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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 1 - 1990s



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just began a code of canada contrast to the
a mixed in with the other elements of
okay this is our final session on him
i subject a specific subject to stability to have won't take all of our time is by
and served as her any questions or can you wanted a special about the whole subject as we conclude likely to that is monica
first of all in me i won't give your first the places in the roadside benedict because really what we're reading as benedick and materials would come up to me and made with the places and acknowledged constitutions about stability
chapter one number ten
the mancha core stability with a simple profession as a bit of a paradox there because stability because i'm say create a special bond between them up in a community and also committed to the ongoing practice of congress accio monastic of but which been translated is ongoing and the attack
it is really permanente
so the fact that with a temporary profession you make you acquire stability like you make an explicit now stability which has a permanent sense to it this is a paradox threatening in fact the relationship between temporary profession and solemn profession has has never been entirely clear vision of an anti car by marmion president said that
he felt it to the january profession was the temperature is the simple professional great professional segments on a replication of but since vatican two with a renewal they shouldn't center of gravity has been shifted so that day temporary is can more as to bring more horace for amd the real profession a genuine
total commitment is conceived of as the fish so then as you choose a bit of fluidity and uncertainty there as soon as you have to professions you're gonna happen and is that in terms of up in devote like for ourselves and simple below december professional six is it in a consultative those
no i've forgotten now i think it is i think entry to the novitiate as the deliberative vote isn't it
and shepherd profession is a consultative about on profession is i believe a deliberative over two thirds majority record and is unable to know that advocates privileged because it's conduct for been change and i think that's how it finally settled out which is a little strange to say it's not it doesn't sound quite right to meet for some
apple profession to be a consultative them
but somehow they felt part of it out to be consultative their dad but the community camelia change to me should have gave and the deliberative say in each of those very important votes
because temporary profession is really a pretty solid a corporation in a community and person can you know it can't be sent away for some trivial reason to the community should be able to really to decide that simpson as a matter of fact however the consultative vocal hardly ever be gone against by the right
so in fact he can in effect you can make it a deliberate to open in effect usually does so so stability does to same share and create a special bond with the community and also has a time that isn't a permanent significance to the beginning of a permanent commitment whatever that means and theoretical terms to
villa confers rights and duties upon the individual numbers on the entire community and accordance with the constitution so that's how spell that elsewhere so stability flows into everything else the other place where you find a demanding more is number one forty seven and a profession format we've lifted that old age during after it's we started strategies
profession from on them now that's an advantage and both profession formulas isn't it was simple profession and challenge profession whereas a poverty and tested a are only on the the first one
okay there's an appendix you remember any are be nice and eighty which to be the about so the last moment i remembered a teacher stability to that which is pretty handy for gathering together the solid elements in the real a saint benedict which we like to it doesn't in a more concentrated way to the
the consider your club text us
the used users this term stability and for other places for seventy eight remember that the chapter an instrument of good works and where it says will run into that phrase but stability in the community city community is a workshop remember where you going to the market going to remain stable there until
death persevering until death using these tools the word is there were fighting tech route and then a chapter fifty eight sixty and sixty one which are about incorporation of people into the community especially for the because have happened to new members
can you remember that the monk promises stability during
during his novitiate time there a couple of times on the rule is bedtime and he once again to promise a personal guarantee stability and for st nordic stability and plus you're going to change and to the touchy as have an option is a been setting and perseverance is conceived of as perseverance and obedience particular that seems to be active
member there
so the basic meaning of the concept of stability is perseverance it's also the role of them as often they said and also i've said i think that st benedict almost invented stability domestic and them but he did as is pointed out here if it was also in the other six century rules even if not explicit in the year
earlier legislation
and it's strong and the master

would be nice to write a doctorate disputation and instability that actually just means to stapler you can bet that fact
so this they've you know they can spend a few pages now
following the history of and ten minutes mistake put and so journal
and it comes out of contact that these wandering monks remember in in the early early monasticism now the wandering monks were not all bad back that's a very creditable can be a very creditable practice and it still is your number and like a hindu monasticism revived by washington i'm then be grip what's going on the idea of the son actually
teams of domesticated thought that i wish to manage to other than the raw form of just a wandering homeless monk
they would just settle down is for there any shape and you couldn't travel rest of the time of the monero
and revenue irish much for particularly prone to with that and a lot of the missionary work in europe really a missionary work was done by monks who left their own country and and traveling salesmen were i started a monster
