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we spoke about
this core principle the your sutras jackie to began see the chapter one of the elusiveness for check first chapter of yoga sutras is a lot of very dense philosophy about the
my consciousness the heart
understanding and sofa
and it's all a meeting the person studying yoga into the understanding that we attain this knowledge the ultimate not by senses minder look the by a
faculty of the heart that into is the answer to its
so first chapters philosophy
or philosophical anthropology
but the second chapter is practical and it starts with these ten words is this this is the basic practice of yoga and we don't usually shock upon their
hey and
if you can have of a circle you want to get to the circle here if you put all things there and then just just like it by that shares pretty things yeah see here to thank you and are so
it's you know it's often kind of passed over because we have this this uncomfortable mental association with
ethics morality law commandments presets and soetoro keep in mind that these are sometimes translated as ten words sometimes translated as precepts and prohibitions from prohibition reader per person than precepts but
they are more descriptive than anything else they describe what is what is the way of yoga and yogi relates to the universe and to other people and so this principle the first word is on his son nonviolence harmless do know
to yourself or to any other scientia be
and then the only others flow from this know shit about ah the the nonviolence and speech means that positive use of speech to comfort and console and encourage and in strong
a positive way
and then nonviolence itself negative in term but really means giving live and healing
and then not stealing needs to give generously
focus of one's bodily energies on the quest for the absolute truth human relationships and through love and through adults and so for it but this is also a positively capacity to enter into the appropriate intimacy
eight with everyone in some way we can we can find of the basis for intimacy even among features in the sense of compassion universal compassion universal french readiness to welcome the other the difference that there is between us
that's the positive side and then this lightness of touch that respects the integrity of persons and things and then there's the the caesar the problems and once he is are the ones that are called the precepts but now really shout shout shout shout is our cleanliness and it refers of course in practice
in yoga practice frequent bathing regular bowel habits and so or and all of this has been secularized west and westernized very good know the common sense practical measures keep your health and and so forth and care of readers care for your body and so forth but
well in the tradition that is i would say most closest to the tradition of jesus the tantric tradition in the yoga lineages and the tradition of jesus is this elimination of all concept of ritual
purity and of course it creeps in back by the backdoor sometimes even the factor but this notion ritual purity that you that there are things or persons that you don't touch that you have to be wary of and this is a great concern
in many traditions
chris the jewish people have kosher laws and on the into people have their absence from are mostly from needs in general but especially from from cows me and things like that and there's a there's a meeting there there's a pedagogy
he an instruction there but ultimately one must be free from these illustrations and and so forth so this cleanliness in yoga is actually a purification of our consciousness from all since the important from any sense that any kind
food any kind of material on change our bodies
better people of different
are people wrong didn't have this feature whatnot that's the country join the circle this a couple places empty there and we've been killed
i am okay for questions if you haven't and so that's very for jesus the first declares that all food certainly nothing that goes into a human being can make us
the unfit for worship this is really the word that he used really means and evenings on paper version
and ah nothing
and this then that he himself revealed to peter that this extends to people especially and also the prejudice about going into into the home of a of a non-jewish person was eliminated one computer realize this and wedding and then it was this family that i was just way
waiting for him to come they will visit
so that is the the true cleanliness is this purification of our consciousness from a sense that anything in the universe is in some way
inappropriate for got everything can be operative everything everything
and so on the worship of god and worship that gathers in all that we have in the universe all that we have your bodies and her life and our experience and relationships arms and bringing them to the consciousness of go and of person actually all of this goes to them
transformation of consciousness and as there's a consciousness that can make things
i'm thinking about the wrong thing and make things seem to need for and then the other term some tosha some portion is contentment and today this is the kind of a green consciousness
and also the slow consciousness slow slow food slow fashion heard of those and also your own no fresh vegetables from from your own garden at sort of thing you know all of this of this contentment
is a characteristic of the gnocchi
