The Mysticism of Meister Eckhart

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Community Retreat Spring 2002



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i thought it started in the conference by saying not ah so titus said that there would be more truth and silence and i'm just science for the time
what i want to talk about this morning as the mysticism mouth meister eckhart
i'd like to begin with a seemingly unrelated stories ah from rudiger sick kip life one of his short story it's a very fanciful story
it's called gym church flip
jim church was a place in england in the sauce and flip was they they swapped and the stay throughout was the ferris and so the whole question of the usa the short story is why did the ferries leave england
that's very important question really is ah actually ah it's the whole trip of the west and sense that made it inhospitable for the fairies
but it's a very amusing story and my sister says that and i actually when the fairies got to the south of england for the coast and out in a boat to fleet of france or when came up and they got blown to ireland ah at any rate on
there in the south of england and i think it's baldwin more by the way chaucer the wife of bass talked about the fact that the the friars were chasing ferry side of the woods and sorry to say they are progressively went down to the south for this great big huge war and then they
they as as calvinism started to take over in england in the whole or movement against symbol and ah the imaginal and the psychic and so forth ah made it inhospitable off with ferrets
one of the books that i've read in the last couple years that i found very fascinating as were called the domestication of transcendence ah by a protestant theologian we employ a trip and basically he is dealing with the question is why and they
twentieth twenty first century we have inherited a notion of god as some sort of super being out there ah and he deals with aquinas and luther and calvin and shows how are the impact of their thought he eventually ah led to this notion
at as trust of transcendence or something out there and a super power the the clockwork worker god that created the universe but it was extremely remote so that on god is the top of kind of a metaphysical are hierarchy you know up here
here and not very much related in terms of eminence and so forth
and plancher tells a ah
amusing story that actually happened queen anne and england in the early seventeenth century i think it was late sixteenth perhaps ah we're supposed to appoint an archbishop of canterbury and the one she really wanted ah she was about to avoid but one of her advisors came to
ooh wherein said i don't think you should do it because he doesn't believe in the trinity church
they believed in god yes but not in the trinity and according to play true if you go to the british museum i you can find his prayer book in which he has x out although the glory of potteries after the he sobs
so something was happening to the notion of god in the west
i recently took was reading ronald role heifers book the shatter lantern ah which in a way i found more interesting than his first book which is first book i've forgotten the title it's very popular or isn't wholly longing which is kind of a restated augustinian as some which i i
think it's fine and in many people refer to it as one of the best books to start beginners or west or her spirituality nowadays but as second focus more on his insights into our culture and one of the things he says is that
we're a great nation of churchgoers
but for all practical purposes we are agnostic society that's quite claim to make ah we say we believe in god and i think that needs to be nuanced you know but we say we believe in god and we haven't go to church much more so statistically than other societies like france and a
italy or even england ah but for all practical purposes we're agnostic
another other thing i'd like to tell you about is that i was in a dialogue with tibetan monks at ithaca college about ten years ago on a panel well doctor cousins myself and someone else will forget who the third person was and three tibetans
and when they tibetans began talking about the christian notion of creation i remember our starboard side of the panels were to just like i just sense a kind of discomfort and what they were saying is how are
uncomfortable that they found the notion of the clockmaker god they thought that was the christian notion of god ah and so this is evidently something they picked up in our culture as a whole or in talking to some christians and so forth
so that i think there has been adrift in the development of western theological understanding and religious sensibility of a ah a putting god out there is extremely remote and known as the first first mover as is of a
aristotle in an acquaintance would say ah but not really intimately involved with world
and i think we can see the results of that in the ecological crisis or since the eighteenth century or cultures every trip race has for all practical purposes approached nature as dead as something that can be exploited and used
and not to be honored and reverence and so forth and you know that a great deal of ecological consciousness in the last forty years has been trying to reverse that
same with the fact that and spirituality ah in the last twenty years or so there's been a fascination with celtic spirituality because the celtic spiritual tradition has a tremendous sense of the imminence of god in in creation
