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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s



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the christmas spirit
just now

no idea of going a discussion questions for in cambridgeshire seminar
that other helpless in terms of
okay chapter one this this little chapter on a contemporary world notice it's really about changes
it's just not sure it's not about the way the world is so much as world it's the way it is as a new work as a contemporary this obviously the sensor flux so the sense a moment so overpowering it's actually with
whereas a treatise on the world now one hundred years ago would have been different women equipment emphasized changed so much the simply the secular and are supposed to the church that it was as opposed to the monastery so i'm just not what this is about
and the first thing while why talk about this why have to consider this where you might even say why have to why talk about the church you were joking about masters visit month but this questions or little different it is that so many other things that we've faced with are common things
it is the lines run out on the inside the monastery of an outside the monastery as well so talk about them and a in a container to talk about some only locally is not to be able to understand because we tend to like of them as only theological work as well just say as being able to be solved a result within them
monastic consciousness within the peculiarly you call theology guys monastic life and an addition possible to do it
which forces us to be open to that which is outside our own
world much better when container

what positive and negative pushes are resident the world today it's so you know we're showing the middle of them all the time of charge to step back from analyze them but he does have a separate or three for each three positive the negative
deserve a social justice and beach search for a meeting in life technological advances open up spaces
possibilities for constructive progress
you get to censor with both
the human person and if you if you boil it down over a human person requires more consciousness and more freedom in a way to human persons world expands in some way that consciousness like a social injustice and in on becomes automatic becomes
part of our common consciousness and in a sense the ability of humanity to do something about conditions as much greater than it was before
the counterweight of as is them that is the massive kind of organized selfishness in the corporate forms of of greed and exploitation and oppression them
so as a good gets bigger the you look at to figure to or gets more organized to get smarter or whatever it goes
right a kind of gatherings outdated his forces a critique of modern world and positive since i don't see people was really looking for me like the general expense that you see you saw the sixty to seventy two you don't see us into brotherhood
we're peace movement using the social justice issues coming up anymore
in the southern very curious how message huge be well i'm not sure it depends where of our presidents from be what your feeling
i said that because the reasons for that there was reactionary mobutu and vietnam
fiskars of western imperialism get the east and those days reaction against and and then the edges fish or a broomstick if you to them down and general sense i think there is a breaking out of the pilot okay have reserved for the an explosion of breaking out of what has been
repressed or contained on my own savings pick a garden and the a wedding the church to an essay now sleep to in probably still alive in social justice issues transatlantic church and then there's peace movements and answers and base have nowhere near where it needs to be
citizen and whose wrote on issues not there's not a tethers they acquired a hundred other issues are more important
nowadays the mean by prosperity and john yeah was trying to survive it would be
just you and living there was a polarization it gets communism to limit to pitch for the real listen to fight against i disagree i now the whole also if you're going to excuse had to fight against the anti communists fahrenheit of that the time tdl i compared on time magazine's review of the year two
twenty years many things
so so he's good he's making good comments for your enemies i'm also happy
although economic like meditation movement and i think the search for meaning and something that doesn't stop
like people look at is true only get to to extent that i'm done with the social logical factors and murphy
the lessons from system and are yeah proportional punishment
there are there always be interested yeah i went research from time to time i'm trying to think of a recent example
well even the the south africans in another collection about party them and things like okay if these movements key key to come on now that's a people who are still active in central america latin america try that it's not now against against war other countries which we can change
so i'm shop
this is not very visible just rhetoric on instead i expect lot either to it after the reagan years the the in america turn much more into the a tackler tacklers the major jet play or gamification
everybody's with them she is smooth and walked up to sonoma county got good lines and patterns cocaine and average switch which cover to cover it's that kind of work to that that kind of urgency sense of urgency they're not this action are urgent matters and usefulness to hear that