and now you know it's really a social than another last three
that the beginning of this chapter verse to these are call kriya yoga this was the term that you've been under use for his name practice spiritual practice so clear your that is up of smart time each for from the time and those
the topics it sounds a bit like the english word that tepid but the template is from the latin which means that board which means heat and so this is for this is this is this is the warming of your heart to the practice and then
when it also means in yoga
language it means ah the outward practices of yoga that is awesome
ah ramayana and frankly get on a grinding out alice grip is a use of breath as a yoga practice and i yeah haha is working on senses to withdraw them from albert objects and into a deeper consciousness of the universe through an inward perception and inner
section from within so these are the three outdated practices that are under the touring us a smart guy
in in a christian spirituality we're developing a great deal of collect she'll be now and that means a spiritual or divine reading of the the bible especially but also have other ancient teachings that associated with the viable will be jewish or christian
and then
the words of the liturgy the songs the gestures the prayers that be using the liturgy and so we use this as as for lectio divina and then a person in this ecumenical spirit we can include also the sacred texts from other tradition you can do lectio divina even as chris
tons of the part of a gita and father big rufus published an entire book with his reading of the bhagavad gita it's the most complete christian commentary on the bottom of the good time but with me that is the the called the gospel of hinduism it's the most why the read save sacred text in the hindu tradition
the book began with looks dirty work on beef because the river a river river at complexions that's a river compact and efficient cars on the bhagavad gita so this much i is reflection on your traditions on your
what's been handed down to you by your teachers
as personal thing is not simply get off and trying to memorize catechists or are being added to repeat what is considered orthodox doctrine but it is interior arising these teachings taking the mickey or park and really seeing in one
what sense in one way i can make them my own and finally each photo up with high eastward is one of the names of god in sastra and so it means a
i've written this project ration to grab it means abandoned left to go self surrender to god and that's very interesting because there isn't much teaching about girl in the yoga researchers that there's this name for god and then this is the of the conclude
psion of this first part of yoga
but it's also the governing party and you can say that the beginning in the and include all the others so than the indians on stop and the end his abandonment to the dubai as total surrender to the ultimate to the absolute
and when we learn to live like this we are realise this is what it needs to be a of we are in union
yoga is joining and disunion and so we are in union with all beings and with the absolute poverty of guy
that was that is you might say object as included thirty first started this as they say includes are awesome the practice and finding alma
that are you hot embers has worked on the senses
how does it mean it can mean a part of it is imposing your eyes and then there's what they call the the gesture light effects fix your needs two fingers here goes wow that is you know that you should address your ears
but there's a purpose is to help us to listen
and we can hear you see the the one cool thing about the human grade and neuroscience of person is ah
making great claims today there are many wonderful discoveries but their claims that oh well there's no reality consciousness it's just it's just the bus in the new wrong it's just this electrical click play play play it's a mechanical things materialistic this materialistic
ideology i'm in this pure ideology so this is claptrap so if not science science is doubt have i understood is there's something more that i didn't know about on when these so so-called science i mean even even darkens and which and all of the other
famous company say that we know we prove it we got it just started noticed they fundamentalists
you know and when they put them on television was on the other side of the table some very conservative christian fundamentalist christian and also that that makes for wonderful a wonderful show and fundamentalist atheists scientist and the fundamentalist christian and
on the song but what we can realize is that our brain does wonderful things and then not trips that they are ways that expand their consciousness because well there is on sensory input our brain itself generates
for this sound
i remember the the evening ah then i discovered the sound of slams nine read about this pass me all honor writings of you been under another yoga writings and then finally you know i found was late at evening and then left the forgot that occidental college and loss
anticipated forgotten left them the back door open to foreign policy big auditorium beautiful and wonderful acoustics really sticks so i am there and my final stage
i've heard the science
it came from within you know i realize this i read something about the mean and so forth but then to actually experienced this when you're in very very safe place your brain will generate for you this kind of
