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ah i'm willing to see that there would be for a certain continuity ah i'm willing to see that there were certain things not exactly identical the first summer that i should keep the connection iraq
was hard to accept at sunrise and on the other hand there were certain things that were very special that i'd learned here and i would not have burned anywhere else
and i could on from here but this is what god gave me this was my actual grace to come here and to learn from the arrived a month apart by the gave them myself so the some great for excited
thanks the guy
it's my brain
your past while six
founded the school yard helpful write education yes of much time i
yeah and i have that for multiplication their child office not scared of he had a slight chance of scripture says he has to be a smile latest else aside very little hotter
hey on a check as ask asked said to me innuendo disparage you know because it is time to the purpose and scriptures some guess that i think that's what you're saying why the last breath five packs into my president saying account wow
getting a concluding this is different because there's hope for bringing in what's good and can be in integrate team i guess that's kind of jersey jm that i'm understanding and leave yours is a bunch of out i think broader or wider know
castle and yeah right i'll tell you the to because greater distances greater the actually it for soft play with you know
while these are the mr gibbs would like gives a scam or we'd have to give thanks for all things assessment more which means give thanks he went for something that ah
was just a provisional teaching you know it was right up to a certain point it was right for me them you know because that is what that was the only thing that that was what i mean that would learn at that point but then i need to go beyond that because there's something else that i need to learn you know and up
when when when you teach greek
there is what they call the charitable lie
you always have to lie to the students on the first
first time to teach the first form of the terrorist and you say sign of the terrorist is the sigma not true
there are lots of exceptions but used to you say that because it makes them these it makes it easier for them for the most part to recognize the the route those areas part of the verb is to what refers to something that has been done and done and finished in the past okay and so this form of the for is easier to recognize
if you tell look for the sigma look for the a star you know about that you can never than focus on the ending the benefactor but then you have to tell them and after a few more lessons you have until well it's not exactly true
so now do you have to learn a few to learn all the exceptions to rule so anyway that's maybe in al-qaeda of what it's like you know and we need to learn but we are able to learn them up you know where we are and then
if we're if we continue important thing is to be willing to learn
willing to learn which means also been willing to change to be changed by what we burn
and it doesn't mean
rejecting anything you know that's something that i've tested myself on you know because i want
my my journey of faith is also a journey towards greater openness and having learned some things about india and my teens i obviously wanted to develop a greater understanding and even some clue so hard scholarly work come on tech
tests and study the languages so a special sanskrit well i was able to do that and
but there's a saying that have been skeptical gentleman said well it's okay to be open minded the top be so open that your brains fault lounge
so yeah right well it's a discernment in out and use it use discernment use your intelligence but i think as a matter of principle
just willingness to learn
must overcome the fear of losing a truce already know know because if a truth is true and if you know it's true at any point in time you can map really loose that it will be re
reinforced but it will be placed in a broader horizon it will be illuminated know the sun will be higher in the sky and you'll see it in a greater light
this i am five this i have some because i was given also to the gift to catholic faith and ah i recognized it you know as a gift that i'm a bot to prepared for him and i've read by read some books about catholic spirituality and other spirituality is as well
no and
so i was given them
and it was such a great kid that obviously as she didn't want to lose it
but on the other hand
i realized that there's a there are two ways to lose you know you can lose it by you know bearing in the in iraq and emitting that and a handkerchief and bury it in the ground and tamping down the soil over it with the earth is show you know that's one way or losing
now it's like that it's fair and jesus and how the
the talent which is not that we mean by targets the it's a day's wage it's a coin was used in the to the roman empire and so it would give in on one talent to work with and day so here it gave one even though i want to money gave one time to navigate five hundred gigs staff you know
and the ten went out them you know it's for business and and got back to more than a loved one went up with is fine and you did some patients perfect five more and it but the one was only one you gotta for any and so he grabbed it and put it dug a hole put it in the ground covered it up so when when they
the boss man came back the dug it up and said you're shooting
well you're ungrateful man you didn't you didn't do anything with no no you didn't make it multiply
no advice you could have you could have given it to to the to to put it in a bank and there would be a little bit of interest
so that's another way of losing the truth that you know that if a certain stage in your life
and of i think
my oh
sense of compassion towards people who are hold on to their religious understanding in a fundamentalist stick way only literal reading know my feeling throw down is that are by doing so you know they are
our the very this truth and not allow me going to multiply and and know so we can and we can lose something we can lose our minds you know we show crazy it does stupid things and of course that happens some but curse gotta produce that but
the i think i think it's worse to lose a truth that you've known by burying it
so the alternative is not simply to get on
you know the a big throbbing with bachelor but it's to allow you know this understanding to grow and to embrace further truths
and you know that it's main st gregory said of the should richard rose with the reader more he read meditate reflect the meaning rooms
and then also the second vatican council and all this great meeting that nineteen sixty six to sixty six and i had just arrived her brother people i just get just got here and then and in october following was the first session of the council and so we were you know and the we weren't allowed to read newspapers
a but the prayer would cut off the clippings from the the paper about the the council be sure no less a john the twenty third to open this this great gathering and all the bishops and abbots when the catholic church and putting the habit of commodities who's part of that
and a so
this this was in one of one of the greatest documents is the
ah the decree on a divine revelation and it has a wonderful a statement that the word of god grows in the church
because people