that's a different context you see how much the context determines the form of life even with st robert and when you've got a missionary territory there and the possibility of martyrdom and a very dangerous situation of preaching the gospel that changes the the what would you say taint changes the shape the expression in the monastic commitment
after something like that we can't conceive that these things are just being fixed forever and one form being absent
it's interesting to the we talk about stability and we talk about it in a context both of roman catholicism and a benedictine monasticism now if there's anything it's institutional a stable economic catholicism business i mean that is like the how to set the stone of stability rock the rock of peter that
trump says he is astonished stability for the whole of the christian organism
and and then inside that benedictine monasticism with its commitment mental stability and the fact that monasteries himself an institution i speaking last for a thousand years from time to like pick holiday or something like that so there's nothing more stable than a monastery and you can say i want to entirely within the roman catholic
well because it's true also of eastern investors business you have any thousand year old or fifteen hundred year old monasteries over and and eastern christianity
turn on exaggerate them
but in catholicism the institutional dimension is more than just the local community tends to have a a larger swayze and that and they just the way the religious orders and things and create are created roman catholicism and then remained perpetual institutions this guy
benedict continue so different from that been attached to pretend to always say fall into that form and after a certain time in history
the insistence in the advertisement to the desert ministers i'm staying on the shelf shows that the spiritual content concept is very ancient
also say picked it protected and the state michelle
used to be sustained you're selling as a teacher of next
but exile and wandering ascetic practices were widely accepted that that giving up your home moving into a strange place and i i'm sure was conceived of as following jesus was really itinerant
but by the sixth century wandering monks had a deservedly bad reputation
i remember how the of the rosa master does it kind of satire business on the one wrenched
and they're drinking and they're feasting chart
they get up in the morning in there so loaded their bowels are folded and they can hardly climb onto their beasts
man insisted their beasts be shed to before they go
to avoid these pitfalls benedict requires the monk observe christ's teaching in a monastery and taunted
not only remaining physically and the synovium but persevering and living the monastic life now
the later distinction the distinction between stability as low merchants to really test cordish stability patients to build a apart
however a beautiful distinction and actually
i remember what did that
i'll think of graciano is a proverb later on crossing i the a court jester commodity
i am really conversing a on moron and stability class loaches may talk super stability just that moron converts sugar low chip in africa to published and thereafter as being made in the water that is it
stability of matters non conversion and mobility of place moving around
not an at the end of chapter four
the workshops are employed in that workshop the tools are employed in that workshop which is the enclosure of the monastery and stability in the community so enclosure the monastery is this physical stability stability us locate a cluster monastery and stability doesn't can out to yonex to value in the community means
it in a personal community and that gripped people
and to persevere and living advice among them
above all it is perseverance and obedience but this is the primary characteristic of the senate vote
the two elements go together the place and life it goes on there and stability and goods both
so as i invited international stability is not satisfied but purely genetic went on to a monastery
one has to really shouldn't oneself in obedience to the regime to the way of life and the master on the other hand passage to another monastery or to the aeromedical life is not condemned by the world and better to remember way to exclude as a chapter one who talks about the monks who after law practice in the monastery go forth into the solitary like so right there is recognize
using a legitimate transition to the her medical life without a violation of stability somewhere our constitution point out that that is not
especially when the commodities perspective that's not
abandonment of stability go to intensification of stability because it meant to go deeper into the basic commitment the basic monastic and as if you're going closer to the center
st benedict's bureau can get scarcely have been different if for the not of cash from the shinobi is and principally apprenticeship for the desert kind of ship for the solitaires
can however
text from consider your car remember this is the commitment that was considered first in that book
right after talking about professional general and right after talking about the question of the possibility of a permanent resident today and even the idea of permanent members who is stability the idea of vows the profession that's already been stability know it's not conceived in terms of stability place
it's not spelled out at that point
so he goes through much of the same discussion lefty our have anything about the meaning of stability and the religion and kind of then divided up into three different layers actually this chapter i find a little less satisfactory and none a lot of up with enjoy hunting inches deep noise and and
touch to drift away with it for instance as compared with the one on poverty and we just to are they want on television may have been done much nobody helps may have had a bad day
personal stability and that means that amongst stability and his search for god because you can think of stability in terms of what because personal familiar spiritual stability or stability in the resolve and they search for got in the basic monastic commitment
you can make stability in terms of communicative a good people you can take a stability in terms of a place of a monastery gonna get the place and the three of them somehow got a gun and one is which is nested inside the other you can also think us to build the entrance of the congregation because formerly before the reno before them
