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Monastic formation class on the Gospel of John




Fr. Bruno says there will be 5 talks in Part 1 of this class series; talk 5 not found yet; The tapes for Part 2 have also not been found. Part 1 is September 15, 22, 29, October 6, 13, 1990.

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what time she was now

her father of the holy spirit
give your divine wisdom tourists fish jesus gave his mother to recycle jack was ravaged andrew would we ask this in jesus' name amen
okay today i want to do the prologue you just spent about a year on the production because necessarily going to be sketchy
my probably go to overtime to
actually i think it's worth learning greek just to be able to read this one phase of john's gospel it used to be the so-called last-gasp book the mass and you read it every time but it only have son who was every day every day every time he showed great met at prologue of john was at the end here is it's fellow should be the epilogue as it were
the your christian but show it was because it's got a like nothing else the scripture practically speaking somehow it contains all of scripture with a joke even from the first word and be getting the word the word and action reddit just just european karma teacher sphere a regular man you know that wasn't it wasn't around and marriages
before the last couch for the roman origin so you read a different gospel each day and you had your regular lectionary but that one was directed at the end
the preferred name yeah you already have that was part of the liturgy of ash also brown points out that they used it as a for blushing yeah they used for blessings for children and john thanks like factors does it kind of magical thing of wash and luther as you if you read that article that there was complaining about them
magical use the product
however that story is a story and has to deal with a rabbi and outlook for were so eager for the truth is that each tear up the floorboards for one spark of the truth for one last bit of the of the torah of the truth about the products i'm how to get the whole mountain of iraq and side of it and so it's really worth giving attention to
and as we read the gospel will come back to the prologue again and again because what it is as a kind of colonel or digest
the whole gospel in fact i think you can call it sort of the eye of the gospel which the the land at the window through which you want to read the whole dash of and it gives you the key to the
do what the gospel is about
in a very condensed and kind of transparent version and it's a different style from the gospel itself which not a narrative basically got a little bit narrative about john the baptist i'll give you other papers to of my shop
ah but it a job is not narrative and fact it's almost music which compared with some other m's they show called him a new testament as well as other products for instance never passage from philippians do that we shall often which i though he was equal to god did not
consider that i think to be that until been humbled himself and became obedient if been have to get on a course at an ottawa on those hands of the new testament which is said to pre exist the context in which you find it and for there are other ones in colossians ephesians three other liturgical
so there's a musical quality about this here's something from a brown talking about the product
if john has been described as the pearl of great growth among the new testament writings that one may say that the prologue is the pearl within this gospel and her comparison of augustus and chris's don't take the dishes of the prologue a certain want scholar who points out that both held that it is beyond the power of man to speak as john does in the prologue
the choice of the ego as the symbol of john the evangelist was largely determined by the celestial flights of the opening lines of the gospel
the sacred character of the prologue has been reflected in a long standing customer the western church to read it as a benediction over the sick and over know they baptized children it's former place as the final prayer of the roman mask reflects its uses it wasn't even that wasn't fair and need it took on a magical character on of is used in amulets want around the neck can protect against sickness
this is what he says about that him think about and about the existence of the fella before the gospel because of an early christian and probably stemming from zero nine circles which has been adapted to serve as an overture to the gospel narrative of the career the in chronic word now here's the difference between your historical critical
a scholar like brown and terminate and gop as he opened these questions which began to fritter away the existence and the integrity of the bulldog in front of you much comedy refuses to do that he's going to take it as extent the branch as well it preexisted and it was adapted their for you start looking for different stages
and part of it is genuine and goes way back and and other parts were technology on want a lot so you lose the sense of another being one thing now if we want to go the other way we have to prove we have to verify our approach by what we find other ways we have to prove that their meaning of this value that this power is another approach of consider
during as urine as a literary so much she as we go up
when you say him now image got to be in music doesn't it and this is music that kind of orbits around a center
of which it changed it fly to turn attaches it wage and guess just felt
it's a circular motion kind of incantatory motion like a chat or something and it moves around the center as we shall see it's kind of music of coolness
