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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s



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the federal chemical hazard

this is a symposium from back east with nicole ninety seven
parker who led the symposium the nine net
he did most of the writing work
remember appendices in the back part of the people
like that are connecting with it can miss largely a cistercian can turn in
mother miriam was he ever said the rebels who tipped him
shut manuka is taking a point of new which is different than the of considered com and yet as contemplate as i continue your when it says that you could do this by looking at monasticism either as a universal phenomenon a christian within the church
ah so panic or is taking it for the universe or point the evidence is universal point of years bridge specifically for him but he's looking at it has a universal phenomenon and as corresponding to some kind of archetype new individual
an individual person he's got
a serie which invisible but subtle here isn't a talking about perfection and a hit bottom and human perfection and how the monastic archetype fix internet and particularly because panic or is a somewhat reply i've been some while now swift writer and he's a little
elusive and his both hours of and even seven necessity you kind of goes around corners and and this led sometimes by alliteration by the of words by the other words if he knows from a one hundred and nine
to pin down exactly what he's saying is that sometimes a little of work but everything's snakes on a very solid and this is idea of the center as the key to understanding and answer session was a real of biking for me
what have been leading to that before for me was an ocean of the heart
an impurity of war was the goal of the master server
i have the benedict and be embedded in mancha put me onto a series of articles by them to not call now from the garage which a new car a siege she died out that she wrote a series of articles from furious of festive tradition trying to with a nail down that access that it
as a center of the eliminate conclusion
i think a monastic life which we had a curious mind likely to be looking for a handle for of understanding and understanding posts and for where's the center the central concept of from universe central contract first of all purity of like in the heart the difficult presence know looking through its yeah
algae part in the old testament new testament and the way the new testament is a breakthrough particularly in the coming of the whole experience the talk to create new products okay now all of this revision and as and because of the gnosticism is about interiority the to among the various traditions of christianity to one that which is most related to interiority for
tooth would say the heart and coming from inside the living from the material in an autosomal that corresponds to a clinic or says the as decision as of search for listening so the cash and defines to other module defines
monasticism the goal of an accident in this period heart that resonates directly with a panic or shape but notice that if it's from a biblical perspective period upon itself is a biblical times when it comes from the on that question of the editors wasn't to your part of a physician see god's was connected with the vision of that
and the heart itself was really a central pillar culture sometimes it's worth just now finding keep places in the old and new testament words for there were issues especially in by camera
in the shama and or on me and then much later in jeremiah music you know those to prophetic passages jeremiah thirty one and you feel thirty six about the new heart this is offering out and gets to the nuclear covenant michigan and to stony heart of stone the heart of flesh i'll put my spirit within you okay given a hutch the new hardest
constituted by the gift to the strict so it's ready to core of and astrocytic open of christian i think also wagner
john's gospel jesus on the cross his side pierce can number by the spirit and water coming up and then his promise that whoever believes in may the holy spirit will become the spring of living mod if we have the interchange after seven and then again and just flows american so connection between the heart of christ
because it was fierce symbolic connection from the human heart opened and the spirit board enter
then it will
michelle this period is porto with the love of god is poor that into a deep nourishment to the next tour in the hardest also the seat of wickedness this won't get the just really really
clarifies and from out of the heart that's going to see it all these things the true
then how are we what do we do to direct or debrief with is fighting the cat to direct what comes out of the from how do we and then in that section i into the gospel july on the word of god not and how the word of god we can see
put something into the part that it will pay for comes out of good
yeah that at
what exactly doesn't have one thing a cousin in the harder to the spirit of which protects the baptismal and that listening is the word of god and if the bread of life as a real career which is great
and then visit as a potential and that see my jesus as it out of the heart come evil search and wickedness hesitation or positive negative point busy but ever the heart also must come all of the positive which is implicitly or a change to somebody
made us startling interpretation of that when they said that's the point at which the whole yemen has to be turns over because what is real is now coming out of the hood comes out of a person who has been going into a you know person is no longer have a pupil a student amir shah
chuckling as it were you know that the breast of the cosmos
of the world but rather is breeding force something new into the world from within the creature from within the heart and as he gets to
