Camaldolese Spirituality: Unity in Diversity

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Part of "Romualdian/Camaldolese/Benedictine Spirituality"

4. Camaldolese Spirituality: Unity in Diversity

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if they decide to join commodity they have to go live there as jelly austin they don't need to start all over that they have to do this
probation period keep very very well we're drawn to really thank you it's actually incredibly humiliating process for these men you're still if you talk to the older ones about until i get it commanded me it still remember i'm not talking about the center by i'm talking about the hermit which
the humiliation the that the general the the general and buddhism
who went to commander been lifted between postulate for a long live the humiliation of was very very difficult time for them if they didn't do that they could become back to the bridge or or video
secular by or join other religious institute but your own foundation with catholic
what was kept forty other lima
but forty of amanda have to stop being a stop being a new now we got a in charge limits are taking the mobile
so the hundred say yes will keep for giovanna but you'd have to go back to your original title even if you look like if an opium and you are synovium you you go back to original title the hermitage from do
critical if you making a statement so now even to this day you see the animals the venerable little plentiful for the avalon and you have this huge umami you on the picture that looked very small and seek among displays do it but from the side here's and celebrating models during of anyone can you hear
people they always the hermitage but of course the hermitage with the beginning centuries ago the little have which became quick quickly on in its history allied shinobi won't wrong was returning
st gregory in rome with count and this became a student house on later on same said biagio templates blades and fabriano kathua through the body of ramen noodles to communicate bad
stop holy cross of fossil farrar to which is not too far from plenty of on which was their third big modern for formation very dear to them with kept for maybe a year in the never got the axe that was just too we just kept on for you
ah the there's one other moved mood
not just those just those
so we have three house basically a disaster for our to disclose that become part of the hermits growth they had to undergo six months probation six months of testing and i'm certain that
there were tests involved
i remember if i'm just parenthetically kidding at a meal and come out live
our next thomas martyrs and we were waiting for the desert wine to come around and the
it was the did course can you get special line and was a piece made from sorry
and he turned to me and somehow we had started talking about this whole situation he was reminiscing about it and he served on he turned talking about the stories he had heard regarding how how painful it was from everybody equal for everyone even the her chauffeur to everyone was something
and to this humiliating humiliating episode and this was imposed by the holy see where i came in and poses
you have also fascism growing in italy during this time during the thirties
interesting remarks made by in a chancel images again his introduction to collide with book on fascism and come out or not fascism just come out of as much but fascism the model of fascism in italy and the bottle of the hierarchical structures decreed badly too
to church uses quite similar printed on interest me
ah we have an extraordinary chapter ordered by the odyssey a commodity that same year that the m
cinema be suppressed
in order to on enact the amalgamation
and several giovanni and benedict
calliope both future hires general
i've become the of that respectively the prior masters students at forty obama so this general chapter decides were used for giovanna an hour
student date and commodity had a lot of students of this time i ran across a book becomes from the as put out with marvelous old photographs of all these long lines student marks going down the hallways you know if the hoods up the haunting it's like well we only work working books can go
so many and it's a good time that to on these namely to and sound more than idea to begin a resurgence within the command of these border of let's return to our sources but form or monks in a new movement to get back to
our roots and it's maybe it's too many characters through moved down to the present
a fresh interest was in commodity spirituality and in the very sources themselves
excuse me were initiated by these men they started publishing a magazine called other long not they published books entitled come out of in english the commando needs and with basically has basically whose room and commodity history just you know
to so people would find out about come out with me
where were we to come from who we were also the book narrow the hermitage which i used for my second presentation by answering mom is basically looking at the theology the primitive theology and spirituality of come out of his tradition
what comes out at this time in a new research so out of a little touch of a period of turmoil and kickoff come a wonderful resurgence that will continue for years and ushers in our own our own a flourishing i believe in command of his life it's basically the
max is going to are no constitution the number of constitution we keep taking jobs during the twentieth century there's another move towards let's do the constitution's over again with all this in mind from nineteen thirty four onwards them
