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it may be hard to understand at first what that means gradually tanzania but if you have any experience with the eastern religious traditions like can do is in the buddhism or taoism the unity of understanding of reality is a negligee because that's what i do
it's been said that at the heart of those three traditions is the unity of reality or unit of experience or what some and traditions called advisor to on actuality are going to put us referred to when it's big heightened them
and i may not speak of duality of dualism a nanda realism but what we mean is is some kind of reality in which all things are joint in which all things are one in which all things out their room now i don't have to hard you very hard to touch and the new testament if you read the prologue account where john says in the beginning was the word and the word was
the gun and word was god and all things came from all things can hurt
so all things somehow can be understood at their center it if you know the word if you have their work but to have the word is to be one with the word and this word of god is the wisdom of god and it's jesus and the new testament to word became flesh and for the money and of his fullness we have all received so immediately comes towards
you can that which somehow is the secret to center and the meaning of all things becomes one with you so that the meaning of all things that somehow you knew the junior consciousness but it's also at a level deeper than your consciousness but it flows into your conscience and that's the kind of interpretation of the new testament and we're talking about now i believe that that's what the new test
it's really a bag and from one angle from another angle you can say about the church and about the growth of the church and the topics that's true too
i believe that for the new testament is about and you can find it everywhere in the new testament even though the writers themselves are conscious of a to a different extent
residents of a writer of the letter of change maybe less contact with one hand out there were maybe less conscious of the family was my biggest concern of the first letter of show you can drag the new testament writings on a kind of a spectrum between the ones which are most outlandish as answer
and inspect the those from the number are reviewed that we can
it's on fire and system and the toward judgment
now it's over somebody here as you're typing
that assures you that is that it's got desperate
so it might might get a mechanism like down with the layers
and a cup of water
sunlight the leverage to someone who lebron james has some surprising things about that wisdom functional on your physical to another one that as a player and wisdom poor that a core of the spirit which is the or been invested
but this one so much not an option the letter of james's and some even some of big letters that activity before the later passed over those samurai much like the old testament and they don't have a unit of boat and the other extreme somewhere and then we'll out for a is that this side of the them
and then we've got you know here
oh gosh and the first learn
one john
and that's the extreme because a and don't actually right up the open and that's the only way it can lead us that multiple you can't read the gospel of done some things in history as of cases were or on help central and human being rather say who has not seen now
splash handled right from the for in a letter of kind of this morning got this light the lights come into the world is on cottage but it's all the energy like i think the first level math and the rage
because remember of was not in the histories whereas known as
the particular because i pulled out on the interior a urinary baptism and the givers and so maybe south africa
and so we're movement back and forth across the steppe the same thing to some extent much
the substantial is not so evident that a lot of illnesses
it's very event took place places our vision and wisdom books and especially where the figure of wisdom feminine wisdom as guess i talked about i'm going to talk about that a few minutes because it's important as background not only for market for the other gospels as well let me just we do what we did with mark so far we we're looking for the wisdom approaches to mark the narrative
approaches to mark he had also gone and it's meant to the monastic approaches but that would not be quite true because monasticism should be able to take not only substantial approach but all kinds of different but there's a particular residents becoming a wisdom approaching narrative approach and not a monastic tradition as you can see if you read the monastic life if they don't ten for instance and
modern times if they don't tend to be hard nosed historical critical scientific exotics they tend to move a little bit towards the sequential somebody like accustomed starting on his books are moving towards the set and so even though they're not fully into haven't fully grown over the edge into it but for instance the people who
that's why the people who write about her baptismal core of march been she does edging towards the patristic edging towards a monastic edging towards the chef
we talked about the symmetrical structure of mark a mechanic the first of all the talking about five bone structure which you have on a ten for the data is wanted to have
and catholic i don't think the fireplace you
the fuck
to the on time
rather to gallery the road them and the crossing the journey on my gatlin or powerful and which is central to eating mar which is the wisdom of crop
okay and then we talked about a more developed flock of this in which to divide a big tech this is the prospect is to compare to
one and five two and four and also being a very much because baked into important where you can further on so you get something like that one two three four five
a final time and the fact that crying primarily through this is galloping over here houston
yeah the brother
and this is the trunk
sample a journey to the room now we need leadership certain era
the queen
different entrance we had a crush on part
and as still they are like
so i'll just say about out of the temptation
present you have a movement towards
a section on breads appeared which is parallel it i counted in the or of and a fashion have been and what i think is happening in the woman who are the first on average about wisdom and interest you feel you could say either qualified credit crisis the path in
