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i refuse to trace the team
and then again
and then this and from the measure to prevent yes
who's christ as the second adam and this rounded never to forget a profound understanding of humanity is branded through members non-party and sorrows in a party divisions of good enough land body and or humanity remember his friday
and this body for them to share is divided disintegrated and my redemption has stearns his partner humanity and becomes a head of her manager
aboard managers her friends crime one man came death for a man as hundred and direct for present has an ever-more dan here in for their and nine working with is that surgery or and ready for guy from servants can have them in this man is for manager
and or hundred live and thanks the contract or respond necessarily food and credit should return to than she's not into every human being in the ends of the worm
and banners good could transfer the fresh fruits and it is coming does belong to christ resurrection should be true this fruits of humanity the men to go through dec we recreated against her death into the town of nine and intervention to as one's a human being has gone through there
who to return and and makes a passage in the threaten humanity and now his a her with over to pass through that for tonight and then come the end when it again it is the have to burn ricotta have to discredit and who wrote no authority and path and these are the country pass
save the universe is commander these pies for android crew died for various crimes and a new continued with consummate first
working through the universe her
but also has passed humanity the past which more than nations and he's good and evil fans who shared her from other nations and and or destined to be subject christ and it's important you know you see the great cause davis is named than the united states and growth chest
in an eighth of new few a soviet russia and all these pass and they seem to have tremendous far and they have in a sense when they could work the name is actually closer do a great deal of good but ultimately that all subject to the supreme god is with cream authority it's beyond all and that
is weak and christ the king who say that there is a thirty young or political power or economics but a tie your bags and something beyond for he must reign and she has put all his enemies under his feet and that no one's enemy can be destroyed is death see that still reigns that's when of these cars for names of the world and
through the resurrection and death is peter overcoming principal and in the end that guests will be destroyed at the end of death there is a term life and they will all things subjected to him the sand himself with be subjected to him to fall into under him that god may be everything to everyone in jesus as answered
the new man and new adam gathers humanity into unity restores it to nice to death and resurrection and then surrenders the kingdom to the father and guy is already know they've been saved fish tradition in which became from some for and it's feel deeply meaningful use this is at work in the world around us is
in the cosmos sfo in humanity and all the nations is part of salvation redemption races at work bringing about the kingdom of god and we're all sharing in that reaching our own way when members of his body of humanity in the team and open to eternal life in christ
that's the this conversion to the
informative heists the case raises question about kingship much remain back games and the ancient tradition of a kid was valuable concord
our enemies from ruled over the feeble and david and solomon certificate itself for saving trunk roads enemies establish the kingdom in israel in solomon his son reigned and spend on the great temple established of a glorious kingdom suiting over many people and that was the idea of
israel and when the messiah came was to be the king and they expected him to rule the same way to see like david and that was the expectation when jesus came he was came to be the massage expected him to come from all the enemies of israel will become the roman empire establish a kingdom and rule
over it and use this free at last all that and the only sign of his kingship weird as it is hanging on the cross shape put on this is jesus king of the jews and was ironic ironical and it shows and with thus or which he brought that he's so kinship and
a different ways and actually as you know he said he got with these words of the gentiles exercise authority over them and rule over there was a euro which are not be sure so and then in this parable which we just read the whole thing is rarely reversed he doesn't ask the king comes
this glory to judge the world and he doesn't ask whether they worshipped him whether they have obeyed him with his age and exalted him but whether they've served his brethren is members is people and
question is where we may use cared for the hungry and for the sick chance to the prison and cared for all those in need and this is rarely the kingship was jesus looks for itself a kinship of surges and man in an extraordinary reversal is in a christian tradition we've had to say
same as in israel on sometime became a christian and of christian emperor was established as the empire and then shot a man is a conquered in france and he had himself declared the emperor and since then they've been emperors and kings and church has been
not the church with a christian people who've been ruled by all these emphasis spanish and russian prison songs on these kings and they've all gone all these kings and emperors and gone and a new understanding of authority as emerged the king is not fun who conquered the enemy is under the rules with people
that man who is at the service of his people and of a very imperfect in the world that it is growing this understanding that alternative service how to and anti church we have a good for concept of ministry of speakers the akhirnya his ministry and all the
she's in the church for the pope and bishops priests from our government are all ministries their own services and christ comes to serve the son of man came not to be served for to serve and if it's night was a ransom for many that was his understanding of kingship not be so to serve and to give his life
life at shattered from the shape hill gets the example know we all need to reflect over this who profess is the whole concept of authority and january the well as soon as you get into position of you want to become very important in you have many followers and you have a great make a great impression of your wishes
and it is reversing in scene authority as serving caring for the with have broad on the people in need and and a day we are trying to realize isn't a chance that we all need to respect over it and to realize the real meaning kingship from authority and so
thirties and easy to find into giving their night so we asked for decreased from the church also for the world because this idea his grave these kings and emperors of bone and connotations aren't very much better in many ways but the rated c idea that six the people who met or not the game and that the the
purpose of the state is to care for the peaceful give them use of their lives help them grow still i say we ought to the judge and the world comes with deeper understand the meaning of authorities kinship and how we could fulfill that in alzheimer's

as you know that better future is a kind of instruction in christian faith and morality and
