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New Testament Class



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even a symbolism of imagery and given to the arab like doesn't look or those are passionate about park even if you just look at mark's parallels that are you find quite a remarkable a concentration in the military
so will go on with that as well as other comparative types never the father of a sudden of the her
have an ipod give us your spirit and are looming a word with us bring your word alive with others every may learn how to let they ask us jesus' jesus amen
we've been talking about marketing and wisdom approach to hearts class program last time we talked about the structure of mark i'm gonna go been
we try very hard really i mean
and found are the bible and thirty thousand or wilderness of the long gallery policy regarding down
a dizzying way of income has contested and apply of even from we got real passion and definitely isn't over cut the martin resurrection of the at the clock which has not really quite nervous and i think having to the no parentheses as a place of hope africa
automatic and to of eleven those i haven't because they fade away
and we said that be made up here as explained to battle of nine hundred for levels
i really know my fault
the i suggest another personal approach you can take your heart would just continue to visit the out of a credit his temper five hundred book of europe africa have visit but if i'm on break or five home
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i wish to correctly they related with islam and that this is diana
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huh i may refer to them a little bit and i don't want to make things too complicated so
we'll try not to too much i wanted to talk to the first about the wilderness theology and mark's gospel than the classic textiles which
get others put county jail bowser's
it's an amazing book really amazing prefer with from protestants car on the depth of the wilderness to and particularly in mark's gospel
christ in the wilderness by warwick mouser the wilderness game in the second gospel is basic and the basis of the biblical tradition of easy old testament region so he's focusing on mark he also talks about john and briefly about national and local is concentrating on mark because mark is the place where the wilderness tradition in our customer is most were gone
is most central and where it comes out perfect was fully you find it elsewhere in number of abrams letter to the average the very important to
whether the foreground in the background
the whole of hebrews is like treating christianity christian life as a journey through the desert in the weapons to enter enter the promised land
now i'm gonna shoot a few points that you from mouser
if you're interested i recommended to pick up the book i didn't make a hand africa as a bit of about my pages
according canals or
the wilderness theology which begins the wilderness scene which begins at the beginning of march cost of owning a so-called prologue way of by john the baptist defines march cause for another where's that is a setting where which chooses identified and he identifies with that setting according to mark as the place of struggle with evil okay
as the place of struggle with evil and
that happens right away after his baptism doesn't if i attempted in the desert
hand that continues to the first half of the gospel and associated with the same of worldliness other team of a mountain of the sea and a great expression cut a deal which means alone jesus' stations disciples off by themselves all of those are political an extension or other metaphors for the wilderness thing
now according to come out of this dominates the first ever jesus and this is where jesus goes what when when he's not busy elsewhere that's when he goes especially where he goes especially into the wilderness after he has just done something after he is just done some great work or as mouser put accomplish some victory over the
ours are able to powers of darkness and has managed to share healing or some kind of revelatory statement or something like that or
not so much controversy in the first half
according to bows are only episodic experiences or events of jesus' life take place in the wilderness transfiguration takes place there the baptism of jesus takes place them either in the wilderness or in these places which are associated with the wilderness such as mountain and state remember the multiplication of the bread takes place
in the wilderness and by the state government
the later on we're going to find amount gets more important in the second day you wouldn't think right away that the map was very president but remember the transfiguration and remember that jesus sits down on the mount of olives when it gives that eschatological sermon was a chapter thirteen
he sits down opposite the temple and the mount of olives and the word is important that's almost a symbolic now there's not much of a real that to symbolic
and then he draws a part with his disciples and the garden gets memory which becomes a kind of many wilderness seen it's not about scene
now the wilderness way the way in the wilderness of the first air a park or going to mouser turns into the way of the cross in the second type of month
so it feeds directly into the passion and desiccated it's it's in continuity with a passion which dominates the second half the park the tourism ministry and then the actual arrest and trial and crucifixion of jesus looking so that establishes and access to the center of mark's gospel and i think it's pretty convincing
cause if you if you look at the tone of mark's gospel compared to the other gospels as dark as as if the shadow of the passion of the shadow certainly that struggle with able the presence of of evil and darkness which is also an illness and it's demotic infestation i'm in the first sign of jesus is the casting out of a that business whereas we saw them
look at something else as a kind of epiphany and now this appearance of jesus with which he begins his ministry that mark it's it's a struggle of darkness this kind of go
ah so that time somehow that that sombre tone of the struggle and of the wilderness is prevalent my past but let me reach just a few
from hours that this is from has concluded great things are pages or hundred and thirty eight one hundred and forty three that's a constant concentrated distillation of what he's saying throughout the whole thing