also going back to come out on in our leading forty other with students they're back to come out on april nineteen thirty four onwards you have a very important movement began in italy with under two men who come in the stones
to come out of the and begin a movement called for cheap this is an acronym is it's are basically of an aggregate aggregate a collection of students from all over italy university student coming together to get good theology that nineteen thirty four good theology and good
spirituality in order to become leaders in the italian church this is fostered by two people who come in to commodity become great friends with commodity and work with commodity in this movie was to people are named cordozar army who is in is that important men in and mountain
wanting of course pickups pope paul the six
very close relationship between montini and command me in these years
this is for a movement for the formation geological formation of loyalty in the church way before that way before
nineteen forty three
nineteen forty three and march tenth we're talking eight years after the zettabytes strip depressed
a bit her letter is written by the former abbot general
barbarossa the chancel but who suffered incredibly
written to the pump
a letter of clarification about the sad events for the commander least center by focusing the responsibility on go to work secretly for the suppression of my dear congregation
we don't have a record incidents destroyed never reach both
the whole the whole thing which again he walked into the you know into the scene it's still cloudy with we just don't know lips are sealed if they do know on what went on with what went on in the holy see and own guys who were the enemies of seven bytes
we don't know we don't know what political when politics went into it there was the fairies look at eight years later is still very very sad and trying to trying to get his congregation back i think probably
world war two some time of world war two we have as i mentioned before the the war diary of a beanie some of which i photocopy them
about back with me extremely interesting it just covers day in fact a four month period in a two forty four
some highlights from this diary
the german generals were very very interested in command to me move for many reasons but more strategic for the same reasons they were interested in montecatini of during during the give up on a we a huge your massive
contracts are which could be used for an observation quite
and and good for strategy
the s s however we're interested have come out of it for much different reasons because the commodities monks were taking care of partisan
whom they would hide especially them
and also have a chicken care of hiding allied soldiers from the jones and the ss would hear about it from other roundabout face and were very angry back to the sentiment commando raid during this time
as rather kg with the whole thing sort of tongue-in-cheek although spread to interest
playing one german group against the other they knew how to save games times very good at the mechanics of politics and they played at against the wall of the generals and and down often through misinformation and
inactive and a number of instances episodes where one group of germans were were fighting against another group over overturned because can all be and worth the phone and they neither one got anywhere but commodity was still safe
there were bombings around come out with but commodity itself was never kept but the valley the constantino i mentioned before the value of the muzzle the there are any bombings in there at one point there were spitfires in the air overcome all the the number of occasions that there was no actual fire upon commander they have
however i have photos from this diary of one episode the hermitage was hiding twenty six allied soldiers in americans have allied soldiers and seven generals the hermitage
and the ss s palmer you don't know how but luckily the just in time was warned by partisans the hit the generals and risk getting the same the heck the generals and the soldiers and was just in time we haven't we have the photograph of all these
fair the tanks with the turns on the top of that would be the long guns focused on the hermit to do with come on with this rather chubby are a commodity monk and wait to standing standing there is just such an engineer and area photo it just reminds one of how dangerous this time
it's it
and how careful they must have had to have been ah
the machine guns were all trained on the hermitage is each cell each hermitage cells as
inspected by the ss troops they didn't find one and all the men gun away out of the woods and it's very happy occasion for kamala because one wonders what would happen to amongst had the allies will spin
let alone what would happen to salt with that's pretty obvious what will happen soldiers
nineteen fifty one
we have a very famous general chapter of come out to the at which done and southwell i was elected prior general
and benedetto his cohort of was elective these two men who were starting this reform movement and it returned to the sources smoothing was elected second and charge or the procurator general for the for the order
and he was also a fire of st san gregorio in rome which is now the student age we have students did wrong not like in the fifties
so you don't have influence with the young
mcmaster students at forty of ivana here's a skill with yeah this is relative to an example is up at commodity as the project he's during this time that come out of the which later becomes the determined arctica goes to press much of this is joe and samuels instigation
along with benefit i'm i'm on let's get things into printed to continue looking at our sources the mid and lower geo am i going to explain the books of
