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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s



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a little does your cat hairs now
a new free america
okay come before we do anything else i had like to take a rocket our beach up forty nine you're getting a lot of money or a comment about of the other day is i expect and you'll get to this made around when you're studying the rule
there's a reference here right at the beginning the life of a month want to be a continuous money now cation writes about the monastic life as being the length of the church but as an essential that amongst you all the time what the christian community did all the time in the beginning but stop to my all
time when i got tepid and therefore the monks to at one hundred percent of the time to rest of the people do a ten percent
there's a good example of that idea
an invidious idea of monasticism has better than everybody else one time
the monk by definition doing it better the same tank with doing teach everybody should be we now change elder new from a long time
but hypnotics is that the monks after didn't do this ten percent thing too because the latest ten percent of the year just about a time there is quite public to lunch lot
the were no i can't remember the reference from corrosion i couldn't find my coffee
whether it's in the i think it's going to institute to the itinerary rather than the conference
okay you'll notice it in a footnote to the rv nineteen a are a lot of references to leo the great be repeated in the breviary this morning i was eleven chairman of the other great so you'll find that he's very strong on this
he's very strong also been some other areas my key explanation of the transfiguration in the mystery of christ he's magnificent piece of real theologian as well as pool
do we get a strong kind of the bones of the mystery present very time you
but i didn't check these references
much of the you know where we have of these is answer script the on which is in it wondered in the latin and french and which contended that said he said about four hundred bargain
the small looks whereas the in english i would look in there
catholic university of american stooge bothered with the church okay him might discerns my pin
since you ever had this name of those viewers and targeted during the official want to keep a matter of life was filled to wash away this illustration negligence was other time i don't know how much of this country middle with the master i and check to see maybe not much mostly original competitive but they were
point out is that embedded in the
positive characteristics of the mention of july and of the holy spirit expression okay that's quite refreshing action and a chapter like this to to find a positive levin on the lifting the whole thing up
rather than adding a burden the masters from are like created relay something on as a bird
join twice as the only time in the whole that it appears yeah even have the equipment is earn a couple of other times with the end of the prologue and a handicap show on cable to the word does
member when you run with enlarged heart
each month
this we do underpinning that refitting to dog who doesn't even have to go to yourself the gravity of reading for functional products often on earth for practices
three of them are connected krishnan party for reading and close together and compunction a part of the kind of quality of bread
the matter of compunction we could talk about a topic because i remember photosphere the jesuit scholar of the average the artwork really history of the mattresses on in not only early now
right up the prison like as the spirit of compunction
which we usually understand of starfish and remember around that we got the gift of tears at a certain point compunction for the monkey chicago softness park more spirit of devotion and becoming of watch for of the asian traditions
the greek of and a russian tradition than and this i remember there's some work for the a peculiar tenderness of heart and nourishing traditions
so got to do with a piety grow further and when it becomes a gift to tears for and that's a a break ground contemplative experience cause it's going to go to give up it's infused it's not something you do and yet like fabio it said that he could
how many berlin activator gift to tears when every lot so you just have to turn his mind and show
kind of opening an hour
but notice you can pick up with it as contemplative experience it's very different from a purely intellectual are currently a pathetic notion that kind of patients which great effective and if you ask what the origin of the bitch you couldn't say we have a news can have the didn't intellect country
you can say the heart anything even to save herself doesn't quite carry the flavor that great carry the energy that where the compunction to matter of the art it's very biblical experience
so we're supposed to add something to the usual measure
when the two sides one side of the practices of from the other spider negotiation them
it's interesting that he gives about three different vintage it doesn't think we've mentioned in a series of practice in three different times
you do it again and or just and more expensive
this idea of spontaneity of doing something on your home of your uncle well which is not to come on in the most enigmatic number and can chapter for this thing with checkbook now establishment and check on the turned doing nothing which isn't
and by their tradition of the elders so for him to encourage individual for originality this is exceptional
as is this mentioning pub
i'm giant early spring
ratio has numerous talking and i'm adjusting because some people have started sector and i could exclude
you are completely sounds that way sometimes with an operational
