The Sacrament of the Present Moment

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them to retire
just a few way concluded switch have a brother joshua who else up oversight of the whole retrieved ministry kid it's practical that of he asked the people put your bedroom in up a wicker basket good indication that really facilitate speech
and don't remember up you're invited to you today and to lunch if you can make artist brother mark did a lovely woman shows brother lawrence and of so use your free credit card or be mental history to the few amish or it a picture
oh by the launch quite young you should the kitchen you see all the auction page in the background he's got his hand on his hope with all these rays coming out the whole theme of the of indwelling be abiding the god then he's got some letters in his hand of his been writing which the globe police or
the by the sidewalk
listen the form of letters and up with the text not as abide in the presence of god so that's very close to celebrating the present moment still is all back and an
in nice meditations i tried to explore the why of the shack of the present moment looking a bit into the theology and how it's just healthy for us among up some of the how but both and we need theory and practice and the
interact really
well if today we can open the shop to general discussion additions of difficult to use affirmations whatever i'd like to add just a couple of last things first of all to the bipolar i'm not so much theology but again to flow the punic
i nodded to your thesis of the psychiatrist john me that vs ongoing unity within us fall in love with the capital l for fulfillment for understanding all of that and
mostly time we don't acknowledge that we gotta keep it refreshed but any moment i'll be celebrating of the sacrament of the present moment we do acknowledge him we can voice students with us for a healing really that's integrity but this deep unconscious yearning with show itself
therapeutic in that sense
what i didn't mention but i think it's also true that if you go down to the absence level but our senses are very the giving us input about the present moment but i'm seeing things i'm hearing things i'm feeling things of the
right here right now
but if my head is a hundred miles away my imagination is often the future worrying about the budget drew back in the past are angry about what shown so said to me recently but this can lead to a painter may overload dogs or what's coming into the poor brain
out of if i'm constantly repressing just a basic information that by body is killing me about the here in the now it's not good such as to be here and to come back to this room and to notice the lights in the home and the feel when job all the
but that's very healing kind of integrative just be here be now it's a relief to the system module so that's why people like a child labor much of proposed and recommend this practice also just stumped for our so
psychological healing
returning the how column what we've done is look at a series of
places or persons or things that usually recur in our daily lives and how to meditate on the claim them and sacramento so that when we do encounter them regularly but there's one up a chance that we won't just rushed
ooh them but will acknowledge them as hear about sacramental moment there is another approach that we didn't even have time for alleged to have just a propose shouldn't have styles of that the just the basic slow down instead of rushing from here to the refectory walk a little slower than
can be good stead of driving it seventy five miles an hour or sure down to maybe even sixty or sixty five or fifty five
that also can be very a restful you know it so it allows the up adrenaline rush to kind of dissipate and it allows me to don't catch some of the yacht what's going on is i o journey on
the whole area of leisure i don't know if you know the english catholic magazine tablet it's a lay catholic magazine it's outstanding will they just had a whole series of articles on leisure how difficult it is for us moderns to just open to leisure really should
and not a tight me programmed no holiday with all kinds of the chicago leisure activities went with this this this missed like i'm away from the holidays exhausted she doesn't like haven't really gotten my tennis game together and all the rest of it got up
a sunburn children and i just really enjoyed the should be able to even waste time to be bored you know it doesn't always have to be of filled with exciting stuff i just slow down this during the holidays of certainly during
every retreat turn all the world during work time you know do i have to take on this commitment and then the to commitment than the southern commitment now this isn't for everyone grabbed some people have to riddle to float over time that we are research but i bet it a deep balance but at least
lots of americans is the case of too much we just pile one thing upon another upon another we say yes to this that and that that that makes very difficult to being serenely open to the young sacrament of the present there is a very emphatic passage of merton in his
sutton conjectures who the guilty bystander he's talking about how our culture is basically one of violence comes out of this basic inner violence i'm distracted and torn apart and because of that i project violence outside of me or i get entangled of violence in