both transfiguration and gets seventy stories are ingrained with vital element of the wilderness name and the form of the transfiguration the son of man has vindicated as the victor in the desert
nobody goes off in the into the
in a place along with his disciples and they got the mountain and amount which is a wilderness place and there is moses and elijah to wilderness my limit the to and one z one who needs to do is out into the desert floaters and the exodus and the other was because the prophet of vision of other and going to loose gospel they were talking about the exits with teases would do
oh and journalism so little thing has said in an exit as wilderness in i remember that wilderness as the immediate residents of exits of the jewish people for the biblical tradition and that's the birth of their their people that's the birth of their be has their birthday is a in feel more than a right on the patriarch
another way if you look in the dictionary biblical theology hundred desert instead of loneliness it's a helpful article that the one thing that caught my eye there was it intended for the biblical tradition to return to the wilderness is equivalent to returning to the original chaos if a place in is made him to wilderness for instance the threats you know on the profit
it's that this this place is gonna be
it's going to be a playground for jackals marriage that is this isn't this is gonna be a roast for every dirty bird that kind of thing the threats of the profits to ensure islamic towards the other states it's gonna turn into a woman's the positive promises it is this will be a paradise the negative thread is it just going to be turned into a business which
yeah it's it's going to be taken back as it were to the original chaos before the creation but how can that be a place where you go to voluntarily i can have been a place where which has a positive significance and yet somehow it does because it's as if in the beginning you have to return to the state before creation remember that baptism itself
because the event of creation remember how the spirit was hovering over the chaos of the waters in the beginning in genesis chapter one verse one of the following so baptism takes place in the wilderness and baptism is a second as it were return to the moment before creation and then the moment of creation
especially in the sense of elimination for baptism is turning on and that you know light the light at the center of the person in the divine life
and the wilderness that is the place where you go somehow to go back to the beginning and read how the gospels tend to be in the beginning and the beginning of the beginning march gospel is called the beginning of the good note
you go back to the beginning and the beginning here is symbolically some and somehow i returned to the moment before creation the place of poverty but on the guy connect with there are no other resources and therefore where the manifestation of that happened and this kind of thing has a lot to do with monasticism for the origins of monasticism
going into the desert where there was an actual of desert over there was a symbolic doesn't

the work of i've see and the ladder that has kissed somebody the concept of temptation receives its final death that is taken in the women's and then get so many as a return to the of temptation after oliver's ministry and between and so symbolically are work by kind of residence or association has returned to the wilderness future
ocean once again temptation and the wilderness go together since the temptation of jesus
an important difference between
the wilderness and the mountain passages can be observed in this respect all wilderness passages occur in the first half of the gospel before the turning point of the gospel and eight twenty seven eight twenty seven is just before that way
from galilee to jerusalem which just before the journey that crossing over
at the point of the healing of the first time that they express the idea jesus withdrawal from scenes where he has accomplished a part of this mission it is likely that the to seems related to the mountain and the breadth depth of mark disclose the same trade it's three thirteen and six forty six
and the mountain scenes after a twenty seven remarkable change occurs
the passage is no longer follow descriptions of work powerfully carried out that announcements of impending disaster
and this is difficult also have moved from
galilee to jerusalem
the whole tone changes and and galilei to jesus nothing can stop them and everything flowers that his approach even though there's always at somber tone of marketing everything but he's doing all these models nothing can can stop places in the second half of the shadow of of across one of his death which has begun to talk about explicitly
over the whole of the of the narrative
the mountain is now the place on which the most solemn affirmations about the hidden glory necessity in the depth of suffering and are he's talking about transfiguration
and then
what the other mountain president is what is newsday eschatological simon
and the other one now
what's the last one know that that's the last and the second part of the gospel the mountainous machines where the mystery of the humiliation of the son of god is made explicit
while in the first part of wilderness and mountain standard sized witnesses of this mystery which has not yet often they disclosed
what does the evangelists intention and stating a good treats that as a jesus retires into the wilderness it's clear that the wilderness the mountain and the seat cannot be isolated one from the other the wilderness systematically the dominant factor in a mountain and sea or variations dependent on the desert thing
jesus after the successful performances of his teaching and healing ministry and is withdrawals returned to the place where your submission properly began to the desert
what happened in the story of the forty days that's what jesus is in the desert pollen count is not merely unanswered and among others limited to a certain period the spirit did not cease to drive up to the wilderness rather this is the leitmotif of jesus home ministry repeated over and over again and the history which began with the baptism by john and ended in the cross

am j robinson has pointed out that the exorcism stories and the debates carry the cosmic struggle from the solitary and with god with satan into historical settings it is possible to say that the wilderness mountain and sea passengers the further historical setting back to the cosmic struggle