no are some people would say that well you wouldn't premature to talk i think the law minister and he's talking about cutting back something about these features
earlier in the world will say that should never any of that with that here says cut back yet
of course we don't do that ago the drink i can do a little investment
joint spiritual longing so he really evokes job
a positive spirit and qualities of hard if a lot of feeling the chapter
and then of course becomes he added
even though it's not exposed to be done spontaneously and yet it can only be ratified where it can only be accepted by got shifted from the other
seems like there's a lot to share with them
in fact truth themes and track few years to get the idea of public private and death
an employee me implicit current trends and there so i can the beginning the first line i think of a of the books trucks for every translation be be
the life of a monk has a in observance to it and i are should know as source that that idea of the continuum like i think because of that and because it's also kind of and urging characteristic it's it's making an appeal to the individual and then in
the and latin the first
true sentences ah
are all merged into one so it's like this movement from the individual to the communal to make up for our weakness in not be able to achieve what the market us supposed to achieve and there since few however have the strength is yours the entire community
and on the and an ominous appeared in a doubt so it's it's try to get the whole community of this but mostly to what if anything you're in a possibly but became in kind of a negative appearance to to focus on season of when and to sort of wash away
yeah on the negative practices and then it goes it touched by the communal practices that one of those lists superior and then that a in first five when it talks about individual again the individual commensurate rise above whatever both his normal pract
dresses and whatever the communal practices to it as you were sent to to add something to to actually exert positively his own will the volatility to give something to get burned and dot and and help we need that isn't us the joy of the holy spirit appears there and and data and
then in verse seven it's where falls back into a it talks about the communal again in other words like each wants to individual deny himself some food drink sweet and then it gets communal needless talking and oil testing
and look forward to own history joint spiritual come in on dimension average million euro over the those solitary for the individuals like okay because that's the individual talking objecting how you to get me not picturing the got a major shouldn't community ownership yeah
well it's interesting that which you speak about the the public and private or common individual the way they emerge and in so far as visitors a communal and joining urging to an individual spontaneity which will be commemoration of how express it as everybody will be doing something and
visually but all of us are urged to doing that to it's an unusual guy yeah i'm here
select the word
calling sermon on know where works talking about and that the two packs per a biblical passage got the most from your course jesus's forty days and ah
and ten jeep jesus's teaching just heard yesterday but the three pratt went to practices no instrument now we're expecting there he's enjoying every to a
to the spiritual practice but in a relationship secrecy with god and not to
even though he did he's not afraid it can be afraid of this nathan and ages or further he's not questioning someone she began to show you each cushioning against self will or vainglory you can get now you could say that they come together because of as a kind of private enjoyment of the same thing that a pro
person and say you know if you appreciate you to reward you can do it secretly by by doing your own wailing and where you can do it publicly but making a show
oh of your practice
haha yeah
it's you but ended the relation added to that that it's it's almost like this is rising motion to slevin is somehow
receipt a black character
yeah they were spontaneous web on the action of the holy spirit and the individual market and the person's kind of creative project
has to have that flushing of they have the authority
charles like the word as commercial coverage from recognize
but you could go chapter
not here is that thing now a practice or the church to them and monastic people
i don't know the history of london on where when it started whether it was perception of an ashtray five with a vagina to
the counter to package failure and then i remember one when i can hear the beginning or not only when the quick quick jason and sexy gentlemen of september jays so liturgically will be starting several weeks before my actually the kind of build up towards one
and i'd let those up to a whole stuff
and also the monastic life is set to start is to snag one tourism and eleven
so the whole winter period was considered to be the monastic life in general kind of way they had always to construct with on that topic
the thing is i'm actually breathe but even that church there's no sun niche where six inches or something that is
that fifty days before his been computer and then separatism and some names on servers well even earlier than ash wednesday as well focus towards to a is to recall anything real send and
well i recall from this morning because i'm better than the figure one of his son of a is for thursday after an ash wednesday and in the roman britain
interested the regency when picked up from yeah you'd have to look probably several of which can find of quantity of
sometimes or something in between visually yell at midnight many kashmiris company like that
there was a real bed with me
our main cast this morning and questions to conclude chapter two you know about matter to a to jerks
