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New Testament Class



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i'm afraid because we have a lot of things i'd like to do with we're gonna talk about the of john's gospel in the first federal johnny a final conclusion that
obviously things are gonna get creeped out of
let's talk about john's gospel first companion and if anybody wants to carry that furthermore we can do it somehow and another way and i'm afraid that may be computing without her trip and ask questions or when something like fatal bicycle
to clarify
the time of writing of john's gospel is generally given that is between ninety and one hundred and ten a day and ninety seems to be more favorite it's the last of the four gospels to be written evidently the place of right the author is a there's a great political of great confusion and a complicated discussion about the or other ship of job and i'm not going to touch
you know there are probably several people about the the usual the are now is that accompaniment of visitors a and our community and it comes from that there's a unity and need styling and the thought of the gospel which indicates trauma that there's one person at the of okay that this is a single or that this is often true in a new test
i'm i'm writing you may not know who the author is was pretty evident that there's one personality and one inspiration pulling me to work together and so it as her john's gospel
the conception concerts search of somehow and the unified construction can only to come through one person even if several people elaborate at different stages
he can't do that with the committee
jada kind of wisdom for and what i mean by that is is partly that the way in which john communicates knowledge
is largely elusive largely symbolic largely record implicit if inferential bleak eccentric elliptical would have been on a card but it's often an the it's more direct but it's not on the normal rational and nor the merely historical
well but secondly and there's a kind of rhythmic quality to read the prologue of on him as a rhythm and that's like a him that quality a musical quality and it's as if you're kind of walking around in a circle chanting or something like that around an invisible center and much of jobs cause for that we tend to be circular
here you move around as you've got a ritual character to an original rhythm to it which far from being straightforward letting our history as is obvious
at unify every part by believe relates to the center of it now and we have to ask ourselves with the center is but actually does not have to find if you read the prologue the center of town council was given to use it the central a perspective from which your to read it
and the product in very different from the narrative of the gospel away
and things that are primary and a prologue are not even mentioned that goes for like the word
but so much the more i think that means that you have to read the gospel through the pillar which is what we're going to try to give
let's talk about the prologue and the blog is is unique and an unaccustomed him another other texts that approach it and attacks the that approach it in some way usually have a have inequality to negotiate on little bit like a him the whole accounts prologue lavish and other him can you get some some little stretch
and thereby john the baptist then
i like a monkey wrench in me in the work that they break the rhythm of in and way and human intrusion of narrative into into a collective or into a circular or gave make tech mahindra financing someone
but part of it and they say that part of a problem and preexisted john's gospel as a him my believe it is a not it's a baptismal or baptismal tech
the structure of the crime and do you have the chanda h eight but all of a block diagram
look at the third stage of there
on the left side of the third page your planet
our guide a very trying i no real can reveal
i don't think i haven't here so i can give it to your later but i don't have it here that we can look on with somebody
ha the you shouldn't actually somebody to happen
even though the credit apprentice kind of time
now what we've done or to go wrong
out again it to my i and
diagram not i can only about more about this when you might pay here that one can find apart so that it isn't as part of one done air and you go again are it
not moving this or i'm moving down
ironically woken up
five to one hundred movies when the the berserker dynamic
by creating an hour
hartford and over here
what five the
as i say that the to part about it down about the touch the metric that one is above the hundred and or apart by the other the below the center and by on that and i think they are somewhat intuition that but it doesn't matter
ah it's difficult to read the central column here because it's upside down and others the good editor of moving up and if we want to find the cemetery the actual kiyash infinity here we need to align with that for but they actually the beginning is at the bottom and he ends
the fact that no ever see those those parallel
we haven't been able to do that
on on the horizontal for to and back for
talk about the center for a moment they used to believe that the center of this was my first fourteen because that's the theological heavyweight for western theology and eastern theology to as akron and the word became flesh and blood on okay that's a dogmatic statement and in fact that that is so like the kingpin of
a traditional theology the belief in the incarnation
consequently that would be put at the center but scholars nowadays are more inclined to put your hand to earlier on to find it in especially because of the chaotic parallels with they find that has been damaged cemeteries between one part of other to put the center and worked for king i think i got this from called epic
i wrote a widely recognized paper on the the structure of josh brolin the center at first well and that makes a different kind of sense you that's not a dogmatic objectives and this is an experiential suppose that what this is about his baptism and suppose that burst twelve and the actual baptismal
experience the actual perhaps another that
what are those who receive them who believed in his name he gave the power to become children of gum suppose that becoming a child of god is the actual baptism of it is isn't the baptismal from somewhere
and i suppose that that corresponds to the center of john's gospel now as seen in front of baptism unmarked of okay but i think john's form as much more centric porn markets are on the conclusion of the end
we talked about the center of our customer rather positive about exactly what it is it's the long word of the cross section between the two healing to the environment but to precise they fixed the center of markets was not so easy i think it fits together and john more conclusively it it kind of false together with