the music of furniture there is such a thing a movement which expresses plenitude and it kind of brimming over a brimming over with which fullness of this flight to chin and yet it was forward to the moment as a spiral it's not only encircle circle the progression is from a kind of fullness to form a tradition remember there's a there's a hindu
two phrases from the the data show that address somewhere but from foreigners to format the history of get out a guy
the first vileness is the fullness of be that is the word is with god the second fullness of the promise of revelation and we started his glorious areas of the only gotten a from an invisible fullness of being to a fullness which has revealed to us to a third fullness which is a fullness and side of another way to for
honest of a punitive immanence and eminent it's going to be a big word to go on with that the prologue and john's gospel from a which is invisible and upside of us and throw a fullness which is visible in front of which jesus with a declaration how manifest as it came out the first time to a third for illness which is a fullness again in
invisible because it didn't shine of us because somehow it's one with is okay and that's the real life that john is telling us about and that's what john's gospel is about
most from attended are beginning to a visible presence to an invisible eminence dwelling within you and then there's movement is interrupted by the stranger to vertigo john the gospel john the baptist and is this kind of dance at mcdonalds you got this is a character there and and the goatskin who gets pulled into the dance and a
or other outskirts for a couple movement a couple of beach and then he he is out of the circling and and and continued and then it gets cool again and then you're left with him at the and you're left with john the baptist out in the desert
but john the baptist out on the desert in the wilderness for this emptiness that is expressing the opposite of what the prologue is expressing and it's really interesting the language that's used the john the baptist uses as soon as they start asking employee is three negatives if they are you the prophet and are you the messiah and funny says i am not easy
stress to this fullness of being until the prologue and when we get to the being becoming thing it's include contrast to this is business of of the being of god and he was a was and he was a mangy is and that isn't direct union with those statements of jesus throughout the gospel higher the fundamental i am
statement of jesus which is the fundamental shop identification of garden the old testament the name yahweh start show will come back to them
the strongest parallels in the new testament are these other prologues know especially the prologue to the first letter of job i'd urge you to look at the and to compare it to this problem
in fact the whole first letter of john visit a good way of a good door to understanding and prologue of john's gospel
the whole of the first letter the hold on the first letter and is almost like the language of the prologue at the gospel it's another condensed statement in fact you can almost consider that first letter to be a kind of epilogue to the gospel even though it's not tacked onto the gospel as the product it's almost an epilogue to the arctic gospel that
is coming from the experience that john's gospel is pointing out is opening to initiating to and which reflects the in prologue of the gospel of shop and then there's also the prologue to hebrews the letter to the hebrews the first few verses and which the word is spoken up also the word logos hasn't used i don't believe there
on i gotta spoken to us through his son of the same ocean obviously there's a kind of influence or a common tradition every train know
okay what i want to do it is take a series of approaches here and i know that we're going to run out of time before i get finished but let's start on an of the first approach i'd like to users that have an ocean of centering which is very popular now because of centering prayer and a whole bunch of other other things what john does is prologue is
is to establish for center which is going to after for the all of a but all of the gospel
i read a little better this that i had gotten up for something else
and i afraid to an article via cahill called prologue as centered
mike or put out the by guy for the quarter that you can push your time that that or depression or governor can go from a game of tag
how can we go to keep things are not to work
this is j p keto he's up to canada
and the john and logos as centered on the catholic or or quarterly and nineteen seventy six
another approach that recorded at the john's gospel was through the symbol of center which is vision they re-emerged in our spirituality can also that check the book or negroes
if it's returned to the center as well as gonna cause for pushing simplicity and the core of which the cornerstone of which is the notion of center has defined the monastic life so there's that connect directly with that's going on the john's approach and john's wisdom is essential is right at the heart of elastic that
because of this notion of interiority of center and something that are gradually explain himself to us as being energy
that's what monasticism is about
the several of center which has re-emerged recently a gravitational dynamism of centering has established immediately and job and the first words of the bulldog and the beginning was the word and the remainder of the prologue draws out the center into a theological access along which the deepest meaning of the gospel unfold
so john and the first words establishes of center and then from that center he draws a line and the center becomes an axis and also read that actually she's growing that access most right into the gospel and especially into the interactions of jesus with women