here is typically the model less paper can you begin in the advantage for them on a larger economy maybe committed them more model now here she says in christ suffered in the fresh arm yourself with the same thought whoever unsafely in the precious seized from sin chose to me from the rest of the time in the pitch no longer have a whom
and passion for the when of car as you know this man will living in the cache php giving subject to have passions and designs and i know ourselves could be saying an interesting phrase whoever suffered in the precious seeds from said is obviously tour together but there isn't a century ago with suffering
does free people from sin people living a very simple big a deal and they'd be interchange there may is very often making that has has been remained and then he goes on supposed to live and no longer as a human passion for the will of god and that was more of a choice you'll see people will be remedied
by their passion and on a time we are are to some extent and the same time we have this awareness the will of god really obscure in some people get stronger and others that there is something and everybody mandate which can sort of draw them out of their passion desire to get rid of god and that's what we have to ten
to get the times is well suffice for doing with the gentiles like to do living a nice his passion drank to his travels browsing and law it's idolatry it will want to take an extremely negative view what because the gentiles anybody who wasn't a jew we're supposed to be entirely in law is current and to my fast a great many
very good people and roman empire mistakes and even somebody had to go and the pattern is from living a very good night is an unfortunate they had this idea only the jews were right truths and everybody else was sinful and with i'm totally went on in the church only christians are righteous among hindus and ovens are havens in there
or wicked so we have to to you know to read these things with understanding it is only some gentiles cried true today and lots of people live in i sent his passion drunkenness rebels and film that also today millions of people atheists agnostics and others many good night much better than chris
june very often we could get a balanced build now surprise you do not join them in the same while profligacy and the abuse you that they will give a county in which made it to judge the living and dead
the gospel is preached even to the dead with their judgment depression like men they might live in the spirit guide star and eleven us yesterday was if we had this jesus preached to the bed and the very deep reading and as i said that this see humanity used one and we believe today that each one of us in iran ca
conscious a drink out for the cost of humanity and so the gospel radius a speech to own and the sanctions years i'm saying that everybody has some sort of sense of the will of god and we're not call it there are some sense of truth goodness with love of grace or justice these things work in
before and when they try to follow that the new covenant of grace of god and they on the way of salvation and on the other hand people are being driven by their passions desires away from truth of right in love and being subjective like that so that's division a new man advantage fixes all christians the same as others the
road and the same situation in that sense
and then it goes on the end of all things as as have therefore keep st say and and sober for your prayers as you know the church named in this next patient expectation of the end and i always emphasize if we all live in that expectation firstly the moment of death and for the whole
humanity they don't know when that's going to come so in a sense it's perfectly good way of looking at things the and the boys and can therefore keep same and sober your friends really good advice above or her unfailing love one another so glad covers a multitude of sins and this is
something very striking and important you know that with all this devotion to god and song was always just mentioned emphasis on the blood with one another and this they go together is poised something missing and i think it's rather distinctive can say is to face every day that this novel god is always
is associated with a love one another by a community level of others and as we had in the gospel this morning i was tiny little gave with leaders as regained the drink cans and second a business dawn and that is the test for one's faith run tomorrow then practice hospitality and gradually one another
the she received a get your point for the others good stewards got married grace hospitality is was a christian virtues wants to an indian that from the one that the great grace of india in than other countries that the also weapons fatalities is like concern for the strangers that's invading very important for many
people feel the least god and stranger can take me in and many people will come to indulge time of the great revelation is that get an injury that existed as pretended to the poorest people as well as to which they always offer this hospitality and has each received a gift employee i one another is good too
to god's days grace room has these different gifts someone may summon naga beach as his own gift around here and we all use them for the good of one another's stories now candied you only said mr choice or whatever we stuff our possession of material possessions and also our gifts were stewart a good
given the last for it to read the news of in the service of god advantage we have a speaks his round will such as articles of god who have read the services new renders it for the strength which god surprise that in everything god may be glorified with jesus christ under the great says the little things god may be glorified
and of course in india we have been much that i if i see god in every person every situation as is present in your neighbor the same idea and for whoever speaks is wendell as was articles with brought up to your speech if cut off from your mary agnes of god garden you can you do something others to it
by the strength which god a garden you don't have to protect yourself and it really makes a tremendous difference you see sort of
then not a spontaneous scale you think i've done this app doesn't add i've said this and so on and then you'll learn to to recollect memorized god has done this through the smoking is strictly and then a tremendous difference cars to record everything back to go has been ignoring the remain forever
he is story of the readers my teens is be praising this woman or her disposition love you know sacrifice given all the chief had contrast with a rich people who give their abundance that there's another aspect to it
i'd like to reflect on and as is playing is managed to treasure the temple treasure days i been money on temples churches when people are in need and as the questions really people raise today
people are starving there and of medicine eight of education in schools built hospitals and care for the needs of people provide them with their living but don't waste money of churches and temples and or even if you do at least them can be very plain and simple and angela
many m and yet people's instinct to those pride district that a fishing villages in kerala friends to spare their just struggling to live day by day and they'll save up and build a beautiful church which was most elaborate as