nick and john's gospel the center of the gospel and then here the center of the gulag and the correspondence between the two know about baptism to become a child of god is the baptismal event that was my experience it comes through faith and through the that jesus the thing that guards punctured and the gospel i believe is the
secrets and or jesus is coming across the water your number after the multiplication of the bread and john chapter six verse sixteen to twenty one who sends them off from the book now rolling jesus walking on water they they're frightened and he said not be afraid i am
and then they want to take him into the problem
they want to receive an and to devote the greek verb is not quite same to work for symbolic need the center of town guards for the sea crossing a symbolic both of the exodus see crushing and of the first day of creation and other limits there are available for the water and god said let there be light
that's the jesus as i am
and they want to take him into the boat so that symbolic also baptism therefore of earth remember the words at the baptism abuse admission application that you are my beloved son and you i am wealthy he gave the power to become the children of god i mean that's the job to isabel experience and the old thing is about that someone and
the whole account gospel i believe the center and that that does not experience
so it's not basically a linear narrative it's a commemoration of that which has transcended of that which convincing the world and somehow takes you back to the beginning and started bleeding all over again it's an attempt to put into form to put into some kind of visible repeatable readable
that which is overwhelming that which comes in and becomes the biggest mountain of all which is this experience this effect of the pet the challenge of john community and the experience with after which somehow becomes the center of the world and so the only way to do it up from a new graphic they are visual areas where the central text which is why to
happening here there's this enormous centering tendency that you're fine and sacred texts and and sacred architecture as well when they've got a transcendent experience when there's been some kind of overwhelming experience something out of the ordinary how do you commemorate that though
gilda make a pile they can find about on the biggest mouth find a tree ontology find something that is naturally center and that protrudes out of the two dimensional version and that's what the gospel writers are attempting to do in their own way as a part of it is money are part of this entry but you've got the second live on twitch center
i and the centering and the cemetery around this entering is the language of that second level language and i don't like to say transcendence because that's usually opposed to image and what we're talking about has transcended together it's the language of the ultimate and the absolute of the i am now that which comes into your life and becomes the middle of your life that would
comes in and become the principal thing becomes the dominant language comes in and becomes law become az and the whole alphabet for you which revolutionizes your life
so that's what they're not what you're talking about now if you look at verse thirteen that it's also in the box in the middle
who were born not of blood nor have the will of the flesh nor the will of man of god why are there for term for a change rather boring and change like some kind of semitic wearisome not
talk happening now but actually i think it's pointing out the four dimensional quality of the whole thing before dimensional form that is the poor arms here and then we have another man dialectics in which you're given a function of the countries of baptismal experience and then you have each for dimensions okay and they're pointed to in a very simple way by those for
whether the flesh colored nice guy and then the god direction as the upward direction as the vertical direction as we have drawn here you can also do it upside down these sentiments to the russian
and the same thing is true i believe that the gospel so the the quaternary form where the mandelic on or the cruciform of the prologue is repeated in the gospel
now what do these four limbs mean here
remember that the prologue as a guy to reading the gospel so don't expect everything in the prologue to be explained within the problem
i believe it goes like this that at the bottom you have the first creation
and the beginning of the word and the word was with got on a word of it was got a visit the beginning with got all things came into being through heaven without empathy was created okay i just think that the first creation i remember that what's the beginning of got to problem in the beginning and then beginning with the word in the beginning of the first words with the book of genesis right because the first word for creating and kind of analysis
so he's deliberately taking your back to the first greenidge very emphatic these and like that
that's one of the word and rk in a big hit
oh and that beginning from allergies is not all inclusive beginning there's not just the beginning of time it's the metaphysical beginning which is the divide beginning which has got him into the word but at the bottom you have the first creation and at the top he has the new creation that's what john about them for john goddard
the lives of others and new creation and what characterizes the new creation much read from her burst for you have the the john the baptist thing which as i said that kind of intrusion and then you have urged the sixteen up from his phone as we have all received grace upon grace the law did
was given through moses before the leg and the creation of grace and truth and through jesus christ no one has ever seen god has garden only shot noise and the others was approached by them down another interpretation of that
where aggregation exit gate gate except case a tough excuse me
the usual one and he has made him now and other want to it open the way via a good french john at call it a pottery
what's happening up there and how what's the difference between the first creation of a new creation
heard something about this former
i'm telling about to do with great can turn into a grace and truth got something to do with not seeing god but another kind of relationship with garbage has expressed by a being in the bosom of the fog okay what does about do not think do it makes your child of god what has to be a child and to be trying to be due to the the on a fun activity be norm
each other as there's only one and that's the one who is in the rhythm of the fathers so the new creation it being created inside god which is being generated by the new creation of new creation of generations to be got provider that's what the first letter of challenge that so phone have being begun by guy now that's to go back
