November 10th, 1985, Serial No. 00987

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we have this lovely really like yes
right here at the end of the last chapter some of the younger monks had actually said why don't we compose a message to the whole order and so we did and it kind of has a thrust for the whole world it's kind of like a papal document or something richer the nano general chapter pack in italy
and in fact the first draft was composed by one of our young a hot shots back there can be thirty years old or some and then the in the us in our comparative review published it is a very lively document and so let's in the bibliography recommended this kind of a flavour of where the order is no we don't look at the
straighten up man
then i did dumb three little monographs on the history of brief history the place here before the monks came after the monks came the first ten years then abruptly our house there then some years ago twenty years ago just a briefing on the place of constant prayer your prayers simply communion
oh god cleaving with god then this can't be a sometime thing but
is continuous and
so this was the program of the desert fathers how to pray always we have this injunction of our lord and the injunction of support to pray without ceasing how do you do that were much should be a life of the early monks was a the endeavored to discover the how and that's still a key dimension then there's
a nice little pamphlet by raphael brown whose his francisco scholar who mr buffett place
i don't want maybe know peter aunts and very mellow english writer and a many years ago he did this
the quest of solitude is public art delusions and the canal police and quite charming it says before vatican two
yeah good good for you correct that that's a mistake there peter absent i was in another wavelength because i just had raphael brown and tough
there's charming little lot line drawings and things
integration all of you who are interested in canon law i suspect it will the father of law is a canal movies but he didn't quite differently than it's done now he lined up some four thousand texts from scripture from the father's from dutch are pope's on any given issue on ukraine
just but should be said
that night i'm sure that is the cage
so his thing was look at all the different approaches to this theme they're not implied contradiction but there is this pluralism and this was the beginning of canon law and again done in quite a different mode
up some are hoping that the a for you
this is
gration i'd say what that thirteen hundreds
up some are hoping that the reform of canon law would be in this line but it took the i'm kind of posts vatican one line of backed up simplified reduced etc then if you want to know about any of these people are aspects of canalys always go to a source book or series of books like the catholic encyclopedia or hope you all know the oxford dictionary the chris
church some marvelous one volume reference book and almost anything that touches christianity
in the canal is artistic heritage i know some of you are interested in yard well on this is this chat was a teacher of a frog angelica this is one of our monks lorenzo monaco and a beautiful things and this is a part of our community heritage
your son
the bentley coupling bike
i recently discovered that and our lady and top awkward but this is a early come out lease her to pieces of beautiful his work workers in the vatican enemy and see if not florence etc and so down to the centuries
this party yeah up your early renaissance a right before fra angelica morin so monaco that is already so the monk

dr john doe he became a novice and thirteen ninety
and then yeah and produced to tie it around four to twenty four
have you seen in the young community room that head of christ can a fiery color this is our tarcisio was a contemporary artist and quite famous and his own exhibits in boxes
ah but he's famous there's a hit of christ in black and white not unlike wrote the grinch to get
one award and distracted i was told it's bad pedagogical method could never put anything in the kids home it's well written
like but yeah all kinds of colors and or kind of a separate elements of
happy this was as read period of preventative exactly what i'm right now remember read have recently received tourists can contract and mike
oh my word
ah than the other really think it was there on a cooler for while marking or community is so different from this that because it common good africa he does everything in shades of white at least run most recent there's a few but in the back of here there's some of his sketches and many procedures
whites which are very carefully study in a good sunlight to see that there's really subtle subtle shades of a whole rainbow their this is not unlike when we received the monks and there's an introduction here translated into english by on the web site this is to get a great
but would we're very open to the young parts isn't the point
then our humanism we noted that said romeo is called the last of the saints of the undivided church right before the split of ten fifty four east and west and so what we have is a heritage common to east and west so what we in the great or program approach on twitter with so stress
what divides us now to explore now what unites us what's is common heritage of which the monastic is an important part so up vatican turns to us often a protestants and orthodox have a certain suspicion of the orders that come later they have a difficulty understanding what are the all about the orthodox church
teammate know doesn't have congregations specialized according to work they don't have teaching and nursing or news and missionary order isn't that kind of thing or it simply you're a monk or you're married or you're trying to become a monk are trying to marry