decorations into it as spontaneously they wanted to have a beautiful chest and same way people with money to the treasury of the temper to refer to people's been the hundreds of hours into bouquet is a poured into that temple after day year after year
and so the deep instinct in people to give money to the church to the temple to building is and places and today people find it difficult to understand but surely the point is that the church the temps will remind you of
of eternal life that the something beyond this was and poor people feel that needs such as rich people that ill people are self payment you need for church temple signifies something the years as the road joy peace fulfillment and they
put their money into this it makes it gives him a sense is something the younger visitors this world and the questionnaires you see which is more important is it as tim from life the which it has visited the journal that has obviously the answer for christian for
religious person is eternal life is fundamental values but of course we shouldn't devalue as a temple that it's words and that is a danger in the first to see the ground is an angio you see all these magnificent temples and you see all the money went into the temple the kings of raw
chargers and so on the they put all their money into these food beautiful temples srirangam your sake of mean actually your any other temples what money went into it that priestly you see and then not met his ability but all the sculptor and all the decorations and and people like
lines are assented on the temp literacy two days your kinda big engineering works from so that then it was to exist temp with some decorating and providing for them for the priests you see all these braces and useless people's go all the money goes to live to see these brother and priest
that they were keeping the temple good meal provided the worshipped to see and the people were on the temples to to shouted that vs and they love public she sees temple and assembly the cathedrals of see all although the year you have these beautiful cathedrals and people managed
all new wealth and nails and and they were for the piece was to see everybody comes to them which is the center of your life like the civil law
for any sports exhibition new zealand cricket match to the skillful was the center of their lives will their recreation and joy with his death that was the music and poetry and which dancing and all the joy of life as a temp agency in the worship so it in the souk associate with knives and their names
was first on the eternal see all this show a declaration of the answer sell was to remain jewels on the internet
the house for turns to the eternal lepage mais here the temples of india the computer together sure the the heart the fever was turned towards god to eternal life and they want to give everything their heads of their marriage with a neglected the first by true for salford and and rarely get to that stay
oh the poor people also rejoiced in having and these temples for instance in my soul to the roger nice so
he would temple then had his palace and again she has a raja stood for the people they was proud heading that roger is beautiful palaces along express some of them separated from it and so since have a band in which we lost to see and data released
if you want hospitals who was school surround and orphanages you want to care for the search and of course you do get from tonight that we shouldn't exchange room for the other see as though it's good enough as long as your head by schools and hospitals and change you've done much as necessary but it's not
true to see an older with is where and nine yards from models is really religion through cathedral
exactly and they will all these other things you've got all these schools and hospitals and universities with engineering from everything which from blonde and people devil find satisfaction reception they've tried it of they found it trouble through a date with me and it's it's an illusion for think can see what
your goodman paper rolls material wanted to say need an education and culture and race that want some their real name is really prefer for eternal life in every province and in the purge lower than the rich trail glove people much more where of they need was going to read why they won't tell
going to church to rush and rich people can forget about it to see and begin to think or if i can see all these six year and we'll be happy but they're not happy at the as in a real nice has been and that's where we are two days we historian and so all these things are necessary we need schools and hospitals the getting and is
the rest with and we have to get care for the color of the second and they were all through from the winter the record four ghz that we have to do it always an awareness that was something beyond that people need more than medicine education than anything else you need cause i needed
something in which will never be satisfied with anything else and now
to give to the treasury to pimp your money on for an apparently use with take they say is still something very precious very meaningful and we have to back in man so we can ask for discernment when i looked to one and neglect the other you shouldn't have temples and churches and neglect for
poor but we shouldn't have schools and hospitals and neglect potential subject is the first necessary

it's snuck a natural caterers is generally considered based on your plate is very interesting it has a phrase which returned and elsewhere in the new testament made partakers of the divine nature he says
simon peter seven to approximately has described to those were obtained a fate of equal standing with us in the righteousness about god and savior
the faith of equal standing with eyes i'm not quite sure what it means that it may mean his writing as a joke and gentiles and of course great event of the early church or is coming with the gentiles into a church which conceived itself or
legendary is jewish and the early disciples were all jews so upset with meaning here the grace and peace with notified and the knowledge of god and jesus christ his grace and peace for his families rather conventional terms very important because the two dominant games it's a guy
way since his gift of god to shepherd sharing of nerve with us a glimpse to the result of a pieces have gift for the holy spirit which comes from the grace of god and then it said his divine power has granted us are all things that pertain to die and gardeners for the knowledge of him and called us to his own glory
and accidents and which he has granted as is pressures on very great premises at through these rosario together arena
his designs car has granted us all things that pertain to life and godliness and since you say that there's a fullness of life and grace been given very important because humanity go through various stages and we get there is an ips of god that explained work and with the
coming of christ a fullness of life and godliness knowledge and truth to come in him to all the treasures of knowledge there that states give to a field of life and goddesses who has knowledge of him a call to reserve glory of accidents and gloria x the lower you know is this
shining like the radiance of the sun and its severity of god is kind of radiance of the divine veil and they proved for sharing their glory and excellent at which is grown with precious barry great promises to engage your we escaped from the productions in the world and become partakers of the divine nature
so close to all he speaks these pressures from very great promises and that of course is is hope of eternal life and it was remember that then as now people were very much