all the commodity sentiments hundreds of them republished like a catechism commodities catechism a way of doing things how we look at things are theologically
and spiritually is also published
by the by under the auspices of unsound more and ensemble thank god
encourages translations into italian of all our primary sources and so we get to live of the tribe from instance we get the road for the life of run and finding tough we get a peter damian works diamond to attack and the constitutions of rudolph in a task
and so the young ones who have that already been friend that just because they have their sources in their own language that i know that it's extremely important we haven't had that until until just recently finally we have that too
nineteen fifty seven the american adventure begins a new new come up
and agostino majority
and his small band make the foundation here a mixer
and that history is two stories in itself and not going to go into it
i don't know enough about it myself
to be honest and were more about midland than i do about the sur experience but none of us know very much about it
eli's documentary lines and documentation wise i'm a doughty ended up wanting to go onto the bishop and cut off all relations with come out of the with the mother house with the congregation
being excised from the congregation on very sad circumstances very messy business
when that is followed to later on by a away the other way in which on was punished for this and his re-election as as higher general loud because a cardinal friend of monogamy came in
stood at the general election from the votes from the side to came away everyone who they as reelected ensemble came back and said i found was not re-elected and that ah
are you trying to a town with appointment on high general is very emotional time to come out and the very distressing time and yet they weathered to tommy was the perfect man to help them weathered for that sixth year period gentle he was also here for a while the plan
very gentle man known as a soil sort of like a johnny appleseed the impact the pilot monterey cypress it's all of the contain a lot of girls he's been a whole row of hundred for try next frontier for one he took see through fear is that is a wonderful person still struggling and twenty obama is the last to the sentiments the last and
original overbites or who came over
and incidentally became
a prior general for six years them
hello his whole american eventually beginnings ruggedness and rather sad affair at some point in our history but it's certainly not the only set of point in our industry
also an and fifty seven we have another set of new constitution finally published number and i said making thirty four onwards and so long that other to start a movement towards new constitution we finally get community nineteen fifty seven constitution is you take a lot
nineteen sixty weren't a lot of closes
maybe in a chance of the studio to i don't really trust would have been there right at the energy lived there at all but not even in benedetta certainly with them
three are making sixty three room and apostolic visitation
and that's when the i'm a and expelled from the congregation and selma was be posed for all practical purposes as
prior general and cattaneo is appointed
three years later nineteen sixty six rejoined the order as i mentioned earlier rejoined the confederation of than victims
nineteen sixty nine than a dead to karate is elected prior general a wonderful event for our cool and extremely formative event for our group
as a follow up to seventy two
and ushering in changes i joined a at
in karate of course this great scholars well in a monastic man above all
and he comes forth with a four point programme
number one the word of god and absolutely essential and so let's your davina in the right of the month it's extremely important and must be respected as well as harmonies
the treatment listening and sharing the word of god through homily extremely important to command conductance number two
the all creepy late you are more the on the privilege of law
he took this phrase and for this is my second point we are aiming at developing her own people
the whole person is of utmost importance to come out and has been different and anything that supports becoming a whole person in love and friendship in kind of the of community must be supported must be inculcated in our communities number three
for the months and our communities have to be absolutely cycle to common
and number for you can tell you is a man of vatican two
our congregation has to be open to dialogue
we already have
a movement toward style on during the during his sixties on personal levels in the commodities family but it's after this that we have our relationship with big rapids that culminated in the chunky benefits are joining
the commodities been congregation the hindu catholic dialogue we have brazil being rectified
they they looked upon them as of the early experience of brazil from the state than a to do and he wanted to rectify a new foundation in brazil and this was also within the within the whole arena of thing within the home of arena of dialogue
berkeley berkeley we have the house incarnation set off a double house and quickly catholic a monastic presence with before the cross order and began with the robert hale
the jewish catholic a dialogue as initiated at canal delays is still ongoing the number of monks who have been deeply involved with past notably don't really cheap laughs up with now the fire and brazil visits either a hebrew school
we have the meetings the ongoing meetings of long at monte java which is our house near farnham near the or
