The Sacrament of the Present Moment

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the perfect said
who's sacrament of the present moment invites us to see differently to have a whole different perspective on each moment on it invites us to outwardly exercise our will to be present to be present in
pain than to cleave to god that moment to of seek to discern god's will and do it on to be as god would have us in that moment so it's a rather demanding business it's not just a sweet conservation
and if we're going to undertake us we want to know why we want to know is there a strong basis for this practice or will really seeing something represent illusion so this opens up the need to really young reflect on the substance that the our
a g of boss is it grounded in scripture is a solid in our faith etc so that's our task was morning to look a at the theology of the second said of the present moment
oh viktor frankl the therapy he's commented that if we know why of something were called to do we could put up with a lot of what you can put up with a lot of difficulty and should we know why ultimately he is a prisoner in the up not she pro
isn't kr p he discovered that some people did survive and others didn't people who survived he found tended to be those who saw some kind of ultimate transcendent meaning
despite all the immediate stuff around of the people who couldn't discern a meaning a while but they were the ones who gave up so a before we start of this afternoon on how would one more effectively celebrate the sacrament of the present me
moment in an ongoing way up we want to know rye what's the basis for all these business
so what advice did facade is thrown at us was this word sacrament that's a heavy weight word certainly in the roman catholic in the orthodox and the anglican tradition or a traditional definition of sacrament is that it's an outer and visible sign
have an inner and spiritual grace
so as with baptism you have your outward and visible sign water but you're not just evolved in water there there's an inner and spiritual grace and that's being renewed that's being engrafted and christ that's the grace of this action in and through
water so with eucharist you have the outer visible signs they look simply like bread and wine but you have the inner spiritual grace of communion in christ of been nourished by christ i'm so sacrament in the strict sense
it's if it's used in the roman catholic tradition me say that there are seven sacraments this came rather late this definition up with the web medieval scholastics before that it was thought there were many more supplements etc but aren't the emotions are tending to say now that in an extended since
oh you're lot more sacraments
in the anglican and reformed tradition there are two basic sacraments baptism eucharist a done according to whether your i try to go to teach other like the other sacraments are up certainly yup significant signs but it can be that as
some some theologians charge of christ is the great sacrament
christ is the outturn visible signs which humanity through his life or something is the resurrection of the basic grace of our being redeemed transformed recreated etc
but so these kind of extensive first of all and second of all each one of us is through baptism member of christ each one of us to comes ah
christ augustine says sept very boldly do not understand your dignity or christian you have been made christ because of we are part of the whole the part of a whole can be called the whole his hand can be called robert it's not the whole of robert but it's a part of robert
so jesus says to paul for instance with paul is still in his pre christian fellowship persecuting christians on the way to damascus and he's thrown off the horse or whatever was and up jesus appears in his glorious him and says why do you persecute me now he
paul was very actively persecuting the christians and up so crazy your persecuting me in so far as your persecuting my disciples
then you remember on matthew twenty five oh you have given me to eat you have given me to drink can the disciples have when did we do this and he says in so far from done this to the midst of my brother you've done it to me
so a christ in the poor christ in the needy christ in others ah so in a way where all sacraments were all other invisible sign of the inner grace of christ present in us
is it also possible that after pentecost the spirit is working everywhere and working through everything so that are excluded and anything and everything can be common efficacious sign of christ's grace this is in the extended sense of sacrament and if we
read scripture carefully god is working prevalently through anything and everything when the yep juicer carted off into exile and egypt up god is working through the farrell through the pharaohs life through the prison guards through all kinds of yvette
since also through the plagues
they're all
vehicles for god's working with israel not the god directly wills everything that happened such an important distinction down here events god wills some events god doesn't will every event sentiments come out of on human freedom which we exercise
a sin sin god does not will sin that does not real simple when events but he permits them he allows them out of god's reverence for our freedom and the good news is that god can work through even sinful events even bad events
for our a renewed for our sanctification that's the basic theological principle of this so god did not will the the slavery the suffering of israel and egypt regard was able to work salvific ethically also through that the made
or monsieur was carted again into exile in babylon the prophet sake that god is working through the king of babylon and through the king of syria through rump all kinds of events on so sad have been set back said separate it can all help israel grow because
was god is so omnipotent god can take the bad even and work through it and achieve good for us this comes to our culminating moment in a golgotha it's a terrible godless place of suffering and death where israel had rejected its