so that point of of interiors ation and of something coming out of the heart and she has a creative side to them which you can connect to the new creation
there's an interesting that since we just finished revelation he started playing with symbols to your to your life and see the temple followed from for letters but also the rivers flowing out from the center i was that the alternate it's all materials will get like an interior
the ionization exterior cosmos get the symbols of the center they like judgment in at temple pertain directly to listen to the returning it to the heart that finality is is actually clinical struggles with the final a sort of the same thing
tradition was but the process is different to that she'll be an instrument it's discovering the sacred self with in or to put in modern archaeology
cushion terms to be discovered near here year ago
original goodness of creations this country
but the christian they shouldn't for century seen it can be emphasizing externalization
of the language english is the spirit coming from without to with him and i don't really see a parallel to have
well that's an are two different moment to never languages two different negative judgment physiological connection between two most much of a shot very logical a chauvinistic but i think that when christ comes something new happens in the world okay so that he really deep pre christian spirituality is going back towards them
getting it going back to the ontological beginning and as the ground of paying with a new image credit card bills and center when jesus christ the holy spirit comes into the world moving towards a had okay it's turned over at that point to pivot this happen in the christ of them so that history now that's tilted towards it's end and spiritual
luggage of the the question is tilted toward the end no longer it back to watch the beginning so there's a different modality in christian spirituality which does tend them overboard so the for us where we are now the first movement is to rediscover our center of the source which is to go each the second movement is to come out
in the energy into and be part of a new creation and that's the western genius but the to have to be put together see the discovery of eastern and discovery of with called contemplation and a reality a language of which the reality of spending and you do see it as a freshman when you see a little bit at john's gospel the kitten
guys when he was in rivers of water that's the most eastern in the gospel piano too much so i'm telling thing
it's more and questions and cultural thing you processes for the someone's
well people of psychological process people exulted same way and is to watch okay we got this new structure i just like a car wherever comes from basically at the same elements of that a challenge of camera shots from detroit and so are we okay now there was our organism has to work in this name lines of spirituality to that extent has to be
strange don't like especially if you were moving towards military however i think this new dynamism has really come into the world so that we are on a different strain extremists five different direction everybody is fine and attraction that can't help but the spiritual realm and been looking with you and other been carried for that's what happens in asia
no been carried forward by a stream of history that meanwhile spirituality keeps them facing backwards and that has and and inventors except for somebody like our vendor who begins to shift for progression of history and downs we been so much dependent on language and vision the west and analytical for
arms and are you going to so highly structured and tight it there's no was room for the mystery
this has been breaking out and more the safe usual idea i'll see all the just room their than to to dial up with geology tightened up the reformation on that you do any kind of openness became almost impressionable any kind of general you to hear nourishment cousin
or just calling from
i'm sheila reminder of as to stay here so his idea of the market and he starts up the they renounce him like an authentic classical that used for the push the time page you tell me i got mine highlights
the sacrifices everything else for the sake of the goal in life
an unspecified of scrolls at that point
there's something to do that yeah neither the exclusivity and first to go up against marriage and took all the other to be an alternative way of life which ain't paul managed to the world says
but that binds you to the world champs
what was what patch to propose marriage he says if you're single you think about this sierra mist first canadian so if you have always going to please the way and therefore you in somewhere to turn towards a world that get exactly right foot

got this question does this dramatic calories you know if by some kind of monasticism more than others
let's make a dirt bike in our tradition
can actually be the solitary kind of life that expresses the exclusiveness
whereas the community begins to resemble the church in some way and the exclusiveness a sacrifice to other volumes
hi off from john the baptist back to the wedding feast of canucks

instead of them with the tracklist know exam
but what it's like interior like victims of can trying to manifest
as much as and ten this
intensity of the single wouldn't you to go and
and at the same town christian love crash occurred get much dutchman that fact up until the vatican to the tracklist by the several centuries was a sort of themselves as how much together almost you know there was so focused on interiority areas
with that
whether i have to say something else having if you told him if she said that to merton okay you said nonsense checklist going on exterior that's because they're making changes for the ready to work and smaller and exterior penetration and stuff like that so that it's not entirely true that as a strong the best of trappist