we're beginning to the real beginning of even before the beginning of creation the real beginning begetting beginning into the father regenerate
and generate in the beginning and is the beginning and there in the beginning to as the word and the beginning with the work and the beginning of the word
so you'd taken from creation degeneration new creation is a lunatic creation which means that you created recreated in sika what was created with picture it outside it brought inside got and that's the new create the first creation of the were was a separation and the the creation account captain's to the all separation
the light is separated from the darkness from the heavens are different the water and separate dry land in all of that it's repeated by separation the second creation by union perfect integration by this unit that taking and entering and bringing in of the human person or to go
and not i believe this theme the drama for things happen cause for is that no creation
which is a huge new creation which means it's the one that's that's the union which is newness unionism internet and the union is in the sun is one son is in the word or is jesus
were taken into him we come become one with them and become him becoming one with them i one with god we're in a language you got are you happy
now that's the vertical axis you're okay you might call a metaphysical actually the access for being but it's also an actress that in some way takes takes place and time and yet it takes quite some time much as eight a be but it's always overlapping and as business this transformation it's going on holotype of new creation by which
which the own creation flung out there become the new created by be brought into god become by accepting god and entering into go
the energy of no creation now when you have on the horizontal line
i think it here but you've got is the outside and the inside and that's what we usually have an eight figures for the new testament on one side that we have like galilee member the outsiders and the gentiles on one side of the right side we've been putting it on the other side we have the inside the inside of that judea
the jerusalem it's the judge is especially the official villagers the high priests and scribes and pharisees and charge of those guy those are the inside it on the other side is the the outside of the galileans the gentile and a lot of that stuff people are around the right style
and the whole world actually is waiting outside the door on the right side asia and the left side the inside as it usually ironic and that the jerusalem is where jesus is rejected and chance so there's a reversal taking place on the left side and the outsiders are being brought it inside or from her is a dynamic happening
continue on these figures in the new testament now what do we have here i've run a right side the true like which enlightens everyone is coming into the world he was another world and work i'm to being thrown but the world and not he came into those who work is on and they didn't expect so here you've got the insiders who are to become outside of honor
right but you've gotta the outer darkness gift
it's as if the people who do not accept can become part of the world which does not know how on the right side i tried to charge as much on the website and the word became flesh and lived among us and we have seen his glory the glory years of a father's on it's not full of grace and truth into the light on electricity now what is that by that light i believe is the baptismal
right that's the illumination that's the photos also capture those who didn't believe remained on the darkness on the outside with a world which does not know that life out of which it was made and which is committed to it those who believe and who receive him and who are baptized are illuminated in adapted and the whole thing it can
none of that with my experience and that's what you have on the left is the overflow or the emanation of the center of verse twelve with the center from cocaine they're born of god
the word became flesh and dwelt among us now we usually think of that outside of ourselves in jesus but suppose that's happening and i suppose that we are really intended to be a commentary on a baptismal of them by which the word becomes flesh and us because we are jesus at that point because her cried and we've seen his glory the glory as have a valid only night to remember with that because
the glory of the other night i recall that the transfiguration the number where jesus is explicitly clearly glorified he's seen in glory of private but what does the transfiguration connected to connected to the baptism remember the words of the
and my beloved shining and ninety eight and of transfiguration it's different my beloved son machine to have my only be got whatever the language isn't it and they give and gos that's not a job but surrounding that baptismal event in which somehow is the event of the transfiguration is this light
of the glory of god and these words and this idea of being a child of god
glory as of her father's home i that's still the radiance of the baptismal of that parade into the event political experience i think that's what it's about
here's the light of got a crash contrasting with the darkness over on the other side of the world which does not know him and the people who do not tell him he's another is on people okay
how the same things going on and i believe basically the same shape in john's gospel you others sometimes some uncertainty about about the poet because there's this ironing about these for taking a move back and forth on the horizontal then not on the critical level that always seems to work percent
notice the unity of continuity and then you've got a series of terms all of which expensive unitary participation we're talking about and first of all the word
and without him not one thing came into being he contains everything he is god gonna say and in his word which is got is of it and everything comes out of him as it were and yet somehow remains in him the unity and integrity of all things that found on the in him
what has come into being and him was life and life was the light of all people and the secret affairs a little puzzling to me i'm not sure i can reason about between life and light and shot but these are the unity of term there's one life there's one life is one word
the light shines on a dark bedroom and the darkness does not overcoming and then the part about john and then you go over to the right side brush nine the true light which enlightens everyone is coming into the world sounds like that light is enlightening everybody before a congenital work before he comes in as jesus he's already the light switch in the were