constitution we made our stability our first of all for acknowledged congregation secondarily for different
now it's reversed and the reversal has to do with are entering the benedict and confederation that are conforming ourselves more to the benedict the pattern which gives the importance to the local community rather than to the congregation san benedicto history the local community comes first to local monastery isn't this
the the basis and congregations come later on or a secondary phenomenon and they don't have the same importance the same authorities and local community and the third level is a benedictine order as a whole as it has consumed with an avid prime that's a laden mention that only happened in the nineteenth century so it's pulled from the ground up if you if you compare it with later congregations
later congregations that were start with the kind of centralization can also you don't even have a stable local community in the sense that people will be moved by the provincial of by the prior general literacy with dialogue average college from one community to another so you don't have a good people which lives there for their whole lives game more than half
so the monastic getting a very interesting from that point of view the way it can jump out as a ground the way it gives the importance gives the way to the local living unit which has conceived i'm almost like a family it is a lifetime unit of some kind of close to the earth close to the ground so that's very significant when you start talking about
a revolution of movement back towards the road act towards the earth and things like that it becomes quite significant the vow or stability can put it to legal terms with information on repellent but the whole thing is is very worthy of respect when you look at later history the whole thing of getting back to the years getting back to it
the particular to a particular piece of earth with which you identify and a particular group of people a village in how your own village in the set
ah i think of wendell berry and people like can now go back to the soil
and to the particularity of a particular style a particular farm and mary themselves to that
because so much of our present agony as to do isn't it
lack of rootedness
much geographical
i'd see at the end of that section on personal supposed to go to apart his first god's gift to man and a month vows that you just want response to the abiding face bonus and must be by and faithfulness of god you see that needs to be changing another the idea is it
instead of member that whole question before the earlier part of the chapter can you make a permanent commitment well you can if god gives you that if god gives you a permanent commitment and it can make it and the permanence of your commitment just like the permanent shift to a marriage is somehow based upon an act of cut i'm are based
upon something ain't got a gigantic does god doesn't act as a word
an actress which has stability which has products which has fidelity about it you participate in that act and that is your that is your response you have to feel that going to be convinced to that out of doing so even if enough you know explicitly
okay communal and geographic us to building
there are various tricks in the was to go to clearly the instability of place monk is a member of particular monastery in particular community place and group
clerics will have to remain in the monastery so monks who come from another community
and then the end of chapter four as usual
perseverance and the monastic that i've normally involves permanence in this name community and in a monastery
monk will share the geographic stability of that community
the emphasis in the rule is not on this material dimensional stability but it's spiritual dimension
and then the question of absences you can notice seven discomfort with that too abstract conception of to go to which is natrona
on the part of realistic
stability is basically a basement shared experience with both of which physical presence is a normal but an indispensable fine
possibly remain within the monastery and still be unstable
notes of course stretching language other than a person can be so preoccupied with zhang work or just have had his heart set on something else that is really not they're only they're physically
at a time when inherited structures are changing the real roundups to go to becomes clear it is a belongings to the people make up on sanchez
especially true for this kind of better collective morality
genuine belonging demand continue a conversion of for the sake of trust i suppose this is true in a marriage to the analogy of marriage is is pretty
helpful throughout most of this
the real innovative stability is not moving about but personal alienation the sounds like hundred much know moved about and especially the alienation which is not a passing pain that a rigid habit to be fixed in a personal hardness to label people
this produces what does not stability of aesthetic this
the communicant and discourage rose and conversion and its members by labeling people are not expecting them to change it or not believing it when they have we can we can really do that
notice that were generally digressing a little bit from his stability here
what you saying he's saying that stability is really a function of change and the enemy of the change which stability as for there's a certain static quality certain freezing freezing of oneself maybe through attachment to diversion of heart of freezing of others through a kind of judgment labeling like a number of what
jesus comes to nazareth and she were getting an option way to me
it's nothing but but can could go to come can come from hazard or how can he be and how could he be the site and we got me know who he is
that's dedication to the static to movement
and gotta love for one's own community is not the same as an unrealistic idealization of
member weren't writing about gets limited sinister arena where a sense of superiority with regard to others can have given the marshes i've actually been
stability implies a total acceptance of a good solid shortcomings
and then not as an unchangeable static thing as are these are obvious things kind of live near the obvious now the sacrament divine mercy and his life this part here about need for lunch brothers is good
that to be converted us to realize our poverty to realize or poverty as real as or need and to be open to receiving from others and a lot of us have a problem with that people who come to a community like this you which offers solid to provided last thing they want the world is any kind of openness to other people