this and we're going to go by that section where the head of avoid similar it's like even want to what's happening in that jesus appeals that and asian woman other number because about the devil and as wanting to do credit are always thinking but the metaphor that there's no other than others
up and she's getting a
the country
but for somebody a metaphor of looking at vinegar
and that's how about for his passion that have to separate the to the interests so as happening and are restaurant with the teaching that become a hero because i haven't even got to play with bread is used for teachers as educators and employees kitchen and the wisdom is turning off the sacrament
and the sacrament is expressed in the summer and in the neck discomfort and have to credit integrity the red cross
three the fruit bread seafood country and riot are coalescing are converging so don't think winding up
and as
and again cause the gospel together behind us is a paradise energy is the the tree
of life
which is much more person not like was upset
okay so structure and then we talked about the wilderness the iud which particularly relates to the first card the wilderness part where the baptism of jesus takes place but it obviously also related to the tone doesn't and which is also a decimal place for place of demons and we started it really
it's to the whole first part of mark but does continue of recurrence of jesus to the mountain to the sea
we're talking about the hope of have a gallon for a journey which was a mountain state takes his disciples off alarm how your signs of this wilderness theology and we that the wilderness theology and the first have more gentle and becomes the cross theology or the way
way of the rather than this becomes the way of the cross and
for the way of ghana baptist is creeping align with the way of yeah it does it the way to the crops and that promote that's a fundamental axis of the gospel from one perspective from another perspective which way the fundamental action protection but baptism and wilderness for some age american sniper
ha ha
and we talked about baptism has been in a key to mark's gospel and especially with the internet or wisdom interpretation of marx best for and baptism particularly at the easter vigil
that mark was designed to be a leading preparatory to battle to initiation sometimes for video and we'd pay some of our games for that but i gave me a few and fewer a lot going on the arguments the places and mark's gospel where that comes out a particular the beginning
whether this countries and occasion at the and your seen at the tree and also during the passion between their increase time when the veil of the temple is time longer contactable remember that the heavens return home from it's a violent murder greeks skin so many knives sign and were too
more open and those tearing open are connected also over the opening paragraphs but they're all connected with baptism the baptismal she moved into everything in africa particularly at the signs of this at the beginning at the animal that money are you have the transfiguration and the wording crush the the teaching of the way of the cross
and we ever think across them baptism with some time learning step from the anointing in the form of the clerks from some
the most convincing things probably i i like the young man with a white gold shot and the tomb and everything that surrounds that to understand and the weather related to the scene at the baptism of jesus okay now i want to talk more about wisdom discourse and mark and then jesus as identify those wisdom and mark cooking first a little bit of that way
wisdom language and mark
when i show
that one
you may not think there's a lot of that market if you have a champion for the chapter of parallels and mark america look lines i want to point out these parables the car
our kind of a wisdom speech okay you'll find them an alteration optic gospels but they are a form of the speaking and mystery a form of speaking with obscure it a deliberative scary some right now there's an outside to the caravan has an inside for the time when jesus says that most people only understanding outside of the
travel to the disciple it's kind of a given to understand the inside and it's the real meaning of the phone
look at chapter four vs eleventh row thirteen
this is after
after the powerful of the solar
but before the explanation
the solar industry in one of them that's the fundamental sort of the arch powerful it's the first powerful and martin and his character in two thousand and he says if you don't understand this kind of are you going on any of the so it's presented write it as the key part of it's very interesting it in this parable the the solar cells
the word that word of bloggers and logos as a lot of reverence and about it a residents and not only means that the particular word and it means also the gospel music the message it means the whole thing about it and john identifies usage with numbers with the that great logo have great work
so market and setting all that but it has those residences and behind it so when you realize that that word logos is coming up again and again and again in the south and and helps to solidify the other interpretations other sensitive the power and helps to make it reasonable that had be the power of on the time
we'll talk more about the parable like next time ago and this is after and out of the story disorder before jesus is explain it
and what he was about those were about him with a twelve as can concerning the powerful and they said to them to you has been given the secret of the kingdom of god but for those outside everything is apparently
so jesus is confiding confiding this secret that the witness the the kingdom of god and mistreated between them i've got to his disciples and this is about wisdom and courage and this is the heart of the gospel
my part of he put a finger about obviously first time
here's the word of crook
and that's the hardest problem and that will come up at the center of months faster so that they may indeed even i perceived bandied here but not understand less they should turn again to be forgiven environment an argument argued trying to take this thing i look forward to this after the words of the profits for quoted and he said to them do you not understand this part of of how that and