world and it's enlightening everybody's somehow from within
he was in the world and world came into being through him yet to world did not know him this is an astonishing kind of on my distance from the the jesus that we see in the gospel movement
to say that he was in the world and road came into being through that the world and not mean well what that does to the figure of jesus touch the the jesus of mark the genealogy
he came to what was on and john people do not accept him so the unity of term there is a life
and that light is also the world there's also the word excuse me
the relative term and verse twelve to appreciate and believed in his name and name has reality reference to communicate president to two children of god and born of god those indiana to turn there's an actual that runs through relevant because to be bought a got it is born as the one child one son
the word became flesh word again lived among us we have seen his glory glory as of a products on the fact why because we are the other the we are the one child the unity of turn at that point gathers his into it's known for negative light the in a two word gathers as united to into itself
and then he grew up verse fifteen we skipped cause actually john the baptist from his fullness okay the former
the kerala and that in the prologue and i remember think so
we have all received grace upon grace the law the partial
and structured love differentiated not the intermediate the mediated car came through moses grace and truth or the final times grace and truth of the final images text you've got you've got about thirty different words to describe as one thing which is happening which is breaking through of got into the world into the electorate
him through baptism indiana to boy so there's somebody you are divine is worth the we hardly prepared to speak
no one has ever seen go she ain't gotta not what it took out of i you seek is it is sugar to see to see with the i configure the imagination that's just an intermediate thing as the law is no doubt we should always she god but she got and shot manifest form but not she got as the source to know god
the choice to seek out if the choice is to arise consciously and negatively from got to be gotten unconscious the book that to be in that relationship and that's what the new creations beginning with the and person so grace and truth that the edited today and to be finally in the father's bosom and to have god made no
one to you that happened by you're being brought into the punishment and the father's bosom and vertical an anatomical expression or his facial expression another one for this one negative reality of being one with whatever that means
so the same key is the key to the prologue and then to the gospel itself now it's it's relatively simple enough for luggage or compressed here and and the narrative parts as i say seem like they are they belong there seemed like an interruption or applause and this gonna to continually we're going to gospel which you've got is erica
which had never the discourses of jesus which which tend to portray to establish this unit to reality and the middle of america
now i get to the gospel on our times have we done already but let me say something about structure of the gospel you have a and page two
have that each a you have to diagrams which both to be linked to restrict your countertops cupcake
have you know i have to go through it is because it's very much bound up with is generated content of january two message down and we're talking about
the structure of and regenerative thing i just to two aspects of the same
to thank composition
now the the one on the left and was the last one i gave you this one is just a magnification a bigger version of a lot on the right okay because that's too smart where they're doing it now
the one on the left is peter ellis is structure the ethics commissioner for canada project
hey eric
you know the product for your basic creative arctic like that
your age a five part five boxes here are five carpet
and and goes employee like time to the or five to party hereby so i'm hearing that this is not been collecting and i am problem is not part of this encouraged a bunch of the old adage
they got to know about to start with one nine p are down about it
and you can that other guys weren't necessary
part one country like five by okay those the and an parallel between them are few
the top for prior we don't have any or all by itself in the center and others would but to begin the very short it's only about five persons it's between the multiplication of the credit use a threat of like this court judge after six you've got the secret them attacking talking and now
that illicit center activated you get it is actually from january gerhardt from in that disappeared that you use a tournament of teaching that he did this and transportation has and more popular the
i've never heard any more
so is he
if you're looking to be parallel that was no here he called them sequences as as he killed okay you can see certain naughty girl maybe the most garbage from navy and between she points to hear the second one and because plenty true episode of jesus and woman okay
mary and jesus and his mother to china and then a mandolin a genius at the top of the garden but then he was between tour or if i actually conflict and segment sixteen not in the same relative position that the man one can easily and then the women marrying a bot that bethany
together the kids for something diana
thank you wonder if it couldn't be a relationship dynamic only people that work for between the it a woman that we will follow it up
ah the title of here are all negotiable they you can put any kind of totally you on that you have to look at the passages themselves to save time
the the relationship to see the actual power than the content
he one at the gop now you remember what that's about it school gazer choosing an inviting his first disciples but behind that whole episode that the baptism of jesus that doesn't appear at job because you've got john the baptist they're calling the book cycles and the end of that
one fifty one chapter one verse fifty one my brain is just watch in atlanta
do you have he said
you believe just because i thought was a under the fig tree you shall see greater things than an usually get the age of the gut as an effect on sunday
what's that about
so that jacob them another the connection of jacob with the baptism of genius of a bad mark and was not a casual
and the ascending of genius from the water of decent of the spirit of jesus' baptism and i felt
that's about the baptism of experience and i believe that the greatest things to me but not sure the baptism of jesus that's all they've gone but the baptism of the individual of nathaniel
the one who wasn't a laptop that goes along with times