apple a country for any kind of dependency and you kind of need not involving other people they may really wants trying to be self sufficient but when we become self sufficient we can usually closer such to get only the poor man can grow rich and the gift of another
in ages brothers to express his love for christ and needs him if he is to hear the word of god proclaimed he needs them in order to communicate and share their word of god which is yeah i'm stumped received to express his love for crash member brother philip and how he brought us a good deal of the love of christ from a number of
and the need for some geographic stability this kind of thing needs a reflection it's not immediately obvious and we grow up and another kind of mindset that's for sure so why what possible use can have for geographic stability for remaining in one place
there's so much on rootedness today being at home and that word implies a certain verdicts and grafting onto other local of st harris said referring to a on ourselves personalized philosophy which
came up as you heard to other times a tree often transplanted does not bear fruit now this is something as i say which we have to reflect about and it's not so easy to reflect about catchment area because you don't have the experience of both you know that but the stability and instability
when we're young we have a lot of movement and go to school and work or care work there we move out of the family it's a time on transitions and movement
i think of analogy it's like somebody starting work and then
she's stopping and starting another work or starting a work and then having to move it somewhere i started all over again are starting a business and then having to shut it down and started up again and then nicola connections you can build up the whole thing and get thing going and a process which interrupt like that or what extent is our life at kind of approach
us to what extent is our life like said building a house where you begin to build a you not wanted here you go to a place with a better deal and then you start to build it over again and each time you do that your child losing what you've done to an extended our lives that way what to what extent to we carry on with us what we've achieved within ourselves
in the earlier place to what extent are those long term ons necessary for our growth
another analogy is that the unions like as the idea that the ah chemical vessel the ah chemical retort or crucible which has to be a strong container in which the heat and the pressure can build up so that the transformation can take place okay so if you open the vessel or if you break the best restaurant or obviously you can take the contents out of one investment
put them in another will replace the situation is a kind of vessel for you
okay so to let the pressure buildup for certain extent and then under the pressure becomes uncomfortable to leave and go somewhere else and start all over again i can be really to interrupt to the process bring it back to zero now there are lots of images and metaphors for this project to reflecting herself into size or what extent
each one is true to what extent each one is really applicable because it's easy to make these these metaphors about the process and we know of cases where people have stayed in the same punishment forty years and seem to have gotten over seem to be in a sterile that such to go to by no means
implies necessarily growth movement to the process of kind of go anywhere there's a lot more to attend stability but to what extent is to go to the important
i think that's true just in my experience last
he get into a cars it takes a biography and to know the see good things gone they're gone and book operating general erie canal
your something that's that's not right and to what extent the stability necessary for depths in other words to extend its life going deeper same relationship or anything else and to what extent in order to compete to understand and empathize because if you're going to build a holy and on and isn't my brother younger put say if you go every have to start again to happen and you
turn to what extent is life like that spiritual life management i think i think relationship is everything okay because when you relate to a person it takes a while to build up trust and it takes a testing and on you have to maybe some fight system disagreeing if that's the intention to go through some things together before you really
well you really know that personally and before the to loves it must be built on knowledge eleven trusted to go to analogy but those can be laid down and belt you have to know that chris pronger
and there are so many broken relationships and a continuous succession of broken relationships in this world
so i think that's probably true also for spiritual it's hard to know from within one's own experience because we only have one expensive where we can't really compare it with another are only inside one experience we can we look at this one from inside we look at the others from answer unless we've got a lot of pastoral experience if we know a lot of people for instance if you
but a spiritual director for forty years maybe you can say am i can see that this person has grown and then they stay where they were on a groups through that and they really never really develop where's this person kept avoiding
they doing what rubber a geographic go somewhere else and then tried because it isn't working and can and didn't get anywhere
but in our world at present as so much about what are you say a battle between surface and depths
but everything tends to turn into surface our culture tends to pull everything have them abroad everything and turn it into surface flatten it out into surface surface is translatable into instant experiences is transplanted welcome to the pages of newspapers and magazines to the tv screen to a sprawling urban sprawl to how kinds of surface
there are people drawn out to the surface of life drawn after the tv program they're just they're made the surface of what they have would continue moving surface and like being like that even in a sexual or even area relationship in all kinds of which as if life were a continuous succession of experiences on the same level