virtual elegant a lot of did have a deteriorating and a sense of doing together i never talk on a paradox not having a roman hero not having a space iran and then had ever speaking there's a terrific tension that and the candidates attention of trying to the parents together
trembley gets from a tracklist or form of form of data i say whether the transportation connection
get the second
the sentence abrupt the monkeys radical exclusive in this question do you think boy with hello joel then
now i'm not sure you were boy i might my father he would say yes about you're seeking god and as radical a traditional i met and much for
ah speaking of be reserved for you tennessee everything in a monk
this really really just reflected both what the average christian
let's call you been call college attachment
hmm making the aspect of our data from yeah maybe it's harder to find a monkey this report is now
well then i remembered a years didn't for the personal seeking for christian go
and panic over the years ever said
for like a of the christian
the explicitness much
the it
okay his thesis upon alone the is a expression of an archetype which is the constituency international human life in simple language that is there's a monastic think everybody's okay
and then it's essential to the
but that's an important insight so notice a he kind of blows out the walls and the direction of you never sell your jewelry first of all monasticism not through the christian and western a fish is universal and developed cultures as said secondly it's universal that's as are being potentially having you know
yeah because of eating with think has been central oregon of metastasis

at once need and challenge institutionalization now he's going to come back to that they have developed aetna
he does a lot of elimination and curator and if it's rather difficult for me to thousands elimination can see exactly what is project exactly what it before him when he says it's not this it's not that
not by a process taking it to the desire and good nine perfection an urge the fruit of experience
so verge respiration and experience are the words that he likes desire or some kind of other term sheet he rejects
and then apply the top of the twelve
says it and more worker the monkeys compound as it were by an experience to economic articulate itself in the practice of one's low
spirits or the goal lead on one hand it's absence from his
my paradise in the desert once
in fact that it's like each measure the goal posts and somebody out into the desert where it's absence is more accident
my tongue that was
to persuade his use of getting to urge air rather extreme desire to could ah
thomas deserve
extending to continue that an urge is something that's both in as a primordial do keep t to tell and also
so far ahead of us headaches some i'm trying to unite what's behind us mt pinos with what's ahead of us what we're trying to and in a way of desire
even some passionate desires can have much less of a range much more
if a desire to serve wouldn't cause unspeakable like an urge that it might fade away if if if the object of desire has gone for two more and this is this kind of deep herbs these top and it's much more than ever during one the visible sign posts remind i didn't know better spend it on an object
at all
enjoy that was going to be identical words goal but that's that's taking another geological step downloading scripts
okay an ontological aspiration to education for the market is a constituent intervention of human life and take seem like even change have taken three or four different ways and it's a difficult and aggression justify
and it goes on in the elimination
the shooter
maghreb jets or highest type of the human scale that may i rang a bell with you from continue to call the introduction of where they talked about village monasticism simply being a perfect christian
activision use that expression on
and then he developed his theory of human perfection
which i find sometimes i understand that sometimes slips situation
that there are many ways of being over achieving your perfection there's no such thing as a perfect human being and a universal sense which would make everybody of secondary because everybody has to achieve that in their own life so you'd have to achieve your profession and a personal way and you're human personal perfection is such a
that will not be exactly the same as anybody else's okay now this holds also for different ways of life that the much the artist with a mother might have a human perfection in their own order which is quite different but equal to the perfection of the month or something like that
the humana is your core of humanity that can be realized and as many fashion it's just a version with beans
each human being as to conquer the command of in a personal and unique phone
and then religion is about showing people how to do this giving them the means to achieve their protection that professional amount of force perfection is a word that this not
two attractive to a huge usually fullness for actualization a realization just use his words on
the richard man can it goes like this spirit first aid or to go renouncing all yeah corrected solid and if you never century that's right
the other is idea of the perfect man for this reason
if you want to be perfect as not very which is a search engine and the virus that if you want to be perfect go sell have components that correspond

so jesus makes a demand equivalent to the man the panic or is the driven international for doesn't and yet to demand that he makes can't be totally equated with the because because it's made to people who don't become bugs the disciples were not monks exactly it's predatory interesting but the truth sound almost
perfect listening
the absoluteness of equivalent