but the baptism of us baptism the believer the wonderfully was finally brought it that that is the greatest thing which is the same as to see the glory as of the only begotten son and the phone
however what else is done it is kept chapter twenty one
in the final part in a family secret you know that plan and i don't think i don't think of it that way so i'm going to make no restriction and think that out
when i try to find a couple of more convincing parallel
where's the passion have
nineteen the and it go go i'm actually country which is jesus and the temple okay now do you remember what happens when he a to tap my laptop from his challenge of course and what did they say he didn't destroy the capital and three days it up again to judge them that he said that the
he added the site of another family dog them but he said that at the temple of by destroy this temple and three days the topic now that power by the passion of jesus by the destruction of that temple or basic and and then the resurrection it's the the building up a new capital for so there's a good parallel also when you read
like that what was the capital actual the temple is a place where the sacrificial animals were killed in great numbers so something as the something being terminated their and something new is happening to the passion to put in germany and the letter of it doesn't have an interminable sequences or sacrifices
or concluded by the one sacrifice your profession professional june and interpret the template and not the only way to interpret the temple they've interpreted that way makes perfect sense to therapy the parallel to the passion of jesus the whole issue of the temple
and remember the temple of been kind to be destroyed
which has happened before the gospel of john of living
okay now the one on their right but fiercely complicated and is derived from it but if you have pride park we've had a very kind of personality disorder guten average they can take to like out by putting the know the bar
sandro and you can't read this that credential

now get your guy we've not something like that your heart though i'm right away and take this type of camera and made it this way
this is part one moving average with then you to build the network for five to one to
the think part of with know this is partly the
this is part of for when we have this way and finally five five hundred
so your progression going like this
the know over here you have you been described by cry and
in okay but and repeat
to keep one linear sequence while you're having a different kind of geometrical
to bring together the lending eric the actual narrative together with the geometry of and you have to do something like that something weird because we're to to move from here here and no credibility for what we can take between for locate that are an online
ah what an a plant structure the whole that for this way you're not awkward you have one you really pathetic for
what we've done this to play a good part
i'm gonna it
i tell of that element that five return
we get used to that for what
now the point of this is that if you do this you start to notice a also i pushed around on the section section poundage equipped boundaries that let you do this we start to notice other cemeteries with which become very strong recognition
we've kept the same center
just to and we kept this thing
sorry this is a conflict the little numbers than the circle on the number is probably going to take on and economic american and there are twenty one of them but i excluded chapter twenty one so
that's the chancellor that the electorate remember when they provided and the cashier finish the not sure there's probably a lot
and they come to sure android finding that a fire and peter hall's him some of the fish other fifty three fish there are and then they have breakfast and then jesus challenging peter remember money does follow me and that's the question of fear of a disciple and then i thought now that she
estimated the a new protocol and your mode new style which breaks the symmetry of the gospel to chapter twenty separate that left it out of the day the diagram and we have an open air and here and her jacket twenty now what a want to point out of the cemetery victory
and thought my very different than having me
because we have everything credit and ended up favorably
but if you modify the infection bounded over
when she get out and the the seven of creation of the and that's the reason for pulling others
they nodded the progression if here is that of cemetery and kind of here is a layer or level moving out center and the related to one another in sunlight the tip off the that the moment rather go out this are and create and okay
they've got a hundred circle and then you've got six more rain than respect for the first day of and genesis thousand gentlemen second one is the first thing that three four five six seven look at number six
now we noticed that before gays of one at the earth
they seem to be ethical to relate the one
the similarity having man and woman worth it
and i was having already found into relationships which is an urgent repairs what if you lie on for
well the command with a little you have to do you find that better in the big a thick layer creating characters and recreation of a what of the land animal and of humanity man and one them
male and female he created and agility and made them male and female created on the sixth day of creation that's so strong that it lens one peccary the and insanity further of them and then figure out a bit of creation which which was intended
if you do that and if you might have kids i want to carry it through it and try to claim when current click on in creating the correspondences with the actual date of creation and journalists should not all that convincing that wanted the first one is a couple of other but they're not yet upon they can rarely
a scheme like that were perfect
but i believe that it in there
the first day of creation and that corresponds to the sea crossing and corresponds to jesus walking upon the water and
to say to the disciples not be afraid i have i believe that correspond and illustrate the turn onto a covered wagon
one the across the state the cross a it were from the outside the entire inside the after really
john in the center and government wants the event that it on the event of the new birth crossing over the old to the new bridge
crossing over from the outside i might be gross negligence have been going from him but at one pm and ironic that the a negative had a major victory
on the first level of symbolism is the extradition of growth in of the virtue the liberation of seconds later on the second level of symbolism is the first day of creation of the first moment of creation and under the french words to go live in the beginning what follows in the beginning
and jennifer
now there's the chaos and i'm going to get out that are requested to work