they call it a white noise but it's the sound that includes all possible songs
it comes from within you there is a physical connection there's the connection of the body with physical brain but it is our consciousness which is opening to the infinity of sound in the universe and the same with
you know
in darkness
oh the some people you're not going to this is this isolation tanks you know
oh what's his name john lilly wrote a book about the visit my own experience you know where you float in the in this thing and all closed everything and the the the brain will give you light
and the same with other aspects but all of this simply are a sign that our sensors are need to perceive much more than that which is just around those physically
and that our senses can also be if we we focus our attention from the i can also be a way into the input onto the infant
yeah on the rule of neuroscience that there are some neuroscientists rash and new stuff like david said if you funeral she wisconsin has has tested some of the dialogue is monks who meditate for thirty years and found their good brain wave patterns are are so far
more advanced as far as happiness and contentment than a winner of the that probably cemetery wishes seen in people who are blissfully happy that a lot of gamma which is that forty hz which could be part of a connection with gotten it that the the fundamentals neuroscientists are no talk
they're not thinking about but on
i'm joyce and much you know this this input that comes from a real serious science which is seeking and always down know so the great methodological doubt that that is the the spring for it gets science real sense ferritin and hopes
discover but then science itself will ah
is so challenging because it really like and limits of any
any line of investigation as we reach a certain point where there is something mysterious and are
there may not be an answer a scientific answers we will say but this doesn't mean that were to just simply to drop it and and not occupy our minds with with the mystery with if we see a mystery that means that is for us to concert like you know and to convey
packed with so
and we were talking about of grace
you can say that everything in our nature is grace so the firing of neurons this wonderful
the sound of music and the and the the light and color that wells up from within hours and represents for us really a contact with lives the universe
this is the divine
within us speaking to us
and it is a gift race is gift
and grace is ah
faces or nature grace is the
in well as well
her name should by power shocking and ah by power by presence relationship and by essence is the essence the asus are gonna simply to be
and to be is to be in relationship that's the meaning of trinity in in christian teaching that god is subsist subsystem relationships
oh the word for it
the the line child and son of god and the procession the holy spirit the holy breath of god
and then this flowy communion
among the three persons this is also an amateur nature nature's human beings is
as image of gun or subsystem relations we do not exist other than related and our existence is a relationship that maybe wounded difficult but a human being is human because the human being is related and can relate and can also grow
and he'll relationships so we all experience to propel this relationship and we all have suffered and we all have discovered the beauty of relating in the beauty of mouth and the communion that can arise
even the discovery that people whom we have never met before
we can have something wonderful in common with that person and then this itself is our being same password for the simple because we are in from relief of this relating this this employing life
an increase
her yoga them in the the electricians physicians olivia
it is always quite concrete and that so there are specific practices and it was every every school of thought in india has its own yoga the yoga sutras are based upon one school of thought this is for practical didactic reasons the school of thought as boss satya is the philosophy of categories
and it is a dualistic last for very interesting that this is the first philosophy of india and yeah it is the philosophy that has been continually challenged because
everything in the history of indian thought has pointed towards the one we must discover the one know so this duality of spirit and nature that's what sancho talks about spirit and ancient
is something that we need to see rule because they have to be a one that includes to nature no know
awesome because we we have experience in their own selves this physical material dimension her bonds that are over our senses but it also the spiritual dimension the psyche the mine the
the intuition the heart
the heart's natural law
fish an party
but yoga is always a practice that concrete ties us a view of life
and there's so many different schools in india and across the principal there is that all the schools are welcome on teachers have can have their space
teachers are made teachers not because they have a university degree or because they have some title academic title but the google is made by the disciple
there's a saying on the disciples were either bureau will appear but that's because the disciple herself or himself makes the group know the disciple comes to usually an older person person of experience and says and asks that will you
be my guru and places an offering of feet of person that person accepts that the person is brutal and this is a
a very deep and intense relationship