poet intellectual a crash with a man of action or interested in person so
job with a woman people capital
any idea of the supernatural little higher level
the same you ever get beyond nature in order to achieve this of perfection in your mom
as the trend senate version
characterized the homeowner vaginosis now here i don't mind was thinking is the power company
especially where he says the middle of page fourteen a monk is neither the home of others the man from president obama and a homeowner the and search for the superman on of a supernatural
well as he is neither simply we're only we're just that is something else too
i think he's rejecting the idea of the supernatural actually
because it's supernatural who like continue to be a dualistic okay and it's a tricky idea and supernatural because we believe in christianity offense to god transforms nature affections of transformation in which nature rather simple suppressing the
a lot of our culture literature and sounded and archaeology and sounded a bit go from type of nature as a superior story superior to nature resident transformation in it so much about is a tricky borderline
the cushion of the of demonization that's what happens is that as in the yukos trade humanities is transformed notation to be a so so that nature itself as elevated rather than something being introduced to love nature
you could speak of that elevated nature as the superb now travel checkpoint to working from your kitchen
but the word as usual
instance in the contemplative life is big of supernatural contemplation something like that has a meaning
then tell you have a better way it's useful
what does speak of gracious being supernatural that's certainly i can gracious precisely the supernatural
i think get a good deal urgent like or will refine the term but have enough so that it really works
niseko avoid is it was kind of putting down in nature and building of something over it rather than the elevation of nature anchorage
hook the monkey garage months or one dimension of this amount of sure that every human being
and then good is a dimension it has to be integrated and other dimensions and very fulfilling and matter
what is it there's a little bit of this attention that appears and start show which is that good is only one dimension and yet it relates to the center okay now essential use the word center you're given a priority habitat in some way there's only one center
whereas there are many other dimensions you have the images of really enjoyed the stuck on which has a center of is running on one side of so if you grow a center one dimension of the of the plurality it's certainly a unique dimension to the dimension and certain stature to the pigs kind of divine priority by virtue of being center
so this attention in there are some kind of into which he doesn't convey a result
yeah yeah sounds like it
funny status and with to see her social software your psychological self
physical sounds also but his own metaphor has denied that says he said centers that he did my additional
to put the two together
and then the beginning when he said the one goal of life in a related that to monasticism the that's not just one dimension of life visit so there's attention in the top
course attention is in actuality of monasticism which is one way of life
and yet attaches itself to the
the essence of the core of the car mechanic
he somehow isolate center and say that's one of the new dimensions and and
we think of dimensions as like most folks moving out from his head or something like that takers but if you have the image of the circle
okay to change then he talks about the monastic architect impersonal and institution and there's an interesting talk to them
one direction even the primary dimension and build an institution from it so that the totality of the institution and of life is organized towards that one function you're in danger of mutilating humanity was a atlanta by suppressing other things that are essential to human life
i guess you see the equivalent and lots of ways of life if somebody's a good violinist genji a practices twenty three hours a day and completely forgets relationship completely forgets human personal growth or anything else by therapy institutionalizes his life and function of is one gift
well there's something going on satisfactory of not have even if he becomes a viable it's viable and step to a certain point you can do the same thing even with the best go because we're filtering out through our head when we make an institution we make an organization is coming out of human design management so it's not directly throwing like the new wine can flowing out of know why
but they checked human structure a human wines can contain container constructed to further that think from our understanding which tends to oversimplify easements and therefore lose even essential sometimes so that danger institutionalization of
lack of integration yet
the more integrated new york tunes is harder to find the dimensions yeah because dimensions like
i'd like to hide you during your work is your spirituality is very involved with it is a prayer dennis for agree that it's hard it's going to find a sizzling social advocate for
is it's more holistic show my perspective an impression that came on patient has to be able to live and breathe and realize that stuff
in whatever the institution may
the church in that way to people can find the treasury and satisfactory and away because it's
it's so which they impersonated among whites meanwhile of that's that's just a great big fish cooling another everything's going down there how much of specialized and devoted single mindedly to my my preparation might have as a wisdom in that and that much called spaciousness diversity of church
not all of humanity somehow can find its way in there too which questions have national monument