there's something very dramatic happening at which hasn't really been opened up for very much yet but the relationship between the unity of the divine unity of the logos of this creative word and at the other end the human additive which actually his sexuality and which is at the center of john shin
version there are going to see an access to strike between those two point but we want to see that until they get learn to the gospel and around that more human side and first you get the logos and others become flesh and around this reality of flesh and even remember they shall be one flesh in genesis that other call the whole world and symbolism opens up around that and the most points
in and powerful parts of the narrative of john's gospel i leave are those in which jesus actually related to a woman so that the relationship between logos and sophia of say the feminine wisdom is very shuttling being being exposed it but we'll see that as we go along
in the beginning we are led to imagine a source of all being from which the creation continues to defend us from an ontological shutter the sword have the word is light and source of light at the center of the common person who is the rational creation and therefore it is able to perceive a life which are not yet visible despite this light shine
in the darkness of incomprehension the source itself comes into the world and becomes the center of the world the source which is the word which is the logo switches the light comes into the world and then the world somehow exist around that center from which it exists from which you took that
comes into the world and new and it was always in the world but it comes into the world and a physical and vision for for and jesus and though unrecognized by that world becomes a new it's centered with his presence the light shines in the midst of the darkness with the new dramatic intensity and it comes to his own people who had been prepared as the center of the
the world as the living temple of god and alleged to this creation
they representing the world machine i'm not that is as junk which the do such as minus the world centered in itself will not accept as it's enter this one who comes from the beginning he became a human person made his earthly dwelling and that being who was created to be the temple of god the center of the world that is maddening and person
we have beheld his glory as are the only begun the only one begotten gotten of the source because the center he has opened himself to us and poured out into us that which is within him a fullness which manifests itself in grace and truth in the living fullness and in the soap and are self validating light of are being now paraphrase
the problem
your these are just echoes of the verge of the color moderate to fast way to keep keep it correlates with a bullet through moses we have been given an external structure remember the law was given three houses the privileged as the grace and truth the computer jesus christ
through moses we have been given an external structure to contain and guide our life with god now the life itself occurred has opened unfolded within us through jesus christ
another unproductive nobody's ever seen good god cannot be seen externally with humanize the absolute center who is in god he has opened the way into that place for us that's what i think the prologue is saying so no thing as a kind of drama of centers
moving along a check and that remains throughout the gospel but for language changes
hey let me read just a few words from as chaotic article just to whet your appetite what he does it too
look at judge prologue and logos the word of job in terms of comparative religion
so he reached me for like l a audience to on my child the importance of center and world religions
and then shows what johnny's doing is exactly what has done and establishing a shattered even a like the center and a temple or something like that or another ritual wage any other religions
the logos can be conceived as a centre from which the world and the moral order to be articulated in the gospel emanates of sancho which remained shuttered growing not only morality but also the creation it's god's existence itself
at this point when the logos the word becomes in kind on the center becomes and had gone off the concrete physical such around the world at this point humanity becomes the symbol of the logos and introduces a type of presence commensurate with the full existence
and reality of matt
most the logos who has been described as a cosmological center that is the center of being a worm a religious center
the center of worship is now describes an anthropological such
the richness of the symbolism of centering is ultimately derived from the one ontological century in which the human and divine the profane and sacred are joined into the logos and current on the word becomes flesh when god becomes one with his creation center and source of unity for everything
the logos now incarnate is the center from which models and the gospel followed
have time to read any minors put out i could available
so there's the center and other center identifies with the word that the logos of job
now as relevant with a bunch of other thanks and gospel it was she now what is this this word logos as i mentioned last time as at all
the greek philosophical background and immense kind of watershed of philosophy and of thought and i wish to be honest for logos and they platonic tradition and also an historic tradition and already in heraclitus one of the earliest most profound and the greek philosophers and us she's spoken it was almost obsessive i think with the greeks
because they were people who are centered in the intellect initiatives the principle of rationality and a meeting of the universe
conceived moralist
but actually the way john uses it and lies at the intersection of the greek logos and the hebrew the jewish the biblical word of god