and then to see there as often in the old testament and then there's nothing hovering over the water which is skirt
and guards regiment will be like and just doesn't say that their life he said i am and i believe what that a package that was not the creation of a new like it's a manifestation of the uncreated like which is the word which is delighted to talk about the other and central part of a color worst well
he gave the power to become the children gutters surrounded on one side by the light with committed the world i'm not saying now on the other side but work not worry and olivia
and at a centralized baptismal about an average of life i might like the the words are created some way to be closer to life for some way to
to fit into dovetail better within a day at the end of the first day of creation that that they don't have a for it
so the bathroom obama interpreted as new creation and and birth and as actually the primarily as creation and the every creation of a manifestation of like manifestation of this unit like that
and somehow that includes every other episode africa
i think take long as it were built upon them
the other
and about three months but that many times relative mention of work so light and a water actually
and then you move out on the other a creation i say the trying to recreate the fact that you want my creation and just if i believe the secondary which is a great time to federal courts of the people
there's really get a time of a pathological liar in fact with you can get a second have radical a complimentary
there's was wrong and pastor daniel carver
let me point out a couple of other future
the one on the secondary between a bread find and and the british court that if no proprietary ended up that way but the baptismal
the battles or moment and crossing the street was right in the middle of a grey matter is that i can job
take a look at around
roman numeral number five that look at the fifth day in a creation of on the bottom and going to use plunged into and temple remember we looked at that and alice that structure and we find that the parallel the violent because the geographical she could back me and that's a good internet conducting look put your head
it on the other two
episode perfection here which your number thirteen barry fourteen
thirteen the royal officials and nine eleven the sun is at the point of death
i don't think it already died at the point of death and then look at advisors and card fun other side
that blunders before they did
so this is about death and life without death and like but year it has the fruit of the work of the passion that the jesus which is the bringing back to life or kid you didn't have to worry about two episodes two symbols to symbolic narrative of the participated in resurrection
or the you can fit a passionate of good experience in woman in human debt but with more important the resurrection
and wanted this kind of suggestive of the pagan world that we have for the official some vanilla coke is greek tiger the other one is suggestive of of the queue of the good job that is a number of admiration the and both ways media the poor man i have to underage medicaid
you can post them that way that thing like that should be used for storage system
well as as i believe is a good job a brother of mary and and modern new and if your personal development so in the heart like manager
so i don't want your that carry that much further they compare twenty and two thousand and one of the seventh day okay
now what your and chapter one of john's gospel from nine hundred and fifty one much that is against the background of the baptism of cheek and i believe john the baptist is there
and i believe that basically it's it's intended to the interpreted in a baptism okay
and at that point is predicted remember the job said the job that i be water if one com estimating that type of the holy spirit much what happened up in twenty one of the baptism of the holy spirit this is if the baptism with water with john still it caught in women the women
the limits of the first creation
but about pigeon with you know spread that users make the initiate a new creation and the recycled right through to that only at the end only in the outermost manga on the third getting my kids will create the own theory
and alone and that the islamic heritage foundation for get their country
you have an airplane mechanic catch fresh content after the after the pack route
and after the that to the next day which is to recreate the on
the apparent that using the macro wedding
pretty up forever that would you want people to give up
and then you have to contract which is the file
i wish them a
my vs i'm giving up a hobby for and they have worked
and just gonna like getting scary
now that will have built for it
in creation of from janet
i'm going to have created my reasoning
the breath of life and to after the wizard new creation and motherhood isn't really accurate and the disciple
the resurrection day
what he's doing is bringing about the new creation of the one with humanity and no unity of creation of the one thematically of the one man and one had a concept was one human person which is in up by getting his own spirit with the cyclist the the twelve effects of the how many
they ever there are not trolley
but they said wanted to try and all of you
any questions about this i'm sorry to assure dementia
here's ah
to pay yes and this rain what do jesus trial and dad
and royal officials and all the face in the fifth grade have to do with it and creation and won't have enough the creation okay the fifth day of creation as the creation of life okay and it's the the first of living creatures which are the efficient average extra but i think what jonathan has used it for the issue of
okay so you have the ironic the ironic appearance of life in first of all the destruction of the temple of jesus' body okay but remember that the the temple is the place of animal sacrifice okay i think what john has done actually is just put all animal life into the fifth day for all life into the fit
today and put humanity and humanity for him the a man and woman the whole nuptial simple as and into the sixth day so that you see the emphasis is changed not totally but someone had shifted and the first page for as a day of life and death but particularly the day of well the day of life and death so the animal sacrifice
shes and are supplanted as it were by the one sacrificial death of jesus okay and who you have these two human does does as it were among the cage and the basilica after that that royal official sun reflects what that the exodus this time reflects the they remember the first part of pharaoh was slain in the in the final play