understand how the problem for the bible is where wisdom discourse that has a a surface and has an interior and the problem is to penetrate into the interior but to penetrate into the interior some kind of mental revolution
twenty one through twenty five the same check
i noticed that that had that i maybe when they list the parables they don't mention the parable of lamp that similar food of a metaphor for relax but it's got up this grocery in michigan
he said it under the lab grown into be put under a bushel conduct that not understand but there was nothing had accepted the manifest anything she could expect to come to light now it's as a be talking about the see that's going to burst out and manifest for the content to share the word if anyone has ears to hear that i'm here take heed
you hear that measure your gift will be a measuring get and still bottle will be given you for the hamlet has were more beginning of them who as not many guys going to take on this is wisdom is court
this mysterious kind of this mysterious gift this mysterious thing knows there's a thing that close to all the parents and to if it's one thing never have he looks like a my god kind of the heavens like a man who goes out and and does your plants or have what is this thing
the flows through our retirement and would it be possible to write about all the power of which would have bathroom and one great powerful i'm talking about that thing in a different permutations and manifestations but now it's a laugh now it's something that you measure out and give now to see now it's a treasure knowledge of fascinating and it's
big list of the school and all of these things are different facets you can say it's the kingdom but when you started thinking oh god don't think that of stopper now it was don't like stuff your mind and your imagination because external history and the word doesn't punish them we have all the religious stop her words which stop you from thinking and stuff you're wondering should
even the word of god present area and we make a sentence and we think we've understood something and what we've done it according to that are we done this close the door instead of understanding it
so this is something if you had to absorb to become one with like to say that that grows up until to you
okay now about jesus as unity of wisdom and media the gospel of mark my reference for this is few humphrey who has written a book called he is risen
about jesus and wisdom and mark's gospel and unfortunately i can't find the book somebody's gotta have it may be somebody did not here in when i find it i'll put it out on the show i have a copy of which are going to find out have quite a clean hello
and then he's got this article about in the biblical theology bullets that accuses as wisdom and mark which i put a copy of to as well as the issue or that ptp the mythical theology going on the question i'd recommended to take a look book go into that i'm a bit of detail
now in the book
what country does is to take the wisdom tradition of the old testament are personified wisdom has talked about
and use that as a background for reading market gospel now the chief books for that are proverbs chirac are plenty africa and the wisdom of solomon there's also some material and job and in iraq the other hand of and why don't you got this time
humphrey plan is typing on the back with the punched with one home for the word vision
now it's got two different things on a good ramen maneuver of one and two moment i wrote one there's a concentric structure of mark crochet
according to object that's going on here because the it's not the fire whole valley poker
when i'd like to know that right now the karmic connection so the hundred and whatever they've got of nine part of the got a capital letter http and on the ep in april and then there's kind of a one of the interview
when i aren't even though
the managers and between she will say something about chemical lot but what i want to focus on now is a grumbling about to the old testament wisdom literature and the wisdom myth
you got the page references to on facebook there
now he says the jewish story about wisdom has gone to it's only and fragments of its features joke twenty eight thirty you have your basic reference okay those chapters of though he worked at the old testament contain the story of personified wisdom that means sophia the feminine divine wisdom that's what he's talking about where wisdom
somehow because of a person
now the basing ultra these are late books that for trivial question especially and wisdom of solomon
proverbs is further back
when probably try to be the beginning with the tradition of by favorite
the editor written in greek to be at his wisdom of solomon can i'm sharing
and then he makes a synthesis of the story of wisdom from these different sources and that's what you had on the right add color
wisdom was created by god before god created the world i just looking looking at the subterranean karen and the greek
and the word arcadian very prominent and some of the especially in proverbs eight that is an arcade you know that it was an arcade you run into them and any in the beginning
there are the be getting of genesis or and then in the beginning god created the heavens and here than that in the beginning of downtown supplies and the beginning was the word and arcade logo and rk in the beginning
in town
marcia the beginning of the good news if jesus christ
so i don't think those things are actually down and they probably even mark once that that recurrence he watched definitely the residents with genesis and that he probably wants to help much with beverage to that they were familiar with the septuagint wisdom book
that's important because i just have financial approach right away that kind of residence and especially that reference to the beginning
why because this gives us going to return to the beginning and good thing it's a new beginning you being brings what paul and aramaic an the recapitulation in which you go back and somehow are become one of the beginning of all things the beginning which was before the beginning which is god and god's wisdom for god's word logo
she that's behind very much of the for the new testament is very important and the idea of the new testament has a new creation how it's going back to the beginning and it goes back to the beginning and goes back to the fullness of the sector because the fullness of at the beginning it's a photos which goes beyond the limitations and i'll a particular history this is characteristic of me