now the greek bloggers a word is a principle of understanding and a painting and of sense of continuity in the universe but the hebrew word of god is a dynamic friendship or fit and active force into power has created and then after the creation of action the world remember that
a passage in isaiah fifty five much as as the rain and snow come down from heaven so my word will come and do what i send it for they won't come back to me after the word is not idle but the word works that were not only makes the world but it changes the world it speaks to us but when it speaks to us and john across as in some patients it's actually
well speech is attraction it's effect is already in the speech already on the hearing it does it work so it's an active with and tremendously privilege of going to recovery in the last thirty or forty years of of the enormity of the importance of this word in christianity and in called park with one of the later
and that be certain they watch the unfinished our father been of quite a bit and enfant de the other the catholic to have difficulty allegiance to the total advantage that got too much divorced from the creation so that the word canopy a substantial work somehow be the principle of unity of all things so
sort of opposed more separate from or speaking from outside to the creation still dualistic but if you find the word the way john talks about it it becomes the center of absolutely everything absolutely everything and the creation itself springs from it and it still able to be in unity with it that vagina talking about john as talk
king about finding that route and then getting back into it getting back into that center getting back into that shores and living from it so that the light flows into so for life lives and to and that light and that life are the one central unify unity of reality in which everything else is one
it's the center of the wheel and they are everything is one
references on the we'd have just signed had time to deal adequately with this notion of logos for here so i'll give you a few references one very simple and accessible ways that first note in the bible of jerusalem at the beginning of the gospel of john a note on the word
i've been a corporate
and what they do there
and then i know is very quickly to summarize for you the different branches and dimension to the island and also the principal places and january you find these dimensions representative and the first
another very for records on a word is brown for done expanding
first guy called fenix to the word from age five nineteen you
why of twenty four
i'm gonna read you just the summary that the end of the bendix with around
and some it seems that the prologues description of the word is far closer to biblical and jewish strange of thought and it is do anything early hellenistic now hellenistic is that a greek culture late great culture hellenic is really a classical reach of culture that hellenistic isn't it said war
would you call vulgar eyes japan later
great country which is spread all over the middle east ten
and the mind of a theologian of the prologue gets john the creative word of god the word of the more that came to the profits has become personal and jesus who is the embodiment of divine revelation
and that's a lot to swallow others are things that you really have to all over because before they become your it jesus is divine wisdom pre-existing but now come among men to teach them and give them life not the torah the law but jesus christ is the creator and source of light and life he is the member
that that's another term for god's word in hebrew of god's presence among them and yet even though all these strands are woven into the john i concept of the word this concept remains a unique contribution of christianity is before is it is beyond all that has gone before just as jesus is beyond all were gone before and one of the ways in which it be
beyond of course is that the word has become not only personal but incarnate become a human person but secondly that the word is unity is completely and unconditionally unit is that is that it contains absolutely everything is the beating or point the meeting place at the show
source of absolutely heavy
this word which is in the bosom of god this great which is yet god and in which god draws and which is good as downstairs
how came out a route just mentioned the jesus is divine wisdom and that question is not on a whole lot of track divine wisdom the sophia the old testament
which by the way is was feminine going
and if you think about that sufficiently it will in which comes john's gospel an awkward somewhere where are my comfort zone a bunch of them
a bunch of correlations between the prologue of john and the western tradition
the netbook of die interpretation of the year
and the forecast period
he that father
but he doesn't with the with a great show and another for if you are not thing on page two seventy four to seventy five meters hundred but let me read you just a few expressions from the wisdom literature and see if they resonate for you with the gospel of john
i'll do it a little bit in order that is following the sequence of the prologue itself that can get that she'd in front of you about your the text of the phone and kind of year ago make better such
i'm gonna be getting lot of the work the lord created me at the beginning of his work the first of his acts of old as this rough average ages ago i was shut up with the first before the beginning of the earth from eternity in a beginning he created me and for eternity i shall not cease to exist
this wisdom existed in the beginning just as the word interested in the beginning with god and wish to one's got some to
the repeater one thing that remember that each feminine this is fear
i will tell you what wisdom is and how she came to be i will trace her course from the beginning of creation