and our culture is always trying to do that because i just have is marketable because that's what makes the economy think you can sell surface and perfect you can get people addicted to surface of every possible way and so much about business is about the stage is about generating surface maybe moving over surfaces to and automobiles vehicles and a new one
but now what's the other dimension have that emotional depth and what do we mean by debt well we can only answer that intuitive and somehow to our experience
but there is something else and in fact that you can forgo renounce almost all of that surface and not lose anything
and he realized graduated is it as long as one is it is a stuck to that surfaced there isn't any meaning
meaning as a question of debt meaning as a christian of interiority meaning as a a question of the unity of experience in of life so gradually emerges is it shaped and that's the a meaning to this there's a twist to this and it's all the inexpressible in some way we can pen names on of course especially our theological names but in a sense it's inexplicable what this means
and edge it's something that happens inside the person replies things begin to fall together and become one thing but the surface the multiplicity of the surface the distraction the surface continually frustrates them less issues to go as a lot to do with them
is it possible therefore to to accept a confinement of life so that has a very limited surface in which you will go deep
so i think facetious or something to do with that to the thesis of stability but obviously it has its limits stability alone will not do it and sometimes people need to be uprooted and turn into a new situation because they simply they simply we just have built a bunker and this from get against related to start so elements were the most
they're jerked out of it to go around and hill the same old habit patterns proof
and they've developed a habit patterns i have developed an armor which very successfully prevention and growth rates in europe

now so he talks hear about
relationship and
knowledge of the constancy and predictability of persons
the consistency and predictability and and under there are other several kinds of knowledge i think between people the mutual trust and respect and appreciation which come about only the time and struggle
which is if we only know a person a little bit at a time and maybe an inch every year or something like that and we need a certain we need to know them about a yard before
before really an argument
and also relationship your customer different faces just like monastic life because there's a honeymoon and as the other foot and if the person of age right after the honeymoon
they've completely avoided the process they've they've they've accepted as it were one part of the unit and rejected the rest and so the whole thing goes down the drain some
a question of who am i
the question of identity and it's relationship to stability and the capacity to be at home on a particular situation this is a little bit subtle him when would have to i think wrestle with reflect time before i could accept a improvement
among men must first create a world before he can welcome someone else
there are a lot of kind of proverbs here a lot of kind of hex him to that can be a little bit facile
various tendencies militate against man's being at home in the world a being at home as being in a stable situation
communication media surrounded by external stimuli yeah we were talking about
stability of government has understood cannot be static because life is static to either growth and development or disintegration and is shrinking into the for prospect
so the stability it's not such a different has like
and the analogy with marriages pursuit here
and the analogy is quite good i think i know as that's the accepting of the confinement of like that's the accepting the particularity for your life and saying okay god has manifested himself to me here so he wants me to accept these bounds for my life this person is one finite person rather than the million other interesting people
this one monastic community
witness value of stability okay the and that a lot of this is just what we say just too
a development of what he's been saying about the paradox of stability in the world of which we are that it stands out very starkly very strongly against the background of today's mobility today we have an alternate extremely mobile society
which also seems static uncertain terms but mobile physically materially as we got a surface
but the witness value here i think chrome might rightly as put upon community
so talking about sent a vehicle stability and the basic christian fact vegeta christian witness being a community above okay the kind of near the brotherhood and because about it so that's a very strong very strong witness but obviously that means a lot more adjustability you can have a mature guy guysin kind of dusting and museum merchant
the collector hired to be there during certain hours
there's got to be something between them the can't be just to a shell
so that puts the and puts the weight on low doesn't have to put the weight on community nowhere stability a meaningless as weapons for that community with that kind of man which is not something easily achieved
the gift of christ is precisely that is broken down the dividing walls
that i shall i meant from one another quarter of ephesians there and then he refers also to john seventeen come they may be one the day one as we are one that to as being the fundamental christian reality which remember as a unit of reality one dimensional the energy realities is it's kind of media which gathers people together and holds them together cause the other dimension there's a contemplative
at depth of quantity and one is like a eucharistic others the baptismal and interior oneness that we experience
each one within himself
through the vows to build your contradictions be a witness in a torn an individualistic world to christian unity which knows how to overcome marriage
the star stick life in communities provides very nature a specialization in churches fundamental structure designed to foster believe that seems only as don't see so much a fundamental structure to me as the gift as the reality is a manifestation of the expressions the sacrament the community is the sacrum
of to crush tibet rather than a structure designed to do something
but the sacrament reveals doesn't the the sacrament communicates that which it contains at which we did