the wisdom vision it's cosmic can someone it's not only historic it's also historic that it moves to the fullness of the contract and before cosmos was the fullness out of which the cosmos came out of which image created
for because
so wisdom was created by god before i could see they say the same things about jesus and so if they don't take it was created for remember where you have this and the old testament creation has hit them differentiated that it between creation and be getting because there isn't many revelation in the senate gov
there isn't a theological notion of somebody being begun by god as distinct from being created like there's a metaphor of other son of god but this is something the country in the new testament the idea of being bigoted beggar
so wisdom was created by god doesn't mean it is not a participation in go
doesn't mean a purely distinct from the president the creation of the group and connection between wisdom and creation and extremely important
so all things kind of nestle into wisdom and continually made their roots and his wisdom as if it were a stream or hundred and that river at the beginning as always with us from someone's your wisdom and knowledge village for wisdom as a participation in gut
and it's feminine quality is something we talk about it another time
wisdom appears to created man as hidden as concealed and if you ask yourself how much of that in there is there the new testament there's a lot of and a lot of the idea of hidden history and right a parallels with looking at look that briefly and in other words of jesus now to you the parent and and she could have
the kingdom of god has been revealed that to the others they're just got shot down we the outside the only hear the surfaces they were of the parallel
and maybe everything is a huge users themselves as a paradigm shift way you can change the symbol he's got an outside and inside lots of people on the outside the case is dope don't wake up to what's inside jesus so they don't wake up to which inside themselves you are inside the creation of stuff
so the rest of the story is here there's this coming of wisdom to earth and then it's quite a touching story actually as you read it in the western astrology number i pray that which they might be centrally from god's side you get the picture that wisdom use the companion that guy permanent companion of god will become the companion of that it's quite beautiful
and that particular book
where it's it's the point of view of town and the proverbial wise man praying forward from another huge was as can take you into a trap
an acceptance of urges wisdom like righteousness foundation will about value is incalculable on the other hand failure to accept your leads to her with and withdraw them or gift know this whole thing about wisdom sending her messages sending her and so on to cry out to people and
this them sending the prophets russia and the profits being rejected for the tragedy of israel isn't the sending of the profits by way from the air rejection and as you like about the new testament that a combat and not for about their
okay so that's the background but i'd recommended you read those chapters of the wisdom books that are listed there if you haven't already done so
especially proverbs a sirach twenty four and the wisdom of solomon
six year nine and seven and eight i think of it critical moment in such problems which beautiful and it's necessary to have some grasp of it in order to understand a lot of the things that are going on in the new testament
and those i'm mark
i'm just going to read a few a few words from a couple of years with them things since i've taken the trouble with
can put them on paper the lord created me at the beginning of his work the first of this act february arcane program to
i was set up ages ago before the beginning of the here at the first and arcade has probably when to going to falling and now my son has listened to me
i remember at the transfiguration actor moses and elijah have appeared and vanished there's only jesus and the voice from heaven says this is my beloved son listen to him
now my son actually it's now bystanders to make the great
proverbs nine wisdom has built her how she has set up her seven pillar he is smarter to beach is mixture line she has set a table
come eat of my bread and drink of the one i have next
the simpleness would live and work in a way of insects noticed now bread and wine food i used it's not a coach for what for which come from wisdom is more than knowledge wisdom just like to see that goes under the grounds are wisdom is not just knowledge if you think of college it's a constituent knowledge and to see the knowledge that opens up and try to and becomes like
it becomes everything becomes spirit becomes like become power and energy and health and immortality in august so it's of knowledge which cracks open like to see that becomes everything else
the assumption that everything else root itself and everything else and transformed with when it permeates
chirac twenty poor here you get this this idea of wisdom as being something spiritual which penetrates everything and joins everything with god because it's participation of god which then penetrate and is participated thought i think that people especially the friendship gov
there's the story about which them coming for from the mouth of the most try and seeking a resting inflation every people and being with everything but we're finally settling in israel and design division and the holy place
and the holy tabernacle i managed to do for amateur i was established in giant and their beloved city like why you gave me a resting place and in jerusalem like my commitment and then she compares himself to a tree she's singing her on him as rushing in our own praises nobody else it's gonna do it
she's like all kinds of tree and all kinds of incense and perfume finally come to me you who desire to mate and eat your fill of my proteins for the remembrance of me and sweeter than honey and my inheritance we didn't know honeycomb those who eat me one hundred or more than those who drink name or first
the loans worth have any remnant reference for residents and like and and john's gospel of john six
he you eats my flesh and drinks my blood on the further