as a community that there's that there is a does seem to be this kind of deep this meditation it does seem to be a part in search for some kind of speech even though it's often pretty vague and a new age you don't have a massive wave of kids growing eastern congo
she's chewing on offers are always number
now you get these catalogs for meditation if you're ever gets eighty nine dollars you can get a kid from meditation can get it but in incidents that it probably a and and again on
america go
who can cash it's talking
i think it's really maybe it's always a truly compartmentalised the connected that there are pockets of people who really caring and concerned and really more actively trying to figure out things you don't like having this actually reflected in the way to live then
some groups not the scary like summer
just prison time different colleges and stuff
not i can eat sprint nineties ah seen kids no in his crate years when it should be
holy percent like the large whatever
ah really getting
just have no focus but what they're going to do to make money from rest of their lives know that such
it's a lot of different stuff but i for one thing mean there are some things that are worthiness i was
there is definitely more of a shared consciousness but how deep down the sheriff and the consciousness go i'm not quite sure about the something seemed very good like some things like you would just shared ideas of human dignity or something like that i mean if those truly become
parts of people for that's something very important and deep right there and if that can be shared in iowa secretion of bad way but in a topical way as if you're assumed that acquainted to the gate that that's wonderful that some sort of religion as for for humanity but at the same time into
there are other types of consciousness my consciousness of real dad a real thinking real and kikwit freeze but there are some things that can can be brought together in that topical conscious technical way that that's true as women often so
austin seems to be turning in circles and seven but you know things like capital punishment or lot of things that went unnoticed and i protested hundred years you've gotten smart are now almost they're gonna advantage because consciousnesses there's a working against him let us i them to again so if we compare ourselves with sixth
oops i think the freshness has gone out of it okay on again and if you look back one hundred years ago the change of and because mean amounts from consciousness of ordinary consciousness of ordinary people things that they took for granted and and no longer permission environmental things to more contest
any other side of here mass destruction social and cultural disintegration violence and distance of there's national network five minute
no him fear of terrorism in a kid
voice can if you're not afraid of a superpower that afraid of some guy in and fill a comparable and the bus station
we let happens way with somebody takes her suitcase parliament new york
yeah but could it could start like a nineteen eighty four consciousness like kind of police state or something like that
that happened to
okay the church and realistic optimism
your life
okay then it goes into these obvious characteristics to the speculation into their she's got five hundred and four of them stood a moment as new direction and fifty one is that is a chemical reaction was the contraction credit against them the first one is complex complexity implementation is
but several species them
recently that gates prominent swimming attending the wedding
kennedy focus on things fall apart for center cannot hold near anarchy what's to come from
you wouldn't be had a sense for them this big i thought that was just before world war two but it's not occurred to me because they didn't try it
the second thing is that is materialism
the vacuum of meaning because we the disillusionment
i just the amount of knowledge that we've know she's not known but but facts and stuff that beauty required accumulate
is so immense that ah that this sort of political fragmentation and it somewhere that it becomes ah
it has certain things you know it was because it sort that it almost immediately invites people to leave a common ground have shared information acknowledging reflection understanding into special
wings and corridors and subdivisions that take you away from the center and so with christmas there
ah in a area where more research more growth to dark something like that we were stuck out there is the ah
and then this also has its material implications too because you can also take this knowledge and just as crow what happens and materials will just a fight with people more and more specialized and
and it just it a point where he says a little agreement and wisdom of or little agreement and ethical so little wisdom about how and what is this machine of collecting more information
and he just as your swerve
it makes us have to read establish what are common ground is because it's no work and be like an education the the humanity into something like that or or and understand that the king james bible that that at least everyone knows it book it's gonna be something completely different ah
because i can be even a college or specializing
i am too
yeah my turn into football
the run or something like that
know the specialization is also been sucking out of gaps and to surface in the sense of metaphysics turns into physics what the the consideration and deep sinkage sucked out of habit and made becomes more surface no other departments with information and knowledge of bitter bitter graham same malo
and i will have a rational knowledge