engrossed in the world around them the were areas
mystery religions in the roman empire which can promise of way out of the world where you live but the credit for the gospel came with this promise of eternal life to set people free from the present world and from this correction or you may escaped the corruption which is in the world because of passion and that's what we see to
deus here the whole world is corrupted and passion passion for the money is another great new passion for path those two things pan memo rarely taking and when which really correct correctly image for found way even the best people we totally corrupted by money and pass an entrance a great dane
life and this is the center's free from there to make us partakers of the divine nature the most remarkable phrase in india of course fee it's very common this idea wish as an act of god we become god with become design divine nature is in us but in a fiber and much more hesitant
is seen as infinite engraved and holy redeemer two brothers that through the gospel will be made partakers receive a share in the very nature should prevent the we say the divine being revived knowledge that a man this has set his arlanda be seeing every evening that a month later trader and that
his divine beings as in which is being foolish reality fullness of truth wisdom and knowledge for his place them love and method for share with partake of that the very nature at the gift of grace which is given
but this federal to make every effort now a rather interesting but as list of your first of all to supplement your face with dirt who will begin with faith in this to find this gift of birth and that it has to be supplemented with virtual is action to pay in the mind of the women act
one is engine virtue is in action and virtue with knowledge and knowledge which comes from an action scene from not actually says i'm not interested merely meant for academic and as a nodded comes from experience to this day and then there's the orange which have come from virtue
and knowledge with self control and again if you can have knowledge which is in the mind and in the heart but it has to lead self control it has to control the whole nature that you can be very wise in many ways the memphis community elements uncontrolled with your nature and those we have to into
re bring him to that for this and then steadfastness with i'm sorry
birth control with steadfastness has to be something constant we can overcome certain parts for time to originally we have been totally integrate the whole person advocates for know that very what we seek every aspect of our personality has to be integrated me become stamp for price will become fully
but they say the favourite gate of many sticker stabbed us in bronze tablet and i could a however
and then steadfastly with goblet is and which is prior to their lives it's not a typically significant in gardening with brotherly affection always the turning to god is also returning to others say it with a christian tradition at very a central and as been
really nice go down more they were neither relations without us discover this this brotherly affection notice it so an affectionate a human relationship is not simply design it has and and brotherly affection with love and that is pay that is divine now but always a human and the design have from
together just as in jesus a human and divine made serene earth with a knife is brevity affect the human aspect that tonight popular kicker pay the mouth which is to go for these things are yours on about the people from be ineffective or unfruitful no knowledge of our lord jesus christ

he's at the end of the world exercise the early church great field and the idea stages the vegetation could count in a moments with more expected himself with caught up into the air beat lot with a living and dead and in the only guy
gospel was submerged that seems to be the few and then as time went on the ended the century nothing happened when reading the second natural patronage it says everything goes on as before when it's you coming and so they began to get disillusion again to put it off and it seems some
luke was rather one who made this discernment and he made a distinction the that there was a prophecy of the destruction of the temple and jerusalem which took place in the as seventy a d and yeah tears and said very journey
as for these things which you see the day will come there's not be left here one stone upon another cannot be thrown down and that actually took place and from the time emperor titus
and that jerusalem was destroyed and this destruction of jerusalem was connected with the end of the world is thought that came in the end would come and was remember the jewish apocalyptic vision was such a earth israel would be under the dominion of their gentiles and then there would be asked
exxon and gerrard think would happen and then the end would come god will intervene and save israel and that is so look which they had and so the destruction of europe's for the thought of as being the end for some luke has reached the point where he makes a distinction is going to be a dish
fraction of jerusalem and rotate place in their lifetime that the end is not yet and he makes it very clear
take k to do not be led astray many will come a day i'm here the time is a hand do not go after them so they reach know the time when they recognize that acreage separate answers your event from the finals and charlatans but we all have to do that are many people today
they have been last hundred years were prophesied second coming and more and more common today when people see him and his signs and disaster and it all may happen at cause but i think it's really quite irrelevant all this external events and the reality is coming of the kingdom of god which is degree
eight the energy and are nice and it comes at every moment and it comes and every a crisis umass also and it's to be watching watch therefore we pray that is what jesus us is not to speculate about what's gonna happen in the world to be ready for the coming of god of christ into our
our hearts into our lives and so perhaps we ought to to realize his imminence of the chasm that it's present of manners it's in our midst and we're all trying to live live there with the kingdom of god that eternal night ever know he would make this separation between the template
and so he turned on it's an extension in time and unfortunately the bible of jews generally don't seem to have any a clear understanding of eternity and always thought we'd going on forever and ever and extension in time but in india we've always have many fear and is unknown it's the time is passing away and it's
eternity is always there it is the reality of which time is a reflection of shadow and were living out well on shadows reflections and will try to be aware the eternal which is present behind all the changes and and the chances of this world so we asked for their fringe to discern
the eternal reality i am the temporal events and to live in that eternal through live in the presence of god which is eternal smart template live his presence

repeat he ran into the a leaders among you as a fellow l and a witness as the sufferings of christ and as you know in the early church you have these elders press buttons please go to die
and jerk seem to be been governed largely almost entirely by these elegance and peter hair calls himself a thinner elder and it's so john letters he also speaks to himself he killed up to the next laid the elder to the dynamic pairs so and seen
