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Monastic History

Serial: NC-00324

Monastic History Class

OSB Cam, New Year, Fasting, Echo, Money, Chanting
Dec 15 1993
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

April 20th, 1983, Serial No. 00872

Serial: NC-00872

Monastic Spirituality Set 10 of 12

OSB Cam, Commitment, New Year, Offering, Instruction, Vows
Apr 20 1983


Serial: NC-00940

Class #3 (20 Jan 82) and #4 (20 Jan 83) on the Book of Exodus.

OSB Cam, Transmission, Renewal, New Year, confusion, Letting Go
Jan 20 1983
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New Camaldoli Hermitage

Unknown Date, Serial 00565

Serial: NC-00565

Cassian Institute

Fasting, Balance, New Year, Ego, Posture

Unknown year, August talk, Serial 00642

Serial: NC-00642

Year Talk 2/2

OSB Cam, Money, New Year, Liberation, Ordinary Mind, Enemies
Aug 18