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Serial: NC-00767

Retreat Conference. Openess

OSB Cam, Openness, Breath, Emotions, Forgiveness, Emptiness, Offering
May 2007
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

The Sacrament of the Present Moment

Serial: NC-00004A

Archival Photo

OSB Cam, Emotions, Anger, Pain, Offering, Commitment
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

April 8th, 1998, Serial No. 00294

Serial: NC-00294

Liturgy Class

Instruction, Chanting, Offering, Bell, Lineage
Apr 08 1998

Bound For Glory: Transfiguration Spirituality

Serial: NC-00071

Part of "Bound For Glory: Transfiguration Spirituality"

Archival Photo

OSB Cam, Commitment, Conversation, Gratitude, Renewal, Offering
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

1995, Serial No. 00134

Serial: NC-00134

Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 1 - 1990s

OSB Cam, Vows, Conversation, Dragons, Obstacles, Offering

The Cloud of Unknowing

Serial: NC-00091

Part of "The English Mystics"

Conference 4: The Cloud of Unknowing

Archival Photo

OSB Cam, Intention, Ego, Intuition, Fasting, Offering
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Theology and Lectio Divina

OSB Cam, Lectio Divina as a Monastic Spiritual Practice, Daily Life, Concentration,...
Jun 18 1991
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

1987, Serial No. 00916

OSB Cam, Offering, Intimacy, Separation, Commitment
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1987, Serial No. 00917

OSB Cam, Obstacles, Gratitude, Anger, Offering, Hate
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Scripture and Tradition

Serial: NC-00812

"Scripture & Tradition"

OSB Cam, Transmission, lecture, confusion, Offering, Ego
Oct 02 1985

Eucharist - Indian

Serial: NC-00447

Bede Griffiths introduces chant. Group (women and men) chanting.

OSB Cam, Offering, Enemies, Ego, Forgiveness, Compassion
Sep 11 1983
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Eucharist - Indian

Serial: NC-00593

Group (men and women) chanting with Indian instruments. Is this the same as NC 00447, #item-set-086?

OSB Cam, Offering, Enemies, Ego, Forgiveness, Compassion
Sep 11 1983
New Camaldoli Hermitage

Esalen Forum

Serial: NC-00444

Woman introduces Bede Griffiths. Indicates the group will then go up to the Immaculate Heart Hermitage (an exchange between the two communities). Then Bede Griffiths and...

OSB Cam, Buddhism, Buddha, Nirmanakaya, Offering, Sambhogakaya
Sep 08 1983
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June 9th, 1983, Serial No. 00404

Serial: NC-00404

Monastic Theology Series Set 1 of 3

Offering, Dragons, Renunciation, Echo, Intimacy
Jun 09 1983

April 20th, 1983, Serial No. 00872

Serial: NC-00872

Monastic Spirituality Set 10 of 12

OSB Cam, Commitment, New Year, Offering, Instruction, Vows
Apr 20 1983

January 11th, 1983, Serial No. 00549

Serial: NC-00549

Monastic Orientation Set 2 of 2

Fasting, Offering, Separation, Discrimination
Jan 11 1983

December 29th, 1982, Serial No. 00415

Serial: NC-00415

Monastic Orientation Set 1 of 2

Renewal, Balance, Liberation, Offering, Commitment
Dec 29 1982


Repentance, Don't Know Mind, Sanctuary, Ego, Offering
Feb 1981
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History of Christian Spirituality

Serial: NC-01209

Part of "The History of Christian Spirituality" class

OSB Cam, Instruction, Observe, Offering, Commitment
Dec 1980
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

History of Christian Spirituality

Serial: NC-01210

Part of "The History of Christian Spirituality" class

OSB Cam, Obstacles, Offering, Happiness, Hate
Dec 1980
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Moving Forward in the Spiritual Life

Serial: NC-00257

Archival Photo,

"Is This All There is? Spirituality for the Long Haul", "Moving Forward in the Spiritual Life"

OSB Cam, OSB Cam Oblate, Interview, confusion, training, Offering, Patience
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Unknown Date, Serial 00679

Serial: NC-00679

New Testament Books

Japan, Offering, Compassion, Ego, Buddhism

Unknown Date, Serial 00681

Serial: NC-00681

New Testament Books

Sanctuary, Offering, Ego, Buddhism

Unknown year, March talk, Serial 00985

OSB Cam, Echo, Liberation, Fasting, Emotions, Offering
Mar 30

Unknown year, May talk, Serial 00980

OSB Cam, Diversity, Bell, Intuition, Offering, Commitment
May 11

Unknown year, June talk, Serial 00626

Serial: NC-00626

Year Talks 1/2

OSB Cam, Duality, zen, Offering, Buddhism, Compassion
Jun 22

Unknown year, August talk, Serial 00641

Serial: NC-00641

Year Talk 2/2

OSB Cam, Offering, Buddhism, Delusion, Japan, Ego
Aug 15