near the shoreline of the adriatic you can stay in the muslims of yugoslavia on a clear day across the adriatic army
they have a regular practice of ecumenical meetings at monte children series that goes on in basis
we have the experience of come out today in the orthodox catholic dialogue and russia during the nineteen eighties
within a chance off and alessandro all going to moscow and meeting with patriot
we certainly here in the usa also have a especially under requires firestone with of wanted on a strong emphasis on in dialogue with the buddhist natasa her in our relationship with them certainly with the anglican communion and
naturally enough since robert business is a former anglican himself also a little bit with the north american and native american tradition begun in the grouping we have in the form games console
but needless to say are as a group of open to dialogue person and we're not isolated in love the commodities family as a whole our congregation has been deputized authorized by vatican to do precisely this worth
this special work of the communism and so that this part of our terrorism and one could always already see that was funny benedetto
from nineteen sixty nine onwards being former games and published it kind of part of his program
nineteen eighty five know constitutions nice of the constitution's we now have which have been changed a little bit in the last general chatter and modifies a little bit
ah these are the constitution that stand with from the post vatican to move for all kinds of congregation orders and to redo their constitutions and light permitted to change his church
nineteen eighty seven manner where the burgeoning is electric power gen
and he is our present archer has been re-elected to a second term reconfirmed
we noticed in summation
we noticed put the rinaldi and movement
that the lines of the monastics in the spirit of st round were built on love remember the relationships from the was in room
they're monasticism embraced a gamut from occlusion true missionary work in an impulse stemming from a need to express the slump since overflowing love as they put it
by means then of this thumbnail historical sketch i hope i made it clear how the remote rewarding and returned commander leads history proved an experience to be quite honest in testing love
real love after all is never easy
history shows us down in any area of human activity pretenses poses posturing personal baggage tend to get in the way the human nature
in our final session taking forever the preceding into consideration then we will look at what we mean or what we can't have sir yeah
come out of his spirituality today will do that tomorrow morning and nine o'clock but for those who are interested them tonight from seven thirty on which is form a circle here for our discussion and question and answer period regarding any but i suspect many of the historical and obstacles
three hours careful not to
cat lovers
almighty ever got in god
helped by the great foundations of our come out these tradition the word
the holy rule the constitution
we seek to follow jesus christ within the tradition envisioned by our holy father sick wrong
built upon by centuries of the monastic benedict and experience and contemplative great
grant us we ask the facility to live this grave and jesus for you
or finally going to talk about commodity spirituality
we've been talking around it and beneath it and perhaps at times a little bit above it until now now i want to center specifically on commodities spirituality and i i haven't you noticed that have misspellings today there shouldn't be any problem today and the people i have used
my own note taking in desperate this particular conference
although most of it is i must admit my own my own stuff including a diagram that you have in front of you have so don't blame anyone else from ah for those musings i did you have been added to calamity and history beginning of this presentation also in my
manually by chiellini are present pyre general robert hale and the articles he wrote for the new dictionary a christian spirituality put out by liturgical press last year tom a few remarks by thomas much was a little bit in the historical section
and by nino did you know she and our own commodities constitutions
so there are certain foundations that are basic to
our tradition to what we're talking about when you talk about come to the spirituality
and we're basically three
these foundations are that commodities spirituality is monastic that it has been addicted monastic and that is contemplative benedictine monastic
the foundation or perspective of commodity spirituality is first of all that in is monastic and as such is intimately connected with the word of god
it presupposes a biblical grounds for all
it assumes the importance of lectio divina in all of its varied forms not just the classical form of lectio divina but basically life as next tp lived next year
it centers on the biblical portrayal of salvation history surely
but in a more specific way it is especially drawn to the way of wisdom to the substantial books of the old testament and of course to the corpus of the new test
it looks to the rule of benedict as it's monastic god
and it also highly values from the beginning from rewarding times also the great desert tradition of monastic culture
just parenthetically remember that both of these both the will benefit and the desert tradition are also both highly biblical in nature
being monastic it's being called by the word of god
and monastic spirituality when live authentically dwells with that work in an ongoing encounter an ongoing relationship monastics are challenged by the word they're also formed by that word and comforted by that one