i wish to think of people who take a computer as they're saying of as a profession credible because it doesn't seem to have anything to do with anything does beyond itself is like i don't know i don't have a comparison for but it seems like you're turning herself in which a personal thing because the could help there are no value
that's related to its pitch purely mechanical kind of fiction tusks to continent there are so you can become part of the with put watch it between what's it we got to do any
to make a career of that to make a life of them
but it's not only a symbol and the whole thing
it's it's interesting these events in the king james about this countless has in columns tender they were inventing this and yeah no
of conservation
there isn't a common culture in which to in culture and the one who thinks new residents for example there's not a in transition of vital their way we because they met nat commun sacral language united states american culture values time bank and england's amisom scum
now there's a great recognition the same time work
there is an opportunity probably for finding something coming on and on a very deep that were hugging the contemplative and offers that
christian faith office to on every other level wow
okay concentration and material things
it's strange that is positive and negative to which is if the have been the history of the world and just i haven't gotten enough for the world you started with with a theological sanction on the old in illinois ethical culture has always had a supernatural was always the divine
machine to move from that into an accent on the world matter of alone and on the divine from the enterprises inside

who is a french philosophers that there are three stages managed to methodology the second one it allows have been a federal science and that's really
that's when you're going to touch her email
a single physical science fiction constitution
what the idea of something like marxism
an actual worldview based on
meet your cat a dark cramped for some ah
the science
physical science with just develop into the yeah
what it was a company cause of mine
such my car
terrible towers of
i'm learning something that fragmentation comes greater and greater greater and greater as specialized more and more and more scientific fields and stuff like that and just that and we are not represented mere with them there's get back as you
get more specialized grow taller
drew again depart from the centers for future
there's a strange power was out of explanation to it because it has isn't is it specializes in also generalizes and sometimes penetrate like the breaking open an atomic nucleus and is a strange quantum leap to and and penetration into a new water and physical health
so something is feel something momentous happening
he also the main thing in physics and psychology of come down the spirituality i can keep nowhere and cadets penchant for specialization is who like the sharp pointed in principle but at the other the thing is generalizing and simplifying me coming back to a unity village and that's why logo can either that relationship between
the new physics and eastern mysticism ancient mysticism management melbourne and catherine and then all the others at com
but it tends to remain always on the same level vodafone epistemology that is a choice towards the brain and suffering from whenever they looking for whole
and then relativism mommy's studies in how the kind of rude to the much with church unitarian to it seems to be pulled up
you lose touch with them
any kind of absolute truth and absolutely i
when i always think of the french critics in that respect from the quintessence of back
deconstructing even everything until they deconstruct to construction

and each of these things measure has another site and analysis of the line that each of these things as
underneath it as it has a current of history flying the holy spirit acting in history which each of these things as a reflection also an obvious if something good when that materialism on an easterner a kind of dynamism of incarnation happening so that human life becomes value than a way it's never been vegan so that define middle age man and
by the human person stood outside and another have a freshman
and this relativism moscow is a kind of clearing of the ground kind of bulldozing of the of the ground so the t say the single absolute truth can emerge itself what can be realized you know it's almost like a
sin operation happening i mean relationship between deconstruction and buddhism something like that that that is that they're always ambivalent these things you can always take in a destructive way or you can find something something grading of opportunity age and think there
even the one over the break out into the breakdown of tradition and hold a breakdown of tradition can they a breakdown of radiation so you have to be an immediate contact with the with a reality breakdown of can tradition can offer you an opportune
many of
getting to a point where the truth comes out of yourself for the truth comes out of the ground but a truth emerges for be kind of verifies it's of which would simply is what is declares itself
what is what is a battle it was real and tradition is when of i can be in indiana campy district it's like you've got the grass and conducting and you've gotta train green shoots are coming up from his top
but underneath this whole historical process that there has to be a positive dynamism working okay and a christian it can find that it itself is identical and summer that positive content that i think it's catherine approach to history
rather than just thinking of chuckles drowning and kind of
our hurricane

if there's one fan