okay and she comes from the about the bird
she had his wisdom is the book of the commandments of god and the law that endures forever fall it will hold her faster than those for the sake of on die
turner j jacob and take her work for the shining of night wisdom is the law western is the word the word effect with tara
oh god my father's and lord have mercy who has made all things by your word and by your wisdom as form that almost
give me the wisdom that by your from this wisdom which is in creation or which oh thanks common which becomes a friend and companion of that
all wisdom comes from the lord and his with him forever
for she is wisdom is a breath of the power of god and a pure examination of the glory of the almighty therefore nothing you filed under center her for she is a reflection of eternal life a spotless mirror of the working of god and an image of his goodness
you may remember that first chapter chapters a letter to the collisions which comes from here but it also resonates in john a judge brother
wisdom and glory somehow have something very much in common and will find that the word incarnate manifested glory and that glory is full of what grace and truth and the grace or the truth which has grace the truth which has this war of grace the truth which bears with a grudge the truth which
comes in the fullness and freedom her grace is wisdom sophia
mysterious entered by therefore between logos from sofia
which will be commemorated appropriate or to trailers
now you can
i'd rather wisdom is more profitable and quality even as light as more practical and darkness wisdom as very frequently i compare the line the path of the righteous is like the light of dawn which shines brighter and brighter and or for a day where the wicked is like deep darkness they do not know with this
tumble he reminds me find life
lumberton him was the light on the light was the life of man
will hold her fast rather in those or forsake our of and i couldn't turn a jacob and take her work toward the shining of her life
gender forth from the holy heaven from the throne of your glory center that she may be with me and toil and that i may learn what is pleasing to you
wisdom came to make a dwelling place among the children of men and found no dwelling place has shown enoch
member and he the word became flesh and made his dwelling place among us pitched his tent damage as gunnison a greek word which means pitched his tent pitched his tabernacle made his dwelling on it reflecting wisdom
and he said make your dwelling a jacob and an israel receive your inheritance and the holy tabernacle administered before on a challenge established enzyme etc a lot of those your in the liturgy of our lady
the liturgy of the progressive virgin
when somebody has this kind of
the unbounded relationship with wisdom to
how can we have to change your children and talk about the structure of the prologue now you have a almost all of you have a that thing from a crowd favourite nikki to act structure of the prologue and you also have a sheet on which you had the whole like strung out
that was one page in which the prologue assertiveness spread out have you take those two together
let's see because he's only got a few quick words their toilet let's see how that works out
and you may want to do some a pencil work on her
on your product shade at this point
i've colored i might have places for case her
got that would be on haven't really seen a lot of xmr of those
that little half page which has got the gastric structure on that kind of course you know
and then the page which has the foreleg
spread out
now let's look at the two together and and she would we get
how device you to mark that page with the prologue on it because otherwise it's hard to keep it in front of
now the center of is key as on there in his first twelve be all right now i haven't separate twelve a b and c there and it goes like this well motivated but to all who received them that's a
d is he gave power to become children of god
you see that
and see it's a different order action in a greek than it is on your page there and language
she is who believed in his name
go on a issue

read verse twelve of the program and separating it into a bmc
so the center is be he gave power to become children of god a is but to all received them and see is who believed in his name okay so a a and c are symmetrical around be which is there center now be is out on its hundred verse twelve years the center of the below according to
this game
when corresponding you have a
you never and thirteen eleven and thirteen or f and f prime
what have one an epic to like so those match
eleven and thirteen he came to his own and as paper it did not and then were born out of blood rather will inflection of of men that are kind of a selection there
those who do not receive them
now and then he and a prime or nine and ten at me he is nine and ten and a prime it is fourteen
the true life and enlightens every man is coming into the world he was in the world and the world was made through him yet the world note and not actually and a prime and the word became flesh and dwelt among us full of grace and we have beheld his glory glory as of the only son from the father
now and nine and ten and he you have the light and he prime you have the glory glory which emanates from the word and gonna
and those to correspond
and d and d prime d is three vs six seven and eight
and prime is fifteen
now that very easy to see the parallel between those because those are the sort of intrusions about john the baptist took it they seem to interrupt the progress of the prologue itself
there was a man from sent from god whose name was john h that are
and fifteen john bore witness to him and cried and then the product for sheet in each case