i'd just be a verbal violence or angry thoughts or whatever it is and but part of it can be those overload he writes the rush and pressure of modern life is of them perhaps the most common form of its innate violence to
too many demands to commit oneself to too many projects to want to help everyone in everything yes to succumb to violence well them that it is cooperation environments so very emphatically stated but sometimes just
came down my up to do this to bit and enjoy the interim pauses and take what i have to do a little more calmly and then there is that a focus on the task within the task is i think a richard were uprooted felicitous honestly that
as whatever i'm doing i want to do that but not get totally absorbed in that and at the heart of the matter hopefully i'm doing it with god and for god and then that will give what i'm doing i'm a greater depth the greater of fecundity
grape greater fruitfulness
up jesus says come unto me all you who are weary and heavily laden and i will give you rest so allow ourselves a bit of this rest in are doing and in are being and then the sacrament can be the more usually celebrate
so that said and who would have any other additions to describe carlin for any additions to the have column where questions or objections or yes yes early on invention saved by channel name project yeah
but there's a newsletter out of the shubham institute and it was published there and it was some rock douglas who mentioned it to me so i asked her a copy and sent me a copy so i have a copy if i can find it
delightfully written ah i'll right you're you know get day
what he she found it for me and it's a very good just one page article analyzing this in him surface a tendency to still be very efficient and do a project after project is that it means i never opened allowed to horizon of the by now
other questions comments yes yeah
veronika pass the data and sometimes right get caught off guard will it's when
something in my environment traders as perhaps pastor scarring degradation and site i'm off to their races
with that and then i think it i think it and we also have an addictive process i guess like quite an energy they there's no simple answer is that how how should i pay whether it's kind of events have or off automatic right
just the awareness that this is happening and surrender that's very helpful and then we'll just need to work with it in whatever way helps and certainly prayer helps when i find conserving is just to give the past over to god it's all present to go
god in all its aspects
and up and it's safeguarding their you know some of our precious moments where are they now well some other in god in there also and i see some other kind of event of derision in heaven up and then they do this the deprivations that the wound
didn't sit cetera also where people have wronged as etc
i'm at a certain point to hand that over to god nothing is more free than of forgiving you know when we can do that if someone is wronged us and we're also forgiving ourselves if we'd done something in the past we can now right
but i think the answer is god the past is totally pressed to god and let god also with the past and let god with the future
didn't never suggestions regarding that yeah i like to keep up with their quest here could you speak and the tsunami
about when it comes up like that and mind goes reason i approached appropriate to stay with the to learn you probably from it to create for the future to learn when and when is it acts as a composer room enjoying the in a do you have any drugs have made
your accounts council nice problem
yeah i think up recurring
oh it's like a broken record you know if it just comes up again and again and again i think that's a little indication or even though we've given him time we'd given a prayer etc at a certain point of maybe there's just not that much more to do but if it's a new insight on my words my mom said that
to me up you know for the garden i don't even i didn't even realize to the swimming how much it hurt me or how much threw me off or something that could be helpful
but sometimes things he'd come up to the past you know they want us to particularly work again if i can work on it but from here not just be pulled back in there but mom isn't around anymore on can't do that to be anymore we've got a whole different relation is my case smart missile heaven and i assume
praying for me etc to whole gifford so of work it through but from here now not just get sucked back into the van
i see a hand here than they are there yeah you know for myself when i could go back and to cast it's something that keeps recurring no longer in time on the hurts of the past now on and then i would find it had to
go back to those times you know when a recipe that then i will immediately feel down and now it at my loop
until one time i was praying and i realized that i started the thing about a thing that an avid as april and the people that were involved in that have all passed away on not and i started a thing as a on the only place isn't a lie
is it my now
because no one else in the world probably ever eaten they they know nothing else it's right there somewhere in my memory and it keeps coming when it's doing it i stopped levelled at the people around me in time and of people that i like that