and it doesn't necessarily mean the communication of ideas or even of the practices of yoga but that that comes with itself
and you have a linear and so there's the sense of the lineage of of blooms which is not a hierarchy the transmission of indian culture it's very interesting has been guaranteed down through thousands and thousands and thousands of years not by
some kind of pyramidal hierarchical structure of authorities you know and some authorities and so on and so on this is the western
whereas in india is by way of this network cuz
they may be didn't have organized our school systems
but if somebody really wanted to learn something ah you would go looking for who she is me for using the masculine because if in in fact the hills of patriarchal society against them the mail that goes on works for a teacher but sometimes the woman can also find wise women teachers and become very wise themselves
so there is a lineage grandmother and mother and so forth and county
passing down the laura that ah the women can learn and also some great teachers open their their doors to women's well as men and yoga is also
and available that
but for to to learn anything to learn a trade
it's all the same as learning yoga is to the by the room when you are ready and then whereas in
modern times and it's very important in the worse than yogananda realize this
he did organize something and then the organism organization to took out its own life and and there is a lot of people who appreciate what you're going under had to say about the they're not terribly fond of the organizations that that's report to speak in his name i don't
get into an argument about that be that doesn't mean there are many different ways that invitation to be transmitted
and ah i loved the one on one idea of your hand as a young
initiated suppose someone in a train station
for a young man came up to him and said you will be like rural
okay it all and let's just find a quarter of the translate euros and too much noise and i will teach you how validity and the following and kriya yoga so ah that is also a way of transmission books or wonder book she teaches to
there's this other side which is also ah has a meaning and importance with suggests that there should be a certain sacredness of a certain discipline of about the transmission of practice
also saw that the person who learns will not be learning out of here curiosity for will learn and put into practice what has been learned
i might say that being here and hermitage with the the prayer the liturgy the symbolism the nature around us and all of this creates a sacred atmosphere services of an initiatory experience for all of us myself and
blue because i consider my songs will learn her even though i have learned from years ago sharing practices
between that him i don't live here i ended up in berkeley we have a smaller community timberlake shoppers quiet rooms from people than the city
since the same day spirits in rule them to from we say observance and the church different practices but schedule but i'm saying this experience yeah for the information last and yeah my question is an added the to county medicine philosophy
he can happen in the emphasis
constant my houses the caste system and poverty and thing
all time
what my work can i say
crush it seems to be impaired driving the impact on an economic from atlanta ga
two together some way yeah certainly this is that this establishes and there are many great teachers who have been deeply aware there's and have dedicated themselves especially to education
this of education accessible to people at all castes and all social economic status in yet
and there's the ramakrishna mission a free preschools and things like this you're going on to himself started a school in the heart she
and ah
so often the the obese
will be concerned to express their sense the that the fruits of their meditation to fact as their discipline in the uplift of
the people
at the same time
there's something that takes place on more mysterious and deeper level
where one individual
is enlightened and liberated this liberates
to a certain degree all geographic
the elimination of one his life for all humanity so there's sometimes a mysterious overflow that is not immediately visible
i personally see it in on a certain development of india as an exemplary a form of democracy
corrupt in many ways but at the same time that has given voice to is
thousand million people
to express the will for a fair just and tolerant society very important dates last parliamentary elections says to
this couple months ago
so with all the problems that india faces there's also a wonderful energy there and i think it has to be ascribed to the considerable spent extent to its spiritual person not gonna be able to resuscitate the father of india know
and he himself emphasized the value of meditation you must your you
so ah yes
and actor said ah yeah
so obviously these are serious issues within the indian society position of women and yet i saw him seeing the emerging of women as teachers and as spokespersons for the highest spiritual values of in
yeah was very interesting one occasion in a cc in italy there's a lake association was not exactly like a monastic order to do something like that but the group of lay volunteers that have a conference center in assisi in italy and
it's called a cheap the dhamma than citadel and they offer wonderful gatherings ecumenical gathering is there and i remember one time i was present in a conference that brought together representatives of