read reflect and meditate on the scriptures and that's how the word of god grows and develops
and of the example is the mother chooses in law it says that she didn't understand but she kept all these things meditating on them in for part says st loup know
so ah so that that's that's example don't understand it i don't understand everything you know even at my advanced age i don't understand anything everything i'd understand some things or something about most things but i don't understand
and that means you know that i also must continue to grow but as i grow so the scriptures will grow with me and then the to
something really toxic and not sure you said it
but critics say torture even if at first you seem to be moving away from crass you will eventually wind up in crests on ship
that that that is necessary good because them
there's also the understanding you know when when there was a teacher and disciples
and a lot of teaching was done out the open that certain amount of teaching was done on the roads both along with the jews and among the greeks but when they would be walking the teacher in front
and some girl was following you know and are we can all which recognize the jesus's way us at least a few steps ahead of us you know so
wherever we go to go to india jesus has already been there now was he ever physically there as some say you know i say i've been trade in how to study history and need the documents you need the inscriptions you need the topi
pirates who need the text and so the text that we have the only text that says that jesus came to a specific to cushion the action
the name given to jesus the text itself is of age honor that we know begins to develop in what are our middle ages now say about the seventh century something like that that called puranas for random means a inch
in sanskrit but there are but ancient stories but the actual text to something that and they still in there still was new foreigners the compose
but the idea is that and sure about that don't think the origins of truth or story on the only person that anyway in this text the name ios for jesus is islam which is arab he said isn't not yeshua on the issue
as in aramaic yehoshua and hebrew joshua
and then in aramaic yeshua we get three is the name of jesus that neither that nor is it you choose which is greek
it's isa so the only reasonable conclusion is that this was part of a legend that the muslims came with as to india to say just too big
cause the muslims teach that jesus was a true prophet was the son of god and he was the son of merit and a true prophet who was a bearer of the word and of the spirit of god so you find this some grab this is what the koran sets so this is a paraphrase of the jesus story in the koran
and it sat in india because the muslims were trying to convert the the the indian people to islam or at least present islam to that no reasoning was not with any violence because no they didn't find any violence violent react
one among the indians and same thing with alexander alexander didn't didn't make any inroads in in india because they've been fighting ah
yeah he kept going where no one there to fight kinda so just choose came up to the yeah not the borders of india and and kandahar and and sober the measure met the buddhist there and the them
but then but then they they allow the buddhist challenge them in know are you really unafraid to get you know you're you're not afraid as long as you have a certain years
but anyway so it's similar in this you know these movements of how india has always been receptive to outsiders and well indian civilization itself as a in the blend of to civilizations the more advanced civilization and which was there the dravidian or the the them
mahindra god or culture from one of the archaeological places on the world's between india and pakistan actually within pakistan pakistan
so this early early civilization they had a form of writing and they had art works and they probably had the yoga teachers this is a there's some features that are seated in yoga posters
and this is your no two thousand years before the common era and then the the islands the audience were various tribes that migrated from the northwest through what is today afghanistan and so the net there in that there was kind of a crossroads
and so others came that way and i entered india newsroom there in on india was the victims of
keep your eyes open yeah we're doing fine so i'm here clinical we didn't with his knife how class think he was
and masses of eleven today yeah i was thinking it was are an air
video no the lines video it's a header so so anyway you know that the receptiveness of india has been it's most effective way of responding to outside influences you know that observant know
take it in observer won't ask another question around and i'm sure i'm sorry for them no grasp of friends but then do you believe that the faith of the the thing is true there
teaching been described him as as well as you can also say is more like confucianism and the jesuits to china and and how america great similarities between coefficients like last with christianity and not very open receptive my for for the christ and then
then do you think that economists major emerging sad and eventually or or christ in some mystical away still is
as the catalyst of salvation for that particular it is about eventually come to christ on the there are many ways that of rates the there's not one single theology is nose theological answer for them there are many hypotheses and ah
i think it's very important i wouldn't like to see the holy see or the the pope or someone come down and say well this is the only we're no good interpretation and this we have to you know because we're dealing with with continual discoveries and new understandings through the linguistics and through the
the just the human experience you know and we have this experience as you mentioned you know the judges and china appear richie and he was he was affirming that the rituals were all the rituals of the people even the very
racial and the ancestors could be something that christians could incorporate and this was further developed later by a roberta to the in indiana and then in the a around the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century there was wrong and begged
a whole
who took the name robert pumped up open gi
and the hype next and then he became a christian but he baptized himself
and then he realized well he and i need a community and so he went to the church of england and have them back msm and then he went to the catholic church and and then baptizing and so but he was he was on a cutting edge and in fact and published they a magazine
the called the blade
the ratio sentence you know the rate imagery voracious edge it's also the title of the novel
and ah you know it's the the spiritual path is like treading a razor's edge well which is really a name for a certain kind of mountain path and i would be on the crest of the mountain and i was very narrow wiki hopes drops out of both sides and that's called the race of
so if you've gotta be very careful which you put really put your foot so anyway so he was he was willing to walk out on that razor's edge and he said that everything that i have learned from the catholic church is already there in some way in the vagrants because he was a
he could recite them difference and so he wrote a him to the trinity that we sing every evening at the otra saying him all your and our every frame is taken from the vegas but it's all proposed in such a way as to