of so this heritage is very important for the dialogue with the east also with the anglicans of before i'm tradition of course the hindu and buddhist monk is kind of archetype for him to be some introduce himself we have this long tradition and it's rather flourishing of the present time
ambrose trotter sorry is one of our giants of the fifteenth century to anticipated all kinds of things that wanting a bitter junior to the lacking things
in a case he worked with great love of to for the reunion of of eastern church western missouri
he had got total mastery of greek and translated and any the plotters into i'm not an exception but the commodity this huge marvelous rug its attached to the wall and it's a gift to run eastern patriarchs up to the camellias see time ambroise rubber sorry well that's kind of
concludes our bibliography it wants to be an overview of things you can be a chewing on to slowly journey deeper into them
for me
well modesty forbids
so other questions comments
okay lets them read yes
be written
no doubt a it
he joined us the way many of the monasteries joined us also the time or wrangled in there after that is to aggregation kiss was a community pre-existing his union with us indeed for decades and decades but there's a certain point he wanted to become come maybe since are there was this period of dialogue and discernment and then
the integrate some basic knowledge month the same has happened with our little community of nuns in a windsor new york they were first of all what's sometimes called primitive benedictine
a primitive in the of
that's how to didn't it's really tough up well today an aggregated to are none too wrong after
okay let's string look at this very important to come
early medieval writer of contemporary with a saint bernard are william have some theory just a few decades ago he was considered to be not that important law he was known chiefly as the biographer of st bernard and that was about all then the scholars will to work
and they found it one of the key works that had been attributed it to st bernard is in fact written by him the golden epistle many start looking more carefully is others and they found there's a whole theology here that he is and it's not just borrowed from st bernard lovers william say it's deeper than bernard fuller and death
for me
really doesn't
oh good book
of course a minute so now we have a greater appreciation of a will be one of the scholars interestingly enough is this a john destiny then becomes famous we're launching the whole our use of yoga in the catholic world
anyway he's been
so that
are many of the critical editions etc have introduction citation a and this is awful book is published on william have some theory man in his work because he concludes our what about this william amid a tumultuous and pugnacious age move by opposite extremes that is the time said william and you can see
the same of our time i think a very conflicts will debate a time die hards and innovators of every sort of field st bernards great friend seems to embody in the church that wisdom and balance which have always superintendent the development of doctrine as a catholic an all rounder he reveres tradition
it will not stifle the life stir in it his spiritual teaching is so judicious so save and so enlightened most medical schools have been able to benefit from it so up there's this re-discovery now william and he's a fascinating person study there's a full mystical theology their heads up one can dedicate much
time to some satan's the great pioneer of points today called holistic spirituality that is a spirituality and campus for for person of spirit but also mind and also body in one kind of unified up thrust into got hit
his life our contemporaries and bernard born in france huge our technical studies have also up
the emerging speculative theology that got very problematic according to the monastic mind he prepped studied with abelardo and later he'll take him on who fight him but with the same kind of competence of abelard i'm very technical issues like the typical theology trinity etc
ah about eleven ten he enters the a black benedictines of st nicholas vm then it becomes abbott and another black political community fifteen years of intense work as abbott he's got two huge problems bad bad health this is characteristic of well here read if you remember argument that
he did read lots of st bernard plus he wants a more intense contemplative life there's a while when he wants a more solitary life and eventually he'll join the trappist sees of early x from the black benedictines like to the trappist of then up he becomes a
cistercian and and he continues writing his fonts it's the same kind of pattern found with the deaths of the
the middle that is an awareness and western heritage ambrose accustomed to normal and greatly the great for of strip he knows origin news gregory of nyssa most protagonists it was a non-christian source in the course he's himself characteristically in the line of just
nurtured by switcher so he's getting scripture directly but also through all abilities in their own particular ways of reading scripture so who is a gold mine and he is a bridge person yes
i what
you wouldn't be the regard
yeah bernard tried to dissuade him from doing switch and at the edge he just did it anyway not to pronounce community to another trap us using yeah that
well the cistercians research
ah so five main works by him the golden epistle beautiful thing and it since it's cast in the whole aeromedical