one thing happening in a way that he presents these four things but would you call it if there's one because i think of is i think there's a now like for features of one deeper movement on a single thing
you could describe it as it kind of loss of meaning
he brings her head and wonder how the push expression of favorite
i guess there was a year
and maybe a your the the grand sweep of time or now and the palace and the future and this would be seen as
as hersh shortly faded you tucked to nowhere and maybe certain types of contractions by saw it as a
when was the said critical
acceleration away from the center who was citing the howard and also with that
if there's a st massive stuff in the center of minutes spawning moves outward social can be more individualized because the better job breaks her charity work
so both more away from the sand greater velocity and morning visualized now search a very kind of centrifugal image that he i was like ages and teams to the gallon for gas spinning up like china knows if david goldman physicists as the idea can implicate order the explicate
and it's like we move into from an or and of which deep sanctuary main unexpressed and monasticism is about taking their a deep deep thanks which which can't be articulated language which are carried along by tradition this is trillion and tribal society to come to a time when everything has to become perfect building has to become of
and everything has to turn into surface instruction and the computer thing like the internet initiatives like the endpoint symbolic employment addresses but everything is after that autonomy same level as some way
and you can't find anymore and opening into the maybe uk certain certain webpage
but that from the implicate and profound and that the nation also the idea of like the child who contains everything i like the bug which has an open gifts are like the virgin of state and then has taken with every example the permitting is out while the guards on the tape
that's perishing everything from monasticism because i think my masters the totaling about had implicate order practically speaking of which were it
so what happens when everything is expertly you could say that at that point ministers and was a special role of witnessing to the implicate witnessing to that which has an unfolding in lewisham witnessing to that which is still the road and the ground and machine and the ground up whatever
people can use tragic characters like my question to and something like that on holy saturday with there's also
the most serene way of the kennel
here he asked me nothing can come back
who have been praised this helps you get them care of baby or a cage
cents on the ground anyway jeff
seven breakdown in fragmentation news is ground is given me
the you're moving into avoidance and way that i think we'd get a lot of images with it's kind of corporate management of thing moving to avoid like a like a deficit of wisdom like for everyone from everyone of these radicals the wisdom is disappearing especially the wisdom which was not yet spoken the wisdom which was empathy
which was carried about saving the body are in place of true
hyster could be
as some school or way of learning
to think of something like you the art of
flexibility between the implicate an expert the yeah how to move both between wrote that interiority and integration to various specialized functions uses his knowledge or and of pursuit stuff like that and
kiss weekends that's one of the things like that everybody has pester finger toward less by the ah
i heard about that flexibility between between happened to between fast motion stills as mature to really been centered a withdrawal and in deep interior and living history vs
spitting out in important but a special single instance of action or work with address them on camera launched to life or whatever that makes sense
yeah mostly but with to population is simply to boats in and so we are not that we not so navigate between the two and negotiate between the tour we know how to required you know how to begin to and then we have to respond to those multiple dimensions of the kind of my back between the two and then let them
nobody you can watch them negotiate between of can we do learn
but one of them as much more particular neo
but against this the against what he's talking about him as just been really emerges as as a counterpart to welcome to the fragmentation to the materialism to me relativism which soon the breakdown of tradition
now they're like you like
as which washes minute monasticism that it should stand out as kind of rock you could call it to the of the implicate or something like second which from which and the green growth can once you get to come that hasn't been awful careful that the real rock not another form
that are super rude and not just another branch not expression
also in terms of wisdom and as decision is a wisdom vocation a list of tradition and its role becomes shortly out up the outlined against this background of dissolution evacuation of instruments
and yet with all of that one is can't hate the world can't hate to forward movement and history and visited to college and went to buy
it's quite a challenge not just to be the rock but also some
to understand the dynamism to to have a grasp actually have that deep movement in the world and history which is produced producing or so to be able to foster it's positive for intention to cherish and nurture it's positive
development at the same time being aware of confronting a negative
and so much already showing that here's a negative

many jokes about the the strong right my reaction
i for some their traditional address the discipline law and order because there's a place for them fifty people absolute titans and much titanic sinks rigidify it
