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Rule of Benedict Novice Class # 2 - 1990s



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having fun of the surface of this understand how to of
first time i agree that question fourteen and and urged and consider your for introduction page
if someone
i'm next time i think we can just move forward we move forward and chapter one of the to call again he's good questions for when when we get to chapter two and three which will also do or give you my question
we're talking about the monastery as a little church and the positive and negative
it sorta goes along with a positive and negative with southern month to give him some somebody who struggling the perfect christian the monastic person as with christians have no request for the for the mike sell as a with
our goal which will meet on the other hand if you define mungkin that when deliver your seven goals
if you define monastery is with visible church ecclesia so good then you lose the multicolored the interaction of the monk and the monastery was the other organs of the church that one oregon pretend to be a risk management service
that says i'm the heart and i have the condition of delivered
there's something about the complementarity into proposal
which appears when you if you talk to locate some issue with her visor like a with doing
the conflicts and things are to be doing it
what are the ministry by changing
when he shows a minion and showing him as the difficulty of distinguishing would have different from the other great religious life is it will not worry because maybe that means of monasticism is in the centre rather than to the political churches like catch up on a tablet experience but florida
what is it nice
cause you can feel of also kind of
evaporation happening to the dangers of vaporizer and it was
if to be in the center of the church was left and you don't have any distinguishing characteristic there's nothing different get the same as every other religious group while they without their specific elements
sounds like this some mobile
if you say center and pentagon since then center pledged death as an activity that if you search for the center so the center it couldn't be conceived as a goal and as as the intersection of the jets dimension in which the fancy by the beach from the road trip
so it wouldn't have a function which is specific distinct from the other religious ways of life as the religious ways of life tend to themselves within the movie was one kind of festivals and another point where function in the church
but if you said it at the heart of religious fanaticism trust of open up the depths to which the boy in the display let it should be distinguished five progress in the depths in the chicken
but he's hesitant to make that kind of claim to and years i'm thinking a recent trend
what i agree with to be shown center encrypted but anyhow this paradox deliver much reminding people that you're not in the middle of the church area can read out of the middle of the parish
we're a republic churchmen
protection he is and chandler doesn't even if jesus condemned to the world as it center he's also a modern he's on the periphery somebody peripheral to the jewish establishment
sounds presumptuous been a month to claim that same kind of marginal centricity record produce something to entertain the us bridge
which pressure protective after this is worth spending on a of one
page my question for the oh i'm sorry

jules like a here
across the curve of the figures from pepsico from here a m
in an external dualistic sense for monk is a peripheral person
and and from signs point you aren't a little sugar
alan harrison when
now the center but looking at violent two point you missed encouraging all christian history of life that baby
the monastic life were worth
or other kinds of life theater
nominally careful free more deeply that not only dedicated to
the request for comment is that that doesn't have a kind of said traveling so as it's over that and it said and
ah in a certain point you know like the more institutional parts of the church the diocese and efficient and parishes and life that
it's like some way stick to
the center is hard to define and so are really i think in a way we are really religious like a gospel to the christ reading he
can i say rate the synagogue calling the people right back to the center kong people back even though he goes into epicenter of their autonomy she's the one calling back to the sick and he comes from the periphery to to do that
and so even though they're they're structurally built around base a century
she's called him to have a deeper center with internet
i guess a truly religious life is too
you should like john the baptist injuries from probably with john the baptist is a job senator his eccentric intense vision out in the desert here and yet what is calling to people because on average journalism that the as you get us a quote on droves you know from the center out into the desert because he is
witness into the term kind of depression into and kind of it
so somehow the to penguin china available
but the jesus comes back into its city and he dies as it were just outside to shape it comes back again his life is moving back in-progress that the complex but you really get the idea of to send it to one side or which is like organization of the official institutional may be inefficient rico and then then you going to it kind of psychology
damage control the plane geometry and there's another sensors can pay down to inside like center of a spear and circle and that's that's what the john the baptist producers who the margaret lynched
i saw it
it like them
on the east again
but i've found test environments for general from buddhists
it's quite clear that
and since their ministers and looks you know they're there and people they turn to for speech and nourish and new books they're going to be honest areas and there again monks you know right away