when our father bruno ah wrote up some suggestions for formation that kind of thing that i think sort of push the envelope and away one of the things he said is that ah
monastic life always must foster and be rooted in a sense of the apathetic and i mentioned that because your card is is in a sense the most apathetic of all the mystics and in sense out after studying eckert more deeply in the
last several months i have to say that in a real sense he ought to be artistic ah i yeah i think there's a really really important insights there i remember back of the sussex millennium and nineteen ninety ah when i gave my talk
that's one of the things i said is that the region monastic life always on apathetic dimension that we we face the mystery of god even prior to the gospel ah it's true that christian monasticism is deeply inspired by the gospel and and rooted in it and so
so forth but monastic life as a whole always or is taken by that intuition into the the mystery of god and the the kind of been found mystery of god by which card house a tremendous sense up
father joseph said the other day that i would be talking about monastic spirituality and i really think in a way i buy em ah and it may appear that my topics are very desperate but i think they will come together more and more
so get to get more specifically to meister eckhart on i particularly want to talk about bernard against a new book which came out in january the mystical thought of meister eckhart this is not an easy book to read on it certainly the most
valuable while scholarly work on eckart now available and so unless you have some foundation in a already i wouldn't say begin with this one ah but if you are barely acquainted with their car this is a wonderful resource and on its
it's a job to read it it's not easy but it certainly a guide on the the footnotes at the end are marvelous as far as other sources and current research in so forth
i might say that i think you realize how important to work of bernard them again else he saw a theologian historical oh janette the university of chicago and as you know he's written that are so far three volumes on the history of christian minister mysticism for five
most of foundations and then the growth of mysticism and the flow rate mysticism and the fourth project volume or hope he gets to finish it is odd or the harvest mysticism and when he was working on the harvest mysticism he had a sabbatical and
he realized that car was so unique so important that he decided to write a whole monograph just on acre
your cart or the fourteenth century of dominican as car most of you know i'm sure but i'll just reviews some basics ah stands out among all christian mistakes as i said the most apathetic of all mistakes and i think a search the most
our creative he's more like the christian each i mean more like the christian east he is also more like ah the non-christian aged and to afford and hopes that you might want to look at not gonna that lot ah
susan each famous duty suzuki
wrote a work
compare called job
mysticism christian and buddhist

but he only concentrates on one christian mystic and that's eckhart and rudolf otto the famous
historian or diligence wrote a book called mysticism east and west

which is a comparison off on effort
and shopper
sometimes called the thomas aquinas of henderson because it's so important to the greatest articular later of advaita vedanta
sometimes card was called a speculative thomistic can contrast to other mistakes that are more a heart-centered are
and so on and i think the word speculative i find our it's as if he were tremendously rational and ah i find the word intuitive a better way to say it ah a is taken by a tremendous intuition into the mystery of god and the depth of the mystery as
and god the the abyss even behind god and drawn maximus the confessor gives us a definition of intuition
the immediate experience of the thing suppressing even the concept i call intuition the participation itself in the object known
card himself doesn't talk much about his experience only one place that i know ah so he doesn't relate experienced the way to be civil let's say but it's obvious that he has a tremendous central kind of intuition and for the mystery of god
he strongly apathetic pathetic as i said and for him on the deep
deepest aspect of god is darkness and unknowing and ah for those of you perhaps you were just beginning to understand the after the prophetic tradition
i'd like to say that first on two aspects to have had some ah you know that nothing fabric is the contrast to charismatic terrified me we can name a god while we can use all sorts of attributes or to name god and the names
from scripture and so forth tell us about god but the atmospheric is the intuition that at all of these names and all the biggest attributes are finite
and they never have captured the history i think one of the waves are that this is best expressed yoshi in nicholas of cusa research that brought us like an infinite mystery represented by a circle and our language and our concept
ped or attempt to sort of try to reach that should conference but they never do it so that we're sort of inscribing inside of this mystery but we never reach on the former of mr so that's one level of path of addison mizner mindless finance