messiah crucified it's messiah if god is going to be blocked out of any place good and any time it's and calgary it's the crucifixion i am an impact crisis my god my god why have you forsaken me but the suggest christ's immediate
experience in his humanity i am sorry that we know that god is working salvific lake in a special way through calgary through the cross through crucifixion again not assert that god will sit directly but god allows it and on through this omnipotence of god is
able to bring good out of it so in that sense anything and everything can become sacrament the cross is great sign of salvation for us we put it everywhere we young christians are why it's a terrible instrument of torture and execution
but a god transformed it into vehicle for the salvation of all to sign of god's great love for a soul crisis greater love has no in this than to lay down their life for your frame silk across as the great shying of christ's limitless love for us
us so that's how god can work in and through everything and in that sense everything can become sacrament
of god's presence of god's sanctifying work for us up through us
there are two
important texts in romans eight st paul's letter to the romans but i think we often presuppose that this moment now here is that propitious it's not that beneficial spiritually so i wait for a better moment she looked i'm not feeling that spirit
to will navy or i'm distracted or i got a lot of mind or on someone's persecuting me or i'm worried about the gas or whatever surrender put off of being here with god etc to a good or moment because god's kind of not here really and especially moments where and
something so there are good moments when god is present and we think your bathroom which we got is not present because god's can kind of fun blocked off from us that took us we know nothing can block got off from us and there's as wonderful them joyful triumphant he
him of st paul in romans eight in all these things we are more than conquerors through god who loved us for am sure that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor things present nor things to come nor powers
ours nor height nor depth nor anything else in all of creation will be able to separate us from the love of god in christ jesus our lord
so this is an amazing claim i'm always in a sacred space i'm always in a sacred time because nothing can cut me off from god
so this is one of the foundation self this up
this act of faith that everything is vehicle for a god everything is vehicle of grace for me again not because god is necessarily will have everything that's getting simplistic and wrong headed average me but because whatever it is that it won't separate me from god
and then in a few lines right before that he see them more active not only kidnapping cut me off from god but god is actively working through everything for my good if i'm open to this if i'm close to his dad worked out you know
a violate my freedom and made me into a puppet etc if i open in faith and love to this than everything is vehicle for god's love for me this is romans eight twenty eight we know that in everything god works for the good for those who love him
so this is an amazing claim everything and i think we don't usually
believe had sweeping something's again mediate gods that or us god's grace for us something are spiritually propitious but other things can't be spiritually propitious god is not bear god can't work through these things oh and in fact god can
that's the basic line
this is our design here suppose this is our present moment again and here's the person living in the present moment there is well there's good circumstances are good events and we can rather easily believe that god is working through that i go to
the altar i received the second god is coming to me in and through that sacrament
this is a very good moment i going to my inner chamber i close the door i quietly in prayer with god praying the our father god is there with me through that prayer and him that prayer
but what this is claiming is an events it might seem neutral to us maybe are you know i got to today i gotta go to shop and i gotta clean up the
i'm friendly i gotta do both should i do the one in the morning or the other in the morning really doesn't matter that much whether i shop in the morning with i clean the front room in the morning god is there in and through that
that is not blocked out because some actions are not positively on good he can't answer though both of those harder but if if something isn't on secret and set aside center but just the ordinary regular thing and i could do this right to do that any
he scarred in god's omnipotence can work in and that for me
but the amazing claim here which is suggested a facade but is against scripture is a god can work directly through bad events bad circumstances for my good for arthur he got to discern how to take some attendance
what god is not absent i can't go somewhere where god is it i can't be in some time where god is present
shoulder all four directions from everywhere god is reaching out to me god is wanting to offer me grace and so everything is sacramento every place every time that's the basic
an insight of this theology it's a little like i'm anxiously god as these arrows actively not just like the bike board and self already within the present moment sustaining me as by ground god is yes through the air was said above the ever received
a whole thing so up that's the kind of perspective that up were being asked to open ourselves to to truly see
then i'm harmless guard present not just as a neutral force not just to say kind of a blind of a personal inner cheek through something like that but as loving personal reaching out specifically to
me in love is though i were the only person on earth reaching out to you specifically and in a unique way in each unique moment that's what makes life and credible adventure this is one of those moments with the own particular graces hopefully tomorrow will be another name