one would think even in a sense for the indian you know though it's samantha urged practices remarks can enter the cetera the the contemplative that are out of the senior advocates
so it seems pretty logical you know that that's where you go to the people who are they can tell is that even have taken it the in eastern orthodox church there's the bridge really the center of that church tends to be i think in the contemplative tradition and been asking tradition to they get there
hierarchy from the monastery to me than am very honored you think of higher monasteries it seems like the center of that will take a bath just more
commerce with monks and eastern orthodox church and over regular ordinary folks in it is relevant to check and sure the roman church and a certain period yeah run low socially around a timeline st honor was it seems like dansk a thing that we've lost what you have doesn't it doesn't say feel like register
it feels like we're an eccentric that you know well the feels like a monastic tradition is eccentric thing but i don't fight it out i i be here because i think this is the center i think this is
the basics monasticism budget one mysterious role
there's no differentiation and especially that split between institutional and the got interior contempt
and it comes down to that doesn't it's not the that the monastic it's the contemplative is the over called confrontations that that the of thing manassas of being as a means to that end but still in india
architecture that is still and asked him why is especially in a contemplative and as the i think and wage interiority it's like they have an exoteric was in an esoteric was to have to create a it on this enchanting and same visual basement
although the pope like this one you have begin to see a strong connection between the two central characters and pope john paul voted comment interesting and contemplative think his focus was working there so it's not enough to pull the whole church and nutrition and it would be long a butcher to encourage somebody that's something else is going up something else
which monasticism didn't sufficiently expressive can even show it's like another peter and john thing and jimmy john's gospel jesus says to challenge to here to like suggested eastern church station by for the when the mystery the peter has to follow and it's if the west is something going on which is it
important which has to move away from and restrict a lot of the darkness and the alienation splits in a western china connected whatever they call that historical development firm up my initial development and the subject to individual and can't pulling away from the collective know the point of village
it's critical reason i don't want which purchase this this kind of autonomy of the natural from me supernatural so taken reunite later on a deeper one of the way to be check
such as go home and from no point in the creative think that somehow emancipation from an original solidity that already know what kind of monolith was necessary so if individual personal subjective creative human being could find the to
but it's actually that's what that's what's going on which a bunch of into fundamental rights protection for those it's a good in a kind of enclosure
and they tended to be a little war
closed to the east were like a christian and they say if it isn't in the council's it's not hurt numbers of tradition has not sanctioned much like the fundamentalism of tradition that if it's none of those percent of else will it's not first
huh perhaps even western western christian a gift to the church has been it's extra version have been building hospital zero all submissions and things like that maybe having lost i'm indebted to have something in the process that somehow that has become pm and eventually what happened to you
something like the real beginning of altering the social structures in the world and in the woods after a wild weekend to get to the room the river that the tree of oppression and so on pillars if it begins to make the gospel cut that a deeper level and in human life
the cashier and against a cut of those things a traditional christianity did cut it begins to break down in no order
and somehow divided into a custom the gospel from
the have a gift to the west is in love with
a real change in a real transformation of the external i'm not the movement and ten interiority and i'm kind of were suffering the world from a position of the entertainment arctic and moving out into the world and really seizing a kind of carriage and to transformable can make a new creation of insurance
about as decision instead of real time hannah
being devoted specializing in the interior
which is not to say that much does or doesn't have creative but certainly hasn't been very creative ambition century
it sure in a position
her coefficient and inferiority mentioned
listen this is not just taking a kind of point in touch up on time to critical russia
it's what is extremely for that the are history
yeah i was recommended to these guys i talk of a retreat ch learns has become evil monasticism be using that you know i hear that is fabulous and alarm the way to talk about safe our life in the context and i think whatever else has been gonna stick history says we have had a nervous time
here anymore it's really it's really quite an eye opening
our wiki book to be the wiser a monastic history and economics keep looking better if motherfucker
the very political disorder with message no reproach by where it goes no
nurses are sunday since apparently have some of the paradoxes in
in trying to be disturb our of awesome in some ways you know with the interest in spirituality take off again with some kind of realization of of our the the damage and self centered so
elvish fans can wreck a poem written on the army com communities go like for temple on holiday with your spot of criticism of