the main religious and spiritual on
the traditions of humanity there's one to islam the nearest buddhism and their recent slump and there was a judaism christianity and it so happened and was it up you could say on by chance but really it was planned that way that all of the speakers for the
hindu contributions were women
there is no guarantees
granddaughter there was a a woman guru a woman yogi and the couple of others or this was of them for me that this was a very important sign with her burnside
so this also is evolving in here
and i think that every nation will have its own way on the sun will be a revolutionary break with the past ah some will be more gradual evolution which i think is the way they ended up moving into the future
while bringing the passed along with it and this of course was typical of india that
you can see all of india's history as it were likely the the the layers and layers geological layers and the grand can remember the grand canyon see pictures of it in all of these different color layers and know and these are visible
the same is true in many ways of india it's spiritual layers know our present everything that was in india is still lives somewhere somehow
even in the villagers there's still enough of the neolithic ah
technology mother was how can you are
lear good wholesome humor like using the means that nature gives you an principles such as the wheel the lever on fire
this things like that and they very often do that
so india has its own journey and but i see that there is this
this will be off because our what is that will to the interest you being the spiritual tradition among young people comedian the before the work i keep jobs in bangalore before mumbai
is it still has school to what degree to the tradition
presently still person in their lives the most about change
a changing a great deal and of course there is this there's a process of secularization there is also a a political choice involved here a matter of public policy that the nation should be a secular nation so that all of the different really
adjust and spiritual and social traditions can have their place within the for realistic society without conflict with with the respect and tolerance one for the other like super like like singapore well singapore is it also your heart of
the the indian and south asia and off the children chinese is important element their much but it is true that malaysia and singapore represent something of this and also bali in indonesia represent something of this indian spirit know it's the spirit of of the emperor ashoka in the third century before
for the common era
who promoted this understanding you know of respect for each other's that not each other's teachings and and spiritual traditions but when young people what i find is that sometimes the stimulus the initial stimulus for a search
ouch comes by way of the west there's this kind of return india going out to the west being transformed and it's language and and its expression and coming back and ended up
yogananda himself in this
he is he left india he went to the united states he established his fellowship in california and then he went back to india and organized it there but i've seen this also in for instance the ah
the schools and courses in buddhist insight meditation
and buddhism chris comes from india but it was reabsorb it was it was the transmuted into the common hindu tradition so good that becomes one of the manifestations of vision one of the manifestation
and buddhism is included where you have yoga we have so yeah so the renunciation ah or on the practice run by to so forth but buddhism as a organize react is no longer have any great importance in india and yet there
are these courses and schools that have them develop ah in india
the promoter his name is hidden temple by time i can remember listening to physical withdrawal know that's one of them but is now there's this series of of them a thing is still living but anyway here is that he was a teacher it was a low caste hindu who embraced buddhism and then promoted all over india these are
was in insight meditation and overpass possum which is related to he was called the ah
the parramatta tradition of buddhism over southern this
so this is one way in which the the young people of india recovery their own are rules
it was also the case of of people like like she or mineral or vendor was raised his native language was english his family did not want him to and by the way he will so cousin and given that they would cause of distant cousins by great great grandfather thing so or
robin doll was raised in a household where
everyone spoke english he was sent to english medium schools
all schools in english he was sent to a return to england to do his university studies he came back to his native bengali and he started studying sanskrit and bang now the language of his pupil thank goodness
at first then things became a brief know a great saves in the grade teacher through his writings but that is also an interesting story which since i think symptomatic of the way the india
has somehow given of itself to the west and then recovered its time in some mysterious way from us
so let's come back to yoga and i wanted to have anymore questions this is more than a little bit of history over the theory can ask also useful
