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Year Talk 2/2



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a more functional about radio to handle
to the landline from some quarters of be headed up into the sky and such images are so well together long obviously that they can be very misleading and lineage sure a on real and of course we have to see the the for me
love it
now the empties into the resurrection and is part the who consternation of letter by spirit who look on a new creation was gradual transformation a mentor my spirit that boy get the to material creation some the moon and stuff
hours and then you get night meant begins to you exercise new panels will together to form like cold sensitivity and teenager who just wants to experience the zone and then from knife cutters human college this list and winning the stage when
consciousness human god is beginning to transform the matter of the body of law at its path towards bomb can't clear the body is
it in many ways but he's not under our control and attention of cause you to seem to grace the dead and yet the pan of god in creation was not this system to grace to death for the reconstruction of the body that matters and grace will be transformed that into it becomes totally
the transform natural day is totally below the spirit and that's what happened in the resurrection of jesus and body of so acutely twins born of his big promoting to the new life into new creation and the he received to faze mill the courage to this without say she was not subject to is
this integration to propel us to develop into this through automation and i think you understand to something which trashy novel total exceptionally some which he is an extreme the pen of god and finishes the door who should constitute their into this new stage
eight than the is to form that is fitted normally we are under duress and to clear this integration that there the many only people who whose body is already prepare for the resurrection and it should be normal state day by day with completed his body for the resurrection
if you have to play the extra one aspect normal condition to grow for the interior reality of the party is blue and the father's you have to say that in communion spiritual bodies be formed in us he jewish and that he had plenty of time
somebody transport west and he received that listen life to ourselves and our bodies and integrators transformation he don't see it across how to reface hussein is that transformation were waiting for this body to be transformed into his influence into the
the were waiting for that redemption of our bodies and has taken place in mary and that is a sign for the soul and that's why it's very important who is to see many people think of the future guy he saw alice a disembodied lives of spirits separate from the into two classes of the on
that the christian doctrines of resurrection of the body about it transformed as a spirit becoming a spiritual body so your to open our hearts and minds to dismiss rate and pay especially for and a do check and us to rise the mistress he expanded to herself and she can
help us enormously from realize it in ourselves and we think today was to be dependents within down slowly but surely of providence if that it should have taken place on his band the assumption and again with mask for the transformation of india india has a great finish
and that of course also it hasn't any human weakness and today we experience since human weakness more than anything but we never forget that behind that human weakness there is a spiritual progression in a time of the vedas are going to spiritual partners at work in india
dupre the spiritual pan and transform into commercial from spinning the people and bring about just their transformation of god every spirit and with pay especially to our lady to intercede the indians for the girl were that this can guy transformation of matter nice
good and the carriage girl was for timing in that isn't

his both races as hope
the cruise with gentiles from the soul fan of divine providence will never nation we don't often realize the seriousness as he said and the lost sheep of the house of israel he didn't have to preach to the gentiles hundred reveal out for race man how the fray users pay
and fulfill god's revelation in israel and to bring interest fulfillment and and
that looked to the future to open itself to the gentiles but he himself did not open it to the gentiles and historians and john's gospel our andrew ross gentiles to he is this is the speak for them always miss first ladies
to bring israel faced with filament and then from rat and movements was to spread is removed the gentiles is not an insignificant and this woman as a gentile
saying to the gentiles and she have to him listen to ignores when they are asked us if i was not search except for the last week and asked of israel did not come from projectiles
and then she goes on bail him and he knows a attempt to language with the issue has been got to take the children's make not into the dogs the viewers for the children and gentiles with songs was a common way of speaking and has rejected so the challenges are in that way and
then she said even the car seats the town for from the last stand with and it said praises your face should be without him to his regret and so he opens it to the gentiles but love to earn their religion has a frog and it took time for the just to relax
if had a mere soups of a house seems to have a special revelation
she sent down from tested with animals rise peter given enough to serve him that he could approach or get out the season at the chests and then the next subject projectiles but is the greeks and romans relative began to come into the church and of course of joe's didn't accept it an emphasis actually
nation for days the jurors to the fed through christ and town and wouldn't obsess down the staff and the gentiles we weren't expecting it received if and again and has been to the church so that was a situation this for and we'd gone on long island
yes with that have a sense for the idea that god revealed himself to israel israel reality rejected from a server not the gospel is preached to the nations which is large and and yard for the first fifteen hundred yeah trapped in the nations of the in the middle east to perfectly to the cavernous
videos and fetched practically it's a young fan religion and then in the sixteenth century began to spread from american chopper to these pants of the asia and little strange now in asia to have a central asians history and sir to day which had ensure their new
new understanding of the mystery of the gospel of a fan of cross started with israel very small love israel babylon egypt for in the middle east nothing beyond tennis spread out these zones are left the deal dennis spread is a
same way as any superficial way rather fast the well but only to day of with facing the real challenge of and of addictions see never been rectified before that god has revealed himself in other ways that has been revealing themselves in danger for five thousand years and have to strip
jazz sacred scriptures and they didn't have africa and buddhist and jain and safe and is a with some dog and then we have also is manderson out a way in which god reveals himself that day was trying to see this saying the relations with israel from presented in size than the
context not as the greeks over loose head of the whoa whoa and is italian to have chosen from any a visit to challenge which is dead it enriching as you begin to see the gospel a way of contact you see a from name me that rarely what was happening to get to see
the from within the context of them centimeters of the for new chefs over that nature of the german side i was reading to the and so on then you begin to get a new vision the gospel end of the fan of god that's a business challenge of the church very safe and the movement of every spiritual
as for away from us to have this new situation that's what really happened to death the palaces elizabethton thousand for the first time in christian history will judge recognize the values of that the to said they should recognize preserve and promote the spirit of moral values of avenue and age
as read as as cultural and social values so that open the gates with seen to a new vision of the place of christianity in the world and a day where challenge a nation you see system that are little nine nine to two percents an ordination superset many games presents the feet are not fit and thought
and they all have a for founded it released that further thousands of years and we have to relate to the due to the food is also a chance of panic attacks and to the to enter the weekend muslims also spread through instruments route so i challenge to seen now to see
the face of thousand the content or these religions and the sort of persons of church in the context of order to prevent that this is where we are to day and went off as a challenge with some set ourselves in a long enough for a minute to christian to shuffle from the rest of the world that
had to be related to other religions teach another way off escape from the wars that it shows the allergic religion if he fell off to some way that win a prize in your neighbors since with that respect love which is due and the same way we can learn to the house
associate with others begin death using it's much not so sure anybody can accept into associated with satanic the religions and
british public listen how a to asked herself to death and the picture asked was graced with further space some moment in the history of the jeff safe and something when compared to know for the nerve of them when the church came out of tennis and jewish religion so
speaking at a name of his home he assaulted in judaism moved out into the judge how well the greeks and romans another culture enough then with another phone well and became a new chair and not to day assuming nothing is hopefully the church is turning out to this to figure out of yeah well western
circulation in africa the over and that charles to see snow and christian and emotional context of god speaking has with the best to the dinner many things no sites such as a church and it's urgent received in the well today
she everywhere ltd each other in palestine this greece yesterday from pakistan never know a hundred family situations reduced fished his interest in the form of killing one another and the scrap of grievances and then love and the have friends
oh as verse could just coming very acute in the north now that the six receive sikhs and hindus goosebumps all his comment or forces of the with that it's human nature to see if because people are convinced that their religion that contract with now be a reference to theater badges the game is true are easy we have
happy to endorse them to and buddhists face with industry can be used for families that the and verde the religious affairs crashed