big of marriage of eastern lives which was written and the united states published and eighty three the first time chronology is important to be i've been working on the privileged from that's why we can climb accredited because it's marvelous suitcase
this what this does give you an alternative model you can say which it's hard to fit even enter the notion of model because it's to wide and does not clear reddit now being close up the mess of the church and his uses the word unless of course was not a negative color more people
nevertheless the final difficult cause mischief me has a kind of leakage in this leakage out of the truth with something that you hear that years witness point that girl asked to those concepts to the mystery of the church sir methods now miss a mystery here
you can share very clips okay so what did you could transfer and thirty mentioned that can you could translate this type of method the church to mystery of the church just as well but the fact is he's used this were a mess throughout this book as a dominant
think of language and talking about everything felt like the vedic myth and then the mess of christ antonio you take to your area ecclesiology certain the overhaul the next centuries time i guess i am ecstatic because it's it's actually it's moving very quickly
that is what you've seen and deluxe is a very quick shift it's like one of those seismic shift when you have an earthquake that killed a hopeful st violent violently all of a sudden and from my single frozen image you've got a sporadic okay but in that plurality we still don't have the depth dimension that the
you should have and that's actually advantage or something like wage perspective before remember we had a couple of a clean your own views asked us if we look at piper's put briefing and we looked at marmion that's looking at monasticism from the point of view of the church i'm an actress going gets a little pull it out at a town juice am i okay
because it's it's subject to theological category which don't fall from a to inside syrup but here you've got a monastic view of the church or sort of the revenge of monasticism item to your audience but this year is almost an inch hd pre monastic okay it's already patristic if you look at the scene
right it's like f rom and so on you find something very much like this
and she's very fortunate the big group which rich immersive in syriac tradition before when it was like that earlier monastery because he absorbed this kind of
because up and i felt up and he was too obsessed with the institutional church when he writes about the church with this sinks my my feeling about that because it's a marvelous the expression of the idea of the mystery of the church in the early turn you think he had a real breakthrough in sports
same church coming moving from institution into on what mythological mom yeah you had to have that before the groundwork was laid before he was converted to christianity
because he reacted against the west or the team reacted against the industrialized west village you know and so i turned to the romantic poets or anybody who is with oxford
and it could hear the is for spiritual experience with the revelation of kind of nature of the divine in a tree that kind of transfiguration epiphany in nature and so that he said that experience which changed his whole life against the old westerns and of all very western development is for the industrial
as being something
the economic political or scientific technology such as cars times and my or restaurants route more stock of flush out because you might to india's he just he just throw it away at lunch in the angeles but before his conversion to christianity who has already into the romantic poets now other which religion on kids
in order to work and shelling coloriage
so that the groundwork was already like tiny attic conversion to christianity and swallowed the whole thing including institutional church in the time but then he began spreading out of creatures be report on okay because his personality with so averse to institution construction amazing it's fast and up
some reason and because he'd write these letters to the tablet a pregnant boston wow
one that put the time i want to smack at ratzinger
claps and this is deliberately arguing that with route not and and very aggressive time his aggressive he didn't just lay low on talk us out that he tried the sea resort ten now because from what's going on retina
now as on the east coast alex
and written a book debris of which one of us was a freshman year was the guys the point is cartoon yeah he says interrelated style and here's like and
the by sometime backpack or the congregation
yeah that's their job on the problem is to circumvent the specimen of a recent tablet one way is got nine thousand miles away in
a fine digit now like this year
but they never signed up speed in their speculators to like what our supervision of attached because we defended
but also have continually there's only in a biography of the animated tries to figure out why know what with what's the vision of town will notice a digital camera and an open cut thousand to a very good carioca it's a wonderful kind of breadth and depth fucking that has to be very independent and critical critic
a rounder me in a loyal like the kind of the loyal opposition
so he wrote about how many letters and articles will tell you a couple of men in practice they were too strong for they teach little about my last thing is it
which you've got here in this method the church and haven't got the whole thing here is the idea of the church not the institutional church but starting from as it were the mind of god and the idea of the church as the whole of creation somehow dynamically being brought in to god by the holy spirit