involve father some spirit
peter sudan and ah atla in our admin up my spirit and that sentiment issues so so this was in this was his challenge it was great shot the church wasn't ready for it and
and so he got he got into a lot of trouble but it seems that you know that he was given a catholic funeral at the end it was some question whether you've been excommunicated and i don't think it was you know if it's just that it's publications were regarded with great suspicion but
this was taken up again
especially by june motion that was the first founder of our asha he was the first one to come to india than the so to the name of a shit ton under and then be us and they were together very briefly in nineteen fifty seven
and then father beat went to started monastery with a with another blog mother monastery to belgium to start honesty for the syrian christians whereas our motion i passed away in the so rubbish it done under remained in our ashram in moon to nadu
do but then also travel to to looked at laura's very often
so they took up this in of this this challenge of propaganda and
developed this understanding of the trinity as in the footsteps of the footprints of the trinity are they are given a soil the soil you can find this this teaching of christianity is their implicit and now would we call implicit latins
hold her hand it's important that has been implicitly glitchy two men sent him in that it's folded them in know i'm just a question of open never
this in addition to the teaching of the church which was clarified in nineteen forty eight something like that
ah at a specific request of the then archbishop of boston who had a priest in his diocese going on reaching saying that no one but a professing catholic could ever be saved if catholicism is the one true church and the one true
they those that do not profess there's one true faith and belong to this one true church whether it be some other christian church or some the jewish faith or other religion they're going to hell
and the archbishop of boston well i'm not certainly you can prove that from i was observing a new cat no it's not there it's not there really are the great source of our christian but not but anyway so he wrote to the holy see ah
and so give me an answer now and the only see sir absolutely in other words not what that bruce to say
because if someone in good faith follows their conscience and the lights that they have they will receive the gift of saving faith ah
so people everywhere and i'll have this opportunity the offer ratio universal the offer offer of of an face of course is always aimed beyond the but towards my was called the mc up in there anything that you can take
about or pronounced with your mouth it is not what you can think or say but the reality to which your thought endure words point
that is what the activate it terminates there in the reality transcendent in an absolute
so if somebody has this gift they go to that reality well yeah that's what we our say the current modern a catholic church as for so interesting that the up that point in worrying todd exactly the opposite not quite the opposite bill
cause this they would you know somebody really went back to what this appreciable saying in boston in endless a sort of thing in which occurred every day you know and the thing is the the archbishop ah
was was really testing the waters to see in on the because that there was no way you live in boston and the piece for your next door neighbor pluralistic sitting you know i mean and get of catholics neocons revived perhaps that they're not comfortable that can engage in american society and
unless they are able to you know the be friends with their with approx neighbors are jewish neighbors or whatever makers that wouldn't have been taught to read that of kapler flax night currently were being type that is a pastoral error and it has grave pastoral ever because if you don't teach
people to reflect and especially meditate that is go beyond the words into the pump and beyond the concept into the divine reality which is given to us with our baptism given to us and that's it is in us i know that does over mother grace and faith and all the the
the internet circumcision and the the the other religions out their initiation and this has been recognized in i'm surprised
by augustus the sacramento that today the sacraments nature one so all of this comes it that that because god is in in all engrossed the world and every soul speaks to where the sole pope john paul the second said that every human
i'm being conceived beneath the heart of a woman with the mother's womb every single one
enters into existence already in a real relationship with jesus christ
now we want to make that explicit and we want to say and from jesus christ because this is what recalling called to witness
and that was the positive side of that we should you know we should we should say this we shouldn't try to hide in the background questions we believe in jesus we worship him we worship his father and the holy spirit and we believe this and we we we love marion facilities and we want to be with form
but on the other hand this doesn't mean that we get mad this real relationship that is there because the person was created by was in god we believe him
and the person who enters into life in a family and a community and society that offers some other initiation of other instruction or something that will build their the quality of their spirit and of their moral life and their spiritual life than that
that person must give thanks for the gift that they have
and we must not say that that is the work of the day
and that is absolutely false and you'll find some christians will savings and there i will have to say you know acumen as somewhat of a certain point but when you say that that everything else was the work of the devil i'm sorry because as a catholic i can see
i could not say that because it's not set by the catholic church on the second vatican council to even a warming up here
hi to that's a proxy i hate that if you accept actresses from other christian churches yeah so how can this get me wrong because if you've been baptized in any other churches lines it's in the name of the other side of the spirit you don't have to be read that ties to community to change so if they really believe for you just say
yeah which is the opposite of that on returned to say that they wouldn't accept the baptism will learn something with addresses from some from salon churches there's a few that are be accepted but not all churches beings that the donate to my guess the lutheran church and no no lets them even when i tell you you're talking and
how she said as a document you know about this to get back i came and envy for the council so and you'll be all the old way of doing it would restrict but the thing is i didn't have a letter from that from the baptist church that said i've been baptised in by version of the bottom needs of the father into the son of those ghosts i could have gotten the letter i didn't bother to i said father know
one that said okay i'll just say when i backpacks you i'll say if you are not already baptized i've done patch
so the proviso there i was perfectly happy to go through the catholic ceremony but in but i knew that i didn't need to add another baptists
yeah what did jesus mean when he said go in town world that has a unique design knowledge he said two things he said
