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A ceremony (UK: , US: ) is a unified ritualistic event with a purpose, usually consisting of a number of artistic components, performed on a special occasion.

The word may be of Etruscan origin, via the Latin caerimonia.

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Yoga and Meditation

OSB Cam, Yoga, Meditation, Posture, Breath, Bell, japanese, Ceremony
Jun 2009
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

The Sacrament of the Present Moment

Serial: NC-00002

Archival Photo

OSB Cam, Transmission, Emotions, Anger, Gratitude, Ceremony
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

May 20th, 1998, Serial No. 00291

Serial: NC-00291

Liturgy Class

Chanting, Samadhi, Monastic Practice, Ceremony, Instruction
May 20 1998

May 12th, 1998, Serial No. 00293

Serial: NC-00293

Liturgy Class

Samadhi, Chanting, Instruction, Ceremony, Lineage
May 12 1998

April 1st, 1998, Serial No. 00290

Serial: NC-00290

Liturgy Class

Instruction, Monastic Practice, Daily Life, Enthusiasm, Ceremony
Apr 01 1998

May 1st, 1996, Serial No. 00135

Serial: NC-00135

Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 1 - 1990s

OSB Cam, Ceremony, Commitment, Balance, Discrimination, Vows
May 01 1996

Camaldolese Artists: The Miniaturists

Serial: NC-00296

Part of "Camaldolese Artists"

3. The Miniaturists

OSB Cam, Humility, Enthusiasm, Ceremony, Continuous, lecture
Oct 13 1995
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October 13th, 1995, Serial No. 00949

Serial: NC-00949

Camaldolese Artists: The Miniaturists

OSB Cam, Humility, Ceremony, Gratitude, Enthusiasm, Continuous
Oct 13 1995
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

October 11th, 1995, Serial No. 00947

Serial: NC-00947

Camaldolese Artists. Lecture 1 (of 5). Guido d'Arezzo (musician)

OSB Cam, Camaldolese History, Guido d'Arezzo (musician), Romualdian Spirituality, ...
Oct 11 1995
New Camaldoli Hermitage

Monastic History

Serial: NC-00320

Monastic History Class

OSB Cam, Politics, Commitment, Addiction, Ceremony, Enlightenment
Apr 27 1994
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Monastic History

Serial: NC-00342

Monastic History Class, Spanish Monasticism

OSB Cam, Fasting, Lineage, Dragons, japanese, Ceremony
Feb 17 1994
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Woman, Wedding, Wine

Serial: NC-00069

Part of "The Spirituality of John's Gospel" retreat.

Archival Photo

OSB Cam, Intuition, Ceremony, confusion, Separation
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Theology and Lectio Divina

Serial: NC-00485

Theology and Lectio, Conference #4, (Conference #2 not recorded)

OSB Cam, Patience, Buddhism, Ceremony, zen, Happiness
Jun 28 1991
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

November 14th, 1986, Serial No. 00612

OSB Cam, Humility, Balance, Posture, Repentance, Ceremony
Nov 14 1986
Shantivanam Ashram

March 11th, 1986, Serial No. 00471

Serial: NC-00471

Saint John

OSB Cam, Ego, Enlightenment, japanese, Ceremony, Politics
Mar 11 1986

John Class #15

Serial: NC-00560

Lecture on Gospel of John.

OSB Cam, Thoroughness, Intention, Balance, Ceremony, Attachment
Mar 26 1984

Introduction to Theology, Serial No. 01129

OSB Cam, lecture, Balance, Ordination, Ceremony, Fasting
Feb 1984
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New Clairvaux Abbey

June 29th, 1983, Serial No. 00394

Serial: NC-00394

Monastic Theology Series Set 1 of 3

training, Karma, Ceremony, Anger, realization
Jun 29 1983

March 8th, 1983, Serial No. 00545

Serial: NC-00545

Monastic Orientation Set 2 of 2

Intention, Delusion, Ceremony, zen, Intuition
Mar 08 1983

Exodus - The Covenant With Abraham

Serial: NC-00941

Class #5 on the Book of Exodus - The Covenant With Abraham.

OSB Cam, Renewal, Lineage, Ceremony, Politics, confusion
Feb 10 1983
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

December 17th, 1982, Serial No. 00413

Serial: NC-00413

Monastic Orientation Set 1 of 2

Ceremony, Attachment, Diversity, Concentration, Liberation
Dec 17 1982

November 30th, 1982, Serial No. 00411

Serial: NC-00411

Monastic Orientation Set 1 of 2

Renewal, Composure, Dragons, Patience, Ceremony
Nov 30 1982

October 29th, 1981, Serial No. 00689

Serial: NC-00689

Monastic Spirituality Set 5 of 12

Humility, Emptiness, Precepts, Addiction, Ceremony
Oct 29 1981

December 23rd, 1980, Serial No. 00370

Serial: NC-00370

Monastic Spirituality Set 1 of 12

OSB Cam, Duality, Letting Go, Enthusiasm, Commitment, Ceremony
Dec 23 1980

History of Christian Spirituality

Serial: NC-01205

Part of "The History of Christian Spirituality" class

OSB Cam, Commitment, Sutra, Ceremony, Diversity, Renewal
Aug 1980
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

February 1980 talk, Serial No. 00904

OSB Cam, Ceremony, Echo, Intuition, Buddhism, Enlightenment
Feb 1980

Unknown Date, Serial 00229

Serial: NC-00229

Archival Photo

Mahayana, Sutra, Buddha, Ceremony, lecture

Unknown Date, Serial 00289

Serial: NC-00289

Liturgy Class

Instruction, Conversation, Ceremony, Continuous, Chanting

Unknown Date, Serial 00680

Serial: NC-00680

New Testament Books

Separation, Anger, Buddhism, Ceremony, Obstacles

Unknown Date, Serial 00224

Serial: NC-00224

Archival Photo

Conversation, Happiness, Enthusiasm, Ceremony

Unknown year, June talk, Serial 00288

Serial: NC-00288

Liturgy Class

Instruction, zen, Continuous, Ceremony, Sanctuary
Jun 01

Unknown year, July talk, Serial 00638

Serial: NC-00638

Year Talk 2/2

OSB Cam, Separation, Happiness, Buddha, Ceremony, Obstacles
Jul 19

Unknown year, July talk, Serial 00639

Serial: NC-00639

Year Talk 2/2

OSB Cam, Describe, Ceremony, Forgiveness, Duality, Transmission
Jul 19