks around because weeks were always useful diplomats the gave him a monastery called battle a new check well first of all
needles went to monte cassino this an important thing here and there's a good article here the book on this syntenic millenarian mom
lumi let out the do multiples was published in nineteen sixty three to commemorate the thousand years of the right lavrov it's an article by to well
ah well the british scholars patricia mcnulty of university of north wales and bernard hamilton of university of nottingham to know people
magnetic just them
today haha oh yeah that's right make nothing of course the yeah yeah that's right and i remember yes
yes indeed and a baby with this article is called greek influences on western monasticism and so i will read you a few little passages here which are very interesting first of all about needles
ah needles that came to monte cassino first of all and the avid welcomed him with open arms and had a great literacy celebrated and ah they held up a special conference they're discussing the different monastic observances of east and west and so this album his name is allie arab news he died and eighty four was
the re founder of monte cassino which had been abandoned have been empty for a number of years and he brought community back to monte cassino rebuilt the buildings it was very interested in the christian east very interested in greek monasticism so he welcomes st niels
now his successor have a month so and nine eighty four
was rather princely style abbott and therefore scandalized the more austere member members of the community
he was rather on greek in this respect more in the type of the feudal abbott but being a man perhaps of not the spiritual depths of either his birth predecessor his successor he has a bad reputation but at all events there was not really any sense of rejecting the
influences the east valley lucci was the small monastery given to st kneel by pandolfo and that's quite near monte cassino while he was living says mcnulty handled well needles was living at ballou che
i succeed in creating among the cast nice community and awareness of the spirituality of the christian east and this survived
to his departure
when he left a valid which he went to set a pity near gate are just not far from naples this had a prompt profound effect on the lives certain members of the house the future abidjan the third who had entered monte cassino during the lifetime of the devout and reco file all the germs and found man princely ways hard to tell
all eight department for jerusalem or on his car was up and the sake of prayer in the company of to other months in the east he spent six years as a member of the mount sinai community st catharines on mount sinai
napa red state for a time at the malibu a mob monastery on the holy mountain mac apples he was recalled monte cassino by means of a vision and on his return was elected abbot of the community
interesting i haven't want to can see it was almost come on sign a and models which must be notice the a and monastir this was a monastery of land and right founded by monks from amalfi which is also near naples
monte cassino remained to touch with eastern christians through out the eleventh century ballet j that's nilo his monastery nearby remained even after nilo left remained a greek house until ten fourteen when it returned to latin news and monte cassino had six habits during this period
bad relations of one kind or another with constantinople apples or asia minor
same time you've had this going on monte cassino you have the same thing going on a loony although being rather farther off it had less direct contact with the greeks and then also you have albert gaudy of pixar who was travelling back and forth between east and well
este very often and course you know it was on his return trip for one of his pilgrimages nine seventy eight that sink rami old and saint peter oh say a and the others from venice when with him to are
this was a
another in indication of the weekend foot
abbott gaudy was a friend of pope benedict the seventh
and pope benedict the seven this is in the nine seventies late nine seventies granted the monastery of st boniface us on the avid time to search just the archbishop of damascus who came to rome and nine seventy seven with a small group of greek monks the archbishop of damascus
a group of monks came to rome and so they went to this monastery which had already a small latin rite community probably dramatic origins and the same as st boniface to sanctuary two centuries before evangelize to parts of germany and modern day holland
and they named the monastery santa alessio which is the name st alexios or it'll st and it is that name by which the church has called to ditch has a lovely i kind of other girl dating back to those times
so you had this unusual monastir by ritual community with great months following their greek office and that much longer latin off as under one abbott who happened to be a great first of all avid surges archbishop surges formerly archbishop of damascus and he was followed by lille now ever
leo and nine ninety nine became archbishop of ravenna windsor bear became pope of rome so as to the second all of these connection but i'm sure we get to leo we have st adalbert of prague nine ninety two he was forced from his seat abroad and came with his brother brahim