the day after moments of great sadness maybe we here at the death of a beloved give not necessarily god will that but god can be working in and through that maybe i learned that i from got a bad sickness or that my savings have been white gown or god knows who
what some our god is able to work through any and all of that for me lovingly
so adhere here again that the emotions talk about the different modalities the different dimensions of god's presence to us and we should have some an intuition of the richness of this can it's not just an impersonal or it's not just primarily a condemnatory
judge who's watching every action in is quite displeased about most of it or something like that again the gospel of christ comes for the siddur enough for the just and god is here first of all as our creator who created us so we are god's child
as a parent loves the child and viewers responsibility for the child so god is present to us as our creator
and as the theologians point out creation putting us from non-existence into existence this is a biggie and it doesn't just happen a way back at our moment of conception or are moment of birth or if you had a cottage at every moment god in sustaining us in existence
ah the urgency it's a little light be note that the singer sings out as long as a singer singing at that notice out there in existence the moment the singer stops the noxious falls into silence
so this is god's creative activity it's continuing just that we're here in guestroom each one of us at this table is here that there's light that their sound this is evidence of god's direct immediate creative and sustaining activity here in all the diversity of
what's in this room and who's in his room and so this this place is sacred with god's creative sustaining action and we should be just dump on siping present at the and creation of the world because it is being created right now in god's sustaining
it in existence
absolute something to munch on and ponder
so god is present to us in and through all things that are enabled by god in existence and
and that's basically genesis steps the creation story but then add the new testament comes along and not just creating and sustaining but redeeming and sanctified man john fourteen seventy if anyone loves me and there again that suspicious of we need to freely
open our hearts to god then my father will love that person and we will come and make our abode with that person so this is his loving father who comes to me and login christ to as my brother my spouse my friend
and up the holy spirit which there to to of sustain me hear me sanctify me bring me to holiness for the and three do not know that you are god's temple and the spirit god of god dwells in you service are amazing press
since that is creative sustaining sanctifying redeeming is a around me through all the elements that are sacramento bitter nourishing me and are also a quite with me
so christ his last words before his ascension behold i am with you always till the end of year so i'm not just with you in the good times this would not be a loyal friend and i'm loving spouse but am with you always so whatever to
time of day audience would have a rub time of the week wherever place we are on in faith we know christ is present with us and actively reaching out a and as he did with the disciples healing guide and teaching nourishing of bringing us to
l and certainly kind of organic model subset paul i am the head you are the branches bags so that's a judge i am the vine you are the branches and senator or again organic vision ah so we were engrafted in christ all the time or on st paul as a in the arab
suppose his christ is ahead and we are the members so that's the body image in any case it's this affirmation in so many ways that were not separated from god were not separated from christ any time any place whatever the circumstances whether they be good
good or indifferent or bad christ as their god the father god the mother the spirit of sarah
so a ponder this you know can you buy is set up a bit much the problem is we often miss it
jesus weeps over jerusalem
ah because jerusalem missed the moment of its visitation
i'm so we can be blind to this presence ah and it's often disguised presence it's not always so evident as a at eucharist with the evidence sign to the candle to the grass and does the singing etcetera and it might be a crunchy mechanic was told
us that are we need a whole new transmission or savage somehow christ can work through that also somehow that sacramental how again we've got to explore that takes work but it takes work also and eucharist the work of faith and they are also eucharist of god's press
since is veiled
a why but the gossard robert the urgency we would just be at this point of zapped out if god were to appear immediately in total are direct presence and so there these veiled presence of that the sacraments of that some
scripture also which comes to us as the word of god but very much through human words and has to be pondered and studied and prairie grade cetera so as scripture is human word but also word of god as eucharist is bread and ride but
signs of bread wine bad gods so any and every event is very human it has its human causes maybe some things i should resist etc but i know that god is working through it in any case and god is calling me to resist for instance injustice if that's what's happening or
to resist temptation if that's what's coming on but again knowing that nothing we were blocked me out from god
so don't know if that's it there any questions comments objections et cetera up that will be tomorrow morning that will just open up to all kinds of her but so we burned down now to see to and now and he will be good neighbor to hear a
bit of a specific spiritual her for lunch and dip son who's a very substantial and very profound and really lived this and so look here some of the things he says and some of his insights who is is do concert where he is a frenchman born in six