and monastic spirituality moves into literature
for liturgy that monastic spirituality takes symbolical expression in a more mature form
liturgy celebrates life and celebrate salvation history
such as such enables a practical mysticism to occur in the monastery for the monk for none whose heart is open to that lived next year
liturgy after all intensifies our baptismal commitment
that is what the monastic harrison is is it not an intensification of the baptismal commitment
the command of these spiritual is not only monastic it has also been addicted nasty
it assumes a relationship of intimacy with christ
life itself becomes a commentary on the word a living testimony to the unfolding of salvation history within the context of lived in counter of relationship
and here it is in here in one finds the is to work whole unraveling are unfolding of that baptismal application within the context of vocation to the monster
it can be seen as sacramental that is strengthening baptists
it can be experienced as an elaboration of baptism or an explicit taishan of baptists
but the rule of benedict it's it's truly core documents
for commodities benedictine monastic spirituality life itself has said quality is sacred
and so did the classic benedict and bowels of congress that's your moral obedient stability
our envisioned within that context of sacredness that is converse your more or conversion on it's a daily dynamic of participation in the life of christ if it isn't it conscious
that stability within the commander lives context is that paradise is that stability of the sound and stability of the human heart and stability of the community
within that context of careless of grace
of paradise
and obedience is seen as in every other contexts to religious life and believe as the imitation of christ again a conscious participation in the life of christ
but the rules flexibility according to conditions in time depending on where the monastery is what its history is conditions are the rule allows the virtue of discretion to function
if not flourish in the life of the spirit and this fits well into the room wild and commodities tradition
if the primacy of love is going to be all law and since the generalship of than the two colliding that this book is his banner that his way the primacy of love above all it that's going to be our laws come out
these monastics the primacy of the holy spirit it seems to me is to be our guy
i'm sure romulo said run with agree with that he certainly lived that way
and a pluralism of interpretation is therefore provided by the rule of benedict
and the command of his constitutions incarnate that kind of principle of flexibility of pluralism
hi together to make the commodity spirituality both monastic and benedict
this is from our constitutions
this legislative document of the commodities benedictine congregation does not stand by itself it is to be understood as a contemporary interpretation and application of the rule of st benedict
for although the constitution's interpret the rule they cannot be understood apart from
or from the hurdle of benedictine spirituality and history including the experience of st raphael unquote
the commodity spirituality is not only monastic spirituality and conditioned benedictine monastic spirituality but it is also contemplative foundation of so again from the constitution's numbers three and four
the commodities congregation consists of hermitage jews and monasteries
the hermitage is the characteristic element of the congregation and as such orleans the spiritual life of all its members
in both hermitage and monastery the monks attend to the contemplative life above all else
each monk them is to engage in the daily work which is his duty as a christian the month
will benefit check the forty eight and guardian and spends sixty seven
in his work as in his practice of christian or suffocation and ardent prayer let him open his heart to the attentive hearing meditating of god's word
when rudolph have come out of the the fourth pyre come out early in his
in his work regarding contemplation used the similarly of leah and rachel
but he affirmed contemplation as the primary work for come out of these months
and in this regard rudolf a points out depends directly from gregory the great and augustine of hippo nicola the repeat this again and again in a number of him articles and publish the you well i want to look
but karate popular repeat themselves
and so if you read a couple of his articles are you can you can pretty well can purchase to where he's gone and where he spent
it's great hero is scraped the great
but even though the context is primary
it is not exclusively so
kalani says the active life is seen by rudolf as an aesthetical preparation necessary for the contemplative life this is rudolf
the st peter damian sees the active life as something to be tolerated in view of contemplation and its fruits
while the contemplative life is to be something loved for itself
different a different way of looking at things
for peter damian the active life to be tolerated the most would be priestly ministry
and this was borne out by the subsequent history of frontier obama
lot of lot of active or active church life flowed from forty other lana
here also peter damian depends from augustine of hippo his own treatment of contemplation and its place within the tradition
but come on with these tradition confirms the time tested principle of the unity between act to action and contemplation and that at which thence our forebears used to speak up the to are they were always seen as a unity within
the tradition and within the life the monastery