i deem took them everything frightened name it took the name goddamn to some nice sounding name when he became a monk they both became monks had the abbey of st lse on st and somebody's brachial on the own time and made their novitiate there then they returned to product
what what happens then rob your resigns the avicii share there is elected pope and so to fill the sea of ravenna the auto moves around his his palms and moose leo the abbot of st alessio to ruin
leo successor john counterpart ios obviously surname is greek and other greek government and that that was the year that rania who comes to roll and there he meets bruno corporates who was a priest in that and a chaplain and the quarter of a lot of third and the are
the military man tom out of the monastic name thomas and bruno took monastic named one of us and they made a new vision at santa alessio than they followed wrong fuel
outside the city we don't know where exactly were they had a little hermitage this was before then they went to ruin and so forth so on
after the abbot's john calipari ios medina potential for he was the last greek but eventually the house became lumia and mean the greek monks had a very few so eventually they just made a clinic monastery hell out of it
that's an important connection there
where do we find that the greek connection with wrong the first of all we find it in ravenna
in general
and i was always around there we find it at creeps up gaudy
we don't know exactly what this would have meant for the daily live what it would have been necessarily for the liturgy there are two interesting clues in the way of life of ronald in the other hermits their picks up to little clues that indicate a certain amount of greek influence on their way of life whether by second hand or by first time we don't know but it doesn't matter the first
thing where they fast they passed the five days a week but they've asked for monday through friday then they broke their past on saturday and sunday it doesn't sound like anything but that's very important because this was the greek way of ordering the the fast whereas the western the time saint sylvester the first was to interrupt the the way
a day passed on thursday and then fast again on friday and saturday and sunday of course being a non fast day
but say romy adopted this custom and followed it for fifteen years
one other thing they tilled a little field there and the little hermitage he and john gravedigger would often and cultivated their fava beans and whatever else they did manual labor something
a little importance relatively little importance for the clooney act type of monastery
let us however be cautious about that bad mouthing the to nayak reform because they didn't do with all this manual labor isn't really terribly clear the rule of st benedict exactly
whether monks or bad if they don't work with their hands he says it's all right if you have to work with the hands well the fathers did this so don't worry about it you're you're being good most but it doesn't say that you'd be a bad mark if you did other things they hadn't heard amount of work and the scriptorium and so forth but things began to be done by the liturgy is concept of content
putative like
very much a contemplative ideal but contemplative through the signs and symbols of liturgy and so forth so a lot of the monks day was taken up by leverage who already mentioned that
and therefore manual labor was kind of set aside but here we find romulus and john grad and ego doing manual labor that doesn't sound like anything and yet so the it it's important because whenever we find the mention of greek monks for the mention of greek lifestyle we always find an emphasis placed upon end they also work with their hands
a perfect wrote the life of st adalbert prompt
and in the life st adalbert he mentions very emphatically that he simply was that was the most perfect monk was perfect archbishop because he forgot he was a bishop
and when and worked in the kitchen wash the parts of band took his turns doing dishes that he turned took his turns maybe cooking
and working in the guard this for him as a side of his monastic city of life and also of his humility
any question about this at this point does this sound a bit scattered a bit confusing or does it seem to two point two to two things but i'm trying to suggest as that romeo whatever we find written about him
was exposed on every side to influences from greek monasticism and this was very important for him just as it was important for the life of oh
piety devotion and monastic asceticism
just about everyone in the west least in the late can than early eleventh such
but you have something on the tip of your time
something against what as you ever mentioned to comes in the added that was to out we can be to video ah
not the out looking to is up i know but it's been family
he jumps each just a little bit poets message and voltage
after and but just after one state
the stamp about of damage man ah
i think it's really a edge the mr things i say would always be extended to be philippines
just the theater what canterbury
so much said much problem like and but you can
which is what mcnulty and able to do this pile up a list of contacts it's kind of scattered but the main thing is that
wherever we find ronald they're also we find greek influences wherever we find him because anything can go into soup wanted to