oh simple mindless suburban life and on them i'm not i'm take that that's what it is with it but this lot of hollywood cinema mortgage payments will will make fun of them home
and that i think in some way to good and refreshing
prepaid but the same time that would think that if that was really authentic moving of the breaking down the doors of monasteries to i learn
in some ways i'm surprised that's what happen that there are people interested in as quiet and stuff but but there isn't that different
john the baptist exodus into desert to use there is but it's still a lot into
life in the world as it is now like people like come here for we can have on africa i'm testing ensures animal or a my coat of arms know look at their spirituality sectors in the bed but there's there's not get not get an appointment where were this conscience criticism of our way of one which may
maybe it's never happened before his history
a real sense of uneasiness with it but but the action that is not a bike it's not it's biting in some ways but now on residency i would like many american americans
oh yeah agent and a real deeper change but it's always just like the fact that you
our kids on telegraph ave berkeley will be
in some ways like you know if somebody does something that authoritarian that or something like those say hey you can you that as my civil rights your investment there and there's something strangely deeply christian then or more world where next of awareness the expansion of
the the western mind that they were funded groups and but this deep
it will be many ways that marks got a very dark is descent into the earth but but it's coming up by you
oh you kids it on telegraph avenue aware of the fact that humans have civil rights are go in some ways that's profound in some ways it's it's not a profound because it
kit i'm telegraph ave it's you want to be get out a theological if we can act as much conversation that to origin or whatever he might not be interesting things but there's some awareness in that have an on boss that is profound and they have these can just talk about and like
communication and how in one's ancestors while first time an to interview up to a and for madagascar where there's something credible out that the same time there's something terrifyingly superficial and mechanistic and big brother she felt that your with this technology is used way
look out for com
so it's
i'm stepping stones and yeah
my inclination is to activity forward movement of christian with watermelon the christianity almost diffused weight and into the soil and coming up in the ground works for rather than explicitly
administrators or mr recommend that improvements at over time doing a prolific politicos in which show growth the constitutional traditional show and partly because it's been persuaded to followed how to do is find this country even at its best it tends to think that what it's about this simply to integrate with which became a that sort of
poet setting aside that transforming kind of from another world
martin was good cause he was or record
skirts are frantic enough to move in both directions
net acutely sensitive to both said
okay i guess so
then he criticizes the the effort to find a financial the question what is a month cause you can get to know could self catering graceful
new starts an section
i'm on monastic renewable and he's interested in christian monastic realities which would look as them so he's setting the basis for that the wedding but he wants to do
in i guess go to see this unknown bottom page sixty the question of traditional forms and he says well they have to be is not a question of throwing away their original interior region assimilating interior rising and that sort of bringing them back out from inside which is sounds beautiful the family leader
rebel today
flex time take screen kind of attention for fidelity
so on that but top page seven so that we know is not an operation of by from much either something's coming from internet
the kind of embodiment incarnation of them metanoia tonight
which monasticism isabel and then he talks about to life became the first punch was to alternative ways are looking at the narcissism at the said one is
is to look at renewal in terms of the monastic archetype and might say and the way that it's realized and its purity often and other traditions and the buddhist tradition if we criticize your life in
in the late of buddhist gnosticism something like that the second way is to consider the renewable the monastic life in terms of the church and in terms of realization of the quest mystery basket the protection
there's a little of both my number was going on

the intra traditional vocabulary religious experience and an interesting ideas the fact that and it's partly scientific and as such that you get a language which becomes a of a football game language or common language lingua franca that's the expression i guess for the whole world spiritual terms of can be attributed to you
find a vocabulary and spiritual corner to the internet who should be fairly well understood quite a buddhist or a christian the sophia who have they begin to learn one another's vocabulary and to even to use it and even to use in connection with their own experience

for christians it's especially to buy it i think the media a non duality in the eastern traditions but a whole bunch of other thanks to you put thing around the with your karma
oh sticking in
more the language and zanamivir it isn't because so many especially catholics in each week said
it's almost as is that sounds like a not languages and know like as this is exactly and
and that's why buddhism as a making a monastic religion and current necessities with prophetic vision and nasty specific how prophetic tradition with intermittent you're okay so pathetic life
so when you spoke over