when we talk about commodities spirituality natural naturally enough
where we're also concerned with
certain historical and crazy or developments which affected the formation of that spirituality we've looked at some of the history some of the historical markers which couldn't help it
the life of cabal today
and we know that commodities spirituality did not develop in some kind of vacuum or for the centuries was always conditioned by history by the times by traditions
by reforms by the very grace of god
during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries the wto moderne and which accentuated individualism and interior realization
as well as the movement of humanism which accented an eastern classical mentality and again individualism
where the two major lines of renewal in the church christian humanism certainly would renew the church
and mystical currents during these centuries accentuated the voice of the holy spirit and freedom in that holy spirit
come on to these spirituality during this time was nourished by christian humanism who's most eloquent spokesman may very well have been our own ambrogio travelers are called by cassano korea a true master of christian
ambrose translated extensive portions of percents basil john crystal stone pile bernard jerome gregory the great john criminals and others
and humanism promoted or learned piety which saw a rebirth and the study this holy scriptures and the study of the fathers of the church mainly promoted by people like ambrose to other sorry
who also promoted a unity within plurality expressed again and he uses the cemetery by the union of the active and contemplative dimensions seemed concretely with an commodities tradition in the joining of the hermitage and the sunoco and travis are use
the that similar to promote
his work of unity within plurality of course he was involved with the union of east and west church churches
trevor sorry was followed by a line of commodities christian humanist who remained faithful to his spiritual line of thinking monks like about mario to alegre whom i mentioned pietro da fino as well as other humanists who interpreted things a little bit differently
ah but an important humanists and come out on the issue none nonetheless people like paolo just miami and ph of cream
commander the spirituality at this time taught and held onto the benedictine doctrine of communion again using the example of the wedding the marriage between hermitage and monastery at a
time when individualism was reading was running rampant
and that's certainly true understood because as i've mentioned both devotes your madonna and humanism promoted individuals
this period of come out on these history continued the spiritual climate i don't and i differs from colliding and it's an interesting point and i and i didn't i didn't study it further it would be
it would be interesting to to develop it further to find out exactly what he's talking about he points out this period of commanded history can continue to spirited spiritual climate which was promoted can be can stand that all the way from i've been addicted on the arms liturgical
life within the carolingian period as well as the whole the tradition the tragically speaking
i bet for myself i didn't have time to to analyze on this point
the specific
it should also be borne in mind that although quite different from one another and they are quite different from one another there were a number of male and female to all the saints during this time as different from as night from day we run the whole spectrum of sense was
i would like now to on to give it some contemporary views on command of in spirituality from our tradition
and this action really is meant to be a calling of a various strands and the command these spiritual fabric and as such would probably be best understood through just quiet listening and taken on meditation approach the first quote and this will be a series of quotes
is from our constitution just keep bracketed in the back of your mind on our spiritual
the command of these hermitage is a special fruit of st romulus broad and varied monastic experience as reformer and founder
the hermitage retains elements of celebrating living
at the same time offering the possibility of greater solitude and freedom in the inner life including the possibility of recursion
from the introduction
from number twenty six the monastic community is an extension and a reflection of the mystery of the church
like the church it is in christ as a sacrament or sign an instrument of intimate union with god and of the unity of the entire human race body lumen gentium
number sixty five monks center their lines on the encounter with god
which finds expression in forms of prayer handed down in the monastic and could shoot patristic tradition
when a monk has inspired to seek greater intimacy with god in the hermitage his aim is to reach the full majority of monastic life in a prayerful dialogue with the phone
and to make this dialogue ever more constant and intense
number ninety one
each community is to establish times and places which safeguard that climate of silence which is the natural basis for an authentic life of listening prayer and communion with god and neighbor
from our nineteen eighty seven general chapter state
silence welcomes the word
and the word by means of fame creates new and wonderful works of god in our own times
what we offer is simply that that which every person can discovered in a secret place of the heart
that in which every christian believes and hopes and lines
we invite oil our come out these brothers and sisters to take to heart the work of dialogue and unity among religions
from prior general benedetto out