for they aren't just for instance me
the masters the scientists
and eleven would be the forces to spear
for millions resurgence greek influence sarah of activity pressure and in the east driving people went over this is one thing so don't just mentioned he where
he's actually more in the in the eighth century the ninth century and then in the tenth century however we find the of the muslim rulers became rather weak
and this made it possible for all of these pilgrimages from the west to take place and so you have people flocking to the east of as the holy land you found gadi and others making trips there you found the future abbott of monte cassino spending six years in the in the near east know hurts more than six year that actually six years on mount sinai and then number of years
on i'm visited the jerusalem and number years and not office so it was a a moment there in the second half of the tenth century when there was a and pilgrimage it's always you know then a alive they think an attractive thing for for devout christians
pilgrimages one pilgrimage place which was in italy and yet was also very much a greek sanctuary is that of st michael on won't they gotta gano
you look at the the italian boot you said a little bulge above the heel like the spur and the boot that spur his mount gargano
and there is this ancient sanctuary of st michael may even have originally been a pagan trine some sort that are a dedicated to st michael the archangel there were greek monks there in the grotto sermons monks who attended the sanctuary it was a place where
a lot of people like to make pilgrimage auto and third one time aide program is there a penitential pilgrimage to him
st michael
something about these
these pilgrimages
what are they say in saint john of wars wars with the in lorain ryan's guards was a great center monastic reform very often talk about monastic reform and that tenth eleventh century to talk you talk about clooney and wars know they used to be the that historians
turned all reform monasteries into que una a monastery what they call pan clooney colonialism but now course they're more cautious
for instance santa pulling out a and classic was
influenced by need the abbot st
my yolo my urine came to ravenna and urged the much to adopted will st benedict and adopt the usages of cooney and so forth but he didn't assume authority like an avid general over santa poorly nine this was not too long before rango entered
his complaints about the monk their months there perhaps can be
but this way he was displeased that he was scandalized because they were not properly clooney yeah they were not doing what the will sell
and then the of
monastery of saw was founded again with this great clinic spirit but not part of the cognac real good at
they have a thing
those as the dust settles after the bombing raid how we returned to who you mention the nasty st rid of singling out she's being special because he he bases on teaching on that which had gone before of the tradition rather and other people apparently seem to be setting and doing their own thing my last can yeah my
my impression was that the clooney reform was pretty well underway by that time and then everyone was harking back to a kind of some kind of benedictine rule we're blind yes let me make that more clear what bruno kerfoot says is a positive praise of st ronald
he does not mention other people who did not do this he said that say mule did not presume
to teach this from his own noggin but rather on the basis of what you've learned from the teachings of the fathers the lives and conferences of the bombs might bring the giza i don't have it right in front of me but that is his expression it is positive praise of st wrong she might say that it simply saying that he was
part of this returned to the sources which was taking place this time i thought it was thinking about i thought it was seem to be kind of can dig that when currently yeah let's let me not look know he was unique in many ways of course but i think the meaning of it is that he was part of this great tradition and he
represented this great tradition with greater authenticity the lived experience and yet not something as if he invented it himself or thought it up arbitrarily were
with presumption was expression member my broker anyway that's just one detail
interesting how reformers are always returning to its forces of course they are
and yet the the are like givers fact reformer is not really a word that
oh i'm terribly fond out it sounds i don't know
and say it doesn't sound exactly like what like what i would i real really feel wrong it was i would see him more as an animator is a life giver as a father in the spirit therefore his return to tradition was also returned to wellsprings of of a dynamic spiritual life something very very charismatic in the best sense of the
word now i didn't start to see some bad course of course we had these to and gore's was another one another one that that was important in another center been asked to perform
jutzi john of gore's habit of course for example who visited mount gargano and about nine thirty three discovered that the oakwood manu annual labor labor formed a vital part of the traditional the greek food community isn't benevento
when he returned to lorraine he tried to persuade some of his acquaintances to accompany him to sell their lay the foundation members of a new