manassas him being a to harder like a buddhist culture these two
the he makes a president important thing is that was reading books but the contact between pre people steeped in their own faith yeah
i'd rather read the books
right i think one of the things that are age in particular has to be
really where of
and even get worried ourselves about our sense of complacency is that and order of contact genuine we do have to be steeped in the that the dalai lama said
ah people if they want to no go out and spiritual it just pick a world religion do it movie is going to it and i think that up to date for ask me
mean i love reading other religions and talk about and stone for the same time to really get deep into christianity and with what that banners know what she's saying about that the extra external services structures
the danger of them being washed away and in there i think ultimately deserve these structures or services to get us deep into this three religion into this christmas tree and
can we buy the problem with to the structures are bigger institutional life go away it's strange it's to the individual person has to be more more self discipline middle because the bigger structures you come on the way
if we to write or deeply into the ground of own religion vds she is observances and structures to help us coding and
and how they do this article to or sense and in an individual discipline discipline way and also from this learning the role religion be able to talk with others
how can you call it that reinforcement for structures from the other traditions like
you know the solitude with the the monastic institution help as mean this is encouraged by an encounter with version message
that is the things that were doing to persuade a a meaningful than that their impact the impression that pursuit of interior at sort of the content school yeah guy when i can home from class hi i see i live in rural know like and sagan three different window and
hope became or another window and i like our life even more you're having seen some of the validity because of the universal language there but i think your dad on there we meet the overweight we really can approach this dialogue he's so well steeped in our own tradition the job condemn the
are there are a breeding program a to either in the focus in the british did not looking for us to contend like the protests enough was enough a lot of people today that kind of float in the religious see an adequate a wanna make a religion for i think it's important to image we hope so because i'm going to be it
as nasser with the idea that religions are different organisms the different plants your rooted in one cannot run it into a three-year and one especially to have a question because of like your sacramento and place connection which was crushed and yeah that's what you are you can relate to the edge but you are not yet
but people swore that and smear it
there's an equal know little of this little that
i think they are they are the can strangle somebody else ideas contrary and christianity buddhism is like comparing apples to tenets
and i think that's a little too far
you can play tennis for that was knows that are that got a special kind of rag

nickerson day period where this comes in an economic thing is with shanti random of a big britain
he talks about the growth with he's quoting martin here organization journal the growth of a truly universal consciousness when another book and mertens language is so pungent
universal consciousness can be a consciousness attraction of rhythm and vision or simply a vast color mechanized trivially ethical fiction that crash of has my left to its finale planted by
he's gonna he's gonna sarcastic vain and she just goes to play them
that's true
and then the internet is buzzing have access to them
okay then talks about the second way
looking at renewal and that's within christianity with the church so connected brother and a to teach t-cell as inspired by the vatican two and essentially a deeper participation in the best chemistry of courage so then you'd look at monasticism divine define those terms more or less was a participation and users doesn't resurrection
and therefore realization baptismal great
heroin or with the a gentleman term means that has meant for
from monasticism the engine will come
it's broken up the broken up and the container monasticism past lead to another which things it would be automation me which enclosed benedict demonised children especially loving kind of like masters been burst open so the stones have to be re-examined and then reassembled swimming in a dangerous
andrews moment
oh and then it has opened up a new and more critical looking the sources
so you really are permitted the solutions up enough so that you can really ask yourself what is monasticism couldn't do before and so miserable the answers which is so enforce dancers were so loud you couldn't hear the question
so a lot of is that
when answers from weren't gonna listen my personal like

genuine his choices to do it from damage furniture
but i'm ready for this is working outside pitch
trump a bit of page nobody talks about to main requirements for the restaurant will return to this sources
and then an entity even though it's it's cause for them council back to
it's it's the same time very has the potential to be super battle because it's like you said go through the answers you're go back to the beginnings and daring to ask certain questions again and this asking the questions my results came all sorts of all speed toward
down an australian institutions just
going out and western just stuff but it's that have returned to the source most just less compliment it's how much more powerful
revolutionary with that can be you're not just returning to the same old mill when you're returning to distortion if that's what the it could really radically we ask some questions and challenge structures into a very radical google the council doesn't handle the council was too