to be in the universal language of the new testament then in this second century the were bishop edge-lit took over and priest was introduced in this dropped out and it's good to remind ourselves doing on the new testament the the ministry and the church was that of the elders
and is a tend to flock of god the dish short charge so the kenya was a certain
ministry in the church we've just been having to sit out on the laity and great question is what is the relation between the clergy and laity and
it married there is a distinction there's no doubt and it's already present in the new testament you see the quite clearly there are people were called to take charge and to use various phrases that over there isn't your charge you see as
and the industry she has made a shepherd and to shape it comes back of course you could goes back because to jesus them the good shepherd and also to the old testament today we don't find it very meaningful cheaper not very intelligent animals and have one person leading them all if hes not very meaningful
but we have to find other ways of expressing it and it still a very big problem you'll say that church tend to be divided between the clergy and laity and present dispensation insists that it's a different of essex not maybe degree which made things even more difficult and we're trying to get over the
it's kind of division some being a i was reading her state under pope leo the thirteenth the activated on the go away he said the worked me the courteous to root govern and to teach and the road of the narrative to be rude be governed to be taught so he'll
have a complete separation between the two and we're trying to bridge that gulf now and quite clearly that one's a problem even know you see it says
ten the flock that his yacht or not a constraint but winning the from for from game but equally not just domineering over there is no charge and being examples to the floor some of the world's here people who were in charge of that they are expected to exercise it and of course go back to
jesus himself very impact you can see mess was gospel he says if no one of you will become a rabbi for one h my master lead to and but any
no i'm nicole martin one is your mouth that is christ so jesus doesn't seem to have
he certainly didn't approve of any great distinction between them your again he did chechnya point apostles gave them a certain authority is nothing gave them authority to peter so it's it's not a simple matter there is authority in the church there is a circle
go to minister to others but today we tried to see it more of meant in terms of service you see a ministry is strictly adhere coroners service and there's were called to minister called so but of course they have an authority i don't think far from july for that them
necessity is he any humans society you do need some who have authority to guide the community and who have that responsibility or otherwise goes to pieces so i think this is how the early church by to answer that need and then it says went the chief shepherd is manifest you would obtain the
i'm fading crown of glory to see the elder is a shepherd and the to ship is christ and the he simply exercise his ministry in the name of christ and that of course has always been the teaching of the church not quite sure that a younger is subject to the elders their the elegance simply and a
they'd presumably and and again it's an attempt to create harmony and the community you cannot avoids the distinctions in any community there are some young son that i'm educated some uneducated and some capable than some less capable and
we always have to find a way of of harmonizing and the best demonstrations with some phone gives them the body and its members we haven't even mentioned this morning
that you have the hands and feet and hands on the cart and each have their functions and then not the same with a can't move the body and the hand has this function of reading the body are ordering it that again it had needs the hands of the feet so that idea of not ganic co where each
when is the best understanding of the church and the human society as a hurry and then he says girls yourselves olivia with humanity towards one another for god opposes the proud his base to the humble and to military it is business of the netherlands and eaten at first when i started to
as to his computer that's not to dictate terms of the promenade but to try to bring out what is best in them and that just the way we see leadership in the judge dead a seminar people in any major somebody do to only out of what is a band new in each by the of each one to triple their get there
a competitive to the group so this is how retract her of today and it's pretty much the same man is this and then a wonderful phrase humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of god and enjoy time you may exalt you spend me learn to recognize the hand of god in our lives
the humble ourselves that the pacers are buildings the hand to have to try to to get free of their daughter to put ourselves above it but to be put under the hand of god is either know that handy guide directors and that his humility and then none of my favorite phrases
in the new testament cast all your own safety or your care on him for he can for he has care for you and that's a wonderful this new see where all those people have trouble that cares and that is very assault and they keep worrying and traveling us and if i can surrender them cast or
care of him for he has carefully you a discovery that god cares and the answer to the problems is in the hands of job it's energetic it doesn't got me to do something of grifter faced the problem yourself and yet you didn't do it by yourself a better who do it with his surrender you try to allow god to take charge
that in works with you and the rare tremendous nestle there are known to make and surrender all situations than the guard was serving you and you don't take all the responsibility on yourself too often we did we've got to the river museum where his funds for and of course it is a personal responsibility and yet which always depend
on the the will be providence with gone your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring the he can someone to devour and to remind ourselves that are hostile forces of the burn county night over the world that it is style forces it take human form very often and
so on but their moves and german that are posted in the unconscious which are driving pm causing misery and violence are all over the were and those are what she means by this adversary the devil and resist him from in your face knowing that the same experience of such english a cloud of your grandmother throughout the world
all exposed in some way or other ticket sales forces sometimes it may be very obscure comes up in dream sometimes lost to your own decorative situation sometimes it can strike and sri lanka
candice hand south africa comes to open violence but always is conflicting forces are there and we're all exposed to the same way to different to bad
yeah the second later speaks of this seven
transfiguration we did not follow cleverly devised myths when we made known to the pan and coming around lord jesus christ who are a unique pieces of his majesty and under great differences between christianity as a whole and say hinduism is it case of