to every in the whole world actress had went to go to every creature and here's a mysterious expression is every creature every created reality so there's something more than just the just preaching adopt a doctrine app people you know preaching at them preaching to them in the sense of foot round three
a book at them
but this is not the image that you get from this these words of of scripture and in the gospel curtain math you go and oh preached to all creatures all creation
how can this be done the wait until we see a t let him download the white house law and well it will have one after you have open up a new dialogue with there but ah
i think it means that we bring this word that we have received into all possible relationships know and then baptizing them in the name of the father end of the son of the holy spirit which was the formula used in one specific to
apostolic church in the church of antioch other formulas we know that they were different but this the formula that it was eventually used were those others that use baptized in the name of jesus the messiah
it's also find this an act of the parcels that ties in the name of jesus to site was that were they not baptize today the church to be safe would always say no it has to be father son and holy spirit these the trinity as to be brought into it but in those days there was no hope
see know so there were these different different forms those who believe in are baptized will be say those who do not believe will not be say or will be judged you notice it doesn't say those who will not
be baptized banana it because there are people who believe or not that tight and that's in matthew
and who can judge if the person believes if the faith is there we are not permitted by the same jesus who gave us these ones were not permitted by to judge him judge him up and then we have and we actually
parcels for at the chapter remind me if you know if you're probably better though chapter was repeater goes to carnegie's can remember which after a number that is not eleven i wasn't gonna say it's celeb yeah yeah i ever i just will just a movie that i to look at up afterwards but anyway so so
oh peter gets this they use is a job on and is a after dinner after lunch it goes up and takes a nap on the roof and he sees the angels you're letting down a big table cloths full of all of the wrong foods
like pork shellfish
things like this mushrooms that jews can do that sort of stuff in our lives down there are the voice comes from ever get up peter and enjoy enjoy your great meal and so no more and i've never touched that kind of food do not call and pure what i say
it is pure get up and eat so he woke up and they came up to severe than others this is a family and their their their a gentiles are not jews as a family that what to want you to come and teach them
ah well i guess i got to go like guess that's what it means you know because the meaning is that you know the a jew can't go into under the roof of the agenda and all because otherwise in one and have to go go and take a bath and change his clothes
but so he goes there and
cornelius the center in says we had a vision that there was somebody named peter around here and that he would he would bring us a word that would that would save our souls
and so people started talking and the glory hallelujah they started seeing they start and that peter sees the flames of of cops come down upon them he hasn't when finished a serve you can now
so he says what're we doing here who's going to you know deny their baptism when they've already received the holy spirit just as we can get a pet cause
so carnitas all of his household now we're back times non-clinical children and and with slaves and to be identified on opensuse is his pigs and donkeys were baptized travel one but you know i mean all the people to everyone
so they're they're so peter didn't have a chance to get more than a couple of words out of his mouth the holy spirit took us to show peter that the holy spirit that already been in that pounds and was already in those so
and was already giving them the flame the fire
so welcome
so since they they exceed that you need to need to read them read the bible as a whole you know not just what out says here that says here and it says there wasn't say here and they look at whether says there and let the the scripture speaks to scripture and all the bible interests the bible and so you
can't you can't get hung up on one verse you've got to you know it's a but they call today that scripture and i would say this i to extend this any spiritual teaching
as to be read as a hypertext and a hypertext is where do you click on one word and we'll show you all of the other related words in our into the same time you do a google search you're going to have an immense a higher tax but if you get any in our city with the bible on it
and up they also up for my protecting the extinct so you you you can click on any word and tell you how many times that word to use which books read versus the bible's use and then related themes and you can even you know you can go from one point to the other is just so you can be influenced
you know can be infinite so that is the way that we understand what is in scriptures snuff i think this says the senior pastor no more more to be sad
have been in the last bush has an
the as yeah to take his credit he as and as this character emma who never heard of asked me you haven't asked i
he becomes native the narnia
that that's very important because you don't see us loose was an average helical he was at that memory church of england the gives from north ireland that they're pretty of our pretty sign i'm so afraid of in a out well yeah but you know i mean he didn't it wasn't he was kind of thing he was kind of frustrated because
his is his favorite student was bede griffiths our agents and and a alum after graduated graduated from oxford there was there were both moving back into christianity the same time into the treasury these they've been envisioning baptize some the you know the children they've got baptised this is in the
anglican church so they were moving but they move you know kind of parallel they didn't converge because r c s lewis with north and the from northern ireland from ulster and use his vision of the church was was lot of reformed christianity
and so the bible is the one the primary authority although there is tradition and there is also the the book of common prayer which has itself it's own teaching and are so he was bit frustrated that that brickets didn't didn't didn't go along and i didn't
stay in the church of england but when enjoy the the pay posts but of course being griffiths want to join them because he joined a monastery where they have been the anglicans and they have become catholics to belong to the the white and order of st benedict and are so
of the griffins was kind of instinctively liberal not a liberal mindset but he took the gift that he had received very seriously every thing and the gift of his mother's example of her faith the gift of what he had learned from the church of england from the society of st john the v
most believe they be them the what what what do they call them the there's another name for this this order in the church of been
yeah someone asked me know and a more missionary than question so on
let's hope so anyway so so but cs lewis was more in touch with the reformed and but the more strict identical doctrine but this was something where he and father beat were close and really you know identical