and then the imagery because with it when she gets from the bible father he doesn't very well and it's not just the patristic and because he's got the idea of evolution okay that the spirit is dynamically bringing the whole creation back into though particularly through humanity and then
declaration of the disciples of christ but you notice first of all to things that it's bigger than the institutional church and involves the whole creation
in fact the creation itself a material creation customers becomes the body of a garbage arbitrary well that's it it's got to be in a kind of different snatch them humanity with on a bridge if those different concentric circles and second image dynamic
so i wish i'm delighted to find us
who her sake was the world may
the churches a historic institution is a very recent origin to dosage of iq both very small part of the church and herself as the eternal public is the creative aspect of the and creative spirit created aspect of the uncreated spirit that sounds very much like the sociology of a cup for somebody like that
who would speak of uncreated wisdom which is so fear or the holy spirit and created wisdom which he a church and i think that's a valid model the church
peterson's how much is the idea of the which commercial pick and and parties using modern western evolutionary kind of the other parties using they're going after the idea of jesus because my person in the persian
and shakti who is the divine energy and and into traditional
same day spirit as a and shocking
so the spirit is in the creation of the beginning the spiritism humanity bringing the creation to consciousness in humanity okay
and then one humanity is the creation as conscious than jesus comes to that person and a new face start and the spirit the shock cage given a new planetary and performance and it's something that's working all the time through the word and spirit
the skirt is the imminent power of god within nature and within humanity and the word is now
is that which becomes consciousness and then which becomes which interacts for the school
you get a kind of quick turn to do once began to write up with disappear
oh nature

because this is the eternal that i think this is that because the one i'm forever not investigate that above a line and outside industry and then the difference between christianity and the eastern regions with the all arrest and the sense that as for the eastern religions you've got
a revelation and presence and got the spirit with divine energy but isn't this movement into the world this kind of tends to be an improvement from the work of into the walk back into the divinity of it whereas in christianity you've got this vectors should move
a here of creation through the word and spirit and then even while
the nature is be brought back the guy and so grown up to consciousness and then brought to faith and got a tentative inclusion even why that's happening i got a continuous creative activity happening down here something moving down and something holding out movement of incarnation as down in this church so it doesn't just just get
grab back
but one thing that's exciting about as they enter enter revision and pointed out between work and scary pumpkin
it takes a while for this the so can you have to kind of good use for the ideas but the word or the the light of a
president in the creation and bringing the human person that consciousness consciousness religion for that and then the energy out of the holy spirit interacting with it and those to generate nick history so the question have as church is the eternal lot unfolding itself and the course of history
and in the interaction between each to in the matrix of nature and the media and the substance of nature going to chatting with you
that's a whole different notion of the church them
and most of the i was looking at
character was actually
the forty nine but one time when scriptures coated and you're usually expect scripture is from one percent someone's into the joint the holy spirit's wasn't we're talking out the spirits and enjoy almost like this just justice is rising motion and dialogue of word and spirit because
i'm somehow just on fire with spirit and spreading to the real humanity because i'm almost pure word and isn't and that know which it's it's order to establish in order but here and now the skirt breaks out and then he realized the inside an inside decorator this a financial industry
it would be interesting to characterize word and spirit some time to make two clusters or two columns and just take all the words that you connect with each one goes in that way you gotta kind of sense of interaction interplay between the two of them in history and in the world and the narrow margin our own experience
but the word is like life and overeager and it's interesting that the word also becomes body in some way the word makes it in kinect itself becomes the body of christ and on the other side you know the spirit in you notice in that that a chapter from consider your car he's talking about this
spirit in the body continually this the two threes as it were they remain
the definitive of the church so here's the spirit and then the word it has become body is the word has become the moderators which then is the whole thing to put those two were becoming body experiment with making about body spirit acting in the body but it changed me that it's the
a body of the were whether you think it that it's head or whether you think of it don't have the identity is as christ the body of christ but the energy of which makes this which creates it brings it about and which fills it is the spirit
so i'm not clear on exactly how that works but it's one side it's the word that becomes a kata really bringing it about the identity the connection the obvious for it about obvious identity a word the spirit is suddenly invisibly and about just as if you say