why the while ago in southern france he joined the jesuits such as the age of eight teams who he joined early on an ordained a priest final vows of studied geology took his doctorate in theology so this is a subtle mind he's not just stuck work
king out of emotion specific he's deeply rooted in scripture in the patristic the medieval this is solid theology ah but then the rest of his life was ministerial to young jesuits up as therefore mater to a nuns and to maddie
as their spiritual director so he had to go from the theology in the book so to speak to or how does this affect people's lives as they journey of faith so he spent pastoral so so very poetic better i think is able to present a way of christian
living that set quite fascinating also quite contemporary because again and quite echo smart sure but a buddhism searching him into some say as if we're interested in inter-religious dialogue i think it it and very much speaks to some the yearnings of people who get into new age etc
some of his influences he didn't just think it up against scripture is very important to sell it theology china the cross is very big for him for china the cross it's not so much the inner consolation and visions and prophecies or it's just in faith that i made this sometimes
in the darkness maybe often in the darkness the darkness is okay moments of crisis here okay there are moments of growth so odd china of across as very big for him ignatius of loyola is very big for him by contemplative in action we can have this
in or centeredness in god but we don't just stay there we have outreach were doing things for the lord were seeking to up gold of the christian community the human family etc
and then recalled in an ongoing way to discern the spirit sweater good are bad and cetera et cetera that saw in him out so
and then a big influence of these sisters he ministered to as other chaplin gave out his conferences that then came to us in books they ministered to him challenged him and ask questions etc so there's a real up
clarity and softness and gentleness and that feminine dimension they're also writing a brother lawrence the whole thing of the practice of the presence of god that's there with him
so there's lots of rich but particularly his own lived experience that god is with me providential it's not just me or my own happen to make it on my own ah but to the extent that i opened to god or amazing things will happen
so that sub briefly him
his own experience with god is some esignature say god is always laboring mightily to grace us to enter into communion with us to enter into loving friendship with us just as a mother will labour mightily to help the child grow and
live and flourish cetera guide isn't just elsewhere board with us or angry with the history something like that
and then
god is present to each of us in a very personal way it's amazing yet you really hear the stories of people and the stores at whatever are so different one from another but it's clear if it's a fake story that god has been working providential a through this person in czechoslovakia
this person in california that person in ireland etc etc that person who's married with seven kids this person single in a world that personal ah
god loves variety and god god's omnipotent power can adapt to any and every kind of circumstance that is constantly so that tough that's very important to him
a basic model he asked for christ is the spouse the one who loves staring intently and if you know the chemical of canticles much of it isn't a chase and the exploration and a looking for her etc so we're basically looking for their spouse but actually the spouses looking for us
and it's always the beloved the mean a bot that he's known by though he didn't write it it's a compilation of his conferences to the sisters abandoned or to divine providence ah there's a nice new edition of it in image page eighty four
the cheeks of the bridegroom my beds of spices banks scented sweetly so he quotes from the canticle he said very poetic and miracle and the divine action is the geimer who tells them so we're like the garden
and the loving gardener is always tending us sometimes a gardener has to pull up weeds or sometimes has to prove etc
it sometimes enemies coming in a plant we should as we know from our roads parable that the gardeners always there in our garden working it is garden unlike any other for every one of its flowers is different except for one thing the earnestness to abandon themselves to the activity of the gardener and to let him do what
he wishes so god is in my life and and
as the twelve step group slogan as it let god let go you know i don't have to be in control of everything and tough but god is laboring in and through everything so i don't have to exclude ah certain emotions or feelings or events as
absolutely disastrous nothing is absolutely disastrous for the christian
and so to wrap to basically in every event open to god to be with god and then to do as it seems god wishes us to do you'll be trials be difficulties well there were in christ's like you said so this just makes us more like christ
again not necessarily the god directly will solve these difficulties will be someone comes up in bugs us guy didn't well that that came out of the sinfulness of the mugger but god can work through it
for our better god works to the good of all so that's the ongoing point jesus is specially friend especially gentle present to us and think we're usually scared of the idea of some divine presence but as gentle friend i think that
it can help that is how jesus christ and in judea and how he is continually living in simple souls with then he is generous and gentle unreserved present as a friend so i think one of our up challenges this weekend is what is my unders
outstanding my model of christ of god is present is it a terrifying thing is it's something i'm trying to get away from or again do i have faith in christ is it's loving bridegroom loving brother loving friend that god is loving mother loving father with the latter then i'll want to be with god