dmd prime machine that you go to see and cheaper see is four and five vs for a prime and him was life and the life was the light of map the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it
let's see and to primers and from his fullness we have all received grace upon grace
and that notion of life being and him in an that notion of fullness and were sixteen of good parallel
especially since we have received that farmers this is something that can prevent or something that can do a linux there for its life as well as like
how can be his first three
how things were made through him and without him was not made anything at this time
and the prime
for the law was given through moses grace and truth came through jesus christ
now what you've got here is the first creation and the new creation and in the middle of moses
call things were mentored and fc original creation
and seventeen as this intermediate of the most of the law of moses which is not a new creation which is not on a cage tommy a temporary provisional kind of structure and expression of gun in the world and then comes jesus with grace and truth which constitutes on how the new creation and i'll have to
immigration equation to thing
and finally a is simply vs wanted to
and a prime his verse eighteen
one and two and the beginning was the word and the word was with god and word was good he was in the beginning a good and that's the beginning of the up
and eighteen no one has ever seen god face to face and then because especially when emotions were supposed to achieve gun
the only son who is in the bosom of the father he has made him now
now we're going to fool with part of that that he has made him known burst afterwards because there's another translation of it and the other translation is he has opened the way
which makes a lot of sense from pulling the thing together pulling the prologue together because it refers back directly to that statement about the honest i'm being in the bosom of the father i think what's really happening now is that the word was with god and the beginning and who in his human terms at the end of the garage expressed as being in the bosom of the father
as i opened the way to rush into this dwelling in the bosom of the father now that has all kinds of residences on symbolic level that he opening of paradise it's the reopening ugly on the closed gate of in give word which the fiery sorted with for shot it's the oh
opening of the human heart it's the piercing of the body of jesus it's thomas in john twenty looking into the open side of jesus and shaved my lord and my god
and at the same time hit the breathing of the spirit of god into man by jesus and the same chapter john twenty so what it is is a mutual eminence mutual and dwelling and opening of the human person to a new reality which is at the same time an opening of the whole of creation to on
the and as it were the opening of god to penetration by the human person so that given a person can dwell and got where jesus says in my father's mansion their anthony how's your money wrote my father
okay so it's the opening of god and it's the opening of us to what constitutes really a new creation and it was the creation first is out there and then god talks to another with which this is the way the story goes in the bible the creation is out there and got addresses were to it through the profits and challenged on people here are some people don't the
part of the creation that can hear that can relate to god is the human person
that's the temple of god that's somehow got this capacity but it's somehow still sealed depend on this ritual of mediation
and then what happens is that god manifest himself in this world and then brings together the two so that one dwells within the other and this is the new creation the new creation is the imminent creation the our job creation in which the creation is no longer out there
but is inside got now we go to the center of the product which is first to are now is this really the center century this was meaning as concern are ominous far as structures for a geometry is concern to all the received him who believed in his name he gave power to become children of god and that's the case
from creation you move to generation okay
from the creation which is out there which is outside god and god is outside the at least you know as as the bible has it he moved to a new creation which is generation which is generation
in other words into creation a personal creation by god in his one son in his one child in which you are actually generated with the beating of got
a unit of creation in a to creation as generation of the sun by the father there's only one shot religion the bosom of the father who dwells within the father who in got we've got there's only one shot and instead of being because created out there through faith through this life had come into the world of content to us we are unable to receive this to accepted and to be
generated by god
how are they even talked about this bundle of eckart my strickler he seems to be the one the board through to the center of that's true and so it's for good reason that experience and i thought that can do like today
from creation to generation
so the to great marks of this new creation our first of all that it's imminent that intuitive in this word which dwells in god and which is the seneca all things are together all things together in got in the one in the union and the unity which has god all things are together there
and the new creation is precisely that being opened up to us within us the creation itself as the center of the grinch has the center of us that been opened up so that we can either so that we can be in that now
symbolically paradise symbolically in which we're gonna find at the end of john's gospel represented precisely me that the gate which has been caused is the gate of the center is the gate of the unity of place where all things are one