the word cosmic is interesting because if you are returning to a creation context of some way getting beyond the historical struggle between said god and history of digital and hazard of jesus in a people
wilderness mountain and sea are reminders of a deeper level of the history undergirding that historically tangible events of christ's ministry
can find
mark's plan and the arrangement of his gospel becomes distinct
the final victory overstated as a to can jesus obedience to his destiny of suffering and death beginning of the first passion prediction that status the center around which the second half of the gospel rate of pay of the first passion prediction fact all three of them are that central portion the crossing over from galilee to tourism of the called part three
it is therefore no longer necessary to speak of retreat to the wilderness the ultimate goal of the way through the wilderness was revealed on the predictions of the passion the confrontation of the son of man with the power of the of needs to his death thus the withdraws the desert mountain a free and the first half of the gospel represented in semi symbolic form the suffering prot
sections of the ladder
they establish the energy of the gospel making accounts of jesus' public ministry with his way to the cross
so that's one thing that pose the gospel of mark together and it's one side to the somber side reminisces is a place her of as not know way we think of and us today at the pleasure of refreshment but it's overshadowed by dispenser people jesus go for them an they are going on
extended and now i could you elaborate a nice will check for
there is something i should say about a monastic tradition with respect as is a vanity can theologian handsome stones who wrote about early monastic spirituality okay and he was trying to find the motives which drove amongst to become much the graph under the wilderness state
and he found three basic motive is why i imagine and areas that they got connected as well the distribution and arc the first one was to separate themselves from the world the second was to battle against the devil and especially and that's what mouser sees as the key to jesus wilderness way
thirdly to seek a return to paradise the paradoxical act of approaching paradise are seeking paradise by going into the opposite of paradise which is wilderness but wilderness maybe the opposite of paradise but in going there you have shifted to this different key is different or would you call it
symbolically or whatever you shifted into the key the theological key of wilderness and paradise in other words you you shifted under the theological thank you could say some way and so you are close to paradise and eleven for instance in the accounts of john the baptist as a kind of in some kind of
that lets you get them even in the baptism of john inspectors are order which somehow his associates living part
now that's one side of at one side of monasticism his withdrawal going to say into the desert were talking in symbolic terms if may have been an actual visit
and it's got to do with a struggle with able that's got to do with withdrawing from the world where there where everything's confused and where everything is sort of locked in good of abrams going to be inseparable in the world and the desert you go out and somehow they they sort themselves out
your along with the spirit and then this idea that return to paradise now the other side of not as decision you know i'd say is the positive side and if you look at the early syrian tradition there's a one of the allergic gabrielle of incredible breadth of stop some of the autocratic sorry but for the early syria tradition according to think that and as just
springs directly out of baptism and why it's brainchild of the derivative of experience with baptism they have a language and and and syria they have a vocabulary and the syriac efficient way to be kidding i'm the only one which means the only begotten son of yeah okay it means reason for mama guess is they would say a great yeah
only begotten son of god and remember what happens in baptism is your realising yourself because the only become jamaica realizing yourself as a child come as it were hearing those words from the father you are my of it's something you a lovely that's why the baptism of jesus it's so important for the have a tradition
ashley for the monastic tradition of not only because of that is somehow arbiters of etc nomination for a berth in the spirit and the the receiving the realization of there's no identity of metallica
now for the early as aesthetics even before monasticism going to think that the realization perfect oneness
was the key to what they did what they began to take up another was having realized within themselves the one of god
the oh wait half of that oneness which is got whatever that means and the center of their own big so they felt the only a to be one one point i felt them on ring like a bill without one that's kind of a idea should work a christianity and buddhism peak of some way at this point this point of the damn door of the one
because they felt that something like marriage for them would be somehow or another direction would be another choice another option to establish a unity by union with the person outside themselves but somehow the another choice which would go in another direction from the
inward movement the interior is station in which they would go more deeply into that oneness which they had realized in baptist at sort of the implicit of but why i say this is to bring out the the other side of this connection of the wilderness thing was when asked to because baptism is somehow a wilderness
experience that doesn't is going back into the moment before creation and are going to be recreated as a child with got in order to be not a created by generated by god as the only begotten son and this typically somehow is luminous is in the desert context and it's also
in a way and it's an incorporation but it's also an interior personally and and away solitary experience in which your oneness for what for the the fullness which is economic being human person is illuminated or you might even say is a kindle
opens up
lights up from within you
and that and that would that would predispose you to israel and choice now and place it in which they thought that that if you were baptized christian how to become a lot because everything of course that with the a hiroshi
that would have can be accepted by the church but so strong with this persuasion and this experienced that people could actually believe that
in the early syriac tradition