ah it's well worth are reading also various websites for theme of as will see also the classical desert values there's off a whole desert spirituality here then the nature and dignity of low yield of the beautiful treatise more of geological and abstract but to beautiful
ah than the bureau of faith and on contemplating god
the words with than
well here this is beautiful and of this is a great mistake that simply a speculative theologian like up and large or something and an exposition of the song of songs etc etc but up a good corpus so that one can get into him and study various works and see how one compliments the other
ah he does have this desert spirituality if you read just the beginning of fun
of yourself golden a piece of it's addressed to the cartoon show brethren of both to you
as the brethren a to introduced to our western darkness and are french cold the light of the east and that ancient fervor of egypt for religious observance that is the pattern of solitary life and the model of heavenly contemplation run to meet them will my soul and run with them and the joy
roy of the holy spirit and with a smiling right so he sees the car fusions is this renewal of the eastern desert ideal he says this is wonderful lumber who embrace it welcomed him devoutly with every attention and dedication
ah surely this right to feast in the lord and rejoice because the fairest part of the christian religion which seemed to come into close contact with heaven as returned to life after having died so here it is in our midst with these cartoon shoes so it's quite a praise of the conclusions and of the solitary life and not that kind of
is generically but taking up the key values of solitude
i'm going right back in the desert which is custody the heart awareness of what's happening there and in that context of mindfulness self presence on being present to god
so as the apostle bids keep guard on yourself with the greatest care and in order to have your eyes always on yourself turn your gaze away from all else the eyes remarkable instrument of the body with whom he could see itself as it sees other things now the inner eye is enabled to do this this is
huge the hinduism of the third eye of the inner spiritual i'd it's aware of what's happening within just as we're aware of everything was happening out there if then it follows the example of the outward i and neglects itself given its attention to the affairs of others it would not be able to return to itself oliver much
we wish to do so so give your attention to yourself you yourself constitute abundant matter for solicitude for yourself not worse is just becomes navel gazing obsession myself but at its best it's mindfulness and presence to sell that one can then move on to god
god and this nv on in the cell in the solitary cell which is as he says just an outward and visible sign of that inner cell and here he articulates a theme that up will be taken up by catherine of sienna that can be brought into the whole a spirituality current
us through sir francis de sales etc he had a tremendous influence on swung german spirituality to tower also on a franciscan spirituality through bonaventure etc but this theme of inner selves anyone can leave live that and new would leave that also but to a by their in that you're still not to
the just scattered out
be yourself a parable of edification the outward sell is the house in which are sold well as together with your body but the inner cell as your conscience and in that it is god who should dwell with your spirit he who is more interior to you in all else that is within you this is a classic a quote for
i'm accustomed his first and this dishes on his front the door of the outwards enclosure is a sign of the garden door within you so that as the bodily senses are prevented from wandering abroad by the outward enclosure so the inner senses or can always within their own domain so on it's que
the founder of the suspicions he wanted a emphatically communitarian form of rigorous aesthetical wife
and yet here's one of the early people who have passed to the cistercians who is taking with him a whole desert spirituality so
the cistercians are very mixed up
the have some fine linens and just been life
so sell purity of heart so custody custody of the heart and constant prayer or discos together
on this is as he becomes then he gets into i think what it was perkins aspects of his teaching license anthropology that his his his understanding of what is the human person especially in terms of our yearning for prayer are yearning
for union with god
here i have three business models up a first is a classic blue yonder as the through thomas especially a huge on as basically we're bottle and soul
now the main family at the salt and light know the truth and so note the my signature is fireproof
proportion of the bottom is material body was pulled up with botulism sex of all excellent so that
realism here
and will kind of of this post white and watered times or something like enlightenment getting your mind clearly with penicillin was perfectly that as we grow the garden and orchard apes or you gotta get a computer in a row
and so did go all the hours a day working to figure to computer
when you go home just go wild
to bounce back and forth between bonds or but of know how to do so if you get a spiritual like when you want to do when i press and work by our bodies on the soul mind and sand up with than they thought also a concert
neil kindness and can use this kind of language the soul as prisoner lobby wants to loose cetera this is one kind of understanding from the up is carrying on the toxic you obviously there must be some truth to it because it up
became the language of included group of people much devotion was the literature is gas goodness