but we cannot circumscribed the the or the mystery of god but there's another level of adam ferguson and that is that ah but
mystery jess
and so
stillness the silence of which every word or emerges are like ah
of course the great source of this single western tradition that you super dionysus
very arbitrary

was perhaps the seventh century monk who was very hellenistic car i'd like to say more about soo dionysius but i won't take time right now
three amusing are that on back in the seventies i remember matthew fox ah
was writing a series in national catholic reporter for lent and one of the essays was on meister eckhart and he
he talked about the genius of that cart and he began began the essay by the last a was about six paragraphs by saying one of the problems in the history of christian spirituality has been near platonism and because of that we've denied the body and neglected creation and
and so forth and so forth then he talks about all the the wonderful things about a card and i remember talking your doctor cousins about him in the he's he said there's no mistake who's more neoplatonic ah then meister eckhart
i think us father bruno was pointed out some of his talks and so forth new plate some does have a shadow side and i think that's that's what a cart was pointing yet and yet there's a tremendous intuition and neoplatonist platonism and new platonism developed in the christian tradition ah
from from the early centuries second century through a pseudo dionysius and of you don't even know some of the critics of the pseudo dion asia said it's christology was week it was kind of rounded out by maximus the confessor and self
stuff it developed to the the tradition and on
i'm probably bonaventure ah is is the best on
integration of augustinian christian neoplatonist and that the rich i feel ah i went to the college of saint catherine and st paul back in the late fifties early sixties and we had four years of dominicans teaching philosophy and theology we really
got the party line in those days and i remember meeting my teacher of metaphysics and sisters of st joseph or probably twenty five years after that and i met her and said sister mary ah i'm no longer are aristotelian
thomas i am male on a venturi and christian neoplatonic the augustinian christian neoplatonic on of entry she seriously said to me that's bad food protect protect
but in vietnam in bonaventure i think you have the christology rooted in the incarnation yeah know to to make new plant the marriage of who christian neoplatonist platonism with a full christology and integration that that saves they are phenomenal work
world so to speak
so on
yeah studied thomas and when he was sent to paris ah buddy was not trust in imitator of thomas
nor are an improver of thomas he departed in a very creative way from thomas and the line and against book which really left out at me and i thought ah ah was a line in which he says eckhart turns aquinas on its head
he turned them upside down and that's an extremely important insight because he departs from thomas' basic fundamental theme that are being is the name of god and a car brakes with that ah

the card had studied under albert the great and from albert the great he got a very rich a background in christian meal platonism know obviously thomas do too because thomas studied under albert the great but albert thomas
very much went to the aristotelian position whereas a card seemed very much taken by the christian neoplatonic

you know that
eckhart was under the suspicion of heresy
it used to be said the the franciscans determine i reported him that's not quite true some of the old book said that that there was rivalry and jealousy ah it's now ah evident from more recent scholarship that it wasn't just of franciscans but it was also
even some of the dominican brethren who were suspicious of his ideas at any rate he was called before the inquisition that avignon and i even before he went in said he was ready to recant everything and that if he was a heretic he wasn't
are you know a material heretic he would so he didn't intended and know that his will was right in always supported the church which is the thing to say hydro suitable ah at any rate ah here he died i believe before getting to avignon to defend themselves and
the pope john the twenty second did condemn some of the propositions are they will actually later boiled down to about twenty three propositions and and the pope did condemn some of the cc so a but he himself was never condemned however at cast a pall upon him ah
for ages and actually and nineteen ninety the dominicans general chapter try to get hands on reputation are cleared up so to speak and to get to the that charm
nepal of heresy or condemnation taken away and the vatican wouldn't do it but you know it took them what four hundred years to catch up with galileo self may take them fourteen hundred years to catch up with a so
no one seriously thanks to anymore that a carton was a heretic
so there were true seems are in i'm against book that i found a very engaging one is the way in which a card departed from aquinas and ah second way the question of the union
of a soul was god ah always a question i think when you try to put a christian mistake in the context of of world far religious mysticism
and i think that that's the one point at which i would have some debate with from again ah because when he talks about the union of and soul with god he uses the expression fusion identity