so i watch any more about that connection between monasticism and wilderness and monasticism and mark's gospel okay we tend to think perhaps march gospel is big
ah something that doesn't have any the dimensions of death there's something like that if we would want in order to but somehow and actresses as rooted very much in that territory in that territory of the gospel quantity of the gospel of mark as a wilderness gospel the gospel centered in baptism and in itself as a kind of what you call it kind of austerity
the kind of respect the status of it's very simplicity it's very what would you call it apathetic you could call upon gospel of mark and apathetic gospel and a sense that it talks about jesus without talking about it says if by not say the anticlimax that we're talking about mark's gospel of getting empty tomb you end with an empty token and with an empty hole in the go
and no apparent cities there's an angel that was speaks of new indispensible would a young man in a row but that's an apathetic gospel whereas john's gospel makes explicit and brings into the light speaks at which is unspoken scott
but if i'm like have to dig to find him and john it comes right out and shines on it
about the way of the cross and mark's gospel and not going to develop but it's very obvious and the center of mark's gospel said to be eight twenty seven to ten forty five okay that's this cross the house or from galilee to jerusalem it's between the healings of to blind man and that's where jesus goes apart and
therefore therefore implicitly in the wilderness study with his disciples and or to get them special instruction and they don't understand doesn't and what he's teaching others about the cross for his you're teaching them to build up before this is that at this point they're going to receive the supreme wisdom someone the paradox is that this wisdom or something nobody wants big
cause it's the way of the crotch
was jesus was teaching to kill them off by themselves and so you get the passionate predictions in there and you get all of these episodes which show that the decent dynamic of christian life the the stories of the children in the come to jesus and jesus as much can like become like one of these you can get into the king and where
where james and john congleton say we want to spend on your right hand left and he turns it upside down he says not a son of man has come back to be served to certainly give his life you've gotta talk and got it up down so there's wisdom is the simple reversal from across as a much that turning upside down to that are dynamic of asset or come
pulsar hard drive to realize ourselves by smb somehow has to be reproached which is possible of course except some miraculous creation
so pitch that word of the cross which puts at the heart of this gospel listening memory president in twenty said or no i think about you except jesus christ crucified it's the same thing you said i've got any wisdom other of my advices is clause and that's the wisdom has at the heart of are for
so isn't we don't want
but in the middle of that is the transfiguration
which is intimately essentially related to the baptismal experience the words are the same major work to the same this is michael beloved turn you are my beloved son and that's where the baptismal grace is grace of sonship the light turns on of jesus' disciples did
but what they're supposed to understand is that like will turn on within them stuff
so that's the central portion i was in very for you do it for that central teaching wisdom teachings of jesus in mark which is the way on the cross save twenty seven and ten forty five people will give you different centers of the center in the central portion of a standard a benedict who worked out kiss factors most and
lot of the structure of thing believes that it's eight thirty four to thirty eight which is the a sirna hathaway of the cross the just before the transfer your
i read that two years because it's sort of the heart of this teaching the way of the cross
this is just after jesus said he had to be crucified peter says now that never happened to you and jesus says get the only thing
what he says he called it the multitude of those disciples and said to them and supposed to find a multitude them if anybody would come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me for whoever would say this life will visit whoever loses his life for my sake of the gospels will save it for what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his like
and so on
the central teaching the application of what he's going to do what's gonna happen to him the application of that way of jesus to our way okay and that's what the disciples can expect candidates to now that's one proposal for the absolute center of mark and other one is the transfiguration of course that's a very attractive idea
because it's singular point in our gospel of the mountaintop experience where jesus close with the where the divine light
but maybe that's twinned with something else but maybe it's not the exact and there's somebody or they could somebody who figured out the counter the vs you know
and that was supposed to be exactly such well according to the number of versus the trackers can
a third proposal for this an absolute center of harsh gospel as nine thirty two thirty two that's i believe what humphrey has and i think i'm more inclined to accept that and that is the second passionate prediction prediction they went on from there and passed through gallery also you see the journey is somehow
the idea of the crossing the central crossing from gallery to tourism and he would not have anyone know it for he was teaching his disciples saying to them the son of man will be delivered into the hands of men and they will kill them money has killed after three days you will arrive so it's not only
the passion has predicted that also the resurrection humphrey cause these resurrection predictions but that sounds like a hobby your card that sir
oh too bland
but they did not understand the saying and they were afraid to ask him
so i think that's probably the center and company called the geographical center and mark does that last line or my germany they did not understand this thing and they were afraid to ask him
have never the empty to the women the women were afraid to say anything they were terrified and afraid to say anything
can i think the reflection this is intentional
any questions or comments before we move onto the baptismal pool which is the main
the language that hundred per cluster
you have a hand up
this was a federal agents coming
book from