matter of pretended to understand this will be able to make it simple because there is a concentration on a goal there is a single mindedness and that should be expressed in institution but this attention between the humanity of to say the feminine dimension of the institution organism protocol of for the word organise important honesty
a geiger on it and the the the forward driving functionality of the next the friction
for instance you might see a trappist abbey which is totally silent and totally observant and so on which is directed toward its goal or people are on fully healed and you how a feeling not quite real you might have a benedictine monastery where people seem to have forgotten where they're going and yet they're wonderful people know so somehow
and between us to
is it
there's some kind of brightness and between the two of those two extremes
and chris the rightness is not on the same level as the to extreme brightness was on a deprogram coming from a deeper place where they couldn't do it at balance that comes from and ninety percent
okay this river
the quid pro quo on fifteen had a trade-off tradeoff is say there's something which belongs to human nature as one of its constituent dimensions version a good part of its course and i wanted it becomes a particular form of organized posts now that's that's certainly true watching as inside that is the
the tension and the problem that this is not just want to match
okay now is is confronting down dinos pointer what what this is what is this
monastic dimension in humana
the talks about oneness notice if we get to the metaphor the senator he talks about one inch
most traditional metaphor northeastern was the center
monk good represents the search for the center at the bottom and exchange for the the keystone or cornerstone of his whole vision
what are the associations with that notion of center well he's just said he talked about the one non-duality is the key association of and that's a challenge the notion
i never noticed his background question more was knows vedanta
the parish had some chump
somehow appendix concept of obedience ties in with your concept of a the sorry enticing with the center it's sort of emptiness
i think they you'd agree
you can change your obedience is in function of an emptiness of will emptiness of self determination and k which makes space for god to come in and holy spirit motive
it's interesting that know that a christian notion of no change
is and philippians two or jesus of the in the form of and future masaryk gnosis recognition surgeon he emptied himself taking the form of this way come on show being obedient and as close to what you're saying they're being obedient even unto death
advertisement obedience you're connected that they had a british christian dynamite at the parliament of religions remember the subject which is i remember christian christian activist with can also just i guess and distributed are senators the buddhist notion of intimate and christian panache it
and ketosis of footage to port of jesus and crushed
and the most effective a presentation that snow is that have a sister who's an artist
that's really mature conducting none book presented to pictures and think she presented a bunch of financially of candidates for of the border was one was a question and across it was the oven but something like that i couldn't have radically different pictures for personal coatings and
new cases that were talking about two different things mimic which communicate on the anthropological and then someone
in the be emptying the death of him personally human heart the their residences in the crotch and the crucifixion which are just completely different from from the only implications of conservation is very effective
better i'm kind of more effective in the papers in writing
carcassonne say much about
but i think gonna it flows very closely to pass definition first great instinct to move as you read it
probably panic average that a scottish average grows naturally from the center and you're writing short much about twitter user having
he's is an intellectual and he's devoted to that point of non-duality stuff and show love it or not really central to this weather
that's more at a

nato's that there's a promoting or monastic dimension a prior to the quality of qualification of the christian protestant life
listen to them
that's on the middle of page sixteen
that was pretty fast

ah it's
got a diamond from his anthropological point of view but certainly from a christian point of view
ah i wish he'd stop at a dialogue with pre-existence not there cause i'm like what i wanted six on it bike or hate towards the end of his have i figured he talked about response to the call miranda
it seems like christian monasticism is essentially something like that john the baptist is ah
i called into the desert from his earliest days
jesus is
call it that driven into the desert
and and to the desert others are all going to the desert to respond to a call and the word hits in the church everything is a call a response to the word whereas this stuff here
the event and ecological thing but it seems like it's much more oh
self centered naval get to type of thing they don't know using negative language but it seems like it does not have that characteristic of responding to to an individual coffee cup
i think what its name or choose from quite a real abstraction which can kind of course point the company you consider coming from that direction but it's not actually on it's not katie water
happy early history knowledge of the order of importance it's more important your posed to them what it's more fun moments of know that call even if your coal in the article gymnastics inaccurate
from christ and especially yet the code itself and response to sometimes that's the real time
i don't put up very well now i really is not such but it's not as much by christine