that there's a fusion identity that result
and i don't find the satisfactory the constitution employers the unity of to and on
you know from my are probably strictly and more sense because we believe in creation and that are creation is contingent upon god we can never well it's a question i'll try to talk about more tomorrow and lavish question on have to talk about
a identity was god
even required to mystical union or difference
small else if there was an eternal warrior bought the christian tradition has tended to emphasize the difference the distinction ah and that's certainly what what began to find to like is preserve that orthodox stand there
of saying that it's a fusion okay but a kind of leaves aplomb he kind of bypasses the question of talking about the nature of side union a nature that him you sue st bernard would say to the union ah
to you know the to remain but consciousness may goals so that it's a kind of rock rockshox the rapture you know and you're not conscious of the union ontologically is are still too well yes sir probably years but you can still talk about a deep of union and so that
it's the one point at which i would have loved to talk to him again ah at greater length ah and i thought about actually email your him more oil we're talking to him on my phone and i just didn't have the courage to do it after some
one dose such so much immense work of i didn't want to seem petty and and you know sort of one to scrap with them or anything like that
but it's a it's a question you know and it really he doesn't deal with it and he just uses that as a way to talk about the union of the soul with god
now to get to that that question of what way in which are does a different from appliance ah
that would take a semester
but i'll say this
i did talk to professor of donald fruitful sasha the jonah jog gwynedd mercy college in of your philadelphia
ah he's one of sort of the readers are behind far begins book are encoded a lot in the footnotes and so forth certainly one of the greatest experts on christian the platonism and i asked him the question how would you say ah a car ternus turn
aquinas on end and couldn't answer
well it's ten words or less as a kind of hard to answer it but he did say you get some grasp of it if i send you an essay that i wrote it's titled who was images this in eckard sermons on a cards notion of the image of god in us and ah
ah he compares in this essay and i'll leave it for you because it's in studium and ask aren't no studio mystica or if you get studio mystica hear a clear no ai it's and that's why i brought a cocktail or leave a copy for you because ah he compares the way a
quietest answers the question who is amy justice and the way a characters and on
you know they both wrote sermons on and we usually think of calls aquinas is writing the summa which was very abstract systematic theology and we neglect the facts or thomas short term and by which are much more in the traditional style or there's a wonderful book over him
your your bookstore called john the doctrine of spiritual perfection by anselm stuart charge of dominica have been addicted who taught at salmon salmo and he was a fanatic for acquaintance and taught he taught thomas and aperture and head and san anselmo
and michael marks from college will told me that one summer and some stalls are decided to read all of thomas quince beginning to end and he had never read the sermons and when he read the sermons he began to discover aspects and thomas he had never seen an out of that he wrote the book the doctrine
spiritual perfection
which is an exceedingly important port because it talks about the wider older deeper sense of christian mysticism in contrast with the more modern let's say from the sixteenth century on and on if you've ever read the graces of interior prayer by father poulin the jesuit
if you know that was kind of a standard manual on mysticism before vatican two you contrast that was stuart
and you see quite a difference in the notion of mysticism at any rate i just told one of your oblates who lives in san francisco to to go to starts to try to understand mysticism and she found it very helpful any rate at thomas wrote servants and in his early work
a knackered had talked about doing a systematic theology but never did thank god and maybe you wouldn't have been able to do it considering the intuition they have a right but any rate they both wrote a sermon in answer to the passage in they are synoptics ah were the
ferriss asked jesus about the coin no one caesar shaming johnny and
kudu worship ah in who seem interested in and so it gives thomas' answer and a card tancer and there's a key difference there between the way though she had for thomas c-suite in terms of efficient causality that god it's to maker and stamped the image and it's sort of stay
daddy and for aircard the reality of god and the sense is in the image and it has a are a dynamism to return to the archetype and a that is one way in which you can
i'll get her sense of the difference between four and off for a car keys simply
you know put aside all aristotelian as and in terms of efficient car salad and for him what matters is formal causality ah and the return of the image back to the archetype and there there's a tremendous lay on