pages sixteen for a nightcap as h twelve it's got accustomed stocks and that's a competitive market today
now this is just a chunk of path of the material which persuades that marked intention is this purpose of march cause for schools to prepare for adapter and the thesis is that not only is it
an initiation book and stuck says to prepare people for baptism that specifically that takes to vigil at the christian personal religion and so he calls it the christian passover haggadah
historical resignation as it were
but this is the new history ministry of jesus because we have typically have a reservation at the age of this country or festival in the jewish jewish passover
mitchell he suffered
you have to think about this dwell with it for wealth work to become persuasive of a convincing but remember that the easter vigil takes place with its consternation of conclusion at dawn when the sun is coming up and people would be baptised on and that they would receive it touches have been in the eucharist for the footsteps
and mark is short enough to be read at one sitting together one session and so a lot of people thought that he was it was meant to be read in that way and lot of people connected in a pattern
marquez and like a christian passover haggadah had intended to be read straight through to the community assembled the eastern region to be followed by the baptist neophytes of not so somehow the celebration of the resurrection what habits central representation as sexual expression in the canoe
the gathered around those people who we got to be initiated and somehow participating in their new birth in their illumination in their awakening
and the whole history of jesus which is recounted in march cause for with the border towards that and therefore late adapters baptismal reflections the expressing one's and the obscure with and there are a lot of them feel important work for the country for them
mark is an initiation book written to initiate or somebody baptized into fill of followership addition know what baptism as the initiation
would you call mark ibm what
mr gantry my paperwork mister guys few years of the used for however for the year the preaching explanation of the second after their reception
where's the the preparation i had a criminal be something else
prologue and epilogue trade central portion which contains the main teaching the book which has to do with following cases on the way of the cross now one thing about the way of the cross and st cross symbol i believe that people were baptized as tradition with decided to close the christmas rogers sealed sealed with oil and a sign of the close so
reflections like that of the a baptismal experience with don't even appeared in the text but are somehow in the tradition you can as well as the oil thing itself the fact that in some churches the whole body with oil before that and the oil becomes nearly as important as a water because the oil reserves or more of the car
a more evocative simple of the holy spirit as it has this is an idea of penetrating association with light association with sweetness joy
stop him from assignment has meant from a size and items and so oil is what about an explicit symbol of the holy spirit in the old custom and that's a mama african com
try and kremlin she said
and the anointing on the anointed one of the good thing about it isn't as to be communicated and but he's annoyed at in order to a night
the precariousness spirit of god on it with him in order to pass it on that's that's the point where most understanding of the new testament doesn't cross that point okay but it's still got it out there and mean our christology becomes a record a monster because we don't realize that puts sent jesus as
constipation to watch okay it's almost like jesus as functional as he identifies himself so it us he's identified with god and he identifies with us and so it's we years ago experience and that's what it's all about and the anticlimax for mark to put it briefly anticlimax at the empty tomb
it is really the dark background it's the curtain a dark curtain behind the illumination of the disciple of the climax of mark's gospel of is your baptism the climax of march comes is the realization inside you but that which uses branch which is the holy spirit
which is the the very spirit the very presence to very being of nuka so the climax of mark's gospel is really your realization of your demonisation
of your personas as got as your your birth with the divine life okay now the anticlimax there for turns into a very powerful climax because it links out of the two dimensional think kind of the third dimensional much of yourself it leaks out of the subject object of the dualistic world in which we live in which we gave it which we think and to
the realization which has so much knew that it's the very center of the of being you didn't even notice they're good
it's so non dualistic it's so nine extrinsic that it becomes the discovery and the awakening the coming to consciousness of your own center which you didn't experience before and in that way of course meets very close to the oriental nomination enlightenment but isn't are
of such code into it
he's got to be that built the same way and at the center of your present turns out there's gotta be a similarity from or not but it happens in christianity basically and baptism let me associate three things one his baptism the baptismal experience which most of us that we were baptized as kids we didn't have it we didn't have equipment in other consciousness
one ready for
the second thing is contemplative experience i believe that that fundamentally as a competitor experience the third thing is what do we mean by contemplative expressed within the military
we been an experience fundamentally which which crosses that barrier for every other experience too much say in which we experience something outside of their stuff you think about light from it because i'd like to be have in the world falls on the outside of things right for elimination from the outset so you've got these eyes looking out of them out of the product you like headlights they don't
see instantly see outside and they see the reflection of life from other thanks where we know things from outside and analogous as st paul says is a perfect analogies and is kind of joke in that sense that the only don't think that china you have another kind of knowledge which is more by participation of by union and that's face and love that relationship it's own but optically the v
jewelry and sanctuary we know by outside was suppose there's a light that is not like a picture of outside but ten