most me and i said as keeping me right now is never are only in my mind that all on
from fully enjoying now enjoying why being fully present in them and so all the senate that shifted the perspective and once that happen and no longer have the same on
that's helpful yeah then it started now and sort of it might be in our unconscious but when we bring it to consciousness in acknowledge that there's another a little exercise in i found can be very helpful and that such if i'm angry with someone in the past you know just this kind of
airplane to express it to them and then to take the other side what would they say back to me
and why were they doing that
have i done this a bit in terms of my relation with mom which just opened my eyes because she didn't have the easiest to lives either and your mother in isn't you don't get all this training for a etc etc so that there there's all kinds of ways to d an absolute to absolute
times the power that some of these things can happen over us
was there i am here in the mirror yeah i was just teaching know
passes me
just a issues and hard
you can just really
and people inside know sometimes hobby
and somehow just the present their way
sometimes it davis
this is is now
the eastern christian tradition as the a beautiful phrase to bring a mind into the heart the mind isn't a bad for you know god is created it but if it's down here rather than just doing so that's very helpful and the breathing prayer jesus prayer or counter
things can help that i noticed too sketchy that can be very helpful
journaling of east different processes can help us just come here and don't you take journaling and terms of the parents can help yes irvine clinic to nice addition he said about the an interesting
i just want to ever only that in individualized just as another processes signals precision until they are received and i try to learn to trust in my own experience i had if i am having recurring patterns and memories or eleventh a lot of something that happens that there
is something there used to be informed i will what you said up in a row the idea is that the conversations and when you said no second in the body out of our admirable job most valuable than that i want to believe that that my perception check in my life and they're there for a purpose and i just eat and for
to get the information is waiting for me i hadn't quite badly and then one of the events that house to bring me into the present moment i am trying away from my emotions and perceptions on songs and i cannot explain why that it perhaps our ladies their residence from the time of show
in fact that their poetry
but i can't explain your i am reading the poetry of a warlike puncture and yet they are the most people come from it when i have my second week sometimes rather to credit doesn't matter whether shall neither i'm very grateful
psalms are very experienced an which the basic prayer book of jesus mary joseph pathetic can you imagine if we could find the books that most nurse spiritual we we know them and it's the book of psalms that sums up all the jewish scriptures as prairie and turns everything into prayer anger
her depression so of wonderful resources so we yeah we gather here four times a day just to a shit or song vs with each other as monks and up it's a great resource it is the practice and the person is your god we had a zen master come and give us
talks on the song so i didn't know what he'd say but he saw appreciated them of for him they were so sad because in the psalmist is angry he's angry and when he's happy he's happy where she it's just that it all becomes of god directed this is the amazing thing
sometimes we stayed close dinner emotion and death can go around in circles because gifts in your direction the can also anger against god that's that's fair game so that's a real resource yeah i have a little time i reading you can speak to me i try to
used on the table and i knew my hurt and on i think they've asked one but i'm just reading from an integral part of something about the the ones the i and else me is to imagine actually like new your to map out across
and recently someone just early an appeal that history prior
it was held in fact that it never came and was always an open and i think that everybody has time his own
and i think that me a matching like across our home and it seems like little distraction and they got hurt much well
the summertime
that there's a certain of this before the events like you are imagined five way
it seems best soccer
earth gets better
yeah simple mystics you've written about the fire within certainly richard role with sydney good suffering is a big one i wanted to get to that and so many the spiritual writers speak to it it's an ongoing dimension of our lives i think a great consolation for us christians is that a christianity does
keep an easy answer for it but a places god in christ right there in the middle you know here we have the crucifix so it's not as if our faith avoid the issue of suffering rights are innocent suffering and of course the cross says here's a quote from paul cordell cheese
just did not come to explain away suffering he came to fill it with his presence so right at the heart of suffering is where we can encounter christ encounter the wounded healer i looked at him he showed from honey now and goes back to the suffering servant he retrieved it so