there's a there's a dynamism and will sense of image in their cart that the recent are in thomas i remember one of the quotes from one of their card sermons is that ah an acorn rolls into a tree and a mustard she glows to wash her tree and
grains grow into wheat and god's two girls and god and so that's why the eastern orthodox or have found a link was their card he's got this sense of of the development the deification laski were wrote a wonderful work with
it's unfortunately only in french french on ah on the theology negative theology of all meister eckhart
i think there are two reasons on why we you know i always say that when you talk about something you ought to be to be able to talk about the significance for the audience you're talking to and i think there's a very important reason why deck hard
it is important for us and i alluded to it already and that is that aircard operates out of this tremendous intuition of god as an abyss of and mystery as the desert the silence and so forth which the monastic life that's or the house we live in so to speak that's just you know our sense
ability okay and it's the reasons that on
monks can be on the forefront of a religious dialogue because all religions and a sense health that intuition of ah the absolute or or god and so forth on
so he in a sense i think it's the most fitting mistake for monastics but there's another reason i think that a card is important for us and that is that
he might be the patron saint of by inter-religious dialogue or i don't really likes a word patron saint for you well inspiring muse i use the way i would put it ah and one of you were cousins graduate students at fordham
wrote a dissertation which i'll leave here for you look at if you'd like the godhead as theological foundation of in a religious dialogue drawn from the writings of meister eckhart and raimondo punakha and ah is precisely the sense that their cards
intuition and expression bob suggests gestured ah of god yes or a very important horizon for all religions in our day and age ah
the author is beverley lime soda and she says all traditions must enter into themselves deeply
for religious dialogue to happen in our day and age is this the

she serves the desert is neither a place nor thing you're a substance that can be on possess determined or set up as a limit
it therefore can be found both as the base or depth of each religious tradition and as the juncture where hall spirituality each meet
the vatican ah office flu dialogue with dime christians had back in the early seventies when they address the yeah
the out of general with the cistercians and the head of the benedictines and said we would like monks are to take the forefront in dialogue with other religions because we sure that intuition into the mystery of god
beverly long sought it says what is demanded in the second actual age with a truly acquainted with i turn my cousins has popularized
ah and that is that all religions have to enter deeply into themselves and she says to truly take the incarnation serious life is to dispense with dichotomy is individualistic consciousness paradigmatic of the first actual period and set
about a deep and intimate confrontation with the sufferings and choice with the earth
so she's also a kind of beginning of a christology in terms of they are also
so on
hello to great i i think that jaw that card is certainly extremely important for us to know something about andhra if you've never read pseudo dionysius of mystical theology i think that would be a place on to begin so only about thirty pages long and
if you you read a deeply and meditative of lay it's it's not just an idea about god it really is an experience and lead you to that experience on there is a a buddhist author that gives you the same kind of experience called nygaard to them ah

chase agility to not just 'em out and like to use language itself to kind of midwife you went to the experience
the okay any discussion or questions
person wrote to the be why the difference between or kurtzman nor was not hurt him
promises i knew that the first question i get the definition of be new with permission food excitement all right well being of that which exists you know and ah of distinction requires betray our being and on an existence you know
things that exist and then god as being tolson into existence but he also my name of god for for on a quiet spins taught me will be a source of existence when first part of all that exists
it's it's clear and friendship and fresh shots about nature of the the mother and the time or two thousand pictures maybe five joseph
you only have fallen on there
finish finished lifting off as from perfect for like you know isn't is this scheme which was drawn you then there were there no certain conditions yeah so it's more beans vs reminded reality
yeah but no trailer associated with water or you know where you she says even less ah no
she lived a the curtis worthy to be either be well if you read some dionysius suit or buying you should says the ultimate
definition of work for gardeners to good or the good which overflows source okay and that's exactly what chipsets ah that the the ultimate news the good and that differs from aquinas and shows that the ultimate is be
be okay ah but eckhart this is trying to say something that there's even beyond that room you want to try it
right now isn't a prime minister between the growth of college of arms so out not and other rich for them knowing work work work