open an interesting is a to paul's average there in the middle is left out the to this forest into the president zia which the never sometimes this is my the curses liturgical with anyway
and returned to the source and that enough to the president is something that just blow to toss out everything between the sixth century and detroit which is to play through as the scary you mean maybe something that might have happened the local like that you can keep your palace traders that they like that you know but the same thing with with madame
this are we it in the real religious life in general disposed to the source and to the panacea and and it's only took a fair out of a move but it's the mailing them
that but i think that's what we learned it was a break down as whole raggedy edifice of
it's a good for a thousand years in between into an and say maybe assistance little too big to is no more water and through a hm
which in the middle of this is what we are completely in what way are traditionally has raised the received tradition on and all of the structures and and the concepts for over
and going back to the services and going forward the president also like going into to the original source and central get the interior inspiration er terrorism and an outlet to the world two hundred freshly without an intermediate that the mediation of a set of research directions and to set
world set institutional rural your collection of doctrinal venomous
well i if you could it's interesting is either is a what's going on now
seems in the great church anyways it's kind of returning the nino traditionalism in a deal segment
the cnet their patient interviews to say a nostalgia for teachers have never existed
and this is that is an incredible movement that the same time there was this whole thing going on in the seventies that was this huge reaction against the nineteen fifties for his thirties so this was mrs sarah and that was a while tossing everything at the anna after again after the six center
three so it turns into analysis
why does raise out of the and you know and in some answers are going to be better than the traditional it crashed in the desert now that ring eating habits and a trip that's the same room with that being talked about artists and the same you think back to a new tradition
so and hate to think of the fire vatican two as any so
people are liturgical moons ago for godot cisco back and this is all there's somebody when i come standard concrete tanks containing concrete aggregate concrete were like it's agonize up thinking you can't have january newness of get you can't create like liturgy which
which has one about substance of power and conviction to a mechanic to can't just be made get extremely get but interior the lines and in our hearts we can see you can feel when the those two things that to make to embody
so is it talk about how to do it and are the choices and was that guy away was a fire every new ones that firing is event realization was that guy's a way that structures that were starting to grow out of that new fire don't make sense anymore
you know some things that are starting to be happening if you ever been when it's really just kind of the priesthood well with there goes to fire you know so well as just go back your way the businesses you should the inertia is so it's so easy for energy to come back just a business as usual i think seventy cents yeah i'm hit the first man
the top of art for a small version of them
but of to catch the whole thing
actually some way to push a present from as to scissor breakdown
and also for sort of the from the forms the liturgy and stuff
in some way i fix it it now
it's almost like it's almost like the only thing monasticism has now in a certain weight is it's depth image and what's what's below the agree because it's almost like what's all the right cleared away it's drawing on our boots
a fundamental of inside and as to countless calls the potato with history and if i said that the person is is underground and is is there and i think the some competitive the ground but ah but most that we can almost make a form of
that naked simplicity of edificio knocked away i'm just we were standing in a circle around the altar know a bunch of human beings standing in a circle which is probably fairly new the surgical who excavated the origins exchange for trimming that was happening including really like that
that struggle with human beings and in you have a lot of people multiple circles concentric circles of communities around the altar
that's as incredible power and if it's almost like are are shoeing icons of statues of that's those bachelor rule is really powerful and just it is visible waves of and and emily from a is real natural any credible liturgy
but but then have you can get a larger scale had the internet corruptions
now the monks don't have to solve those problems if they can make it president in one place leave it to others an experience that yeah
and what you say about if it were all those to where it has been for those with theoretically of an artist autism or christianity should be able to build the other people just everyday couldn't regenerate grab from the from the rope which is too good but saying not so much in the tradition but it's the terrorism and the seed of the thing that like mustard
the inside no so the route in the individual personal kickers monasticism busy boggling individual person okay with that the invisible center of the person and if that's their the sense of the whole restaurant be grown a fresh from each time
theoretically but it's it's real and some cases like ramya you get these people who have that same burning inside of here and and they can regenerate avenue be able to you start a managed to get know
and in a way that that should be monasticism of it could pride much freedom or something