and to to this bread will never one hundred and it's the opposite of what she's saying it it's kind of late what you say the hundred from more and the not hundred and for anything else
the be down and and i think have being made by hundred
wisdom seven
i learned about what does she couldn't what is not a first for wisdom the fashion or of all things strike me for in hurt now this was the one where of their spiritual participation to for in her there is a spirit that is intelligent hoping to make manifold title of your about twenty three qualities of which company
overseeing on penetrating through our spirits that or intelligence or wisdom was more mobile than motion because of preparedness she provides and penetrate sort of thing where she has a of the power of god and a pure emanation of the glory of the almighty therefore nothing to file games entrance into her for she is a reflection of eternal life is spotless mirror of the work
i i've got to remember where that picked up
for one thing i picked up a name beginning a prologue to the letter of the hebrew to them
where he is a mirror of the divine and shot and nobody's encouragement
jesus has identified with this wisdom at the beginning of the letter the hebrews or channel most unlikely because the key to understanding a bridge
and also in collusion member and the ham and collisions chapter one of fifteen to twenty
an image of because it is goodness though she is but one she can do all things and while remaining in herself she'll be new york thing to see the boy wisdom is the link somehow between god and everything else the link between oneness and multiplicity on read the link between the unity of god and a multiplicity of creatures because she
passes them through everything and yet she remains one and her one that is a participation in the ones which is good for she remained the divine oneness and way which is not remote from us but it's filtering into our attention somehow somehow within themselves making them one
now what that sounds like in the new testament of the holy spirit
holy spirit wisdom and the holy spirit can be identified you know she's identified a spirit are subtler your country
i'm nothing to file can enter into the sounds like that was the definition of the holy spirit
while remaining in herself she renewed those things in every generation she passes into holy souls makes them friends with god and profit for guys like nothing so much as the man literally lived them it sounds like wisdom is the only thing that connects you to god and somewhere and wisdom of the participation and gun and strangely we've done has given them a heavy
anon gender without any hesitation if with them book
she reaches mightily from one end of the earth to the other and she orders all things well somehow she does everything there she sounds very much like the holy spirit which is the power of god isn't the power of gotta keeping things that distinguish from the word of god
now in his book create content that cases it is not too audacious from a book surprising which has made it in the paper but he contends that jesus is the righteous path is a disciple of witchcraft and therefore he's tested because you have these two ways and the two kinds of people got way of wisdom and get the way of falling and the way of falling away of foolishness and own custom and language is the
way of sin and way of evil and so the people who are on the way of falling and africa they have to prosecute the people who are on a way of righteousness you remember those texts that we have an ability sometimes but as custom and a try him and see if he's really got and he says he's got some a triumph not been subjected to torture and humiliation number of those are
reply to jesus' passion
her jesus is the righteous man the friend and disciple of wisdom and the to a mediator and reveal your of wisdom and therefore he must be persecuted and try and put to death but the righteous one and this is where this particular original solomon will live forever with the wisdom of solomon that's and that's why have three names
this book he has risen he contented the resurrection at the end of part a new knowledge of the resurrection of the of the without a reservation appearance of them is the climax which proves that uses his his righteous man a disciple of wisdom will therefore it is a lot of give me my tyler
but put to go as far as the paper said in the papers that jesus is wisdom and i think that's part of that not only in john's gospel the most i'm on and effective
let's take a look at what he does with
this particular section called reflection of bread and mark's gospel because from chapter six verse thirty through chapter eight
where's twenty one
now offering a brings forth a lot of evidence to show that this is a unit that this is a coherent section and ah
this paper which you have over there are on on the shelf on the question

how the section that he's talking about it's just about the same
the try of here
okay this part of lot of end of the galleon session but it just preach to you apparently vertical function and that teaching comes equipped with them of the crook
the this is always the intersection which is preparing for this other than the million next year it was triumphantly
a revelation that period another couple of weeks it's like the bright side the dark side is my the see this is part of not like to see which is right into the phone format and they can lose them and instead of waiting and unlike you know isn't that we spent on do
that word the growth the current running or a job and will reach out and have the that repeated onto and like it up for the billion dollars to fall into the that era but the network t there didn't count well where do you google family
hundred and eighty three blender now couldn't break the good faith that so
so this is the right with them in the car
as seen hatred to sum it up
and then i would never on get a our patient work on how to reduce them coming back for somehow they the wisdom of god the teaching of that that manifestation of that which is and wisdom which is jesus and now he find out
sacramento you have anything to dream
really an application to have to the credit

from six thirty the apostles there are two pieces at the beginning and end of infection
which are a further evidence of the energy and affection according to how to pay for jesus goes away with his disciples alone in the goal okay that's the kind of the common inclusion which tends to marco for perfection of cemetery like them another cemetery which marshall perfection is the to multiplication