god and then i want to be more present with things happening and not just ah cut off and not every kind of distraction or worried so much about when the stock market is gonna do it two years or something like that
so at the time of day cosatu was thought that there's higher the sanctity you know and certainly the yup the monk soften the cloister in the nuns there holier than the people in that in the ordinary life and the people who have visions are much more only than the people who don't ambitions and the people that god knows
what he says know there's one with the sanctity were all in one christian way which is the way of the gospel
and it's very basic it just being with god loving god loving our neighbor nard as ourself loving ourself on so that's it it's so completely simple and ordinary and regular but because it's simple and regular it saw extraordinary
and to what become aware of that it's it's kind of an adventure to see in every moment how is god present here how is god reaching out to be lovingly here
it might seem again like a humdrum dull moment nothing different nothing exciting but this moment somehow a special because through the particularity said this moment god is reaching out in a totally new way to me and so it will be in every moment in every circuit
everyone has called to perfection in the sense of for communion and union with god and there's one way to that and that union with god with god's presence with god's will that's it with it be for the bridge and barriers and joseph her for whomever and he says if you think of there
the years before christ comes into his public ministry the first thirty years what was happening rather some of the apocalyptic gospel to talk at risk and it's all these some miracles happening an extraordinary things but they're not really recorded history respect there's a lot of the
ordinary they're mary had to clean house net carpets and joseph had to do the carpentry and jesus had to learn how to be a kid etc
this is the ordinary way it is so extraordinary and so as the model to stop say yes say yes to at all
i wish to show all that they may claim not to the same distinct favors but the same love the same of badman the same god and to the same eminent sanctity as all the seats let us not distress or refuse anyone or drive anyone away from eminent perfection jesus
called all to perfection if we know how to be god's divine hand free to act we should obtain the most eminent perfection all would attainment for it is offered to all
so it's not that you are to got the cloisters become nuns remarks as addict or what you need to do is live your life to be yourself and to recognize how god is eminently extraordinarily present there for you and lovingly there for you and soon
nurses one way for everyone basically and it's the way of faith and love and just up conforming to god
all sorts would arrive at supernatural sublime wonderful inconceivable states of prayer yes if one could only meet the hand of god to do its work when would reach the most eminent perfection
all souls would reach it for it is offered to all ah so he does have his insistence on this or we don't need extraordinary ascetic practices the cross will be there in our life just inevitably one of the sensors take the cross as it comes nada
she would like silk i can think of all kinds of exotic ways to punish myself through fasting and vigil since solitude and up but just my regular life will have this cruciform reality to it and to be open to that that'll be enough
in order to reach the highest stage of perfection the cross is sent them by providence with which their state of right supplies than at every moment opened them a far shore and swept swifter path an extraordinary states and works you know
i haven't had great visions or keep it have i lived my particular day to day well you know did i wash my dishes did i breathed some one friend in a friendly way did i say my prayers did i do the work i was supposed to do well then this is the exp
strawberry path i called to
so these are the young basic foundations of the spirituality with his some suggested to us
these towering saints really at the heart of a matter of lift the ordinary and we're all called to this and this not by what we're feeling are primarily but by again this commitment of the will to believe into to love whatever be
christ starts out on the cross fire you for sick and people end up as he grows into this you know father forgive them for they know not what they do and done behold your mother and behold your son and now it is consummated and father into thy hands
it's i commend my spirit so that's what it's all about whatever christ was feeling the pain was certainly the same where the more intense but on his faith all the way through this cleaving to god whatever be happening that's the heart of the matter
a this sub another way to put it is been present in the sacrament of the present moment not fleeing elsewhere
ah that's what it takes feelings either don't help they kidnap a distract us they can know we shouldn't repress our feelings you know if i'm angry i'm angry if i'm sad i'm sad but as the psalms teachers i can bring all of this to the present moment i can bring my cell
sadness and ah express that to god i can bring my anger with someone else express that to god i can even bring my anger with god to god god can take that of the psalmist's job there regularly doing that that's legitimate answer so much help your spiritual
a relationship and someone who's just thinks he can approach god when they're goody goody and to spilled with rapturous gratitude to god cetera and and everything is his vehicle for our communion with god also our anger also a depression also are
fear not a fear and the songs in scripture in any case ah we bring up to the present moment and we are aware of what's happening in the present moment and we are offered to god
so the present again usually seems fairly boring and flat and uninteresting it's not like being in a great cathedral where the high mass etc our a solemn vespers had grace cathedral or something like that but but if we have eyes to see it is all