you see this and or any i hadn't written that learn all the narnia books but certainly
this group to screwtape letters you know are are a wonderful especially of that chapter where were is is counseling you know his his young young dare devil you know and telling them now you've gotta work on these religious people and get them to
are you not get the the high church to be higher and the low church to be lower and get them you know and get them to fight among themselves and that's the only way you get rid of christianity christians to move to to fight among themselves but beware if they they
come together and they they agree even to differ because then they'll stay together and be part of this christianity we can eliminate gets you know devils but that's our job so i'll get that fact and about quoting invites you know i mean that's a paraphrase of it so he didn't have this this this insight
right now coming from a more angelica side the same as being preference
and in fact when lewis wrote his are published his autobiography he dedicated and her father new prefer so it's be no
okay so stint forty and let's just take a little time to breeding that accepted and prepare for bass so yes on you your actually trees
ah here it's already been set for next june and around the same days you know towards the look twice or something june researchers exactly but that you can in all that sort of the calendar so you can ask and they in the bookstore if you want to sign up for the
he will be yoga and sacrifice so continue you know but also develop certain things and give some more the instruction on them
during undercounts kriya yoga
do you teach and mentor
sometimes are when we have quiet things and i usually give one a year and it's most often the month of name but everybody we haven't set the counter yet so we'll see
am i can also i've done and it's simpler it's just the a saturday morning nine to twelve so it's not like whole weekend we don't have the facilities there for room for weekend but you know it does this saturday morning think occasionally and so most their own modification knots
i have speaker
so you can get that
oh we'll put it on line or no to recover year i'm so i want someone that seems like you do not like once i'm like yeah maybe some day i don't know i'm open to anything but
i've got a coordinated chris with the needs of the house and things like that if just being a small community we've gotta cover own basis just three of us you not sure there was fourth monk who comes from southern california from monster in st andrews and the from the mm but usually there during the academic year
okay so weekend we can prepare for mass
that's just remember to combat
the time for the prayer for benefit dinner in the cloister they're just go through the sheffield work on either by me
thank you

i'm mistake by side
from you have okay concern some time or grain yeah
thank you you're welcome welcome to get

pappa for them
this time
come through that is
information yeah dig
this is happen
sixty six the seven

in india for any kind of gathering which is about you know something that is important to you can say serious but where the
the conversation is light and and open and so forth and maybe maybe are the teacher will mutter something and say a few words or smile or simply keep silence and the others will talk or ask questions and so forth so that's what of tears this is the yeah the last it was not so
formal and on it is
you know what kind of you not open ended show that way we can kind of conclude and him
and enjoy each other's company for this class
get it for the ah this weekend retreat and a that is the masses the gathering and also the neil it's the gathering and you must know that you're all invited to attend the community meal after the mass and there will be a
bell at twelve twenty five that gives you five minutes to get in place in the refectory you go out this except there you know the the center there whereas as an enclosure the community members only and so forth so you go through those that the temple redwood doors
you go that way and then it's a building on the left and the large building on the left which is the dynamo and so you just go there to read there at twelve thirty so if you're staying down below like another trailer takes a lot more than five minutes to walk up so come up before the bell rings and then
we like everyone want to take place for the photograph wants to say a prayer when everyone's their trump thirty so the girl and by practitioner in the community
and so so bell rings at top twenty five started a little earlier so that you can be there and gather in the refectory and a place to sit and be of open seating so thank you place center and meet some of the other members of the community you have to
already so that some
what we do in gathering
let's begin with a little bit of practice so let me help you with something here because maybe it's not clear that oh mean the sounds yeah i used to kill the sounds and in magnetism and so so with so you know com
is not on
is not home
is not home
so as hundred mondays if the sniffles and how to write the french chef and right now and also line to the portuguese and and
an indian languages so pathetic and so
and so ashley greene simple and it lengthens obviously this the brat longer the route so in your mind this is a mental chance november invocation and as i say this have not heard of any kind of ceremony
now incident with or without a be explain about the syllables in right these amount of sounds the not home or home or home that is just one
will resonate knows i'm concerned that she's so
that about and then sir sir
the to build up
so what are and evolved is as you read more slowly we saw more them
oh even though you know the primary it with a scientific this is a short day your pay is the nautical wow and all of the songs
the all of the voice
the voice letters of the of phonemes as we say sounds of speech come from this fundamentally sound of ah
no it also because there are more than just the the five levels of of spanish are a oh
and then then the the seven hours of italian multiple valves of english there's also look little or and you can even replied moon and so forth so these sounds are also balls that the basic sound of language is
is ah
so left so the breathing really is
that which is the source of language
and because of that the source of language the first scene is are also called seeds no answer is a seats and the seed of this all is the seed of our prayer
our thanksgiving
when we breathe we are giving thanks for the gift of like for her first breath and my last breath he gives extra that too because i like is between two breaths and so we breathe in as if the first time we breathed when we came forth from my mother's womb and then we breathe out
to as we will one day agreed that columns get back the air in our hands to the inner circles around our planet so us to sit
peacefully and very here the even book kicked your hands like the as the group of thought or as the disciple percent whichever it feels comfortable free
and we breathe slowly only through the nose and this practice that there's also were breathing through the bomb i'll just mention that and maybe some other occasion will have to develop this other form of this of this korea is space korea or
our brand action and the truck that and now you through the nose and mentally beside the syllables how the incoming wrath and thinking that energy rises sinew and then so the outgoing where energy this sense and feel to his wife