the water simplicity of the interior homes
he's getting to the question of theology and ministry know because that's what he's about
he you about monastic life work in theology to be levels
and then need to great directions or to tub the page nine back to the sources forward to that that's got all kinds of
profound residents was that the a double movement
it's like a movement back to the father
and i mean brilliant several stories to movement back to the father end to the stores religion citizen movement forward and how in the spirit actually to create the into to return to the centered and created woman out into the world
because to meet the conditions and also you meet the demand which means meet the demands of the world's poor new creation man's the demands are created which projects
he talks about this dearth of are the kind of theology is wrong
people often say don't get me syria give me practice
here he points out to unless you've got siri practice
get going
practical requirement theology is planet
but the purpose of monastic theology it's not primarily to suggest a concrete changes concrete measures but tissue prevention kind of vision which precedes to the concrete is food
and then he talks about this dearth of monastic geology and that opens a whole thing and our which which know that will return to her
movement from a wisdom christianity to another coach chan
i think it's something we do do need to look at him
an induction of my time
she does a certain kind of vision and belongs to monasticism is native to monasticism which she clutched
you know between the scholastics and trent
yes by time tracking yeah the several waves and scholasticism first okay the human individual human reason beginning to take over and put that into actor and electors out of sight at knows you know the history and tradition that contemplative into it begins to be eclipsed by the individual human race
you okay rachio rather than directors and then along comes up the reformation and counter-reformation okay and the whole of scrap just displaces the center we can consider that deep senator and horribly universal christianity is to not an and then the enlightenment finished julia
when the church gets noticed from the track of ethics were never caught reacting against our enemies after the and to react mentioned before that if your sugar how adept onto the kind of yeah
the battlefield
but now comes the question for doesn't come back okay and if it comes back what you can be lucky if this this wisdom vision comes back and if monasticism has the vocation and for to bring it back to help disseminate help bring it out of the what you're gonna be like precision visionary and central question
very interesting and here's why i play more questions these the that
to keep up with cancer coc integrated through apology you know and that's to be that's where it comes back then it comes back and can compare the positive because they weren't around here are waving my anthropology but as i mean when i saw that word as time that one isn't it
this but i wrote that's why i wrote my thesis and a half because and i think it's it's it's understanding of what the human person is
in language that that works i'm going to see
i'd that's what i understand that the anthropology okay this understanding and having completely changed our understanding and general person become out of depth psychology and young a yeah
maybe a n d and c a d maybe that this whole discover that this this discovery of the psyche yeah in the western tradition which other traditions we're still exploring not calling at psychiatry the regarding it's a breach reality but the perhaps that's where we really that's which fails
up with the sankei keep up with and that's why people are going to psychiatrists than once in this marriage pressures in the west because somehow i don't like i don't even know where or when or how but somehow pass what we lost when when choosing to when we turn to masculine reason for runs you know going to intellect just because you're going to be excluded that souk
and the obscurity other the anti pool the counterflow the arch which yeah we did you and then we talk about what mind that matter reminded body and yeah it's crazy psycho to leave much
that the question here that business and metropolitan sent me to run now because runners wanted to choice to bring this number of technology breaking into cars so i looked up to see what his vision was okay what would have a new a contemporary anthropology big and he looks at the whole of history and tragedy the emergence of the subject of subjectivity
the personal subject so when you say psyche okay and depth psychology time you get nineveh in a subjective experience which is simply not there and the really what you find when you find even comparative literature is my experience reflect in need doctrine my own experience reflecting the revelation of
hey my experience of the word let us say but not translated into terms of my experience still in terms of the word
even check burdens on okay you wouldn't you would feel that they they kiss the bride or something like ten okay but touch the language of scripture it hasn't yet come into you disappeared and come back out your own language
the chance of that's only part of it but i think he's right about the subject
insurance now suppose monasticism is tied to that something supposed vocation and monasticism was tied to the subject and essentially that of the mental personal stuff where the deep subject okay bringing it together that emerging something of the west
taking out my computer or the spirit of a beef others triple at republicans will bring it back to is an emerging subjectivity of the westerfield your critical reason to and what emerges as a new language yeah to it's which is what we're not completely comfortable with the other things that the
a problem in many languages couldn't get up into my goodness