a again extraordinary because again christ to serve god as they're reaching out for us in some kind of amazing providential plan and so it was with some mary and joseph again in know sturdy hidden years
what was the bread which nourish the faith of marry him joseph it was the sacrament of the moment but what did they experienced beneath and existence apparently filled with nothing but hundred happenings on the surface it was similar to that of everyone around them but fame piercing the superfish
realities disclose that god must accompany accomplishing very great things and then he goes into that text which i put on the top of your program
am or bread of angels or heavenly minor pearl of the gospels sacrament of the present moment you give god under such lonely forms as the staple the manger the hay and straw but to whom do you give him the hungary he has filled with good things super hungry
oh god will give all this to us god reveals himself to the humble in the loneliness of this loneliest of disguises but the proud who never lived the longest surface failed to find him even in his greatest manifestations if an atheist comes to eucharist go to see an odd kind
ceremony with people in a little bread and wine and they're not really even getting fed but it's the eyes of faith it's see that this is really a heavenly banquet and communion guy was so also with every event every circumstance it's all love sacrament of the pie
present moment
i'm in the present moment there's everything there's everything i mean it's not that this is kind of okay but i'd rather be elsewhere country know it's right here all of it because god is here and god is all for me
for each moment our hearts re peace in god and completely abandoned to all creation would were living this practice therefore each of these moments contains all things you know
and again this isn't just for people in the cloister it is for people in the cloisters to fight a very rich a benedictine abbott's appraised this is very deep spirituality or tourists plus you was apparently quite influenced by the could start again and finding god
in the ordinary but it's also for people i've been very active ministries i hope you all know dwarf and day who is a benedictine oblate but she was right on the front line of activity in the grudge of the inner city working with the poorest of the poor and fighting injustice and a reg
lee tossed into prison etc etc where she found the costs are very helpful somehow forever
a god was with her whether she was with her daughter and her granddaughter and great joy and a farm when whether she was in a dark prison in isolation or on a front line being spat out by an angry opposition people or whatever
ah so it's a spirituality for the most active kind of life and also for the most contemplative kind of life he had ignition does bridge this at its best
so that said some of the basics scarred working lovingly in and through everything so whatever happens it's an instrument of god's love for us everything communicates guard to us thus everything was god barry everything is sacred but
this is he again onto the grungy mechanic who says in the other transmission is busted on me to do one maybe it's not really busted they usually taking for a ride but somehow god can work through that event again maybe the transmission really is busted maybe i just don't know of whatever it be
at that moment is sacred if we can see it that way
so every moment of our lives can be a kind of communion with god's love but communion which can produce in our souls fruit similar to those we received with the body and blood of the son of god we receive eucharist to be nourished by christ's body well any event brings his same grace this ladder
has it is true that is eucharist a sacramento power which the former cannot have but yet how much oftener can we experienced the former know we have grown should the daily much more often than were at the altar even if we go daily to eucharist so why not open ourselves to this sacramento
power and the extended cents of every event of every moment of every place and not just wait till i'm in church and at that moment i stroked up being with god and thinking about god and done
because god is a peking handed us so to speak like the lever and the canticle at every moment
when we know this secret of god god can work to everything it is useless for god to assume any disguise for we say see where he stands behind our wall he looks in at the window he peers through the lattice the direct quote
ranma mechanical switches we when we know this we got the secret we've got a good sound card and up then we can be aware that god is lovingly at work in all things of this is the equivalent of love it's the equivalent of opening ourselves up
no one god is no god is therefore always with us god doesn't abandon us in the difficult times what loving parent what loving spouse or friend would do that god is particularly present in those moments and most creatively present so this practice of the present moment as sacrament this
is acknowledging that god is love and this is expressing our love for god that we don't want to just be oblivious to this or disdain out or be too busy for it with other things up we want lovingly to express our gratitude for god's loving presence just like a loving spouse will
want to ignore the spouse or a child wouldn't want to ignore the the parent who slugging the child or vice versa yet so so all of this is just one way to articulate what's at the heart of christianity and what a some sub christianity which enslaves so here's a final
quote with which we might conclude
the whole business of self abandonment abandonment to the moment is only the business of loving and love a cheese everything nothing can be denied this love how can this lab possibly be rejected how can the love of god
god refuse anything to a soul who's every act is open to this love how can a soul which limits for god and forgot alone refused god anything
but love desires love cannot refuse