and then we put experience a journey to price that would get over it
well that's what we're going to see this is our second model the hobby i not
sounds the same struggle between spirit and body won't regret that between spirit and flesh no websites classic texts into all
without heard me say gotta this
that's right now but contemporary all scholars i think not just say is when all is using the flesh he's not done but the flesh here he's talking about the whole person spirit and body inclining away from god and he calls me events against the pharisees with these fleshly p
people are profoundly spiritual people but they're moving away from god in his questions and so this is the whole person can give away by the spirit is not my novel my soul and various aristotelian sense of getting out of a spirit is the
whole person body and spirit attending got so this you're asserting that of warfare but it's different it's not part of me trying to get away from another part but it's the following try to truly divide rather than the whole of the journey belief up
so why it differently and we can cure paul and then kind of translated into the aristotelian language and mrs one should the confusion that happened after the scholastics they would be all and he would shift into aristotle's of i it deposit
but he's a you can report clearly the resurrection body is so important for him the body is temple the holy spirit is so important so of the of a spiritual body rice raised in the body but it's up not socks so that if
the spirit body and soul for into dog saddam
no soma greek has two words for body starts is the more questioning heavy bottle it's tempting downloads songs
someone was the most spiritual body resurrected body
how is complicated because we word was made flesh john joined mr sites
we're really wanted to that heavy polish so this is why the really great place of the such a sad about oh yeah this is all socks and solid and the know
like sufficient
spirit is not necessarily thing this is what it is not necessary
resurrected the whole person precise his whole person including the body in some mysterious way there he goes to say you know notes been resurrected body is is different from the earthly body as the why others from the secrets died in ground so it's great history for it but there's some kind of mysterious for
the ability to satisfy me for
currently have

the biographies for wrap around
we're now we're going to go to run his william had a speech the that way to say
europe i posted that back side that flow was william has his different years and different emphases but the mature william on honours the body as part of the whole try it now it will see that
million has a three-part human person this is quite a reputation is on the fall so you have two types of least with my vision or understand to pursue all of flesh and spirit and war more freedom for has give you
and it was the law has type of flesh as soon as he said the spirit is alive grace of us
well there's one famous text in st paul where he uses of the tree dimensions of the human person and then the father's take this up and the mud evils and i think many tickets are much richer and apology
first first thessalonians five twenty three
may the god of peace himself sanctify you holy and may your spirit and soul and body he kept sound and blameless that the coming of our lord jesus christ you call you his faithful so spirit soul and body are now what's her
happening there and pauline scholars do well up yet a certain currents of the platonic there's a pre damage said the human person
and there is the spirit which is just for the line as the mind has been model
the spirit is that incredibly an intuitive contemplative dimensionless it's opened to history it's open city's science etc
and kid it's as differ from haemolytic buying this say and find the line a as the minds
so this one's own dimension and opens up a space for contemplative creators as this mazzone does but they can be are that this isn't a more restrictive
most contemporaries have no idea if your eyes went and the eventually and i expect that been re-added in the best thing me
his new
yes in fact an audubon non-cooperation movement of analysis intersections of abuse is higher dimension it is profoundly
and up a ball


movies are just to point this new models it's like physicists say what is light it's particles of ways which is two different models and unique bowl neither one so they can reduce this model of that which is two ways of going because this spirit is a hopeless
going to god why shouldn't the whole person body mind spirit going into ball going into geodesy a dick are
well i read you it in the sense that they're not contradictory
even more than waiting aren't in this is contradictory but kim's and to expand yes so why should the bottom to spirit as top was right the other
that's right
oh you did customer
and now we have two questions and so funny oh

that's right that's right said that's right and then give me
right that's right that's right and again recognizing the spirit includes the body
right now there's a marvelous little treatise on yes the body in st paul by robinson he said is very gently detects paul is incredibly to realistic in the sense of stressing the eucharist his body of christ resurrection christ in the body the church which the church churches the body of christ pacific so violent
extremely one fourteen and body is not flesh should be have it is sometimes used body to stay for the whole person in a positive way
absolutely precise
so where where the whole was when augusta the whole of denial of the body