a very basic practice that you may already know but i would suggest that we have we learned in this together it's a practice that i have known for many years of practice for many years and yet i think there's something that i find
in my own yoga practice that each times like the first time
because each breath should be taken as a year as a grace as if it were your first breath and your last breath
and give thanks for the breath that is risking and one way to do this is to become conscious of your breathing and here we consider this
the position i'm am i'm and the very focused on human humanity to remain with the latest gosh that's fine too but
focus on
an unpleasant that's what the yoga sutras says are awesome feeling in yokosuka said still soaking awesome so be steady and should the lesson
i'm like a black rock

and you become conscious of breathing

the we all know how to really know me
maybe need to learn how to dream i guess mostly was not agree but of course breathing spirits with the month
and if the diaphragm
which was now and therefore be and then pushes on there and that opens up knows you don't agree with your shoulders you don't read with your sternum there's no reason up here you know that doesn't really nourish your mom now
so has to start here
follow the breathing
try to make it a circular breathing
so that the en route and the ah crap are almost equal you not have to come but have this feeling that you're breathing is in a continuous circle without any in a click and amount
the epiglottis to click you shouldn't interrupt the flow graph when you move from the ambrose to the outgrow it should be almost imperceptible your breathing am and then a certain point you're reading up
you reading afternoon certain point to start the energy
there's it's pronounced circular circular breathing system that the woman

what you don't need to
serve me to swallow
the thing must have to wait until you breathe out than it was wrong the perform use alive
oh you're gonna have the time according to the contract tradition that you start with the incorrect there are other traditions say you started the outlet
but you has managed by winning the military when they ah when we start the marching left right left right whereas when a in a liturgical procession response to sign right like a
they say but in this case i think it's good to think of the in breath as the first
and then the outbreak as the response
and as you breathe in
you think of the certain silver
that should breathe out to think it will never show and i'm rightly so ringing

wow it is the neutral ground it is time a short now neutral time so is her her but what does the sound and some with make
if we wait them suddenly huh
hmm so know and that's with the emperor
is the hunger and you pronounce is mentally that isn't that sounds that you need to stay at any point but just simply realize that these songs accompanied respectively the umbrella and the a contract
andrea some ah let's try

when his own always when we speak about use this amount of course not later an from of mind laden focus attention
consciousness awareness and on no problem we kind of lose track of it a moment of distraction or intention is to keep focused and so when you realize this gun remembering the mantra go back to the mantra simple as that show
this is an ongoing process and depends also on how we feel over you know so it's not something that
how can they would be perfect and yet on the other hand it's always good it is always
there's also one other important thing in this and this this goes back certainly to the very earliest centuries of the common era of the christian europe
this practice where they also bring all others are very ancient text which was being it as an ancient text in the tenth century so it goes way back before that oh so oh
it is specifically indicated as not having any reference either to a specific philosophy or a specific form of worship it stopped the name of a deity it is not the philosophical term sometimes later
rangers even today who and some textbooks they've turned the syllables around in or even talk to me and that would be good i don't say on but
you've got all these things so
so many names i am king i'm a home was i am so is he so us put together as a to work like that so cool
but this reverses the other ships a different kind of energy whereas this has not been either with philosophy or with ritual but simply a kind of inner ritual which responsively with their nature so just remember ah
is too inbred such as the outgrow as ascent and descent that for visualization obviously that accompanies the use of the case case and so when we say oh in really well we conceived of energy
in from the neck and will survey
and when they family say so we can see the the energy coming to now
from the right
so you could say that this corresponds with
thank you
there's been right
and if you were wrong
because it is
ryan and the senate
the to
thanks right
just a couple minutes but will ship
practice and the visualized ascending and descending

he made a young maintained that teaches this practice called
the know behavior about her
it is said that this is the mantra that comes from the nature of our breath it is the brass on month it's not as if it were something that we use this mental attention and this mental reservation to accompany our breathing but this
is actually coming from the breathing itself and i often wondered about that if there ever been the scientific study of years and in fact i by chance to listen to a a program on television that spoke about