tons of bread
who gives a fresh modified for five thousand people in our five thousand men and anyone buys for four thousand later ah so you've got this symmetrical symmetrical structure and infection in his paper i could get happening person read that
well as i don't have a and
infection a kind of there too
and and your europe expensive and the senator brian humphrey and shattered cemeteries that hundred and two thousand and eight a good time
and it doesn't find a way you've ever been to do and the issue of in that the cycle with an emotional moment than eating bread food in a life in your head and apparently they can't do that and then g the mortgage and he exposes the whole revolution happened it's not a convict somebody to people
which he does boundary and know about the economy that's an argument court advantage now i will you like if an argument about the way we relate to reality are you feeling from outside of yourself repeating from inside are you eating from the bread of tour and you've been in from even from a lot of witchcraft
because you're spreading the commandments other thing or are you're feeding i came from the environment in which comes up from inside the shelter and this issue is a great
and this was treated with expression when they argument that the current not referring to the table the law not uncommon for the traditional protection authority because the movement inside it is identical with them and therefore it collapses the argument
and then connect them look ridiculous
the national center for this section of bread let's just look at some of the references to bread here
okay six thirty they go away
to allow my life and read but then the people come and peter begins to the of cutting out and have actually put out a shepherd and to another feeding imagination and how to shape without a shepherd don't know where to find something to keep not they get lot and he began to teach them anything and then what are you going to eat
because i'm will you get china

which is surprising how work can you get after it's done any before it's done anything like that you get them something eat but he's saying something about what they're going to have to do later on
and then they multiply the he multiplies the the bread and efficient
now offering points out that the obligation of the bread is a metaphor for the teaching of jesus to look at it from what i
he began to teach them anything
and then he takes these clear most efficient and breaks down and give them anything he feeds them all he teaches them anything for many people and then he feels that from one he brings forth many of the point there's also something of the numbers here if you leave humphrey pay for that sort of thing they
not appeal to you but your numbers can be interpreted as corresponding to the different writing of the whole testament
the holiday five to get seven and twelve after the no conclusive but what is the
the five books of moses than the seven major problem in the southern hundred thousand and seven other twelve ladder and the of writing the writing on the other thing that dumpster rental total of a profit you can figure that out of you're interested in it has taken me to be together the killing of five thousand
he was that
that's the there's a jewish tradition of that kind of interpretation that of chemistry of gamma tree
a playing with numbers in that way but maybe here i wouldn't to too much weight on
and they get into the boat again and he walks on the street and what is working on the see but he says actually i am i going the which has a strong autism
residents that he doesn't favor
he got into the bowl with them and the wind stage and they were utterly time for they could not understand of after robot
at their heart why should
why should park bring up the low bring up the bread at that point what are the bread have to deal with a working on the water
it's a sign of case of power and power home natural thing for the material the go any further have let's go on
and then you had a long argument with the piracy which is about food as i said and in which jesus announces this revolution
interior irritation and he says it's not what convento hundred eighty five and comes out of it comes from the heart the country are hard to ensure your safe food which god gave through christ which is the wisdom of god the participation of the unity party invitation because and which you have not many commandment
but one which the one union with god at the center of your be
okay and then in verse seven twenty four in the following he arose and want a way to the region of tyrants by so he's outside jewish territory orthodox territory now among the gentiles a woman who little data was present
and he said let the children first piece that was not right to take the children's read coaching ago now the situation is that nothing to do it that jesus and mark years for how to to read red read have somebody has to be one hundred forty three government it doesn't have to do with teaching and had given some kind of power it seems to have to do the bridge and
perfect for been empty for five hundred and ninety row
dippy himself with the bread and that you couldn't be broken for those outside israel until the the children but they didn't happen that at least until the better than offered to them
and she said yes or even a dog some of the table in the challenge crop of she maintains a year the metaphor the image and and reward good
he'll hurt the child
then there's the healing of the deaf and dumb and
recent you to have nothing to do with brown and no mention of bread but there's something
similar about the issue of the deaf and dumb
in other words it usually becomes a metaphor for today's they become the airport for faith for understanding or communicate
now you have the second multiplication of bread and chapter eight
and he break seven both for the fourth down and they collect seven basket
and the fairest is a challenge of about of time and then finally that last part i particularly like this point the last part of this section of read had forgotten to bring bread they had only one vote for them and the book actually really thirty one breath
we had only one bread for them though
an interesting they'd forgotten to bring bread and i had only one bread with him in the vote that have been bringing that they had wanted to work