our focus while this gets extremely complicated in dumb investing you know he's right and decades and decades and so there's more pessimistic moments of augusta more serene and joyful moments there are very pessimistic moments in augusta and one of his mentors is true tulia and you can trace certain id
ideas it dr julian also tremendously affirms the about it's paradoxical with there's some ideas into to add an investment that that are the dualism and the story of personality
a deep precisely managing and is to forces it and the one force of evil and black etc is the material and the other forces pure spirit

you are
but spirit

that's right
absolutely by course played out on is the great master about plato is a written hester barista arizona the only things that these people are fairly settled so there's also information to the bottom new plato and affirmations of the beauty with the body consensus of but there is also this current and plato and there's this current also never hairstyle
i mean
yeah platonism its worst gets extremely dualistic and flows right into a nokia innocent
i wasn't a microphone
he might meet with always people alive right i live
your it transcends
map on
that's right question the i'm younger hot out the work
go on
as for path pets
another one of another aspect
experiencing these things swarming around
a ah
i write that
i'm not an
and a temperate
there's also another dimension to dimension of transcendence going beyond and then imminence creation and then there's the experience of disorder experience of self destructive patterns etc
now yours at unionism can talk about that a great link and but tends to put it in the body what i think some paul will save much wiser is a be careful some of our most destructive forces are in the most spiritual side of us the pharisees or again extremely spiritual people and they're much more destructive
and jesus says that you know that prostitutes were going before you and then as will see of millions very aware of disorder so that after the fall of one wall and truly mentioned what happens when i wouldn't buy mine inspiring of our rabbi and
mine wouldn't buy spirit now but i prefer from school
at for disorder by was in the bible in the spirit way of chaos of schizophrenia etc so each of them also need to come to terms with this very human experience importance about the war and my numbers not just before between the immanent and transcendent
today we were just simply say that network in a type of line well all camera test and yeah paul was saying as the whole human person as when william i think the danger of no aristotelian and mr say and will that sex that's body that's and this becomes a huge richard some catholic upset
ocean through jansenism jansenism is pure new wool of augustan at his worst and it's extremely dualistic
here at my boy
if you took a look that way we keep with spirit in electronic spirit on the inland intellect
i think for him as a very technical theologian you to like can be one of two things it can mean the more intuitive just openness in awe to divine truth or it can be very rigorous reasoning the kind of thing he's doing with apple cider that's right
so don't know what will come back to this trying to grasp onto this in terms of your own experience your own self understanding which of these models works again i think it's like toying my god time of christ or not sure there's not one model it's going to exhaust the mystery
no is the church body of christ is the church people of god as the church flock is the church pillar scripture says this is a mystery who uses all of these images not want his christ you know the good shepherd is christ that she is christ's suffering servant as christ the king is christ teachers christ position all these
models so here we have two basic models to basic polling models i've been both of them are very good when we have another you'll hear very often when we visited upon hundreds of thicker but again try to rooted in your own experience your own day to day struggles this shouldn't just be diagrams and
food from woods hole
well see you can be influential rama that restored by origin was that was where he didn't sign his works since we didn't get credit but you you be a great theologian and not be canonized that's another thing
and then there was done
specific the oh no problem williams are only man there's no doubt about that i never heard of a contest or or even within the cistercians
it is a bully man the of a real contemplative
so israel
i suspect so
you know of the okay so we'll come back next time and will proceed seeing how this does challenge how this leads destiny right into he voted for instance they should insist that right from this to the need to find disciplines weapons to order the whole to direct the
whole into contemplative for he found some the disciplines of the east friends is very popular years of someone i got for the timeless thinks it's something like the eastern orthodox prayer of the heart this also is a somatic or bodily form of the wants to order the whole into
just one last footnote l mention this again check
we're going to have a man coming in december i think it's december january and talked to us about the jesus prayer he knows quite a bit about it since george maloney was written about it who's eastern right and so if you don't know about the jesus prayer read about it think about and tried praying it you do i know about it and
renewed intensify your of experiencing that because it is a cheap form of contemplative prayer of the monastic tradition and not just from looking said
review our security recently upgraded oh but why don't you that's a good question what do you look at up and restored can an extension
good question
get busted pipes your peppers slides the with was way