is inside of in fact is at the very center in fact identifies with a very center and there's this unit of experience i'm talking about gigantic of reality and suppose that's got and supposing your own being as an image of that that you are a light which is an image of that like which is gonna have to say the image of is to take on and beyond in images that cause why does not have him it is
like the vanishing point of minaj light is like the vanishing point of event in which attention to what you say that the source where the money the loan or the the font of images something like that the living energy put out of which will allow images come and we somehow is an amicable with this sort of the core of our on being
and with the core of our on being was somehow wrongdoing is no longer interested in africa there's no longer distinguishable and to light of god should go out and that core than are like toy
so baptism as a contemplative experience and contemplative experience as a limited experience okay now this is true of other mark's gospel pointing towards us awakening and then this is the light in which you read my gospel
if you're going to be turned on and gun and how they skirt is then the like with which you go back and you read the gospel and then the gospel begins to bite employ things begin to synthetic
and if you'd do that you find that a great many things and march maybe everything has of a great many things begin to call him to this one channel begin to flow into this one this one meaning that pulls it all together now the meaning of hearts cause collected union all the gospels i believe there's the jesus comes to bring his thing he comes to bring this one thing which is the one thing
you know that the powerful where you've gotta see it here and got a lamp there and you've got a treasure and you've got a perm got money and inefficient math but it's always one thing the crowd was always talking about one thing and that is this thing that comes it doesn't even come because it's already here at some way this thing which is yourself this thing which is god this thing which is simply awakening to
to the being of okay okay and one treasure that one pearl and that's this wisdom thing or total
now i believe that's what the order the new customer isn't a whole new testaments talking about it and at that tourism is reluctant experience so consequently everything and the new testaments like slopes these folks around this one this one river this one stream or this one find that center which is patrick and with reflects how they watch to again in the surface
yes i ah space us as the field if been released back into balance to nice promotes like like to be right baptism how
so pattern that is it's power
sack for real race to come to the practices that are my concerts yeah it's actors and the that dozens of beginning over yeah that i would say that the beginning was the receiving the gift and the end of the eucharist which is giving him the gift which is the service you're talking about and other at baptism is the elimination of the beginning it contains everything and it doesn't
contain anything you need toyota that's the you haven't done anything yet so the gift received like your own being is everything has its own kind of nothing to you become by doing it right was resolved by real fast out by see yeah it's a see that i think originally it was also an elimination know there was a
originally reserved for realization okay they use the word photos master illumination for veterans of in the early tradition so it wasn't just kind of a little bump in life there was a real quantum check the real quantum explosion partly it's because of the context of phase in which has received via the in community the expectation you could call the cultural context know
but if you reach a call writing about that now it's like that the receiving it all always spirit is if this a new world okay it's not just a turn on the roads in the world for them
read the calais mama i'm i to i'm just thinking about my experience yeah this crap and churches now i certainly don't want to say that everybody's experience of baptism is that i'm talking about the you the essence of the ideal but nevertheless which is which is there which is substantially bit and also if it doesn't happen at first it can awaken player was you go
that makes more sense to the books being where they are waiting in his name was and but the very strange niche that's not yeah i like about this and we work something out of of movie
i'm not that baptist church or not build up this we have out in the mother has on numbers my we're talking about an ex military experience and not yes i not about perimeter you're talking about your enlightenment loud when they would from attributes like i talk about new reviews about it wasn't
in the church that it was real back to meet about it in the church is a form of ritual that are out the about isn't that really happened yeah well if you can identify the expensive ideas that the that it's something different and it's not exactly that talk about even though it's connected with okay that's your awakening that's your life when i saw it
i'm talking about don't vote second baptism and the way that that is that somehow the ground now for a christian this thing and as i'm talking about the early tradition think that doesn't like it hasn't made a couple of so it it's the enlightenment for them so i was identified as veteran for us it's not
maybe rooted about maybe an awakening a baptism but we don't we're not experiencing the same on little better
so i wasn't using baptism in that the that's a competitive experience you don't have probably younger extinction but i wasn't talking about that separate from that to so much it extends it's helping them get i guess we're going to vendors not about like i can have an impact up yeah homie to that look at our expense for sure as
i don't know if people have or because to me if a person is i think whether the person decides be baptized in a sense that britain's either that on spirits data this is no history of innocence or around the idea that the technical term for that when a person goes up mvc as bad as i see the believers and non that you know
but still and says gorilla unexplainable secondary what happened to eat a month to month of prior to this other person that he began to baptize something spirit came into a applied before that make us if i'll be back as descent that's almost i'm sure separate those two i don't think so