and thing i find laptop
and named
minute or so to get into this for them to come down after speaking after speaking moving into the upper a bread practice is rather abrupt transition because ah if you speak you're not breathing if you're breathing and non-speaking says one of the a
that's so on one gives up something emerged to speak and one gives up her speech and another to enter into this to become conscious of your dream he can stop reading spatial curses and inhale the or to and them as you speak you exhale course
but ah it's a different so they can process we also fill our alarms from me and we speak but others are different consciousness now a speech makes us human said sir
that's a great gift that it's also risky ah
as it says in the letter james
the most dangerous oregon the body is the tongue and out and with the time we bless god and autonomy person papers so we say bad things we say happy things but ah let us
keep that in mind and
here's the time as barely speak only to say comforting and instructive words and wasn't mentioned that truth and untruth doesn't mean same same what you seem to be the truth to everyone at every time
the rather it means that your words will
bring light to urinate to the hearer one ah ah then then the actual speaking also becomes a spiritual practice and ah that is good
in addition to a brand practice because so many other bread practices and mentioning about breathing through the nose are you can also read both through nose and mouth it's not what we call mouth breathing where we close off the things
like this in of close off the nasal passages that giving the nasal passages free and open especially people stopped up you can just slightly open the lips there's a buddhist texts which says open the lips just enough to hold a long grain of rice between
and then you'll here of course this vowel sounds music some
it'll be audible and this moves you into another phase of practice but you can alternate if wish and on
also with bread practice
ah it can develop with you in other words
as one of our great christian tree teachers of all time pope gregory the first gregory the great and the scripture rose with the region
was it him and put that in your courage church i don't think so
the bible scripture grows with your greet with the reader as you read it and that hunting for this is when the fundamentalist literal and on this is the book is check it out for the look at so the scripture grows with the reader and the rating
practice gross
read hurt and yogurt goes with the youngest so all the teachings and all the practice on the techniques that you can learn from books from a teacher for from your fellow practitioners all of these enter into you and it's part of the practice to
the form of them even modify them or mitigate their this especially true of the passengers as the years go by you do need to mitigate your yoga when up until around thirty i think you can intensify wrong yet i'm a good
a good heart you know and even that is not really his shoulders i realized to my oldest many
oh but then in know this mitigating is not giving up on it
because medicaid is from the latin adjective meatus which means unique an equal inherit the world of inherit the earth so ah are
yoga practice is mitigated
but paradoxically it can also
develop and expand in such a way that it actually fills our whole life the ideal of yoga practice
is to arrive at the point where any position of the body is awesome
and the gesture of their hands is moot them
any word on your lips his mother
and any breakthrough tape is primary
you know so it becomes your whole life it's not something that you add on and the beginning it is because it's training and of course we can in the sense you know we're retraining for all are alive and so we can learn a new practice economy of posture ah it says that there
as many yoga postures as there are creatures in the universe so
try to count those about eighty four thousand and some tuna which was the can you imagine a figure which represents a great big number of persons there's so many millions on of creatures on earth and and even though unfortunately alas and the or disappear
bring him
and eight
the phase of great extinction today partly because of our women bad behavior turns her fellow creatures and and our mother other earth but in any change there are so many and so yoga also is this kind of identification of creatures
he and he thought sharing that you like to
in africa he talked about to features share your life if they actually do however we married it does that fold our dog caution when she stretches the his laugh and she does yoga postures and the yeah indeed united the young dumb and one
well now
important european
yoga teacher andrew vaughn policemen
the time that didn't stop that must not have been very fond of dogs with the cat construct yeah the cat so they also said he also says you do you do that with with first you arch your back into the arch posture you know and then you go down into this this and i'm stretched out and
the chin up then you can venture at now and that's also important because she'd never want to strain this this part of your neck you know i mean you can do this as week back then than all of that for a while but pretty soon you know it turns into a stray and this is a delicate for the body
because our head is always moving and moon and so forth and and the and we're trying to hold it up there and it's it's a heavy thing in all on this will this thing at resting on this thing and balancing and so forth and so you'd have to be careful not to strain yourself that's important but yes the animals
themselves have their own natural yoga looking at how cap for some time dog also a but the candidates especially flexible gooseneck that a cancer had followed well that's right never pull a cat i by from front upon me a europa muscle tendon you know so
so i wish to avoid the hand underneath the the chest of value to lift up your cat or pull up in office said yeah little cat you thought by the not that not the neck but the the between limp of the shoulder blades you can lift it up by vitasprings yeah i love that concept of every movement being
awesome i think about the
the chinese energy development on t on on there is an aspect that has called three farm she done that there isn't there's no form all it's just it's just moving at the spirit the insurers she leads you know and love that the every movement is is austin texas sort of the same thing
an eye out for myself cause of books i've worked with is just inviting yourself to to move as the spirit leads you are often releases in in in transforms the body mind spirit all at once
hence never sink from d

and official term topic of course for the emphasis on topic yoga is is on liberty freedom know like this liberation from something and outcomes you need to get out certain tracks we get ourselves into but on the other hand this freedom you know that
it is
the priests supposition for law
because i loved cannot be constrained
and so
we need to
you know this freedom to
express the love which is true friendship group important
for the good of the from here
an appreciation crushing appreciating and receiving the gift of the wants to history
and he said that area that your mouth of the company play mantra mantra mantra is