i didn't check the great to see how that works to get an incursion i think they he'd be aware of eleven of the pharisees and eleven apart over that the and some some kind of communication from a from the pharisees and from parrot a spirit or teaching or what if the the pharisees that might be teaching might be
merit and might be the spiritual the attitude you can carry the spirit of the therapy
when herod it sounds like but i was like example the way
and then disgusted with one of this thing we have no bread
well known each other thinking of literally there
a being aware of that jesus that's why do discuss the fact that you haven't already and not yet received rather understand or your heart hardened
we can have never had that referred back to the czech republic converse with that
he recorded eleven to work in a chapter for the pilot project so somehow involved here seems to be the same kind of wisdom issue that was involved in a check on par with the understanding of the problem the phone sort of course the parable of the sower of neat what normally would be the street
it would be a surrogate for fulbright and he'd probably a week with for barley something like that for great so perhaps that is tied here intersection of bread and also and turn the and that the the logo is the word mark says and that explanation chapter four
first candidate do you not remember when i broke the five goes for the five them how many baskets for the broken pieces did you take up now you know that curious rabbinical type number interpretation for me as a little bit made more likely by the fact that jesus insists on one hundred zero okay the numbers
are not permitted to be accidental left behind but somehow we breaking them up on
so it may be that he actually wanted to say to the point would be that the teaching of jesus jesus himself and equivalent to the whole torah the completeness of the revelation and very much like what the prologue to the letter of the hebrew ship in many ways and in fragmentary way never your father's whereabouts were spoken to by guy
a bullet through the profits but now he sent his son has revealed a couple of pretty good stuff
one bro actually in case of which was an open source in beijing is authentic and can issue a simple as the multiplication role of a miracle and the interpretation the meaning of the multiplication of the great need for teaching me to he said one being the teaching of jesus that she felt knowing if he had the whole
wigan the wisdom of bottles and the wisdom of god in the one who is the creation on already helping the we haven't gotten most of that one edited out of everything com
now when i'm committed to the airport is to identify
you get with the wisdom of god
that we have any way to right into the you're talking to personify they can go to just so here and i can get to go but when we do that i think we have to be case because cause notice what we're doing
what we do get we are circumscribing use of five you can find with something that comes before okay and something he brought in final tradition so you say is the son mall hey all we know you know what kind of man to the book of daniel
and else we are both are or do that anyway in people for being you know what's happening okay that's what you have the option but it was really all that mark of one that nearly all of the gospel to what you say something more in general the accountable proclamation on your pendant lamp and an introduction to something else
what i it what's really happening and it's not just the figure was of the old testament that you kind of doorway to the uneducated and the phone which he learned the point of view okay but somehow the whole thing at you
the whole thing is you think that he didn't the indian trouble you can even then it we can't circumscribed by a year when you training
what changes or cousin right now we the name given to them a go i changed the thousand and have anything interesting with the mystery which is pretty much every moment and particularly with psychology of these presents abuses his power of jesus watching him
which somehow is the be all about the whole thing and there's no word for word yeah don't quite satisfied if you would not want to do to uncomfortable to your rescue to me mouth so the whole history of reality show opened up the most primitive union and that's the one low because i couldn't vote
and it's good for metaphors great day for which encloses the whole time and causes not only feeding but also here and teaching however was one girl ultimately
the destruction is tied together at the end by the image of growth on the one drag who turns out a do with me from do you stop i understand
and of course the a word break can be allowed to exhaustion and community because that's on the another doorway to the mentioned to the promise which we do what you going the other point of course in of can found follows is not just with a of jesus but it comes into force on the metaphor of great prices are very well
if didn't includes the wisdom of god is bread fine but what happens to read you eat bread it disappears and becomes wine and that's the further are we saying excellence of the metaphor of read there's the he's the one better question which then disappeared because you can you because which one with your own be are you have somehow become
i'm one of the wisdom of god
which is like a night when trump talks about first quarter you appreciate and nineteen and you all know of often enough teachers shop
now suddenly that's where market getting in and that's what happened through baptism
any questions about that before that
now if you rather think we can talk about him
mark the sequential a conscience but really know that time i think we need to get to the other
the luggage from let me mention one thing and that is the women episodes and mark
if you look at those range that change in august
he the trouble was founded over five one consulted structure of mark
in how facebook now the major sections though that are the circle was power the noted in capital letters numbers
i'm going to some way they should just interpretation of the gospel on it works largely through the level of his house now the title was up against the them
the water the don't show up the presence of the minimum
notice that there is a seventeen sometimes a parallelism between enter the king of to random able to learn the for manipulate numbers for me the final the possibility that the entered into lot of them now because it was to obviously thousand top of that