a time diamond exes and you find frequently i think in the gospel to the the science of jesus the great healings and scientific jesus are reversals of the plagues in egypt turkey now there was the action of go this time it does not change destruction of have destructive action but a life-giving actually numerical it's it's bestowed upon
so the issue and all four of those his life
with a lot of death as the background of death as the necessary door as it worth to is this restoration of life but then we see that the life that is restored hear somebody appear it's human life symbolically but it's much more than him for life it is restored now or there's given now is this unity of life in which is the
life of god okay and that comes out on the sixth and seventh day because that nuptial energy of the six day is loaded with the symbolism of the new unity of god and that new unity of god and humanity
all of that marriage symbolism of those four episodes of jesus and a woman
really does that in the background and then that becomes an explicit on the seventh day on a skirt has breathed into the disciple of action
then there's the thing about thomas and seventy two which are very interesting thomas the twin okay
the twin who has somehow to do is a twin also of nathaniel and chapter one because of the parallels the to a very some i look at those two sometimes just rip been nathaniel and of thomas
and what they cry out nathaniel cries out your what you are the king of israel you are if you say the son of god
had way at the end of chapter one and thomas who cries out my word at my gut
and as invited to stretch out his hand and put it into jesus guy
and do you remember and in genesis chapter three when adam and eve had been thrown out of the garden
and god says to himself as as to somebody says well less man reach out his hand and take from the tree of life most men reach out which man can take the good of the tree of life and heat and with forever
so what is happening now with thomas i really actually with his final closure of the paradise imagery isn't he's invited to reach out his hand and take from the tree of life symbolically speaking of and jesus is a tree of life
one enters the unit and imagery of the one thing that convinced of the world and and has participated as given as broken as distributed to tour by the giving them the holy spirit and then by the opening as it were of his side for thomas to reach out which symbolically is the opening of paradise and because paradise was close to the first time
paradise is a to push paradise is in place where everything comes together at the center as it were and is one and got her thomas' with twin
the twin he's the he's the double one remember how he was the one day was called thomas the doubter you know there isn't one who had the problem and he'd say well let's go die with or i won't believe until i see the the holes in his hands until i put my hand in which i don't believe a demo and village with both thing he cries out my
i ordered my gut the double wanted to become the single one at that point
the syrians love to interpret those things in those tracks
the single one may have a language but i think of your eyes but against as and jesus was born it's the same as if reaching out and
touching a fruit that's the way i understand thomas thomas reaching out we don't know that he did he was invited to okay jesus invites until we don't know how much a painters recursive i've done thomas reaching out and say as we imagine and putting his hand through the one introduce a side
is the human person entering again into paradise stretching out his hand and taking the fruit of life from the tree of life to live forever but what does the fruit of life what does that fruit of the tree of life that's in chapter six to and that great bread of life description are jesus as i am the bread of life with a better life is is the tree of life it's the same thing
and if you eat of this fruit to live forever but what does that life and dutch forever that's the single life for one life the divine life the only life does he turn and the life in which all things are one that may seem like stretching things a bit but
i'm now compressing a lot and that
so i think thomas and his double us is intended as a final underlining of the unity of nature of what's happening here
another places where the beloved disciple matters into the tomb and john john twenty you've got about four different things and john twenty that's the final resurrection and before jumped on a wonderfully for different chains and each one of them has a unity of character to it
i remember where the beloved disciple
goes down into the tomb after after peter has
and he seems the grave clothes and you believed
now what i think it's happening the grave cause and especially the costs of with under the face because and hold up and such a face cloth especially an hold up and of side i think what that is the removal of the bail and i think that that to encourage bunch of productive management remember how we can embark that the baptismal font on a team
conclusion by clicking the same thing as in robin six so when he steps that and sees the clause shut up on first of all another one clothing came under way and then a lot of the symbolism of your placement gonna and under the matter will not has time test out of products
out of the village of place okay
so to see the cause they're set aside the jesus doesn't need of it means that the
the rat with people have to have never cast out of paradise and by the spider man has children are so the jesus didn't even going place or is how they to state but that's also what
paradise news
the fail has been taken away as the bill was taken away remember positive my facial colleges
i'm from integration of the y has valence technology taken away that to meteor when you look at it from inside of paul the apologise for you look at it from side of the clothing
but we haven't worked on our arrogance which should entering into that place so what he sees and believe i believe that's the same as about to once you get a beloved disciple because the one and home that reaches its finale
okay what i would have liked to have done had we had longer was to go through john's gospel and pick out the places where there's one cor
theme martha and the course i think josh cause proclaiming his unitary participation in god we talked about the four gospels
as visiting for dimensions images that were on position
the good set of reality why i haven't let me know from from part of the giant fish will become an athlete
what we're trying to i seem to be far from texas
as by symbolic sort of cool
no it's coming up with dark here is here the other to participate in which is just ended up and an album that i didn't know experience here we fight back upon mark's gospel which commanded to the open as with the conflict is loaded it from beginning to end accounts gossip from starting with and about you've got nothing but this