strong and understanding who christ is us and then the free cell france and poll by sheer up in my own body when is lacking in the sufferings of christ so somehow without getting masochistic our own sufferings can be redemptive so far as are united with christ and
yeah one of the areas that we really want to play him
you will see area of the experience of suffering which are one sets with christ and with god and done is a place where really we can be united with god in a special breed and whatever pops of the imagery exercise whatever that there was
ruben paperback copy it cannot not at economy now our were rational is the one who crossed from our prayer or valley in the past neurotic obsessive moving most of us be
where they are neurotic on way or another
they it would seem that we are our rules and often times the repairing memory of as rooms is perhaps a signal the inner self asking us to to plaintiff
are we go out the compact we we seek to as a our
he we could accept that they are hard i often are virtually image of a bonsai tree and they one in age that had been scarred by higher or has a major the for
open and off by wind
the three somehow grows around it and it's own way become very beautiful because of rules out in a desert down
it doesn't can send new homes or when your fire it just those with them
so i think acceptance which would probably be
ah given was through the grace and humility you rather than we are
can't really ever escape from anyone who needs a shadow
that might help in terms of
a boy in this for separation into the task that actually cases out of present to the past is opera
have become us
nothing much listed here
regarding rooms and some the spiritual writers talk about those is the opening sit allow grace to come in when i became strong kind of thing and years as much or ideology that know i i'm talking nothing gets to me up but as you say to acknowledge the woman
nurses to acknowledge our christ's likeness because christ was wounded for us in christ carries his rooms and they happen when he appears glorified that's how his recognized study says to doubting thomas you know put your fingers in my wounds you know don't look carefully at my face but it's the rooms
approve this is indeed the christ so when we know no children's were dodging our full humanity and our up similar to to christ silver we have someone here who i just on building
well the limitation exercise and years ago games that was pointed out who were bad ways there's the whole
roost than from which our time climate bill rose whole instead the acknowledged said
he said today that god made placed in us and it has been raised grow and get beautiful
it's said here current of yeah i'm just a second is three important steps he our little genius and certainly things that instantly can work off
is and i think about for question than be that the point of right and a become more of an obsession i think is is this recurring name is keeping us from loving the way she wow
ah i think as an important lesson afghanistan wow
you know what was keeping me from loving i guess i should or eleven
hearing that ah and perhaps it's time the law
i know how it
yeah we're all at different points and actually what first one person is successes for another person necessary that's right it's also fascinating to discuss as a group and the doctor will give this a prescription to this person but it would be poised for this personal were here
needs to discern the spirits had slipped jesus said that a key criterion and certainly you will know the tree by it's fruit and certainly love that's the basic big am my able to about god neighborhood self through this it might take a little time before that fully flowers i might be doing spadework
in preparation for that but as you say if i get so absorbed in that i don't get out of dwelling on my own moodiness or strength and dignity or my sinfulness know anything we're able to abuse civic thing that's a problem so yeah to find that what's helpful for me right now
i am here that there in that against yeah well i just feel that these was going back of honorary life that really the we wouldn't be who we are today and in this present moment if we hadn't had a spirit movie somebody help l
i think these words allow us to walk alongside who aren't the type of or to give it away i think we are thankful for or life with be com and then we got me i positioned to given away and he was sunlight is
from a seller for and to meet and white wine faith faith i can be written up and be there for them and ah
i believe that
he i ever had her for the experience to the contrary to video this person today
it gets very helpful and that fits right into day cosatu inside it wherever i am god can work through it and the true sympathy one of the great english up spiritual masters as pray as you can not as you can't and of a kind of side of that is be who you are not will you
you aren't why larry king saw the thing i want to get enough
when i want genuine and i'm me angry face calif and net out and win a one person one no one person from around the beach this genuine and independent mama
integrity truthfulness that's very important here
again we can go off and all kinds of flights of imagination