miss this of course is symbolic language and most ancient religion is founded on myth on these symbolic stories symbolic figures coming from the depths of the unconscious and and mirroring the universe in a very profound way and and they can take us read it
can reveal himself and that been revealed himself to reach me through the myth that in the bible on the whole that with catch bigger space to history and the main theme of christianity is i'm been say the mids became true that we had the bits of the day rising garden it was common in the middle eastern
in greece zone and in jesus said mids became started and variety he recalls his transfiguration which was a and vision you see when we seeds honor and glory to god the father the voice was brought to him and a majestic glory this is my beloved son
one two men well pleased so jesus was as concrete started who died on the cross to good at time and it in him this myth is how the presence of god and man was revealed it's the to nine mystery revealing itself not simply a myth that
in a historic person and event and the transfiguration was one of the create signs of this mystery at loma de jesus lived just an ordinary man it from the medical certainty that he appeared as a man and people could reject him they didn't see anything special in him residents and they went
that projects this moment that was his vision and oppose such manifestation not too uncommon is occurring in a vision of night for the example of sincerity must set off the russian sent to live in a forest and a devotee went to see him months and they were standing in the snow
no and he said look at my face and they looked in his face was shining like the sun you couldn't bear to look at it and the eastern church they spoke with this night of table is night for charmed and jesus on my table was also shines in the saints so there is to say there isn't night and paint is the source of all
veteran actually behind more matter is this night and sometimes that radiance come through in a human being and reveals so in they saw this glory of god and the boys saying this is my beloved son the recognition that jesus pence's unique relation between the father to gun
and we will with him on the holy mountain you see it's always seem they could have witnesses and wants through the gospel it's with this is really what we have seen what we've heard in the hands of and or of the word of lives and guy says it is a and it was based on eyewitness evidence it was handed down it is true over
and many decades but it always came originally from the eyewitness as a were witnesses of the resurrection primary and the joint declaration is a kind of of preparation for the resurrection and we have the prophetic word made more sure who the well pay attention to this the lamp shining and a
dark is the ninth of jesus the fulfillment of prophecy see the profits also had had their vision and it will seem to be fulfilled that it's prophetic word which was established in jesus and it a wealth of the and to to and listen to their says to have them chaining in a dark place
until the day dawns in the morning star rises in your hearts this is night of truth to say which comes to us in and the grace of god and it's essentially an interior night may be a manifestation outside but sent me right of faith is always an interior night to
wake that and transforms us a morning star rising in the heart the expression and see the same rumination and which takes place within and gradually transforms the person next month we looked for this in a night of faith to true and then it was time to stand the new of zags
pictures imagine a one's own interpretation is no prophecy ever came the impulse of men but men move by the holy spirit spoke from god and then of course the basis of all genuine religion they scold evaders koran whatever that all hell to come from prophecy from a illumination from the
verb means to go beyond ordinary human understanding the rational mind and received this illumination it can the various levels office and that it found from much is that
the brief is that this prophecy abilities in gear cause of the old testament but we can apply to all the profits of the ancient world where see illumination was given see more different couches or people there was this revelation of god to get to the holy man and to people who have this vision sometimes it's the
sharman is your nerve of america and northern peoples they had this vision may have this
what they call it to
visions experience you say they would go out and they would receive revision from about these are the visions which gloom in the knife of humanity and give us an understanding of something beyond the press beyond the ordinary mind can conceive so then he says prophecy of which comes not by the entrance of men and
move by the holy spirit men spoke from god
and we all learn to discern that
voice of the spirit unfortunately of course that are not in loser a voices and days as much as any time you get all sorts of revelations and illuminations and
they received a prophetic insight and they can be quite to save a young man came from christian this morning and under to save me and he sat down on my bed and for about half an hour he lectured me on the bible and jesus some everything he didn't look at me hard
aims to simply filled with himself all the jesus was doing to him and i think he was on his head really
you know it's you get a researcher he was convinced to see that jesus was speaking to him and it come to proclaim a message to me and so on but he wasn't thinking of me or looking at me or anything was just totally shut up and himself this new get to sort of illusion sumac they're just too dangerous
to all there

good news as foretells this
destruction of jerusalem face and forty years later and he ran eyes that all his world was collapsing around him that world where she lived was going to be destroyed temples synagogues or the whole scribes of tennessee's
all this world jerusalem palestine disappeared the dues were scattered as as art to this day returns at his chain and
he saw that this world was collapsing and and it was the world which said god had created with interest from with the holy city and the most high rails temple of god was the place where god had come the glory the door of the temple and were reading the vision of the
z killed and he lived after the have an early and captivity and he saw the temple restored god returning temple mccain and so to roost number submitted city of god it was where all the hopes of israel rested and it was unbelievable
the city should be captured by the gentiles and when the time came the jews wouldn't give in to most terrible see was history it wouldn't give in and they went fighting will kill and it was stomped out to see the romans totally surrounded the city no food could get in and say the role dying and they began to eat each other
those who have trouble seems to raise and then i read the whole thing collapsed and preserve this was the end for the promises to israel in the same city with to built up from kind of abraham david
with profits all this while totally collapsed and use a song and it was going to collapse and then he saw beyond that the time of the gentiles towels and there would be all these signs in the heavens and so on
the be signed in the sun and moon the stars next distress of nations complexity and promoting with the same and eighteen with theater for voting looks is coming on the world and the fires of heaven with the shade from and these are the signs of the and of the world of in jerusalem as he learned hitting