teaching of the to produce fish coming from the one who call themselves i have to say
ah where you find it especially and most concentrated form besides the product is in and most explicit form is in the supper discourse of jesus chapters fourteen through seventeen
if you read through that didn't find of all the places where jesus was talking about your being one and sunlight united states in let's and the theme of and dwelling okay if anybody last movie i keep my word and i'll come to him and be with them and i'm gonna dwell on him and a father will come and dwell on those words to dwell and mundane and
and two billion a very important as well as in one job where i'm from the vine and new of the branches okay
more money praise and john seventeen and then if you want as we are one
i am you and you and me that they may be one
so the chapter the chapters of the separate is because fourteen through seventeen or that the final political unity of explicit images message your challenge gospel the rest of symbolism as we've been talking about a resurrection at the surgeon john twenty
now what do you have an income synoptic gospels photoshop or you have a short account of and stubborn and in mark i've attended this morning to get to thing you've got to the trail and you've got the institution of the eucharist okay the body and the bed in the wine and the to are fitted together by the idea of handing over the trail is handing over what jesus doesn't have
the eucharist over at that point but that's it's a lively eucharistic types and a very small text in john how many chapters dealing with separate thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen we've got five chapters and he doesn't it all mentioned the eucharistic institution he doesn't say anything about the eucharist
which is incredible and such a long suffered discuss what it is is a new crisp of wisdom is a your question this unity of reality itself but he's trying to give you this the heart of the core of the across the spiritual divine reality which he accused ultimate management below
so that's what it gives you that preceded by the baptismal recollection of the cooperation on her chapter thirteen
so if you want to find this unit participation and john need does read the supper discourse in that like fourteen through seventeen i also wanted to talk about the first letter account which i asked you to read those time and you have a handout which gives your mallow testers proposed structure for that
which is very interesting college and three for first part fishing they got his wife third part cottage luck the sasha card your children of god pick up and biker was a trinitarian on them in that stretch and it's on a level of john's product and it's transparent unit
language other go but some of those things now might be oh god is white cottage but you have to but when it since i've been sort of gotta love it means you are one with god and so far as your love when it says is like and mean you are like you are one my god you are god
and so forth we live in that language okay
and then in the middle your big africa so i won't belabor the now we don't have time but i think that's the most units have expanded text and the whole new testament and so it forms a good conclusion of a with them say
about the edited budget of inattention that's workforce is like for daylight and entree photoshop
i first letter of the catholic girl to get the first letters for shape and after africa and probably not try this and personal but it depends on the gospel there's a lot in the first letter epidemic fbi has given us you're familiar with what you're gonna cost for it
can recall one on a for hour and
the shape that for posting
within the new testament for the expression language is one hundred and we started working on a particular interpretation for a quiet and visitors and new unity in diversity and other with it's a new simplicity which concentrates everything that happened there's one thing which is users themselves and we didn't have one thing that want to think of oneness that
will never going to get that if one should have got that it's like the would you call it's like the gravitational attraction and one of those black home because everything into itself an extremely powerful gravitational attraction which doesn't destroy thing but bringing them to their fullness in itself and so that their one
but that expresses and so like an artwork goes by embracing the maximum diversity the maximum per hour they've got the inward movement of the advertisement the them to the core the image of go to the nga the our movement to all the kendra okay
and then we got our for expression mark of right
the eruption of this enter the world the tearing up on the of raping on the earth and to on and carrying on the tail
and the baptismal experience you can guy because if the inputs or into the right advantage by can live with his life of indicate projects division which is christ himself from how it will make for an average cost from transform
and that you you've got this from the perspective of wisdom
which them and have a life of was a life of moral living based on a lot of love central command on love to commandment which pull your own life together in and in a participation of the with credit and going the of that is the whole thing for them to the energy of the college spirit that is
one this is the early reality experience participation of provide them do what you found this pretty
the and this is the basic question of christianity and stuff person that's been persons who are not for kind of solitary shining track or somehow the cosmos and creation humanity and for ourselves in our body even matter into their or internet companion
once you're gonna call the icon
the table if we figured he be open from which is waiting for you're gonna turn out the apparently and twenty cents per lap for the extra tricky especially preferred your idea of even participation in the life of trinity up and that
working checker john's really important text for column carrying orthodox church because they look at his community not just with in christ but it's like to get
pull it into the air life trinity nothing he said it's kind of things like one and ha spirit man everybody inclined chair
it's been very hard for western theology to keep keep open to that kind of contract because we became so differentiating so dualistic and analytical and i thank you never know how long they can achieve of a union like kind of community like that so the east cherishes that a defendant i think against western analysis gets to more hours between might think
but we really have recovery because it's the hot oven or toaster
koinonia okay thank you very much
going into the father into the hundred for the experience
hasn't it was created and is now there are they shot me were matter