what a word prior
he just as workflow management because for us the nice thick vocation is immortality of the christian cool were just as we say somebody that monastic vocation is is living out of your pictures sound a little artificial a few larger for it's true so what he's saying hey we got
philosophical and geologic before
i'm sure an academic mates

there is just thinking in in almost could we not private and terms but crudely of ah ah
vibrant human terms like sometimes people
it just one meal sometimes people are just want to read by themselves just one time to you
to war more actively cultivate through integration
the they're just drawn to time alone in a coffee equipment to quit
so there's something of that that's that's kind of get away from the primordial think that's kind of go above and ask her thought but it's a real afterthought in all human we just don't touch on your own space and privacy
there are people so hundred this and into monsters by the personality type the extreme internet
and so unless they've been hurt by life smoke
as she no other way in which they can adjust
i can be interpreted as a patient and
it's kind of dangerous okay now he's been a more about asia per center
and the eastern and western conceptions of the center now if get all of this better guys got an eastern by it's okay and he's not a theologian user a philosopher really
so we're going to continually have to recast it's is sneaking on the other sneaking his britches
the to shadows a eastern and western not geographical location to anthropological category used to this as a features as an easterner was now i can be a lifetime occupation a hobby trying to figure out what that means that it's important for us to do so i'm really looking at this juncture in history because eastern
western counting on another and the two sides of ourselves or challenge post to emerge and to come to some kind of agreement with each her it used to the west of roosevelt
now he talks from the before he gets to that he talks about the center itself and that long cage couple of paragraphs there is on page seventeen you're going to tells you what image in terms should really live
something like the been doing here invisible nando appointed to center of gravity communication and i believe that a pedantic term
where senate page seventeen
that's just the third big paradise
finally the centers in the center of are being
the image of the whale and spokes spokes the some some perfect for and description have you got seventy three years
that paragraph which starts finally know first three the senators in the center of our vehicle gosh country
but that idea of equal distance you find something i kind of course authentic christian literature
gravitation is in austin see this sounds like christian definition of the heart of the the deep spiritual
be touched up at the his own east to west
for a long time are christian spirituality has been somewhat extra burden
for largely extroverted sort of fled that centre events some trip into a case of our encounter with the east and somewhat electronica recover that sentiment very said and then we have to find what it really reach for photos
for instance the devotion to the sacred heart of jesus you know that it's based on the new testament the trouble is an exterior versions the heart shoulder to representation of the heart of christ is not connected to your hundred sufficient number because that image with interior rise and suddenly as it wouldn't early christian spirituality so what you see there is somehow was immediately
relating to an innocent actualizing watching her own car to participate mentioned how they're smart enough to not nearly enough
even though it be a powerful center of the emotion her coach not visible to the new testament revelation
the center has no dimension it's ultimately it does not exist is boy and as much as this is over remain him on the surface you know it's absolutely you know if an early and in christian language center and they didn't say it's bad
they were other things i want to join moscow russia is reception
does remember that inscribed god and so into circle's circumference is nowhere have a centers there's especially pressure inside the center of human
there's an interesting book club finally grace at the center by cheating a couple of it's another to little book now for about twenty years and some interesting articles isn't the of center about this and especially when of eigentlich to freely
from a pretty good
absolute absolute means on battle on time
is that it has no rather than that trump's to functional global thanks for watching visit stone
no thing he's amazingly restrain in f
going on that are that way about the center i'm not equating to them in and including a gun
he stays within the world of these medical that
these president
and then he says the eastern china is preeminently imminent that you're gonna meet one of them's is non dualistic it's unity because you are one of the center of what is in the centers on with you
eminence show
now the obvious sense of superiority and strategies for a sensitive subject to the western australia's federal funds
and a thing is really in a very core of that a nice not identified with it we have confused
many different ways or understanding and
yeah center from the western this to enchantments
ah complaining about me
that patient began between natural and supernatural or between creator and creation from pepper the bunkers to otherworldly in some way through the western look too much thinking about not committed spoke
but that transcending where the king know i wouldn't be up the both in heaven or ahead eschatology but notice how he's proposing here and here at notaries imposing
dollars of a non dualism okay duality and underground because he practically equates at imminent centers with non-duality with the unity and that is the eastern the heart of individual british of damage when i believe okay