but somehow i think the vocation of monasticism was about that so deep shop
the big wanted money talks about now the big revelation that the corner for him as that church with a shovel media
not to bring that back but one with wedded to this emerging personal subject to with its creative dimension to from ministers who could have that role
and a monastic theology
because it has destruction to
well because it's monastic the already has to be wedded to that intellect us to the contemplative center pushed to that anthropology
when it loses that that loses its own subconscious and bruises and knowledgeable with images and it didn't is just like i used my favorite were at once this kind of
but it still somehow modest it's inherent structure to keep it from drifting into salsas hit earth it's a it's a crickets of bed yep
i'm okay this was your thesis horn or view per cent this video in another
cynics where we could talk about how he took millennia for the
vedic masters to finally reach the winners on his from and
that's what they're saying and final realization of
oh subject yourself peak somehow part and parcel with
bright with with the
free personal training whatever and is yeah
it ended somehow this inner awareness of that presence within is also related to an awareness of other people as
subjects as proper the individual subjects is this for your entities and now so i about it gets kind of mercury but it's somehow that that
our greater realization of cells and other
one why the change possible for people to have been the people just not that good
you're not a person your college or even young
you know how approach to ethics and moral theology done to animals excellence and it's there was that the notion of year there could be as the project that experience and even though still even that was at the valuables i spotless and play a puppy a lot of market today's polarized
one pilot country to another principles
even here in the homosexual and on birth control abortion on the as partial privilege to have hundred yet
had i don't we can return to this particular mission because it became nice
where the master system that was going for two brothers have to give to the church into the world of what's different and
wisdom connection on the subject to certain person can personally be as a network
matter what you read and martin and something like a seed of that person from to so what he said what he's saying is often an intuition but the voice didn't hear from there is like like to see that the person breaking out ocean
because he's so he's unable to let go either of that deep let's say a of the beach which he served with so many huge or for the realities of president work on movement of the spirit

where he goes he talks at some length hear about this
what has to be done in order to regenerate monastic to be algae not away in a monastic theology can't be monastic and essentially just being interested in monastic like that's one of the one that's what media the tricks without an ethnic it has to its distinguished by juniper's value don't think i think it should be if it's really
have a negative point that point of deep so deep into vectors rather safe then it can't be just monastic and it can't even the pony christian anymore okay it has to be in a version of much with distinguishes
and yet this question and yet it is mansion
but it's not somehow
miss not interested in as much in distinctions and that kind as it is the the unity
center and source from which it comes
but it would have sofas and soaked with the optical christian grace christian faith
and somehow intuitive with knowing the relationship between christ and all the rest on the universe show me even if he can't express it
many talks about different directions as a manager restore from the search for you see people spending their lives
i'm working out the
and then recent christian monasticism the contemporary ecclesiology
no vision of your church
then thirdly the orgy will give and take between the values of creation revelation and here is stepping away a little bit from monasticism it's not explicitly but what he means is that word and need and the cosmos and disposing the word and nature or christianity and humanity or
that was particularly retained to our revelation from the word
and that is universal and human simply no
these he talks about very connected with person subject in which society
yeah cause near the town of each ten
the following addresses some things are taken for granted and created the couch and from happening this true as today so with the notions of contempt for the world and hundred life this is interesting just to listen to people's comments about for an answer rainer against as much
camping trade antibiotic you know how this the syncope the way she says thing either the notion of self hate sell himself love know house
it's easy to use the word nowadays of love aesthetic is does it mean the same thing
you know our language gotten my son was turning this like those in the first period sketches of the language of and expression may want to get to and to snow in an often see you inside as an enormous overwhelming great they pick up the vocabulary and yeah you're not going to find that settled vocabulary she would express
or maybe what we are very subtle and complex gration have improved hours because it's all mustaches and in this case someone's translating for identifying a way to go back as a where she really meant what is the to for we hear self hatred no beeping
can pitch can be noticed that she hadn't got another language for reality know the terminal and it's the classic line
that idea of now nowadays know the author shannon universe to be or the history christianity which must be called
we're not supposed to be encouraging self self the unrefined self is the no private companies thing
simple self and restaurants be going against that although a special with that anthropology and stuff and this emergence of this aware subject