mum is the terminals means mind and it's a specifically the mind that gathers together all the data of the senses to give us an inward inner picture of the world than m in yoda psychology and so drunk means an instrument so much horizon s
what of mine where it the term was invented it was in the teaching of the events of the sacred words a sacred hymns to young ramen students and of they were not capable little kids they couldn't understand these these hymns and it was
an image and sanskrit first of all need and an old arcade form of sanskrit for the vedic sanskrit and so they are
they couldn't understand it so they were just need to memorize syllable by syllable each separate syllable
an insoluble was a seed planted in the memory of the future
brahmin priests know and
so they were just talk to and i still have schools that do this novels is still a practice just pure memorization of sounds that don't give by themselves in a meanie because the munich and not yet the receipt and so each
sounds a seed has its own special vibration
and this has been the way that they have preserved the texts of the vedas over thousands of years because you're much safer committing attached to memory them trying to write it down because
if if it's unfamiliar to year to you you're gonna make some kind of mistake if it's very familiar to you you're gonna make another kind of mistake you're always going to make mistakes and you write things down with problem of scripture as such it if you take any scholarly work on new testament even though critical tech
ext and gives you the full greek text of the new testament and all those footnotes it says that that in in in manuscript a there is this version and then ask have been as this other version then employed by papyrus two hundred and forty six there's this other version so you know it
you can't quite pin it down because they were the writers were doing their best but they were pop at some of those dictate their kourtney maybe they're heard wrong or maybe a slip of the pan you know your type a letter to misprints and you're going to go back over and correct them whereas memory you know when it's trained
and always reliable because you've got a double check that you've got your your your mind and i you think about the word and then you hear yourself for announced it
and also the pronunciation is also very important and they train that the brahmins and that they have to make the sounds precisely them were we know what does that anymore you know and which is a good thing in a way the english language becomes this kind of international ah
you know
language that everyone can speak more or less and pronounced more or less than though to be understood that so many different pronunciations so many different ways of of putting the other sentence you know and you can say well that's that's bad grammar that's wrong syntax but he added
so the books where there's long as you understand the person speaking that's okay this is a utilitarian way you know and there's a good thing there you know because we have practical things never heard or the pigeon pigeon business not not a tig ol and the bird but p i d g i
i am you know it pigeon is it's the word business pronounced by a chinaman
engine finish it so pigeon english is english spoken according to some completely that mom that sometimes there's a chinese syntax with english words but pronounced according to
do to see the way people's beacon in in in ah
no getting you know there was one country of the world and papua new guinea has its official language is not english but pigeon english know
the held under the seat of the only phrase i know is how to say i'm hungry belly belong me plenty walk around
and that's how you say i'm hungry
so anyway that's one example and then they also in politely there's a there's a pitch on oil and pigeon which i find the under the listen to when i was in out of there after college for wow i am so i got used to listening and i know sundays
some of this one kitchen opened and they then really roll and grown their tongues and and
when we say well i guess they're new they probably mean that you know so anyway the english is utilitarian and that's from doing business and running things in fact that and so forth but we're on
language pronunciation gives a savior
we don't even have that in the rabbinic schools because hebrew has three or four five different pronunciations and no one is exactly certain the hebrew of you might hear around the u s is what they call ashkenazi pronunciation because they're mainly from central year
are you know and on their third home language might be might have been or their grandparents great grandparents might have been speaking yiddish which is a dialect of german written with hebrew letters right to left a said german foreign language very beautiful times for i think musical
but that even hebrew sacred language and and boys and girls have to learn by heart for for the become bar mitzvah a bot mitzvah but even there pronunciations not sure and greek of course as this artificial pronunciation which is what is required
in school
kai top moving are and how did the greeks pronounce their language risk kids lipa that was much more it rolls off the time it's much more musical but he say on on a sign up anyway so so these these languages whereas sanskrit reading said
sanskrit you pronounce this way and no other by
there are two songs which are somewhat uncertain depending on whether you learn it in the north rim the sub
or in the western the eastern and god has its own kind of
pronunciation of sanskrit but that's not taught in the schools had just whitman the problems of of bengal pronounce it but elsewhere and then and in the south they said that's the best pronunciation
from mumbai answer than the the best ramen sports
did you can
i never never learned to true vedic chat
except the the chance that we use it the ashram and they serve a special chosen sanskrit chance which are given a your because they have universal meaning in all even though they are used in hindu worship they are also recognized among
christians as expressing this universal understanding of of god and the absolute and in most languages
in fact all languages in india
the christian literature choose christian version all of which uses the traditional words for god for lord
oh yeah i'm translating by the bible in translating prayers and so forth so on
in a way we're speaking the same language whereas it's been a problem that a translation in japanese i don't know japanese but i read about the difficulty they are finding a word of an appropriate word for god and lord and our
they protestant drafts leaders chose one were under one set of words and the catholic translators chosen another set of prints but it's also an ecumenical very divisions and so forth so i think they've been working on and common translations of the bible network or use and cancel kind of work
so far but at the beginning in like in them seventeen sixteenth century seventh century whereas in in india the great translators went to the brown and schools
in south india sixteenth or seventeenth century early seventeenth century jesuit by the name of joseph a best qui tam ah went to the schools in tamil nadu and this is located in southeastern state of the south of india bets were off
from is in tamil nadu
and he burned the local language modern tumble he learned the classical tumble of the great poets and of the of the prayers hymns and songs that you used in popular worship he learnt sanskrit of the problems and learned how to pronounce it properly and