he's recreating the question and chatted with it do what body which is expressed as ultimate difference is can
now let's not go with in is losing losing the inner development if i'm going to judeo christian children
he's transcending the west noted to reach out to disputed for least twenty one each month
to credits would with orthodox theology
they both transcendent orthodox theology yeah i think even western theology is are orthodox theology want because it keeps my reception center and the prayer of the heart for instance okay we go drivers were little but failure
i think
a christian perspective we have to go back to the new testament and looking for basically back to the new testament to try to understand it's about that because the interrelation of immanent and transcendent in the new testament and in jesus himself and to gift that gets to us okay and it's like say jesus himself
as to relationships to got one of its identity in john's gospel and say i haven't and so he is giovanni in the beginning was a word in word which we've gotten the word was god okay so one of it one of his ways of with being who years and related to go there simply by identity the father i am the father of one of them the other way
is like prayer and relationship as duality okay so christianity has subtle than that sense that it contains both of those would panic hours to make is marginally equating a and with the second one cutting out the the identity that your hand nine
non duality and just talking about the dualistic relationship of barrier which is also essential chris with with better for
it's also ok
on actually about this but but it's positive if you can see things like supernatural natural
as different and creator and creation creator and creature as different
then at moments where are some ways if you can also see them as not too much as as unified that it it just it could such a powerful way of than thinking about not was a
be good because you're you're bringing into unity things that are in a one point five just talk to she that diploma of christian and a mature christian today a christian tradition is alive looks forward by virtue of that which is if it started out with the duality and the whole grandma whole spring and life of the same is in the
look for and nonetheless a preservative quality it's like it's like relationship between men and and okay but the the drama springs out of the achievement of union about well an interaction of about difference may have kids of duality that can't be overstated i don't think okay and therefore shh
leaders of the thornton their you move from duality of postulate about a positive duality and they began creator and creation but the law between vacationing you don't come near get a sense to the old testament and then drive off spring green to together it's like the wedding feast of
where where the wine is poured out and everybody part of this wedding the whole thing the whole planet spread of the action kind of it lets the movement of all experience and and that's what do to cushion and vibrancy that's why the crushed advantage over his wife has an event
so the church pregnancy center
that were ever we they'd stuck and i dilemma because like institutionally that intends to project valley henstridge it has to have a structure with separation and difference in kind of and the continually from that from that duality is archaic are flashing it's not go up your can
not like the energy sparking between the two poles of the duality and that's the bible
a teacher had to call we're talking about the large cast out on of christ jesus so he sets up and two poles as the old testament does and then the flash shepherds between
true and power tools model in scriptures but that's them their rifles
the t the non-duality is something that happened something that's what achieved something that's given
at that power and pulls rank comes from
as well as the power and against
so when you realize that and by the vedanta non duality of of adapter which is timeless seems flat two-dimensional are one dimensional
it doesn't have body and it doesn't have the pulsation and it doesn't for a western and it just doesn't have the vibrancy of life and something missing
so we begin to discover what west means enjoying the west has a prevalent the on which is more subtle and more difficult to grasp on they prefer to the beach
so he's continually
kind of putting eastern monasticism above western village as he goes on here and that's okay and my i can i think we can absorb that blow
but also because the astros isn't enough the last word in the was the last word is it is is not delivered in the pluses and isn't an anticipation of performances with it not a cellphone
when he says christian monasticism as a way of life in other words you're on the world toward something ahead of you who remember consider your color first chapter weights says christian monasticism is fundamentally a celebration of seven years can get it so he's directing in contradiction with can occur at that point isn't what kind of couch doesn't recognize the event that's happened in the world okay he's now
not really aware here of the question
he's frightening everything that one plane and on if you find everything out after one plane and that each comes out of superior to the wedge if you bring it back into its three dimensions with a historical event that the meaning of the western power from as contamination
the different was it maybe a grudge
so a lot easier to get a handle on eastern
non-duality addition the essence of the west
whereas hinder monasticism
there's a way of life and other was the life as i fear that fullness has already here and you're living now also jack going to continue to cause as a christian the hostesses
he hasn't done enough theological homework