the similar time that all this road is going to collapse of the world we see around us or these marvels of science and technology and going to the moon and for this computer science and managers at the world all this is going to conduct exactly as the other day this no future in whatsoever
and we live in a world which is always breaking down always collapse and just have many times if abandoned own civilizations from is a persian and greek as merriment one after the others new civilizations haven't they all connect the end and there's no reason to hope
hold onto them at all because they're all passed away and and it's precisely when disconnect states place when was it is is invariance that salvation is at hair look out for lhasa in reception is at an and i mean this is a people yesterday or have to know you'll see that it
when or things are going wonderfully and scraped shave months of taking place at rarely the future lies and spin on this begins to break down and laps and the final collapse in that sense with the crucifixion and see the messiah came all the promises of israel will be fulfilled
and they can do doesn't want his miracles and feels safe with the years pass out evil spirits and here is transfigured on the narrative everything is coming to fulfillment than it all ends and and to conduct basic the crucifix who takes place all the paths with evil triumph and if the end to all
that and then of course covers the resurrection will have no redemption is at hand
and i think we all have to learn this you say that thing that always going wrong disasters are taken place on over the world in individual german knives and in nations and so it just industry sri lanka you see a reduced for peaceful little i have a little paradise and his camels and a
as they been together for centuries by happily hit something goes wrong and and and tearing each other's throats can killing one another going as we think have from destroyed same thing happened in the lebanon same didn't happen to some extent in northern ireland everywhere in south africa these things you say his balance and context
of are taking place and there's no future in all this you see as when all this disaster that takes place that the redemption is at hand and that wasn't great insight into buddha you know so he soon sort through all this were only sorrow his passed or is unreal the whole thing is policy the
away and then he realized that fun read as a peace beyond all this and use us went through the through trump's new crucifixion to this or the resurrection to the know live so long when things go wrong when she had people are getting a
ill now get this fever is going round and people get ill a mirror and has happened and it through this illness through this breakdown of people discover themselves and all over the about all these were fanatic can seven when they're dying and saw mrs when redemption is at say it's the opposite of what
we all think we don't think the figures prosperous and happy then when right way but actually it's when where everything is breaking down and and we're losing everything that redemptions at what was the time salvation comes so it's a great ministry it's not so great comfort you say that he seemed so much
disaster around us and if we take them ordinary human view you get despair it's misery and so on table and suffering in india today on these people and starving so many villages for know where they've if no no drinking water who i'm thing and no gains
two communities at all and yet it's sad that salvation is you see them in the midst of a woman suffering and the there is this mystery of brace of salvation and taking face and if we realize it then change takes place we no longer grass parts of the good things of a row when ready to accept him so
offering and evil when they come and to realize that god is present in the midst of all sin or sapling all evil as the redemption is that at and soon as i say it's the paradox with mysql back to try to asked

the letter with the rather intelligent with show
generally prefer to be so much age and of the time when the second coming of been delayed and people were asking when nestle come in and enterprise you see
remember the predictions of the holy prophets and the commandment that the lord and savior as we all parcels
under the reasons they don't think that is written actually by peters is kind of reference bag that to the apostles with he could not possibly himself then he goes you must understand that scuffles will come in the das davis scuffing that a passion saying where is the promise of is coming but ever since of
others fell asleep all things continued to say were from the beginning of creation and that of course is save the natural resound to have this expectation of the end of the world and the second coming and everything goes on just it was before and so people get disillusioned and it's have many times as
cause and the first century and then he a thousand everybody talked the world is coming to the end that began to leave their houses with earn prepare for the coming and there are many people today are still expecting it any time and of course nonsense it can come at any time but then it can also be delayed in fact he
says a little later we don't read it today a thousand years in his sight about a day metaphors is a key to their own thing that it's not a bot with time sequence of thinking pounds of days of years we get misled this is a mystery of beyond time and
say they ignore the fact that by the word of god they have resisted long i go and earth formed out of water and by means of water through which to the world of then were existed was deluged with water and perished is it tried to show you see that the earth came out the water which is true
and that to circle time new debt and denude it was all destroyed and this is a site could you say of things can come into being and then they they are destroying the pass away and that is a home nature of the universe is continually coming to be and and then passing away as
and that the same token though heaven and the earth of know exist to be stored up a fire and kept through the day of judgment destruction of ungodly men so this whom universe which he is stored up for far and probably far as as good as image you can handle of the end of the world but quite dirty
this creation came into being and it is passing away for passed away it may take billions of years we don't know but of games if not a question of temporal sequence and he earned his passing away until the day of judgment and the idea who say that fiano this temporal existence there is the eternal reality and the judgment is
it is facing eternity he will judge when we pass out this present temple work and we face the eternal truth which is always there you can face it now or we can wait till death do we have to face it but always the eternal reality instead on this temp world is as patrons as a moving image
edge of eternity seeds and the image of eternity and it's passing away with the eternity is always there and that is the judgment and message but your face service deep meaning behind this whole idea
he read this offices is the end of the web and as you know that are two distinct phases just as of all the prophecy of the fall of jerusalem which took place and little time later and then after that this role these
trials and tribulations when arise and the end the world will come and it seems that is to a monolith confused together and in the ancient traditional through the old testament the profit for see certain events in his own lifetime and beyond and then business