so ashamed she didn't church machine in the world machine and astros with because in our community and don't see much of that now but we had a lot of it before and a lot of it is simply the no one in response to a bewildering velocity
a magnitude of change
it's the natural contraction when you're threatened by something overwhelm
and it sounds there is a discipline law and
order or negative desperation like as but of course there's a push broom doesn't have
but if no dominant the the final criteria that were very poor
he shouldn't miss out on the political scene

the strong right right reaction of also has got political and economic know obviously political and also economic implications doesn't it that is it goes along with the desire to hang out the one one has
and often more on the side of the people who have

just especially comedians to as
searchers think that their names to go and so way these things
very life but all lot have to sort of grapple with him so even though
the size of these historical changes might have some weight be and bigger than individual people ah yet individual lives to have to to work with him to come to some sort of of way of life in the midst of all these changes
like communities and stuff it
kathy dwarves one of her deserves it
facing monastery will offer
people all is just a glimpse of community where people might come
you still have fights but still live together
and then even to see in these times when things are changing the one where are you being changed in the leinster yeah
the new community and were christian communities
he's also going to have to cope with these changes it's gonna be your we might not be ideal each formed think but it's gonna be but if it wants to get a gets people therefore be a form that somehow works in the midst of all those changes and ah
in that might be helpful tip to some people were to on a rubber take something about time more democracy that somehow this is
the spirit that times and and i don't know how to wait a minute that we can see that here i go to be able to to get come up with
a recognizable children or constitution for it up at this point but but somehow it seems more pervasive and that is just some company dealt with victory
sorry babe their registrations
seems to the in the midst of a lack of
the regulations to avoid like the law in a sense of toro and the lack of a well defined set of of ways to live where not replacing that with a you set a new tore up and we set of ways to live it is it's almost like into
eventually living community by the sea of the pants a certain way to doesn't epic instance where with pretend to replace form with the kind of space in an atmosphere of space in the climate and an invisible and been invisible something
yeah no such as which rather than two two adult people having to be had on marriage because and much a religious life in the past and has been in trouble i think if you look at some a contemplative moments communities now and when it grows up
except maybe add this
he's got a section hero with a guy and is fun
when it goes back to the question of why we need to know that and said i think we have taken to chew on all at times when we have a really understand the to to be open to the yeah
the as and trying to find it
to try to find the meaning of as a continue their pretty
and informed awareness and practice is essential for any the known in the church that they managed to raise with otherwise very grave danger of updating the church on the basis of a narrow superficial understanding of what the signs all time to them and that's very true
you know you can have all kinds over reforms to just go back to have a pre-existing code or something like how i try to squeeze the toothpaste back in the tooth or try to get things back into order the regular service and typically that has to conforms with minimal time and then once know why i have a real we know i think that like this the so
station we know that mommy i was thinking about the other day was genuine or you know so i was wrong the altering okay were somehow you get back to the colors and and generate regenerated from its room and then there's life but often reforms were just kind of weapon expecting a boy
get people back into high and then come on limited
for front
montana counter reformation and close to as we know that to and enough lot of that kind of reform of imposing a container instantly getting things packing tomorrow
there's a place for next year
medical tourism is unique as far as i know and the to way that it works in that it is not just to reform as a council it's dramatically different from the council of trent reznor
because it opens to it opens with a counselor track closed and pleasure in it it took me know in which the church really open to children takes a new attitude towards are being outside of tough
why doesn't this book will get to that the next check
the church where they opens to the world and the other religions to the other christian denominations to a modern world to human activity to in the creativity a little change in the new way
photo is just a undoing the crap of of the counter reformation it goes deeper than that to for new editor
it's like the church itself emerges from and don't to state of childhood choose to add up where you can see that progression happening and then having to deal with people as adults which is so extremely difficult for him a few people besides wrong in changing the attitudes
describing it for me concept open this to the christian nations to