but what was it a secret world of walter mitty doing if your competitor of the reverse and anyway you know his wife would berate him but he'd be elsewhere he be a fire fighter pilot winning the world were central no i'm not a fighter pilot winning the war and i'm just here with his wife
and with this situation and how to previous how to obedience or the lipids we had a hand here and people to hear them there mrs the are in to concerts
right or translation of the the idea of accepting everything that's happening in the present moment as god be able to walk through their and and he says something that really is so quietly stick i think oh
it says he remained unshaken faith and capitals that what it arrangements meaning
ah or a circumstance
for each moment is best without seeking elsewhere for more or less and without awesome to consider the connection between these our and circumstances than the role of that such consideration would be the seeking a pure self love
i can tell me why that's said
get can beat us understanding of the kasasa to consider gray row of quietists whatever is the situation is good i've just accepted a lot lots of situations are not good lots of situations are in just towards me towards others you know now i think a more sophisticated to read
elliptic assad who is a pretty sophisticated get was it may mean the basic thing is to ask in this particular circumstance what does god want me to be or do and god might be calling me resolutely to resistance
now what i want to do that is not to deny that and try to place myself it's somewhere else you know i don't like conflict items that so i think that's the better reading of but it can be read in a quiet to stick know whatever happens happens i'm told that according to some currents of islam at all
but you know if the farmer finds a big rock in the center of the feeling that's obstructing well you just leaves the right there and because allah put the rock near well that's not what pick asylum saying you know maybe god is saying get that rock roots so you can
cultivate the whole field with so i think that's the better reading part of the circumstances is what does god want me to do in this situation if i've got a husband who suck drinking and it's becoming a heavy problem i don't just accept this person will you know i might have to confront him and insisted he gets it
a program or something like that but that's where i am and several god will be with me in this i think that's the morning
thank you there was a hand here and young
in looking up my products and it has improved quite a long time of i came to a point while ago where i realized that yes they were recorded and it will earn more
i have very important
and that healthy down at our outline an autobiography in that order on what love is thoughts that and fourth of the year
i am a pretty much recognized when they come up and the other night after your your top a little circle of itself hair ah i was back and i ah
try to go there or i went there actually i went through the whole lab with all the floor with have thoughts that come that i got air and when i got there i got for the soul
lovely cauldron of
i don't want that really fearful here so
stop for my full of red carpets
the agree and i i realize that's a step ahead because i haven't got there before are not influence there but i don't one day they were no words to it for
that's quite by fearful by fearsome had to come yet a real step ahead and when we in hand it's not all bliss and nice heard a run of our writers says that the and the sale at the hermit is a return to paradise and it's also a day
ascent into the fiery furnace surmounts both and and sometimes it can be the ones have done to can be the other etc but to know the to face up to what's really inside this takes huge current and that's usually wow were running away we thought to your i basically angry that the person it's an old problem that other person
no there's or stuff that i'm trying to get away from and it might be anger and it might be a terror you secure for fearsome which has spent interesting often adams to go together but just a primordial fear of death you know that's a biggie and
if we can work on that one set of theories is if all of our particular fears are rooted in that primordial big fear and come to terms with that and again our faith is right in the middle of that in terms of suffering death and resurrection of christ but i think we need to go in there in faith
with the conviction that in faith with christ we can face anything we can go through the fiery furnace we can face the biggest terror gap or her are our furia gibbs scotland's what just human existence is pretty infuriating many but to run that is
good was there a hand over here and now there's a hand over there
oh okay it will take someone good well okay i know
no syntax now and i cats play and i found this how far a i've added she says
a rather than and i that and out and a jesus it's helped me please take care
am i getting off paper and also he had jesus' hands and i have right now
she added thing with saccharine they have can assist on that ah yeah and then of this hey and i think this is the fact a lack of getting something like why of that and sometimes i think it sounds like he's way from the offer an app and is the
the then and then hit the wrong