and the own pleasure that can be isn't god god is the communion in which all times are one and you're the first letter of john is very important were immediately talking about koinonia economy is this fact so read the first bit of the first letter of john and then to do you have the bible jerusalem read the note on that note on had fellowship which
in the noted shows this is the the essential the secret the core of chancellor's decision this union with god which is actually not just union my god it's the union which is god and in which everything is one so the first mark is this unity of mark we said that we're going to be our comedian meeting john's gospel the second point about this new creation
is that it is generative that it's generation in other words something new is being somehow got into existence and there's something new is coming out of god dwelling and got to the genitive reality but coming out a gun emerging from guy like right out of darkness but darkness now which is not ignorance or evil or simply the chaos of the cosmos
was a darkness which is the history of got so each generative it's new be something new coming into existence and that's something new coming into existence is as it were the word which is being spoken which is being generated every reform the sun the child and in the child english on the children and therefore it isn't so this idea
the freedom of being generated at every moment
that's what jesus is talking about my budget from matthew it has come to me are you were a heavy burden and take upon your if my yoke upon you because it's like my burden is right just before that he should nobody knows the father of the sun and those doing the will choose to reveal it
so that like burden is to be in the sun had to be generated afresh at every moment coming into exist considering on and not just created out there but created in check god created with the life of god born inside the lifeguard at every moment that's the freedom which gives this french but which isn't limited to us which is also a new existence of the creation of some
another which we are supposed to notice and to be that and to propagate this in the center of the creation that's why we're supposed to be light in the world but a language doesn't just shine in the world but which transforms as are aren't being has been transformed
transformation challenge of a laborious for generations something else
generation is for children number where jesus says well i thank you father could he didn't reveal this to this far much to the wise ones but you know the two little children little children for those russian simple enough to be generated in every moment reporter not the you prefer their language to be brought into existence that every moment in that freedom and that communion which is
his very being of god and that's what that's what and janet writing that but let's see the prologue and then says it all here and phrases which had rushed a little bit opaque but which turn into pure light
here's how this idea of the to live in eastern ontario temptation
okay i think
i think maybe it goes deeper than eastern idea of demonisation because that comes from i kind of sophisticated philosophical adaptation of the good recovery up i wanna see something from huge numbers of full time both the christian
but even more so than in there wasn't pretty but they're not that
kind of service from the
for the individual

hook so that being and becoming i want to be much more about of but my want to mention something else your for food and before another to transcripts and to the propeller curing the binary much into your mouth will be people go to brief and to think there's a lot more to the greek and shoot them
the periods of conference
have you got it twice in the from through templates months from now on the further
first verse fourteen and the word became flesh and broken on a full of grace and truth we have beheld with glory glorious that the only come from the product
now that i mentioned that average cool
the i should get through diverse
the completely forgotten
where did not fun
where are some of the
the word become funny
the central criminal group so expensive up early fluid into the country that's the word and the policy for have a wonderful group
murder great
great through i left the character you will have drawn from now
i think that year mama to the birth of the who the ballot system john
the the truth is that
the revelation could not fruit nothing and with me
in revelation unveiling event with use the conservatives directly to a different earth has been the victim
fruit with the unveiling the revelation of discovery and use it for them use it for them to the subreddit memberships think it's not moving out some kind of
of your before
is really going on here that the revelation now with this is great
it's hard to get in return
to the garlic different the believe that race is not available and everything but they continue to be so on through relates to the boom that was different
the events will become
but it's not yet to become one the have to go back inside out
whether or not which is
and then that was emerging that would you want me to become a good liberated and got a clinically and airport the regeneration that there's something in the pool
a bird could always happen
okay but both of the word at one birth you want them to happen in the world that one bird professor and that it will become want to be further that doing a kid now didn't happen to get a carton of becoming pregnant
for the integrity the fundamental than iraq have been the sandwiches with will not be completed and won't even in the so what can contract your dry humping have been taking him back in that
package i was reading a country team are effectively absolutely i add the chopped my second and we can have even been at it