my critical hermeneutic of the rule has been the priority of the purse
when one says the primacy of law one does not mean an idea an obstruction
but the concrete manifestation of the person within whom the holy spirit enters a covering of love
choosing the sensuality of the person brings risk in security and fragility
the faith servants of our guests ministry must always increasingly recognized and welcome the gift of the humanism for the entire churches bench
from higher general a man away in the by june
when the stimulus toward renewable is taken seriously and with love
in a renewable which is not only about forms but which attempts to conjoin a recovery of roots and in cultivation with changed historical context one faces are tiring and complex undertaking
one finds oneself before a global challenge turned toward interior knowledge availability and also human weakness
to accept it is to accept entrance into a process within which the work of discernment and renewable is endless
it is a way of be
our history is a concrete case of dialogue within the monastic world you can remember yesterday afternoon
it is one of the possible journeys of renewable and monastic presence today
every process of renewal requires the individualization of the fundamental values which are at stake
of the strategic difficulties around which the dialogue develops to construct progressive the a consensus to exercise discernment
the more that renewal points to the essential issues all the more must the dialogue and the transformation for themselves up to a long commitment
from our next paradigm of from robert hale better
he's gonna listen to this turned out over canal de winter's trace their spiritual lineage back to the early fathers and mothers of the desert
to the early of settings before the to the a scene
and especially to key biblical figures the profits the soppy actual voices the apostolic community and above all christ himself the archetypal monk
the command of his spirit has a universal openings affirmed by the present constitutions of the congregation regarding spiritual a humans
the vatican has also commended this ministry to the come out names
when i painted on my own version of the commander needs coat of arms for la stampa commando lazy the two dogs
as were peacocks with with the charles and he decided the challenge and star arising out of
i found myself painting a charles which became really a baptismal font rather than a chalice
and i i found that i was doing that because i wanted to explicit tate more clearly the that is not commitment that your connections within come out of this terrorism what we are about what we are doing
and i think
now we are at that font
her baptism today trying to bring together the various aspects of what makes commander in spirituality come out of it
in my own way of thinking
in synthesizing
ah what has been there from the beginning
with what has happened during subsequent history
and where we come on these find ourselves these days
i've come up with those elements which i have diagrams for you there with all those arrows going every which way which says something about the connections the interconnections bit among the among the elements
it seemed to me that that characteristic of ammonium spirituality that is the small scale element is somehow a characteristic of our spirituality
and to me it's the most mysterious of all the elements i can't quite clearly articulate why is just a spiritual intuition that it is small scale it's meant to be it works that way it has from the beginning and it's part of who we are
and that our spirituality is also one which embraced solitude
perhaps more so than in others spirituality and other monastic spiritual
because it is a constitutive element it has the rewarding stamp on it very clearly one can i escape romulus embrace a solid
and our own historical consciousness through all our commander these centuries of how important solitude has been and is for us
but the koinonia which by as you can see as oil is going towards them
i think is the is the key element of our
spirituality that with the fellowship off which is what we're about here and big stirring every other house
and between our network of our plates and months and nine
that that koinonia with the aim of romuald in gathering disparate elements into a shared solitude from the beginning of our movement
it is a fellowship
a consciousness of fellowship which goes hand in hand certainly without and to nowadays the in its ecclesial dimension but i think it always did
the commodities spiritually was always conscious of the church and church needs and the importance of fellowship on the small scale at home ground level
which the monastery on express concretely
and that this was to be seen as prophetic witness to the world
it seems to me that that old phrase going back to the beginning again privilege of love
with that rewarding and emphasise again and that stamp of
average launched terrorism
embraced in this century mobility to calamity with is stressing game again again throughout his eighteen years and higher general the importance in our family of the centrality of the human person the development of the object each person within
community the recognition and development of gifts
and the embrace of each person within community fellowship
really characterize as our commander these he fast today
if you want to put it give it a phrase you can give it the calliope phrase the primacy of law
i think that has become are very important
constitutive element of our come onto the his spiritual consciousness
the humanism for the commodities it's nothing new although we have the invitation of the vatican to be involved directly in ecumenical work now and in ways that other