i don't think so a lot of that depends on on the are going to call the context of understanding with you look at it not they'd look at baptism as the global thing
usually say no because we're pretty sure point they haven't handset initiate spirit spearheaded of their make a of been the actions of as do this yeah sure even you've even got on a new testament and i'm going to actually a buses were cornelius and his family received only spread before adapter so who is at paul says repeated it
i will look like going to disappear with that affect us
obviously spirit is they're reading it towards yeah and the spirits everywhere anyone in the spirits in touch with everybody and of people that never get baptized the spirits not touch with we don't have to explain we don't have a theology to cover both of those sites and much trip
let's take a look at some of the connections with the baptismal theme and mark's gospel itself but here's this couple of pages are stuck here
why shouldn't be for you also two thousand and six the key words there for identification and of the baptismal font with the
but empty tomb and march sixteen
and here i'm assuming a lot because you may not be as familiar with likes past pokemon damage to march sixteen one to hate the when the women go to the empty tomb now our contention is that now we are you have a word for spark the products and about it
these are good a part-time which is a bit of a contending and used to reflect on other unexplained lot and that this is a baptism of jesus and a third and the empty conscious mostly get notified when a bachelor of arts and will have that was potentially
but that's one of the major of claim one of the major thank the artists was to a reputation
the vs and paul are roman six three and four do you not know that all of us who have been baptized into christ jesus was baptized into his death
we were very careful for with him by baptism and tests so that is christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the father we too might walk in on us of like the metaphor of burial is used for your baptism okay now that's something in the early tradition that phone and i believe that number of paul is writing a for mark i
i believe that that is in march mind when he writes that i think there are no things that put together around them to make it possible to make it convincing
if that's true she that's been almost the essential link that
opens up marks whole gospel that one link between the tomb empty tomb and the baptismal font
how does my experience so down below before on the baptism of jesus to even at the end the baptism of the disciple of all of us
and in the center you know this plan on the clause which has also been transfiguration and the transfiguration reflecting about trilogies and i love that doesn't remember once you get the verge of the transfiguration this is my beloved son listen to them
it's almost like at the beginning this is my beloved son you and have a lot of time the baptism receiving i get the illumination and to center listen to him that is what he was telling you out this point especially is the essential wisdom which has to accompany their skills which you're gonna to receive baptism
and which you're lumping understand somehow when you at that time
now stock emphasizes the beginning a middle of the end and that is a fairly standard i guess an image dimension five that those within the key parts that teneo and something is about remember that prologues if you looked at various gospels the problem of john particularly
they get to your more and the prologue we first see john by pledging the yard baptism is a theme the by the anyone else but lot of eating fish they usually don't even think about it the of the baptist play on the baptist baptized what's so important about that is something that we go beyond the about but
you completely counter only talk to them on the beginning where it again i say beginning the middle of the and of a conventional he didn't play in and animals with about visible and saying that we're not saying much on the model of local that a lot about all it's only the the the center for people that
he with the candle know that experiment for the were talking about which it has said that becomes a hermeneutic right the light in which you read mark's gospel and which opens up a separate experience and the life of jesus to your own life and
the future farm he will baptize you with the holy spirit did not fulfilled within the confines of the gospel even the first words and march cause pollution the beginning of the good news of jesus christ now because of the beginning with the rest of the ab them a golf course on a pretty big
if this is the beginning of what the continuation of when it's very appropriate that was worth it as if it were beginning of the good and skeptical about to the kids at the beginning of the good news is that they were historically and the baptism of jesus and watch the wrestling with your letter
your story your appropriation and for the realization of his life and jesus
renting allowed to the community of some of the about about to down those two part of the better will be plunged into crush the time of application other kind of questions gave it the testing by faith in the wilderness reflects the virtual adapter the theater renunciation of satan dollars
fox one
we still vp therapy to visual
the first episode after the prologue and is a double vocation i can be calling and proposed for or take by an efficient one of the bunch of food production by the patients
an epilogue alison name key
we hear how the women went to the term very early on the sun has risen they found the stone rolled back
if you're curious about that stop looking genesis of the story of jacob know genesis twenty eight twenty nine
there's one of those toys or jacob which were they very much about your own jesus and that's one i feel the ladder
he labeled had done on stone and it is they haven't opened a lotta into the gutter and
and decent and a greek it's alibi lot of catalans have to work
and in the baptism of jesus you've got to thank to work that jesus was right into the water
of i not to spirit descended upon category of was a part of the weather gets warmer now i think and the heavens were opened and then the evans were torn open about jacob their money for the ladder the head of the turnover
they were with
when does it factor
every jacob now so this place is terrible this is the house of god this is the gate of heaven
and i didn't know it