there is real
i think it's best forms healthy respect for the sill and you have that a true self love someone like a crisis great abandoned to break and love god and then love your neighbor as yourself but that self as mentioned last it's almost like the a healthy mama herself is somehow
encourages as the concentration of the low on god and not a neighbor happens did the just can stick of of our psychology book in our hands and say okay now roll cage where we're helping for everything and
but somehow somehow it is wrapped up in this process and you were remade the distinctions between you know just know the were tons of eight myself in need work and stuff and is still in the all language things evil inclinations and something bad
but also be trying to mesh that with an idea of health care of himself you can take care of on take care of health of mine stuff like that
oh okay it looks something i'm trying to work too much about it but i find that there's definitely distinctions that have to be like sometimes got a crack with over something so don't get from district that you know there is room for for even some some tough so discipline sometimes and a and i think touch for for that added to sell
patriot especially from caught up in a legitimate quest for the other from god i
at the same time realize it should be an image like this company or precious it's very hard to generalize or that means matter of individual phase where a person who's and also got into the spirit of international
yeah the bottom and foundation in one year old genius he might have a whole nation not held in prison is made the image and likeness of god how could that that's our deepest self how could we hated so it self hey means self hate some other means of the
different to us now when they used in the yeah
if you have to write different few writers don't different things industry with that but some people will say that are right now where the journey from some sort of image to greater like this and and so in the journey to the likeness of god we sometimes have to castaway the current image of an animal or something like
day and saw the it's it's shallow self interest sure it is something to get rid of the get the where you were yesterday get checked original can get to the likeness for i let's say thirty years ago we wouldn't even talk about the of the real self yeah this is new language and i think it's really not an official language because even if a heading toward image
if you are ready we are made in the image and likeness of god we are already there is something or reading or reading sealed
so there is a self there is a true self that we our wedding seal that that it's it's a question that would be manifested perhaps both
none of the revolution is there is i think it's moving from the image to like this prevents investigates as
so much for the shelf age within the best of the documents of it was which tied up with a protocol header autonomy which giving yourself over to protect the institution of marriage and the that's just me to obedience antarctica no trouble is that never came back and because there wasn't an easy to bring back the sense of so special
is into a deep snow
one which goes in a whole approach to asceticism in general i wanted far as at present hatred itself as it because of a lot of self made you could you could say it either way and the aestheticism is a great thing when it's when it is a means to wire them to discovering and and deepest you so you can you visit and says it has to be an
expression of the sophia has to be a language of nashville
that has to somehow cast know certain things i'm going to realize it
and if it become weak asceticism can become itself as form of
trying self love in the other way say and i'm doing all of to get to heaven while the what have you checked and events a deeper level of self project other than gathering still sets so the language they can itself become a false personality prescription and heading in a lot of eyes were just throw off asceticism lately which and that's that to example
there's a whole approach if that's what i mean when they talk about contempt for the world and each other life you would rather than real time
the rasmussen's you know
okay the idea of the evangelical counsels and that where was so some people are called to the life of the precepts the commandments other people who call the last visit accounts on flood of benedetta that i used to carry on the ten so that there are those who are called to the perfect and others are golden mediocre now those the first week of those are the
vast majority of christians when the monks is probably perfect until they the can smell them well as it can cut africa for mediocre how a couple of that
the council is being human that council the absolute probably actually tested base

but other day a monastic theology whether with the sort of rediscover the monastic geology is genres birth and the perfect book is the level during the desire for go said we can do look at some point i don't have continued reading the i'm it's finally he put a name to it and much were fumbling around and
kind of punch sure nation and the second one important problem furniture fifties maybe fifteen she was teaching in china too much
putting a name a monastic theology because a wisdom to out the indistinguishable from scholastic field can you imagine what i had to be done well and have to be held up distinguished
that's the kind of find a specific mean that focusing that the other provisions is a yeah i know because i'm actually fifty maybe sixty inch when the latest would be around nineteen sixty nine watch movies
yeah you're right now to change
he's gonna be
well the next time much carry on the first capital okay
god the father smoked
as everyone to see if and is unanimous
on it

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