the investigation of what the child will will experiences and know what is the sun what of the sounds of the child music centers some experience on his voices and so it suggested that perhaps the child begins language learning before birth here
during the language spoken by the parents of people run by the mother and people were longer and then also they are used a tiny microphones and not immediately be inserted inside the body and recorded the sound of the mothers britain and it's precisely
it's rather than
so this sound is in fact this natural sound of breathing heard from within and how they don't disagree that well returned now they try print so that's also important
and you can say that this is a basic principle to be there can be applied to any yoga practice yoga is good when it comes from nature and reinforces nature
and that's why we realize you know if we do something to some awesome or even some bread so science or whatever on that somehow makes us uncomfortable heard sauce
it's okay for puts us to sleep that sounds good but i mean if it if it creates a problem then there's something there that isn't it isn't true yoga because it's not fully in harmony with them with their nature and also yoga harmonizes
our natural existence with the broader nature the wider nature of the human beings and the planet and the universe
so this harmony with nature is it is very important there's one other mental projection which is added to this and this is very challenging the topic relations
make use of the symbolism of the houses mail
and the having breath
is male
how can i grab
and set of show me yours

shout is visualized symbolizes them
the divine energy
him eastern christian tradition
is the
are the attributes of the divine then come directly from the essence into creation
and their associated and a special waiver the holy spirit
the holy spirit
mean the the use of the male pronoun people are beginning to remember the fact that spirit in hebrew and an era major make language that jesus book is feminine the word is pending we don't have this usage
in the english language but if you know any spanish you know that that there are of ah
masculine words and feminine birds on only persons
and so was he wrote roof or may or feminists
in greek know is notre
in latin spirituals is ambiguous you don't know whether it's male or female because it's declined to the same way as much models is ma and us the hand
jennifer minds but it's feminine and i usually the words that end and us and in in the inland more masculine but this spam spirit whose
the kind of the same way
bhavana years i think it can be so even in terms of both latin later the latin lexicon but be that is made i think this is something that from a christian standpoint we will do well to recover when jesus said spirit he fought
and you see the symbolism also in the bible
the symbol of the doubt
and down and all the different languages as always with a felon
hello on is banish know go home
garuda in in platinum
tandem them
so the
the nature that rises as masculine energy then receives the the sense of the
with the same thing down fills the air with flames of incandescent favour the brazen so on the something that
the sharpie of the sense of the activity reliant energy the descent of the spirit
now is separate planes on each one and yet one spirit it's the symbolism of cost of groceries each individual has their own divine flame descending on have a reach one and yet it's only one fire
so let us continue now with his first further visualization in the beginning it's a little complicated syllables ascending descending they were female but then it all comes together
because this is a kind of universal symbols on it's kind of archetype titles we say and response to our own oh
citing inspect
so let us continue this practice rosa
with the breathing sending the sending mail
nature and gracious spirit com



hey this
have any questions
the games of urine when i misunderstanding about permanently
that is it anyway
oh more associated with sexual energies animals and so forth than with any other energies within the body and psyche it is universal and to actually important to and i think this is probable davis was than other other people writing about two billion eight and yogananda
a new this condition perfectly and this really is there it's implicit that uses up in terms of other descriptions but as basically that in india's all right into teachings so i think it was simply of being cautious in that regard because of this
this emphasis on the you see the the use of sexual symbolism erotic symbolism is present in all of the mystical traditions including christianity and a very special way in the bible the song of songs in the in a way the heart of the bible itself
that when you have the first testament and the new testament together some notes on alex's are usually the bible if you open it in the very middle will open up to the some songs the song of songs you know if that is some sort of the the the great love songs
and all this was the most commented on both of the bible during the middle ages
none of the gospels had so many commentaries as the some sounds their villages so where there was this mystical interests in our era symbolism so it is universal it's archetypal but it isn't exclusively associated with the actual physical or even
narrow psychological dimension homosexuality nothing wrong with the fact that better than one of the natural advertise the basic advertise with the appetite to to possess and enjoy and how can keep the sensors be possible appetite the appetite too