i'm not a sponsored religion soon as i mean i would ever come to the we had a los gatos erasmus from well i whispered i was of bambino is a baby and that was taken back which baking them and i was even out over it because we were in hopes you'd rather than are loaded her time to catch up they can go
about nice to wrong or at least one i would have been he's just he's one but he's a he's a he stands out because of his intelligence okay and because of the voluminous writing and articulation that he did because he says it's a what was a germ germ on
are who would you want a figures as or health lots of judging my third call it it was a shocker
surprise surprised from on called the council no serious to written when pressure or mental
and then he me to pick a form of the council change because in the first eating thing i think a lot of the bishops i think they overturned way the council was set up by wherever tradition was going on a traveling on it and his commissioned for the can't go through added contracts or case where it couldn't get off the tracks shocked the new territory for trash
can't jump to scheme at the visual so music not not going to give me the is a and it was a twenty third open space he should we had the courage and trust in the holy spirit to say okay let's let's go they didn't come on now where there's already ready for and from and i
it was very practical steps to flip flopped yeah that was related sometimes container is a reign of terror average but the know there's a killer i believe in well there's something happening before the internet to be ne on front of experience to yeah that began to open the to chris to catholic critical historical study of but during the whole bunch
theologians who have to were squeezed into this container and i'm trying to burst
so happening across the board yeah i think is a liturgical million was eric stein france and germany just way the just like jet liner radio signal genre has been to tokyo bay version of the boulders fifth can quickly unfortunately yeah well they revolt also because when they do comes out okay korea going and community where that the douglas
or patristic scholarship kind of keep in and contain but this becomes right in center stage liturgical
get a biblical we know the patristic of a turgid cool amis tachibana clock as to get each contact me up scotty schumann chickens are getting the spurs right diligence and also check could be very epstein he's the is they're riding with him and he written in ready
news chicago excellent influence other them christian
reactionary yeah but i'm a think strict marketers don't yeah yeah i guess a character helps him as neither council and much her in ever
qu said consequent isn't sanctuary employee will your skill of accessory yeah
and people don't like get about can he has done a little ones someone were thoroughly under the umbrella of oil production in china where the urgent getting silence to like discipline down
no a mile from the bible
you've kind of his silence can send it to england in a rate and speak the language
change already spent four years in an english setter deputies say i know me trigger they keep busy for my opinion figure i went to china if he wanted to be in china able to get out it was someone indirectly tree so he wasn't console getting up to him to china and mpg while he's under this
suspicion for having swell swallow the by the hoax
if not better or implicitly of them but oh is a getting manner who is it is the no big contracts now prefer the beijing man person that yes that is joseph expensive cowboys are a developer joseph planes mexico and canada so no lush out of
so it's a big story okay charge western to come to your appearance group because it in our whole ranks of writers biblical studies and patristic experience my kind of pushing the envelope with that point and then it burst of vatican two the best amount of water the hundred km
k drag a genius and eleven virginia
well we've got one of the
no he's not a rebel is not a revolutionary of his his investigations into the beginning to the liturgy image on a lot to do it
and putting focus on a christ mystery much
instead of a complex structures emerging for that
wasn't his right upon the liturgy going into the kings are you only have the pre back pre council
the changes for different companies that is that resembled itself after the whole process was there may be an excuse to raise a tricycle reform for pretty much done and everything else can we be changed but was to his temper so good they're pitiful
pretty much kid
yeah because the wanted to dementia as it's written before accounts for me i think it was a fifty eight as an allergy attacks a central night and we didn't have an english court or at least i'm not a whole thing
and this it's certainly to mistaken it's approach and now restart template new new the implications or emotion
it's just started with my words and camps she's taken to six pounds with here is it especially in what we're reading in to have mystery to church somewhere thomas
when he's from a contradictory that is by a touchback cat
thomas the gravy can not only hold hold and but also
when greatest minds detective work to do it
and multiples together and but she said china crusher 'em toryism after him is bad shadow
stupid to your
he taught him one of his recipes some countries to isn't about help
she's talking about salvation and the scope of the church and then he says something he actually matches in a mirror six but what if there is a wholly mentored by the ganges river who'd never heard to say to people of christ and and i can use it i think his answer something right well we'll get this to cover the disk