well using a baby is beings are you want to reject every equation
they be history people will say that goes beyond the normal be
or maybe he's just going up a with beyond and interview if you grew up a non-sexual the person's not a great notes with nervous
does not it
the believe some people do it right now you can provide your existence so existence of it often becomes the worst is nothing nursery are anxious to say no question
you're watching a video know
the smith would have by my guitar but god as the store for sources
many many wires to talk about the fruits of the temple of experience will said that this is that further the are sending it's now or something and just stays with us the a good good from him and irish served union or something we've got it always overflows and someone
the just somehow when we have that experience has to come out of us simply admin so in a way it's slightly we do that we become part over for process to yes lead
the way that eckhart talks about that is to say that the soul is virgin in the sense of you know adapter which is ultimately pure and untouched and so forth the apathetic depth they have soul but at the same time it's also wife yeah anuj add that the virgin virgin wife on
and there's a book on that offering the bookstore which i haven't read by amy hollywood interesting name amy hollywood as a book called virgin wife ah and the mysticism of meister eckhart but you see ah
bonaventure says that the father is the source the font or planetary a final plan to the good overflowing but aircard would say yeah you can look at the overflowing but you can also look into the death of the abyss
an edwards says there's something even beyond trinity and that's the oneness of of god the oneness of god which is you know it's not one in contrast to tree he has a forthcoming book on mystical odd numbers in the trinity
and transcendental numbers and more fed
it's very confusing for asked the same god and smile for three but that's because our of numbers by ah he says that even be on the god the mystery of god expressed in three notice there's there's
the downvotes to god and that's why sometimes falls and god typing into misleading because wagner's of danger that my pasta sites that make a hint of forth which certainly worthy of i orthodox with ah but he also later the voice
i had godhead and simply calls into this doubts desert
well as others
then he definition
sheriff but this these relate in some way
they are
there you go
no right
i know i think for example i don't mean to dismiss thomas aquinas may i mean there's a tropical interaction if you look at god it's being in l or that whole system can make sense know would would never would have never lasted so long and in than indoor
bible church and and said something and even something like maroon when he was thinking about converting the looking and policies of he picked up getting and your songs are profound medieval philosophy and what was captivated by that insect so that learned truth it
isn't there one way to see the manifest in the on man for yeah sammy another you hit on online of this is the absolute yeah seriously
yeah so
reading to them you're gonna top
so cool son
asked about a year cause
the house has a to basic definitions of descriptions of god and valleys
god is skiing on human beings car and another is a goddess nowhere
i said hug it out and which is what ivory for him it can discuss cover his moves graduate to be understanding on goddess of nowhere because he was nowhere
still i think as still very a mistake because
st promise of aquinas the state that
being and no way and see not much for unity will being and knowing that are so that might just the an emphasis on ah fm i emphasize on aspect of the way but is even in thomas pilot stands in unity tree
in no way he of the content of in aim is really is
this index of a phd degree of is no way the war year is building the war has the content you know that as to canada he is knowing somebody at no way a big i'm going to review their index
have year spent your is the lowest because they don't have that in fled however the fed will come back himself it's not even a racket spiritual being that we have had to sell legal not a hundred of year which
i know and himself but costs cops or act and doesn't deny that chewing in a view you as a fear the compared to his spiritual it is relatively poor so
so probably because being a diabetic and and trained by outraged as a housing biases as a senior
yeah we can say that he the on the promise i'm hoping to be work tradition he is to ensure that issues
i say that ah
these hot stand that a total re
thomas aquinas i have promised on the other hand school when he basically skill
get the dominican school when only war with tradition
well as times he certainly doesn't bother me
no no no there's nothing that them
yeah see now
while there's something about his on
stepping aside from the whole arrested killing it then you certainly don't step aside from know ah he also been very like an end to ah john caputo who love this a philosopher who teaches at challenge on
over have a support a highball school however original exploration well he wore and young animals very one false both away from scaffold fell for the final philosophy as he fell
well but he is very much inspired by now now ah ha
you know how ah there's something that hard about