the place my new life experiences maybe earlier with and critically and i produce way a center of our life is too deep experience where others come out on a share of challenges and it also to discuss the social reality
a question of people have is not so much the existence of god but whether it makes any difference whether was a crisis makes no difference in school
to transform men so that devalues the gospel expressed in personal and social existence but community can really here with this today and a monastery has a real advantage now obviously he's you know kind of digressing is moving out from the precise subject stability but a monastery a special leverage special power there because it
it's a center in both directions a monastic community both and that's a horizontal dimension of company and and of the vertical dimension simply the reality of the depth of meaning the contemplative unit of experience the witness to that
the sacramento power of a contemplative life show which is to also energy and maybe especially the solitary like and people understand they're not put off by scandalized plan
and then it goes on listening about simplicity and material progress and technology and the transformation of the environment and which seems a little bit of a digression
and the size of a community
and then a community which fulfills these requirements and in which technology plays his part is destabilizing factor in society itself
which is certainly true
the trouble is of course the monasteries can also turn to lead begun out on a stable symbolizing factors but sinkers
they can get so stable
each table is what the dream was stabilizer to understand
benedictine monasteries can be
well i guess dispatched your bedroom greatest drivers are such a single
sometimes the comments we consume and were people who com
say to go back to that mobility devil number just so curves that we're here to saint joseph sometimes a difficult situation just nine that were here during so weird here we're do one gets them through a difficult choice together
over the yeah we kinda said there has been to the
well it's fine just out of that we're so what it must do i think is awakened something that you within them you know because we are here they have a son of a symbol of sign and some kind of actuality a sacrament new cache of what is actually inside themselves and of brings out alive and enables them to find it much again when they lose it and from that place than that can deal with
the other things
so the stability it allowed to do it because they have to be able to trust that have to be able to trust that side as having some of the stability of god now there was a the unmoving point in the moving world with i'm their monastery as a center you know that kind of cars idea of center and how the monk and the monastery related to that that has to be stay
able in order to represent the unmoving center which is good when we say i'm when i'm moving we don't mean not dynamic but just that thing that nothing it's there were some monastic life is related to that center which has to be to the still point of the turning world that has to be still has to be stale and stability and from therefore it is is very important because
eyewitness ballot this distribution of the cops are often goes and does something else can now there is that has to be a sufficient she deserve these people who can testify to the sufficiency of that which they have found and if they leave it and go up for something else or if they seem uncertain about a tenant doesn't have that value
that all sufficient centers does stability is kind of a requirement it would seem that would much
stability properly understood in on with its breadth and flexibility
we should think about the the alternative forms of life when the active religious life and also the sun actually think it's hard to realize that the benedictine option of to believe is not the only one but it certainly has its strengths and can you about monastery of those different up a thousand years to incredible
and then you have managed to send my can put as much as to save some places where it's temporary situation like this or even in hinduism brain these different stages in this snowman would not be the the permanent thing so you realize that the
importance given to permanent stability in the benedict and catholic monastic like is
is waited on one side and since it's really way to astronomy on the side of stable and it's not the only possibility
just think that stability billion hard it's really faint you know try something new in buddhism and the other active industries
if there is that stability of carpets going on and then that that's what about them to be
i know try the trip
and the stability of art itself has to allow for growth as to allow for different phases times as a mysterious segment as civilians edge as you undergo different visions of life and it certainly is a fidelity
it's like my stats on it doesn't matter where the year in one place or on movie about that that's this that's that's on how much punishment
station at any other aspects on that
now the command of this tradition has its own particular light to shine this doesn't it because having both crystal by the other examples and out push to go your partner's tremendous men who is stability of place was the up their discuss
he moved around quite a bit and then you have acknowledged condition itself with its two forms okay and you have the said a multiplicity of communities now even in state so it's built right into our constitution that it is further development of stability go to the that encourage you know nowadays that
it's downplay the like the old days it was over excellent so that you want fully acknowledged whose total misnomer in my check stubs from the a
new added spread your wings in cash and talks like that to to attack and that's not fair then you end up a lot of funny things and a lot of heard people because the kind of medical like the lobbyists and valid option in the home on time and simply a question of which are called but there is a logical progression niche and remember that to be good
edge number and my you know their obedience the good solitude and then native angelina i can run which was going out and fish hundred and
to the heathen
so the stability of hard work but persevere would endure persists through also be an h basis but it's two different modalities three different perhaps stages of growth its where was considered changing it's somewhat of an artificial it's came up all these things are because the individual coin
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