russian or other kind of convergence from something of this that leave this to guy but but it it's hard to think that she would not be afforded the opportunity of salvation at fatima fight stage it said it did have been very in some ways stifled language but it's a of but it's very it's it's a lot a lot of a tear to recite a bay
maybe the church isn't the only instrument of salvage and so he has a very deep understanding of the whole calm down the issue with and to trucks will actually about i meant by the country's can access by him the word gadgets which friendship
so some news must have drifted
the theory in there were new and there were such people
how we got a few management
okay so much discrimination in have running the monastery and others know about lived in them before a little lower
what can a monastery and monastic community often it was kind of work and he wasn't to a genuine community life and experience of god there's only for two dimensions of it
the vertical and horizontal the way the two witnesses
if you check up to my interested to the mystery this is on page sixteen and final paper check

and the change me or whether one or one branches from the other it's like asking prices it's good to go to the place where you'll find the father and the holy spirit together such
to get deep enough into itself so if it's understand not only
non-duality it also historical movement and dynamism
and the second is true in the church
what's your machine to be getting stuck in education between they get sticking with the word between the power the spirit and renewable to the point the other two
masterson wants for my kind of a sign of puzzles the source said the one
but it's problem out to be able to also relate to can understand the dynamism movement and spirit
which is inside history to
mentioned a her before the constitution so maybe i can tell the wanted
the few people who threaten christians who written charles k yard and somehow king
movement of history and evolution has been christ centered okay the movement itself with a question
he doesn't know if that's the audience not much he takes it from her head
but she monasticism tradition and really panic and in practical than that thing about the center you're going back to the unmoving you're going back to the
as joseph was saying it's been a collection of the on carbon black
the beginning
but now monasticism is confronted by the current dramatic emergence of change the dramatic emergence of the principle of the spirit in history and how does hazard to tibet
typically like have to the founder show almost generate in history i think you know it antonio my machine may go away from it and then something new comes elegant and creative manager comes out of that one subscription can much choice and the revolution in agriculture
tell me what what was about addicted to who kept alive seeds for for the renaissance some an actor
but they do it by going back to the rule change much
but somehow there's an understanding which can relate both of those movements
this is a challenge to find them
moving backward to source into the center and away from the world's and movement our the creative movement employee generates a grudge
the preacher know
okay we've got distracted natural history of the church i was thinking about the different approaches to sit on the risk of gesture and what we've been doing here if one is it's media creation and aztec tradition couldn't marry him mentioned the universal phenomenon as to see the introduction and on the church approach so
there's that universal in which basically center so much the grocers to asia because that's what is traditional last time you devote
then there's the contemporary world which in this chapter we just give and then there's the mystery of the church which were getting an extension the coming to us through immediately protocol mediated by that can shoot the vatican two consciousness and awareness for your trip to the vatican two language of the church so those are like three
three different angles from was
matter of last decision if we're getting
now i was it occurred to me that book on monasticism which most thoroughly reflex spending cuts to it is this pie for his monastic spirituality to i went to work and grab that is planning to turn up because he starts out this this point was published and nineteen sixty six
it's okay that's the final year of the council and he starts out by talking about the function of religious life in a church
oh and then he talks about monastic life as a form of religious life as it could even though the products that are certain point of rebels against him so well now it's not just another species of religious man but he's defining monasticism music are coming towards him from that point of your church
religious life monastic life
which i think is a very deadening approach the way it does it i think he kills a lot of his readers from the first chapter before he starts or a hit for monasticism it off
because it's like an extra six way of a festive danger of
perhaps being influenced by something even something like vatican two that's an important as it is if you start to think about monasticism from that point of view only you can use or lose the savor it was the the taste of protesters governments are you're talking and kind of generalities and you get to theological this action don't have any
facebook what it's really about can come from outside it
but it's a very interesting book for that reason another i guess i came back here from after we came back from italy we were reading a compliment of evening we had read and because we were reading that book remain pie for food
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