welcome to very wise things but regarding the night i am i did a charming phrase right next to my dad says something to the extent hand over all your problems to god before going to sleep god will be up all night anyway
so god can take care of that and again a useful the symptoms are getting it down on paper to still objectify it and that whatever happens to turn into prayer whether on pipe paper or whatever that standing up whole thing and then this traditional thing of offering it up so i think
at its deepest is very wines because this is what christ did with everything's happening to him and his basic life and existence and in that offering that's what eucharist is that's with the whole pascoe mystery is of then there is a and because some kind of redemptive thing to
if we just render in self pity or anger or just pop success brings or something that can be dangerous
we're sometimes we can take one but but but the sufferings that we can't have reasonably eliminate
what do we do well that will unite them with the christ's suffering and the suffering of all of humanity
an that's positive
this is awesome i've said good time
the brothers karamazov that of the monk wants to get to that primordial suffering of all of humanity and be there kind of stay with that suffering not a given a masochistic way but just to acknowledge it because so often were running away from it with smiling faces years from now
africa or something and they will going to know you were probably discussion
right the answer about discerned i think the answer is the other really upset pm
how intensive and how it happened it
that crushed repetition africa going to the reason that to sit with their green roof once or twice that of the time of hinduism i was kind and investors and the brownsville and
there's clear and for gear and the here good well i'm just a time to hurt by erectus strategies for early hundred hundred time oh thank you for the greek my neck heard that i did work with that last night
i i i saw thing other side all us and as our my reading pattern birth and search over after eyes as sip about the position and i always prayed to jesus prayer of my hands and were infected position i prayed read
effective transition anything in it ah christ with have we are experience as i'm i'm ready sir
so i just want to fact that i i found that to beaches time
emily's as a person lot and introduced tower meaning the that set and that rare
the that you know but i founded a powerful appear called out this mysterious rhythm of breathing life breadth of something good so yeah to link up praying with breathing is very powerful men just the position of our hands so the east is very aware that the body is important in
the integral and we talk about body language for the kind of praying like gets it's quite different than opening up funeral or of but to engage the body we do it somewhat in our liturgy with the bows and the sitting and standing and and to a deeper learning from the east
to rub incorporate more and certainly wouldn't once in once inner chamber with the torn clothes when can follow the spirit who find the things it but with just the hands open should say of this is more hopeful than something like cats usually
then there's polite and then rinse it instantly when i wanted to say when adjusting the idea our wedding that notion from emotion that's true that of how and when you enter the president of the
and while i'm thinking i'm actually combine several school ah that the idea that comes from and to them to live and yes that emotion option is true the experience emotion particular kind of shows that come to us
the moment and engine and so that the idea because not should focus on the evidence that triggered or on the circumstances that to focus on the emotions that happy to animals blood pressure instead of sit with the ailing bi the immersion
tended to teach us so there was a reason that it has come forward and the body now are now them in the future and so you said with the emotions your seventh that and allowed to be and allowed to do the work a little and of course in the spring on christmas christian
you may cry to bring god into the place where the couple were sitting with interruption and you just said an hour and after a point offer it up to god and my way of thinking about that the birds idea is you can place your ally
you can think about so the emotion is something that now you can kind of holiday
and as watching that whatever allow it for and have whatever convention is my no time com but i think die as a yet or a package and so now i'm going to offer to god i think about going up and
as it's going out the package is becoming smaller and smaller to me so that the emotion and dissipating out me and now my present not and cause and app with a prayer that is that i had get what it's i was needing to came from the experience of this
oceans mountains and that's what i'm hearing needs to happen and god will pick in the human body with around the motion and powerful or me and that on it's a way that i think
the things from past and present i mean some future into the present moment from the emotion
this the whole affective dimensions very important for our humanity and there's a kind of historical influence on up lots of christianity can stop that healthy maybe that i'm just got up to think it to you know i just don't get angry when