i wrote were made bread and therefore the the loaf it is called reddit but invisibly inside that nameless st marks the spirit from entering and managing the loaf of bread
but not give an addiction a nameless they disagree
i'm sorry
package to keep go back this chapters somehow that's happening in will the latter part of art and forty nine seems like a one way is come back to this verbal realistic way when he talks about the abbot again just as he keeps us up the a volunteer to r lets us do our own bill and a very special individual weight during when of
offer god something of his own will with the joy of the holy spirit than after that
there's motor stuff whatever is undertaken without the permission of the spiritual father the added and there's a spiritual there
and the his permission there were whatever served him without the permission is that same word bob toxic than in the last sentence therefore as superior sense airport everything must be done with ethics approval valentine's day third time in and i'm just wondering if somehow it's not talking about
this transforming like through this word if a good get this pending we have no notion doing this but you're right under is stiff imperial model of the editor approves everything stamps everything there's not just a a melting away of that of everything
of our bill becoming flame joining the fight of gods will and if if that the word of it there tin can be like are like like gotten the father and if there's if there's a a melting with the greater will of god is that guess there i think it is i think given the the sometimes and apparently heavy
a figure at the habit is really standing there is really the a sacrament and symbol of the genuine knowledge of and when we say i really can't help thinking of the spirit not that we cry abba father spirit this growth and make such kind of a further and when we do that we're in the person of jesus for the trinitarian
thing is reproduced here you can say it's implicit whenever the father or abbott is mentioned okay but sometimes you have terrific list and i'm just so heavy that often we forget it that's what that whole structure is about a premium
they can share the spirit is always implicitly and that very relationship but only once you know how does it become exclusion
which like
benedict because he's writing a rule is ninety nine percent of and time over here okay and the added himself as a figure of this and this work but from time of time you what leaps out which also because that check was about the individual and now the individual blogs over here in the common sense the the regular the
legislative the lungs been here but this is where one of the places where the rule rulers trying to jump out of the challenge skin in other words a rule that was trying to become more than ever will because it's getting into the individual spontaneous will okay which you can say is over here which belongs to the spirit so that chapters one of them there are several others and like the
episode of scholastic is another type of this though becomes the salesman that that's outside of the would never had switched i like about kind of each rule is when that happens
you can find a job and go the mastermind champions
it's also true that this representatives or thanked him
yeah you seem to have as complete subjection to the figure of the spiritual product but what's inside that the secret that's inside that is is the holy spirit and love to see other snipe and that's what you'll find manifest in the spirits are the time and time time after time compassion will
will decide over and over judge or justice
what to trying to teach really is that the trying to communicate with spirits
the word is always to amount of this period management so com i'll just leave this direction with the on if any if you want to bring up anything from that next time you can turn that i guess we should probably try to finish a chapter
this is typically these vision of the church and travelers that he doesn't talk about this will develop in boston so often enough he seems just for the you criticizing your disposal institution which for that it's coming from that confusion
hey the theory
because to about
page twenty one the bottom last time worked starts starter about the body of christ one by the spirit

it's almost like something has to happen at this kind of writing to bring it alive be placed with the most
vital and life still things one hundred talked about in this way tend to flatten now it's like investigate the greater history raised up
dimension of experience of reality
so when he's talking about the church years the body of christ he's also talking about this event by which this takes place which is kind of explosion of the event which is the new testament
and if you're going to take the and like one thing that's the consequence of this should and that's the body of christ which he expresses in that language in christ in him all the time
so it's very dramatic and what's happening of the body of christ which happens with the resurrection but about a christ to no longer individual but is a a communal by a participate in body and the way that we experience that is in the gift of the spirit and happened to raptors
the problem is about question entrance

so he's coming very much from a to stone
but these things need to become me to become alive for you
never owen barfield talking about
the whole of history in terms of participation and statement which he has with christ is a new participation nobody called final for trust which that you know his original participation of the pagan religion and a kind of nature of mystique and that usually comes to abolish is that we then a job check or completely wipes out the fish and new york and singapore
it's a cat and slaughtering my the package and shallot
destruction of the items and all of that is symbolic and then jesus comes in and in that on that scorched earth that leveled grout the institute's a new participation which starts in himself as the one child of god and one natural son of god