reject the obstacles to the journey and it's called the irascible appetite the holding anger that arises to fight off the enemy of the girl and i'm finally the the advocate of knowledge and
want to know
and so each of these condition natural advertiser absolutely good
because they are actual they're totally they aren't our nature so among the the various dimensions of the country possible appetite is the designer also to enter into this into a physical relationship with a with the other significant others were seated thing
but that's not the only form obviously that was the of this that desire to hold and cherish and enjoy the good
also the irascible appetite is not aggressive and and survives
but resistance to evil
and the evil is simply that which deprives us of the good that which is an obstacle to the curb
how do we know what is good or what is he
so we need to know and this need to know is agreed on at the time for the human mind
ah the so these appetites are actually good there is a dimension when the energy and folds and against to become an excessive and the up turns into a passion
no passion possessiveness
or lost or greedy or whatever your lot in the yellow tails in or anything that is associated with wanting the good but wanting to much better and wanting it to badly and then of the irascible appetite which turns into violence
which doesn't deserve properly what is truly the measure of this energy that is necessary and sufficient in order to
look make the obstacle to the good and finally the passion to know to know everything to know what's around the corner we cannot know the future
and this sometimes arousal that the passion of of the of the of the appetite of knowing noetic appetite and would say the passion is ignorance and the corresponding motion is fear
and so in all of the a philosophies about the human human being you find this but last anger and fear as the three passions that are ways in which the the natural appetites exceed
what we really have to understand and recovered this this wholesome understanding of the goodness of the appetites
it's very important
but exactly limits obviously can't downsize everything we can enjoy everything now all of it now for moment when all in one it now but that's not possible and the same thing there are some obstacles there is this you know
something that makes it harder for us to to enjoy and but we need to measure the degree of murder and the time to sleep
do not counter evil with evil but countered evil with good serve jesus and the the machete wounds check emily the bookshop
so you cannot eliminate evil but i'm able to own negative
that's the measure views and i am j in africa
the same with accepting the limits are knowledge the fact that we can call this picture and lot of
you're not afraid for plump i have understandable and jesus so we should have a vote of confidence and
okay so
that you i indicated here this stuff
usually have thought about optional awesome practice if you wish i have only biking demonstrates that a couple of awesome as the day that i used for myself with my very limited physical capacity process because as a child i suffered from scoliosis and a strange kind of very
unflappable joints and of course hatha yoga helped me a great feat with actually save me from the consequences than most but the magnetic the whole serious they might have been but
i don't discovered by practice of very important it is not push yourself too much well so who the things i learned my practice in food they will say this because we have our spine and off as a natural curvature ah some insights exaggerated or that the start of much
having itself let's say here's the writing your altruism
if breaker and as this man is this says okay so this is what they well as richard and ah so this is the of home and this is the marshall and this is the law
so the one thing that i found is not access to accentuate extreme lets you very nine bucks or even do a fresh but nothing's center too much the curvature we're not anything that will pull this too far
our back and let the same thing with the lumber where is now this incurred i used to be able to do certain things which to ensure and i should've been back and if i drank hurts so on this is just a suggestion to be careful in any kind of ocelot where you are
ah there's a back then the dot on your knees and he can go back to back with your head and for know and follow now this a certain point becomes an extremely strained full stressful and so just
have to know when know how to stop that's one thing about awesome us know when to stop
and you start when it is unpleasant me
it should feel good
okay that's all my hands on that advice of my father but are some parameters you know the with this sport but way this is indeed this is just an otter we are on indian soil to
absolute they just from the deccan plateau from around my and the media and it's grant and you have these to texture should have you finally be of this this blossom texture and of that texture and the matte texture doesn't feel circle because thomas like walking on
that even though the stone want to guarantee but it visited to call so perhaps if you want to go to your room your rooms of data on the the there they have gardens may be so if this is your free time for awesome and on the eucharist as of
eleven thirty and so there's a bell ten minutes before now so be ready for that and feminine enjoy the eucharistic image okay thanks