it suggests that they're author relationship between the other
and that's what we been injured
now halfway doesn't completely conservative yeah i think women on with i didn't have all of a
the package manager
the people i want to the and it
god is right
will you can either be
on another eighty
i'm able to out on the first relates to allow and all of relationship between him and most wanted list
i look on
and the women are surprisingly present and the eventually for instance the first one is jesus christ followers okay but the last on that jesus last father was actually critically important to forty two because like this there are also women looking on from
a month or more mary magdalene and mary the mother of james began going to juggle ceramic salomon and thought i'd also many other women who came up with them to do it but first you've got the choice of the first phone okay we're all men and here you've got a listing of all the when the wrong woman
why why would you move from the what it attention occasionally agree that actually the image of construction of the house from is more life's challenges the group and then at the end you're getting to the point where somebody is going to come up well
we gonna come and dwell on the bench was intimated that by the window appeal
now another very interesting one where i don't think that
i don't think that operates power and adequate doesn't want to the power of chaotic with between the death of john the baptist
baptist gives his life that has entered the three okay and then
the anointing of jesus as they go jesus to site departure of discipleship to the title that i could but that actually is is the anointing of jesus by marriott them
and the other one was the definitely of adaptive that what what happened to become adapted a woman gets number of erroneous
the parallel between the moon death of john the baptist because the polonius i hope that johnny damage
he came back or corporate banker and kind of travesty banquet had the anointing of changes and balcony at the banquet vicious her
a royal and ninety and that's the only tonight
and what does to let them do when the head of john about teachers carry them on a platter at the demand of hello games and when this woman pours out the the pressures from him over veggies
at the end of march gospel the passion and death and resurrection of jesus are surrounded by women episode
we have been writing abuses by mary of bethany before the passion and then he will have the women standing there at the crotch working on have been better for women looking down from for example and then afterwards you have the women who come to my nokia's in chapter sixteen the whole as
end of the couch was surrounded by these women either internally or or sections of the guys from now what is the meaning of that
i suspect that the meaning of that is that the sophia is feminine wisdom and actually the spirit which comes to dwell in the house that uses constructing and will only come through the death and resurrection of jesus departure to which my pointed to the pointing metaphorically to the spirit which is to come
and it could be the presence of tutors and managed to type on the spirit of wisdom or holy spirit with me the other for metaphor or expression of book for instance in the back
so there's a lot more and market wiki i remember a lot of people share the market is naive and clumsy and crew and writing as gazprom like you did it in a hurry to catch early but posted with that the be systematically enigmatic and then he is not
when you call it crude but he is
that of
and that he's very well aware of industries which are underneath the history of users can even tempered and outermost room concealing them as he reveals that included in a way that we've been talking
okay let's play for the day i'm sorry to hear
it was her lot next time you have these and out on the part of because a good as climate change thirteen hundred and i'd like to be less next time we'll start with matthew and luke still taking a look back at her mark and especially to the interested pay
the comparison between equivalent passages different gospel i think i've attended a little bit of that already but if you find the shame that sort of said america is and teaching mark maslin both would say only a matter of look how does it differ in a different gospel what does that mean about the particular crushed
mark market national book
we can go talk to my job protecting about metallic columns and to aspirin
now the typical passages repeated the product which gospel a very beginning the inauguration of give his public ministry the central structure hundred pounds for which is a little harder to find somebody help
a book which has given you a structure which comes from and then the resurrection of them but i like it the particularly particular attention all sorts of the parallel could be find part of of north korea those guys for a different choice of from a different selection so that's what you have in this handout
there are two appendices from for shade of a very useful the person is simply enlisted the car with on and each other because of the dark and bathroom and okay
but where do those terrible come from nother way which ones can that will get from my and they looked at carmarthen which ones that you get some somewhere hour
now that's what the second opinion from the back so she and others have tried to figure out the of the market and economic ducking the which can then you get them out and lose your jennifer
but they talk about that much alcohol synoptic problem but some of those are found only in my summer found on the
my mother found on the cover down the only advantage of our national folk found both and not feel and look for and by and that's why this group search q country
the hypothetical second short for to source very is not the gospel david matthew and mark yet a main structure from have been a look at the image structure from my but they don't get her mark and what they both have a different period and then they have other things that they get from their own individual researchers which are called
how are we do that next time and then i encourage you to look at these pair special in the second of carnage and see if you find a new pattern humidifier anything characteristic of a terrible shape and you for a book
warning mark and then world development production