and then extends to well if humanity through participation him so that's where you're not only really goes through the needle's eye
but we have a real hard time learning that idea of a participation cars were brought up making where individuals separate vegetables from one another we don't have a natural like if it was the unity of all humanity or even have family or tribe or anything else and you're not going to launch script
the notion of participation is not mentioned explicitly here with kind of hang it around on the back and i recommended
reflection when he talks about biblical notion of solidarity
whereby adam somehow all a modern version had a or if you don't have efficient use where jacob you mean both the tribe and in the patriots
and the picture i had a tremendous authority over is over everybody else she's if the power of life and desperate group but i am supposing this marriage
they all belong to it's very strange
one way of organizing swimming
but underneath that business idea and around it this primitive idea of participation which we have almost entirely extinguished first of all with the old testament and then when a rationalism
when the new paradigm comes along the new science the doll physics and summer all of a sudden you have a notion of participation of an organic reality of the whole of the universe pinion you call coexisting inter related whole you already have a romantic poets and words with
instance your favorite
but what's going on there like and in consciousness in the worst is very important announcements my give fragmentation work to the extent where it becomes inconceivable to to think of the unity between think we've only seen that separates a lot of despair among modern western

mr danger and seeing all of this as no stopping in the time of an interesting in the church kind of goes not getting the it is born and an explosion in a tremendous job that the tenets of be sent him to a fixed and remains up that's dangerous
because you can stay the holy spirit of knowledge to find novel these kurdish movement as dynamism as something that never said down and there's never a fixed camera refine a form
in contrast with the word
so as possible to think of the church is perfect for and beginning it just growing by numerical increase
but really the church has to grow and progress
this much learn push the requested time it again
i think the institutional model of the church before vatican two wasn't that kind of with the church essentially was complete and perfect and the to existing park and i could do it's growing and
second the refreshment need to be one sq yeah
washington grows out of the wine
i forget her was behind the church of the the vessel which is continually renewed by the line which it contains continually new products content
and behind that you've got this notion that the mystery that into the churches that sniff ninety nine percent invisible and and the one percent miserable and out of that mystery continue much evolving and a visible and invisible
so much tragic polarization in the church when people is refusing and incapable of i choose to change
the people on the other side can just appropriate energy and that changes in other world it's not enough to do that
that's where have been reversed expense to get you get stuck a little that sometimes over right now the snyder identifying superior to change nothing able to accept interesting
it's canon law as women's not kind of logic a symbol of them
yeah isn't so much that kind of odd effect
institution and law in a hero okay but when the dominant which make up a bumpy body were nothing but bomb is no flesh there's no muscle there's nope no organs that smelled of life the poems of therapy there but if the body is not in appointment expected content
so the bombs essentially disappear into the looking into a living products into the fact of life the event of life the activity of mine
but canon law can easily forget about budget setting certain point the church began to be ruled by common knowledge mccain stay for the alone
no time of play with great entanglements of theologian
moving the church gregory the great
but in the middle ages there was a
what do you got they say one of the eleventh century twelfth century there's a great revival of chemical thinking market legal like it's if there's an enthusiasm for off to gsm connecting to codify the church said it's them
probably not so much leverage there it's just that there isn't enough beside it so it tends to hit joking the spirit
well canning markets to once things get written down marriage becomes law and there's a feeling it's not changed much like and so where it takes precedence over spirit no change and your second institutions and
killing itself as
yeah the word is of is frozen nature to use thing to hang onto
you can say that the roman catholic church music the kind of critical backbone of christianity okay that the most the most stable too hard durable elements to the church or in the roman catholic church with its with its
structure so it tends to have kind of a surplus of that's gotten up bonus for everybody else
where it can be pretty happy sometimes it's management
but actually people get i think they get shattered and tyrannized by that stuff in the shadow bothers them a lot more than the reality so many people have a kind of paranoid added to the institutional church and institutional chairs he never touched and had never received punishing telegram from the pulpit system
and they have a legitimate fear
when a
i guess so whenever they go into the church night here a rating it's not an inclusive language
it seems like itself