and then very often that other the other of work out of nothing in all of that the definitely the material that can get a day and eat to alcohol content of it you'll find an indication that and eradicate and i watch with them and gap
haven't you get the the on have electrical off the national and
and they've been a return to panic yet i am a king headed for the econet the work of witness to the truth and all what the truth in our way but if you're getting it out on a hilltop location i didn't use expecting an effect the location of man and man and a symbolic reality world oregon too
the agenda problem to what extent of everybody has different and everybody a team of a and it can be generalized everybody in one shard you've got this revelation of true also an alien in a hostile world gonna get fuel for which got on the other side you've got a great switches the general
nation of something else that you the form out of partially which is always going to on bow quiches the salvation of the senate which is bringing that which has got to be broadcast of africa which pours out which is something which is activities which something coming out of nothing which is lot which is the the spring of blog or a joy or
whatever at every moment that's character
so these two things are somehow matching reality
and we're going to find them reflected light iran and the simulate the central similar them the john costs for especially working that relate to women look at where he relayed through some add more than to look at a wedding feast at cana or look at the anointing of users by
i married a threatening or look at good encountering are not going on the guard john tati and each time you can find that one from our represents temperature for dot represents caring represent great representative kind of spontaneous bishop peter attractive why i'm trying to the ointment or in time barbie let's bring up the well as
living water for i'm trying to back on here in the letter
whereas jesus actually represent the a other dimension of the truth the trench with you which is flowering enter this phone know it becoming also manifesting also releasing of it seems a than receiving after this is great and that's his glory of college which is expected that for now let's
if you reach a matter of record not a copy of or put it on a shelf the to chapter ten represent a trend i can't buy everything that he said that he gives you some very deep indications as to what to be found inside the national recreation trail
no i'm in one kind nine hundred on hundred
okay let me try to make this contract that let us say that that love the law that comes from mounted is true without great
now that's an exaggeration but remember how paul contrast more of a great and you can expect up to the still and who plunked on the call you can expect the work great cocktail fake not exactly but now it's a very very of account so lot especially the lot in the garden which is hard to okay
because thousand aircraft it's become a realistic literally thick rigid that is true without great now uses convinced that the situation of truth without great
now what he brings it could really great group which integrate this incredible reality of the truth which is great of iraq which is war okay now as to die in order to for out that hundred to for hours that it were liquid coming into the world and that's wisdom the wisdom is
truth which is great
where do we tend to think of as economic arguments with the manager for the language is a did actually is it both of them together the truth which is great and which can be content with anymore york city good words or trip working on that level of bloggers on a level of cognition that an intellectual level they've gotta get to the other level of pure gratuity
you've got to experience with you love for you which is also phone fullness and somewhere in order to access it
that's why it's never quite in the work because the words are always on the a gracious if you the thing it's really want to happen the moment of a picnic and the moment of present
so wisdom is the temperature is the integration of if that's what you that that's what funding for japanese that guy could do it because the car from to here let us say it's hard to hear reject and refuses the truth richard great
because we temperature two hundred and ego and the closet up in the world or the top had a world cup content of hundred guy
but once you get the government can't do it several freedom
hi jump when you return to of the factory condition
to remain around
that the eureka women that's right now
actually the words for peanuts greek that it expresses a kakuma and hebrew which is which is within which is feminine know to as i was reading a little while ago from the with the book that's this this woman who lives with them and who somehow it's not separate from got i got out i got that cut and nobody in the elders
and understood how to express that and how expected precisely that sits there
those there's some of the later books or the on his car
when that uranium from an optical get my drift
well there's plenty and i have to something
an at
i don't know if you can say philosophical that i think it did really good if it was not philosophical language to the the biblical language is not a philosophic language we've got another kind of depth go i think it at a terrific unity of depth to it which was not conceptually define
which says they start getting an integrate you'll find people trying to do that like by by lot of you who wrote in greek and try to make a kind of greek notice out of this physical reality
so the death is another kind of and and that was the marriage
not philosophical it's not all kinds of philosophical ramifications that they're not explored and me my lifestyle
okay thank you that's probably happen today for next time