has just turned one of the same the desert fathers were
the guy shows up can the desert and not
and it consultant whose memories for beginners and it must wear a hood teach you to track you have to come and sober yeah this is guaranteed future you know what what happens after that you know but if he returns it with a deeper understanding and respecting that macedonian knowing and average you prefer
fish reality for also a deeper levels down creepy a recognition that the and asked way is not everything it's it means to
does she union with christ and well but if it's not worth it i had i think i think amongst themselves
just their openness to news that one of their stances of hospitality well as was constantly be ready to break the mold now a devil
would prefer that then changed their life and in cash
it's it's so it's not it's not anything that institutional for itself
i'm aware of complete character everything getting so ready to be turned in whatever direction spirit goes with the slightest course change biggest know
i think we have to do in the end is is find that go
what a political a wild horse that history is and that seems to be tearing monasticism apart
we have to find out what it is and find out if it's really christ that is this the movement of history which seems to move away from an estimate of all time is really the woman of the holy spirit at its core and then where's it going and where is monasticism permanent place in it
those how that one participate in the forward movement changed to get away from and
i'm waiting the be moving a little bit question
as monasticism as a place in the former cool is that you discover the east and you discover the west and you gotta go back and integrated to way to screaming what role the one cat in this number of this new creation is management position in oyster
when the woman in history
to the chapter we're going to deal with that contemporary world it's almost exactly opposite to at pentecost turkey because it's all changed now the rest of his books he sets up to things in his book doesn't but one is monasticism and of secularity the simplicity and secular and activism
lesson simplicity and then second area which is the world with its complexity roots movement matriculates it's centrifugal move away from
national park
so he in a sense is doing the same thing in his book which you find and taking niche and putting it alongside of that first traffic continue to call about a contemporary well then trying to mediate between to find out on point twitter
one once i do you could see this the associations of panic or as notion of and as just as center for the perennial philosophy of be griffiths which is centered in on new l a okay center didn't
at bryant was a non dual the one where the atlantic which is the self
one west brom at one with the absolute
and everything that goes with that
pure interiority to return to the centers because in one of his books are returned to the beginning the the uncorrupt block the sound of one hand clapping and all of that the original face before important the whole movement back into the primordial one before an interpretation
now that's only part of the story and a lot of people believe be a visitor with a whole of us to protect on the beginning it's like going back to the father if was a is january from bother going back further back and to the reminiscent of the desert into the night before the dawn
if where the sun conflict
but done after the fact they're said the ender such a beginning and the beginning
and as such the contemplative experiences only that they can you into the experiences with beginning from what should come that's new adjustments as because baptisms is meant to be the fullness of that reality for so that gift to that experience and then you come from there and moved from there
so our product going to say is like point number one point number two isn't with them is very mantra
one religious pressure to the beach and that's what he's very poetic expression the other one is is the movement of the west which doesn't understand show and which always forgets the never loses a tommy's visited santa maria and therefore it's point of orientation
oh i i got down here john two thousand and one peter and john thousand and one from the represents the west in the western church and the beloved disciple of projects big east tournament and even resonates with panic questioning and efficient his own arrested on the bosom and jesus remember
john the beloved disciple and john's gospel yeah but peter did you data on jesus's follow me okay peter has to move so peters like the western church voice a citizen because the east west thing we produced a thing where they will show sort of interest shoot for the were sort of age
peters always video
the girls like forever to cycle wouldn't be that exploded
that is to check here
he's got a lot of years of
make lot of people there
yeah the district christianity she's more on the on the planet guys and and inside of a non-christian east
where's the western christian and the inclines towards
what he's going was thick with polarizers professing christians christian age from notice how these conditions as much more monastic
when western
so we spend a whole
time on this make it worthwhile next time went on a first jacqueline to increase
and we started in the backcourt heads because for me it represents a political an absolutely fighting of comparison with products aimed at the stuff
what are you going to happen
so we're moving to check your to scepter one we did the introduction going and i'm checking my book chapter one as a struggle i should find on short on a contemporary world
and if maybe i won't take us the whole of hours so we might do that
you know which questions and then go on the chapter two about the trip
when the front of your special dedication and continuing ask the statistics now