one of the drawbacks of of a society it allows and they're starting their greetings have your free press were about being able to to have opposition in the church or something like a tablet or something but the but but another part of that of psychic too easily be grafted into the fearful parts of our nature or the pie
arts they're trying to evade responsibility just constantly be pretty lame on everything in an i you said the shadow average and when in reality and it becomes evident he seemed overwhelming excuses you know there's a maturity that each photo i've noticed it in that paper especially in past years the national catholic report
reading and sometimes it would go on as a juvenile rejection of the parent or juvenile rejection of and start writing our the big idea of the pope with the idea of the institution of undertones enough to drive a while to make them turn another durch there's an emotional block there as to ambleside and february is returned
into an emotional
i'm again
now there wasn't much of that before that into there wasn't much express criticism decision
when be tolerated
okay so there's a good deal here about the holy spirit and a subject which is well worth meditation and even finished meditating about time
the gift to the spirit the new testament writers the radically new reality much that you sprint think of the spirit of notice itself think of we of the word as enduring as like the principal the structural principal and so on and think of the spirit as the moment has been now and is
the energy of god in the moment which can't be anything but energy can't be anything but now can be anything but light k
the other correlation there is masculine and feminine to see the word as masculine and discouraged haven't returned at this before i know that because the word is what an innocent people call it patriarchal and on
the biblical revelation and because the word ultimate age and conduct in a man and a male human being
you need to look for the and would you caught the equivalent but with a corresponding term on the feminine child and what can be with the spirit there's no other candidate no other possible i think
expression of god which would which could be other permanent type and so i tend to stay the to interact and not as measured on from them but has a architect with kind of them
the inner energy and life tends to be a determinants for
and the feminine side has never getting an even break because it's invisible
just as the word is a team together for murders you just gotta be a trip you up on somebody because word as a masculine expression the spirit is the rest is the invisible physical space between the media the words in the biblical text it's also the breath in which the words become living
in which they could combine
some of the gospel appearances of winter
has a out of silent mode is perceived by patrick woman at the wells he said ah
and so much flipping with christ but they ever
most programming that the appointment with the hemorrhage
reaches out and grabs christ from behind into the open market
asks for scraps from the table a daughter and sort of response to christ reviewer powerfully they always have to break out of something nothing the equivalent of that and the openness and i think is deception that there's the woman has to arrive it or and by tricking somebody that happens time after hearing loss over
like judas and as and one and one after every victory given patriotic lives yeah rebecca lee i've never done this thing about isaac isaac an easterner jacob and knysna and tricking isaac i couldn't even skins on a and time
at i'm at the time and time are the same thing somehow
but that says in a kind of it's like a caricature of the hidden activity of the function are hidden character
yeah in the new testament hit the brake l or something and they always seem to be anticipated something is time hasn't come like in john's gospel marriage that who have the why just because my our hasn't come yet it isn't time but he does it anyway okay the feminine is be
before its time because i think the permanent is like the fullness anticipated the
scholastica go to have a right after the human bed i guess pick warning that when she hadn't been out of the story
the benedictine tradition doesn't know
couldn't get much space for airtime was all
and as she had to be a sister to the feminine insists that many carefully carefully circumscribe flash position and i had to be monks their present to witness this
the next
so i yeah that's a a direction of reflection which has a cousin and father enough that magical on permanent thing in these words because also then it comes into our own lives in questions of sexuality and celibacy show that sexuality can open up to something bigger than
in itself behind it okay so i suppose we discover that the interior life is related to the human relation of life and so far as behind masculine and feminine are these trinitarian realities and that we can penetrate to bail and realize our participation and that she would have a lot
a do it making celica sheep meaningful and unlivable if you can penetrate the the symbolism of the of the reality
if the patristic and monastic orders spent so much time company on the southern charm that if they weren't doing the realized the only throw up on areas that we end up being the bride all the time she's
a little nicer trash your think it's true because the soul as the bribe of the words i'm happy i've got a man against the groundwork for something else in the other sites and got out and the superior site doesn't grow it out in their old tradition there's the feminine side of a masculine style the in the person or not suppressed
and that mystical tradition
hey know not sure but i presume you're going to be awesome
churches are people we talked about that someone couple of weeks ago
and the switch that can change and center of gravity that represents
very important bringing a church down to the current levels but we realized we are the church