groups are have not been designated as such
ah rumbled himself and in permission to the east from the beginnings
gave way to that to that element which for ramadan to software is a mystery i'm sure
chopper sorry
and his his main energy and thrust for the active church
once in the acute ecumenical for with the dialogue between the east and western churches
that ecumenical aspect of our spirituality is certainly a carries and yes but also a duty of our contemporary commodities spiritual
and i don't think we've been question that here
it's become so natural to us that that from
i wish i would find it rather odd if anyone who can argue with is just so much a part of who we are as i'm also a commander the and in italy
and the dialogue which flows from that ecumenical encounter
that is monks and nuns in dialogue among people all the people on the way
i'm really the center's on that he monastic on terrorism which can on perhaps clearly be seen as an old ancient adage from the egyptian desert if you have a heart you can be said
because they've come out of these benedictine monastic thrust into a humanism is one of the heart it's on a small scale yes were small but but it's enlivened by the heart awareness and the authenticity of it without being pretty
dentures without marrying trumpet
we're just there as one heart beating another heart and i think perhaps that's why it is so real for us without even thinking about it's part of who we are
i think come on the leaves why we would add yes a heart but a heart that's nourished by salt because that's who we are in our hearts are a little bit different
thanks to that constitutive part of our life which
we are insured by our constitution
also or are commodity spirituality is distinctly benedicto
it has been substantially so from the beginning i again was a benedictine monk he died a benedictine monk a classic
now since nineteen sixty six we are all terrifically didn't take victim
and so hand in hand with the benediction ethos our aim is fellowship because that's what bennett it was about
and the method the methodology of that fellowship again his love is the primacy of law and the sensuality of the human person
it seems to me also that are small scale side of our spirituality helps to incarnate that ground a dialogue with which were involved because unless you're doing it at home days and i'm right at the root level hard to come
the dialogue really doesn't take it doesn't go i mean there are nice splashy ecumenical events what not and that's good for everyone
but our our work as commodities and the ecumenical field is just hard to hard work and it's on a small scale but that's where it's most real for people i think for all of us and it certainly also left by another era was going around there is mean it's it's more in touch with our own than addicted ground that some
small scale because if you remember
benedict himself in his lifetime in his early foundations was on the building on a small scale
suddenly he started twelve little foundations all around all around via the monastery where he was living very small foundation
that koinonia that fellowship which is at the center of our spirituality that seems to me is the core within which we are conscious of christ in all these aspects of our
spirituality and that's why i put it at the center because it's the way we live the life of christ and the way we participate in the christian
mystery on a daily basis that's why we are together are living a lot as commander the solitaire
you will remember that in our first session focusing on primitive reward and spirituality we saw how that spirituality was built i love
and then our look you know look at the triple goods we saw how the spirituality of the rwandan uniform embraced even missionary life and even martyrdom in the overflowing love which stemmed from that experience of koinonia
through our overview of the general history of the commodities we couldn't help but see how that history proved a a impeded experience and tested love
and now what i need to add to our little schemer of love
is that as commander these spirituality embrace embraces a real unity within its diversity
that unity is real in so far as it is preserved in the law
in its own charismatic way and it's own prophetic way out of spirituality subsidies exists and is nourished by the primacy of law
and so i think in many ways kilotons phrase is absolutely central to who we are as commodities that is in the primacy of love that is the key and you will find it at the center of our koinonia of our church life shared together
i would like to thank you all for participating hum
it's been a very good for me as a commodity is monk to develop on this little offering and to take it on back east and to share it here and walk told me to share it in berkeley i think it's just a step on the way it's even
the only a step on the way of articulating
aren't come out of these tradition
on the american seemed contemporary american scene it's a step in discovering who we are and what we're about where we've come from and how that it's condition this is not the answer it's what i've come up with what i've been able to discern and i hope i hope it's helpful to all of you
in your own life in your own connection with our things commodities and people come out the knees i'd also especially like to point out thanks to the gabriel who helped set up and it was faithfully
helped him the ah
technical aspect of of this workshop
and i'd like to ask you for your prayers during the coming weeks as i prepare to go to an epiphany out east i'm excited very excited about it but i love the hermitage to and i'm not going to be difficult
thank you