and then wrote a christian poem naturally about his patron saint saint joseph
but you know about the birth of jesus and so forth tell the jesus story from the viewpoint of joseph joseph is joseph in the time so
and here it was such a beautiful poem and so perfect it's use of the tunnel language that date it is used in the schools in the tamil language schools in fundamental so the best key phone is is considered to be almost like a classical word
in in purple in the notes are christian story
so in india there was this
that this study efforts to bomb
i'm learning the sacred texts and the sacred languages the early christians have their only know they they were also worshipping and the language that was special because they used aramaic the language of jesus that is the language of the christians in south india
but they spoke the art but the older form of tunnel and but there was always this commercial exchange and the aramaic was to cut the the business language as english is today are make was in south asia in in ancient times this is the language of babylon and back
abalone empire in like this shows such ships to the east and ships to the west and ah so
the language did spread abroad and that's why they say see thomas wouldn't have wouldn't have any problem at all even if he didn't know the local language he would find translators there
but the the legends about him suggested that he didn't try to ah join with the spiritual life of the people of india and the best way that he found just teaching them the story of jesus the name of jesus called for the remote jesus for salvation but
he would put on the orange robes since he was not married to a little sec three other disciples from not married john thomas and the deacon phillippe
the know from into tradition so ah and so when thomas went to india he put on orange robes because that's where the the way the months the in settings dress
that's a legend but in all of this rings orange true because it then it inspired later the waiter people who went there
a christian teachers another riverbed to the nobody
when to south india and he immediately put on orange robes you know said jesuit put on the orange robes and learn the languages learned to chat the natives and the a pot
so going there in bruning learning that sauce
at chevron yeah i'm this language is primarily used image the common language is english because we have guests from all over india and you know there there are fourteen additional languages and to in sanskrit they you it
the every afternoon there's the news and sanskrit on the else scanner skill and english also but the english is the carmelite so english is used but we always have opening chat at every prayer is sandra and then a reading
either from one of the sacred texts some invisible or from the tunnel poets and to be in tongue yes and then over the translation for people who don't know that what language and then english beginning the with the with the
the prayers translated from arabic because the earliest christians but by which jesus so the early in the opening prayers of the christian parts the into fighting on the christian part the opening prayer is always translate from the the syrian loans
you and then we recite two songs in english and one song or song and canticle m tom
can and when i'm in a or how your training experience ashram has influenced you are
the commodity your life for quickly yeah oh and inwardly very much personally have a personal life i i didn't want to admit this to myself for years you know that you know it meant so much to me when you're into when you're fourteen years old
and chris knows about this you know about it you know but when you start and have this wonderful blessing this actual grace of contact with the spiritual riches of indiana i no other
great ancient civilizations this the and especially when it's identify with with a moment of opening spiritual opening in your life then it really it there's an imprinting there it's like a child with a parent you know baby was with the mother in all it's a kind of a total and printing
and then when i became a catholic i joined this community ah
i realized that that things fell into place and so far as they can fit with this previous sense of meditation prayer comfort that i didn't try to pray before i read the autobiography of dob i did try to
pray and i even went to back to sunday school for a couple years didn't go to the worship service by went to the sunday school learned the bible and unlearn about ah abraham and
king david jesus so
that was of course important you on i i found the story starts that meant most to me nor the first basis and genesis i read my poetry i got a literally but in with making of science says it's six states billions of years but ah
the poetry and then ah ah this story of abraham
and storing jesus so i i didn't the there it's a bible stories that that i felt you know very much
they spoke to me but when i get on the adolescent in all things in all a break open for you and you begin to feel that you can make your own choices and it's not you know what your mother says although my mother
never never forced anything religious on and thanks needed gonna she was a preacher's kid but she said you know there's a baptist church up the road if you want to you can have ten sunday school learn about the bible if you want
so i wanted to yeah sure i'll be happened to and are
but then you know when you discover that you can make your own journey or you can even a uniform law
and that's another now another world that opens up for you run that a so there was something like in or something like your first love or something like that in when you make this contact with as a wonderful
ah it's wonderful treasures of spirituality and so i did things kind of fell into place but there were things that i was fighting because i couldn't fit together it wasn't an easy and i couldn't fit together what i had learned even though a benedictine monk and southern california who was chinese and was rape
to have been raised a buddhist and became a catholic to join them much the benedictines in china he told me you wouldn't be where you are now that is becoming a catholic i'm just before it become catholic that i met him they will you wouldn't be where you are now if you would not come down that
wrote that you for you came from before she'll do not keep everything good that you've learn from india from the indian spirituality and from yoga
wonderfully liberating
so i'm back and sixty one night and sixty let me correct myself i can sixty or two days making six so
so yes
in a way
the sense of my my calling my vocation here have been seldom me
do a great extent by my association with the disciples of you have been hurt them ah from the time that i first met them and and fifty six seventy four years and haven't completed sixty
and you know they were kind of like
role model for me to know better two or three of them wonderful wonderful p
and ah so when i came here there are bigger things that reminded me of something that i learned in open the the teachings of yoga not done and a horse and that crumble me i'm supposed to set up the sign and more
wish wants to study christianity now and ah
and yes that's true you know that was there was good that because the superior here it was sometime and pretty mild having and i'm not prejudiced in interest you know it didn't know about these things but you know wasn't like being prejudiced or