like the sense of pilgrimage yeah that's the are listening with the church is inferior or not there yet to toronto people of god of the down to earth idea needs it's not
we asked for last
and that's very real process so that she led to the conversion for the catholic church and climatic to because before it was to and up to consider a job as fulfillment already having a i now the rest of you out there hasn't arrived but we have so what you have to do it is
come into our be converted and submit to
god the church has to murphy now the church itself makes this confession camellia that was talking about other people characters in know how much more products how much like lot during winter special matters that china's government issue into are dismissed
so we should all go on the road
okay the church and payment
i like something that he he says here now the bottom page twenty five
showing my future and present reality and the queen and present in jesus person this miracles revealed its power to break the rule of satan and bring them under the reign of god this parables feel something for nature of the cat
the kingdom is mystery and that's what the parables revealed and that's the kind of sappy and show the fascinating aspect of that's going to be huge aspect of it and the miracles reveal the powers for the wisdom and the power the wisdom and the power of
who's the power of the miracles
in america was also often have a signification that mention polity beginning of a blind man especially or the paralytic or of a leper or that some kind of symbolic resident but each one of them is that and of lightning flash of the power of god coming out of cases okay
this is not only to wind me
when it's always exciting
the person however he came to experience
so it's a parables breakout mind still new
the expectation or mind if you're like us
fix the body no part no mckechnie and cheeses will preach a know your preach will be teaching the people near or somebody as if the wisdom has to be vindicated by the power as if what he says to the mine has to be proven by what you can do with the body
because that's a real that's a manifestation of the product that you you raise the body and ultimately this the resurrection you raised about me of you really proving what you're saying
he does it time to time and several is it easier to forgive engines pick it up and walk get to know
very excited
never paul talks about jesus as the power of the wisdom of cut and written push corinthians one
but we can also associate the wisdom of cheeses with the word and the power that the spirit because those miracles of zealand you're all done in the power and spirit
michigan market share was from book
now behind both of these she there's something that you immediately exceeding what we can understand show it comes out especially with the word mystery there from wisdom but also the power the power is something that simply boggles the mind to accept
lee we can't we can't do anything with it just actuality pure actually like when kind of of to college pure act that's it
often these particular terminate with it
a vision of the church in terms of the sacraments in terms of baptism and especially if you could
and that's another good thing to reflect times but for a whole lot check this will be reflecting on what baptism into a huge mistake
my inclination is to see baptism and to the beginning as the gift of the phones and new close as the end and it's the incarnation of the formation of humility that's given to us and the timing of that my body and then the handing over of the whole and not opinion in service and then finally come death so the martyrs your baby
they kind of extreme or full science of that much rather cases himself book in his death becomes full
so you're christian again
hello often used to talk the creation of what we're given a month away and that's true
he's good to get kind of familiar with the new testament passages behind what a and here they're buried footnote
much of him
a lot of under this chapter from collections and efficient
what a beach references into those to shame it
give him he should germinate with convey next time we can come on that of the country
the the kingdom of medical reasons be seeps of central jesus's message and incorporates both the parables and beyond and only one package
mccain division him when he's there that kingship
atari's purchase preaching and mark and continues point
now there's your own country they like to use your translation reign of can sometimes even tell you some awkward of expression like imperial
dominion of god or something that i know that college version of marked of them but then the whole world kingdom has a lot of reverence lot of residence for not being from period and things like planet it is that kind of mysterious reality enchanting the
and like like
maybe the greatest little more powerful but and then rain tends to it takes to dredge the of because you can't picture it becomes a power which is invisible in the world now and like this and theologically that may be more exact but mythic lee speaking it's not as good as king of for
the time were kids we read about kingdoms now we have we have a whole personal mythology of of kinda
marriage she added cannabis as as the king image and people hate advantage but the whole carriage is a testament to the other hand military trace it was so it's so deep minutes and then the potential of shellfish oh my okay we there's a keenly archetype with minutes but it's a very energizing thing
not only for remember ever serve significant like think the for americans it's findings were not the bottom of it that type of sir you know they they worked for us and we're the kings chairman
that serve room or thriving on is right for everybody
that notion so any one of those models is not adequate without chemical i feel like to compliment