mckay always in a game you know it's very much like the guardian of of less ah yeah saw that google has an article on nothing was an invalid
the ah well
the given away involved
mine was transcendent
ramallah is experience for so much you no experience fear nothing
very interesting the better
you don't know the disbelief and
universal and agree with his his centre
and nurses
declining her point a great
very carrick and one flourished and will not work
is always visit the past ten years the planet another picture and monasticism afterwards
but he like a glossary of the three of monasticism return have no motive has an obsession berlin
yeah very interesting that of course marston climb aboard scholastic movement of of course cancelled scholastic some point but they didn't get into thirteenth century scholasticism and all the way that connecticut state and so
the horizontal nasty spiritual theology act up a i know ones are just to records but you tried to name of major monastic ah theologian ah after the twelfth century or defining and elected because better
and they might have been able to because they were the some except into a on a platonic my that side
especially something like
same period

i've been going to return to the idea of the caught and beyond the tree and when you return to get from an yeah i know ah and going to run away tomorrow and then do it from the planet broader view
and i don't know if i can put it was
why are the facts
the we of this credit is blast of that hasn't been it wasn't at the time to be fertilized some way to give a fruit right asked after them together watch what's happening how the internet is a my interest what was what holiday
this seemingly said loss to allow to do
thanks to have well it's a very good question or one else of course that the party line broke down and now on the church ah and that you know council of trent
i made address the killing of communism or the tree planting philosophy of church and then it was ratified again by wheels for change in the eighty nine days and i and so that was almost the only point of view taught
and that people were also very suspicious that that thing that was and i had a cast of heresy about it ah he resorted very you know his texts were very and i think blackface english translation started coming out only at night and fifty six soul so it wasn't that of
available they had also this as wider interest or mysticism as hole in our society
as and secularists and finds its bottom and smoking for some spiritual insight and so forth so it's partly just that mysticism came on
popular you know so he was one of the mystics ah but it's interesting that also there is no caputo calls
that cart the father of deconstruction that's very interesting and that's why the academic world began to look at our car and john caputo at villanova has a conference every two years and deconstruction and he tries to
bring people like ah ah well at least the voices people like gary it up ah shot dairy milk
in conversation with eckert and others are so it's very interesting that there is something is just for example the reason that heidegger found and card so fascinating there is a creativity their flat
you'd also
for some of us a car became a bridge back from his grandmother she represented is very clear way
we're concept of this guy and gotta be up that was appealing killing for people throughout night
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yes so to sing although i may not have been reading few so far off the books at the fox had been on a quiet how many toilets that and miserable but this mark matthew fox and it was climate that's interesting link to it as smart as
that video loved it and running here to read the reaction to it and be is rather than kittens and colleagues who served he kept trying to justify film to the year and so it's it's third with well i told my son has to be taken seriously i want my patrons my picture from the brightness and for for
clients at fordham saw noise park or who is a condensed talents a lot and compare people yeah of course my real advice for for him was thomas area on your cousins and your cousins it's very neoplatonic are you know
cell phone and hasn't told me that he said frequent ah you know thy works with most part about her clients and they just cannot war the sandstone that's just my final point where a question it's not like
an adventure as i got gonna venture it
read justify your place and it was actually easier but the neoplatonic climbing to the revolution was kindness got try the earth or yet so
so those is a bad practice with even more in line for traditional thinking and enjoy thousand revolution it would seem familiar to you except that it was a connecticut and him know he was originated can often in germany for them the paris and became a gesture itself
well but his originality way we both lives is is quite astounding me know and i'll sit for exactly can take a look at the out the fairness of wales it's there when it's primarily that first type of that the and about the flatness of line
and a quiet sports to the nation smile sometimes but it's a vine ancient quotes and not mystical theology so anyway ah ha
requires didn't quite get to the death of the apathetic inside
the very much wrapped up in this attempt to create this new marriage and he said cutrone no christian as well you security curative stuff that was come from the words

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