so as to the deliberate regiment and the baptism of jesus which opened it up to something of its importance of joining the heavens and earth to have you not only that the other story which resonates with the contrary if you right after that one jennifer twenty nine a jacob goes
to the well as to get the plates with para ver because a well as a stone at of it okay
and he says well why don't you know what are the fact that they will get what of the facts to learn the facts together
rachel comes in a while now but jacob
take it with not marry rachel crow going to make to like they could get energized and it takes the stone off the fact that at the top of the world he rolled the stone away from the well is the flock uk
i wouldn't got about a side group that reconnect the beginning on with the answer is adapted from service with the uncle term thing
but that's the that's the part of baptism you were hoping for more with which point at the end of march touch for
for many letters for one outlet for the one shot without jesus but for not just for one nation at risk with israel but for wrong
number the carrying of the veil at the temple at the time of jesus' death and myself with talked about the direct like that truly this is a psychopath is the same thing happening and the rendering of the the veil of the temperatures along with a caravan
at the heavens open to with the whole bunch of can get the summer just piling at this point of that our stuff like on with africa
so we're happy
the two marriages in chapter sixteen by the way to market headed at the beginning at verse eight of the fifteen for the other things that impact on there are probably likely to make it more palatable to make them more satisfactory for help you forget it that much about that kid
substitute antics from for that very difficult termination conclusion of the gospel which is your own awake
very early on the sun hundreds and they found the stone or back and unable to mention a young man should and other right child dressed in a white go
and a white robe that baptismal the young man is not just an angel it just doesn't just mean by that but it's the same put that to genre of the expression it and it also reflects for god to give with the transfiguration of perfect
the people do that with the rising of the sun at the time has come for the back to for because the big double reference here have the sun had risen in the sun had risen may be the type of happy with but it also somehow still alive with the rising of the resume
action under that light which is exchange with him at that time
he's nearby neophyte smoker down into the shutdown or linen cloth or put aside and sometimes defended to the fuck or emerge from the pharmacy currently right job the same greek restaurant in brooklyn
there was an earlier young man
mark very mysterious but you doing them and why does mark include that similar type of frightening detail nobody government with quote only anyhow
in a row and when jesus was arrested he runs away they grab the rope onto a taken now
why why with it
macallan the one who read mark the active
i believe that that market stuff because the touch with signature well okay but isn't that much february and i've a to this baptismal the young man who runs away is the prove that to my question is who in some way also like isaac came out at the time when we're gonna take them out to qualify to despair
and so he played the june because i'm a creature for
and then he reappeared as the baptized question
having as it were pass through the death and resurrection of jesus do about it
and then joseph adama hey i got a linen shroud and the pages and to and put together effectively
in the term the neo discussion and is the young man is found spinning were due to unexpected to be one of them quite low
they he out one or two other references that are a bunch of out of halfway through the gospel with the end of the central section that the section on the way of the coach with its refreshing predictions the assembly of urges his words to change the drug cup that i you a drink into the baptism with the try and get hurt
gop that
the baptism of he appears therefore at the termination of this the central florida of mark and approach the field together with the eucharistic from asthma that's the other people start of power which is important
that's two sacraments are the two seconds
kind of reflection often where you find one you find the other users multiply the bread very often and alongside this the usage
that's factors
therefore the baptism name is that appeared that the beginning and then on the under-five comes with a bucket of them of america is adaptable jesus' death and you remember going to kick them were were very quickly by petra to a depth of my life with and to the right but remember the
the two passages which surround the central kitchen and the way of the courage to mark their a to treasure is there
which are the village of to blind kid
the him to fit your blinders which in one way seems to signify the state of of blindness in everybody live in a especially declared the disciple which usually the country to just found that a creatures in the way the to the secret wish them during the central portion of across from galileo's arrangement
but from another point of view the to mottingham see on that time
the baptismal nomination is reflected their to very important to realize how strong with the identification of with light in your a tradition that with illumination
remember the final draft after such as don't wash them when i watched a high speed and we'll see it actually is much more than the field
i'm sure it hear

i guess not
cook that is a danger of pilot too much on hours from this project conclusion
but throughout the central portion of between kind of a number over
thank you from our resonate with that of even the the answer to our children that the little one
a little ones that are likely to with that time for twenty four
i wanted to talk at some point maybe or come back to the next time to have a lot of candy abuses with image of wisdom in part because that goes along with that with nothing this on dumb gunfight with a market and that's not certain explicit and market now checking you expect when you eat much touch for a big stick as you have to
ratio wanted to work traditional
there's a paper that i should do is copy popular different
on the question of this will take a look at the next time much wind up mark and i started with that to note and has restarted that look will be looking at the asian market for specific as you might have the public spending too much faith
she can atrophy of patients
ready to fall into the sun
i kept going on the beginning