horizon the beyond is not care at all let us
he doesn't see beyond his own horizons so it seems also the jesus was the apocalyptic understanding and he saw this sport of jerusalem as a sign as if where the end of the world and abilities meaning in this because see time in a sense as a convention
and we all eyes a nice round that and inventions of time we take this movement of the sands of the earth around the sun and take that as a day of twenty four hours and we organize our knives and this concept to the and a day and then we imagine
and so many millions of days millions of years and the beginning of the world and it's it's not official construction rarely it's it's use with punk instructions as to to arrange the the world around us in a meaningful way return near taken of his
traction and it has no absolute validity of tall and actually decide physical time which we measured in that artificial way there is psychological time we can experience something in five minutes of the day's time and events may take place
live which are hateful to one hundred years a whole arrived may be totally changed in five minutes and psychologically it it's yours of and still that five minutes or physically thirty minute spanish with mechanism the sun so time is an artificial concern
attraction actually like all our instructions you see will always constructing a world around us according to the evidence of our senses and of our minds and we had to do that as like be a math math is very used for you at the general kind of the country say but of course is not a description of the countryside it's just a useful
a tool which you used to to make your way through the country and so on these constructions of time and space and causality or looks up scientific constructions are
artificial construction fairly it as far as say go they can be quite accurate as a map can be perfectly accurate as far as it goes but it's it's a has its limits and so all of these constructions advantage and useful for the all have their limits and so also in the i believe it's the certain time construction
shirley and see it in the context of this coming with the kingdom of for oddity is a series of all of jerusalem in that context and then the end is seen in that context and it's a useful nap as it were and it helps us to see that in our own lifetime we can only see so far we can see this world
in which we living and we can see with probability that it's good to come to an end maybe even five two and thirty or forty years the heard of this present world as we know it made me to collapse and that's as far as we need to go that we all know that we're moving towards a final end when
time is great pass away to time is is construction which we build up around the world and the whole time space construction is earth is an artificial one in the sand bed it and have courage in its way but not a description of reality and the time will come when this construction breaks down
and the reality appears and reality is eternal night see the eternal world time life is making itself present to us under these conditions of time and space and we experience it through them but the time comes when because beyond when we no longer see the word and time
time and space in the present order from g we enter into the reality with know the truth we just have a third wave the kingdom or comes to see and that is the bible reality so that's the world we live in this constructions of space or time which are necessary and we have to live with
them that they're not find more you say they're not the reality and always forgot to see beyond them to the teams coming of the kingdom when the reality is revealed and we know ourselves as we are no yeah no god as he knows us and that is the end of that nine snowy asked to have been to
see beyond the president to this eternal truth
martin was only an advantage
yeah catch
in protecting his weeks at the end of the world and now we look forward to the to the new word in a sense really a pistol
as you are not connecting in any spiritual get as you wait for the revealing of our lord jesus christ who sustain you to the end and a knife really is is you with a coming of the lord and that are many cummings
came in the flesh christmas and he came in the spirit at pentecost and he comes into our knives day by day and lepage reddit is waiting on is coming it comes to so many different ways into our knives and we have been waiting for it and i think
i been particularly with time waiting of expectation like are need it was waiting on the holy spirit for coming with the word and her night and so we're waiting for the coming of christ and it comes in all different ways come to us in
in our prayer we discover to present surprised er en meget new like wakening to his present and it can come to us in our community relations you our community there is a coming of christ and don't have community nine and then it can come to us in the situation where we are the people went
even with the work we're doing so all these waves crashed is coming into our lives and often we can simply ignore it if i'm based in a not waiting and not of tend to not aware and rarely air is being attentive being what anything aware and that's anything but we all have
no it's not seen words is not even a drinking thought it's a total awareness that god is present president everywhere and everybody and everything is coming into our lives when we awake to it when we wait on him and were worked for otherwise he passes as bail repass him back
the same thing so we won't have to ask for this watched from his attentiveness is waiting on god is real nice the presence of car at realize that present in our lives no this advent balanced with the church as opposed to be aware christ is coming to the church to the world and
the came in a prior to come with the past its history of are just is coming today and a totally new way and we're living in a new world and villages moving in the world and christ a coming is something new this year with this reach by of that slowly eyes but praise to be awake
revived the coming
it is a sunday of advent
coming of the lord and we've been celebrating the end of the world during these last weeks and the to a very closely related it as the world class was a way that the kingdom of god comes and we have to keep the to as aspects in our minds one sense
everything is passing away every day
is passing away we ourselves but we're moving to death death since the end that was a great insight of the burden on his passing or his sorrow or is this whole world is passing away and the other aspect of it is that in this past in world god the eternal is
is always coming coming into this world and when we realize nice load as possible way we realize got coming into the world it's a paradox in away and the grave danger today i certainly think this word is permitted to see real or imagined the world we're living in his permanent at least it's going
on for a very long time and we're not much concerned but rarely got to discover the world is passing away every day and we ourselves are fasting and land and all moving into death and the same time as we realize that this world is passed away the ground i said the other were to at the truth if term
monday is coming into the world and remember and we read in the prophecy of as oh that i would read the heavens and come down see but i'm hoping that this the heavens is or should be to have person that god should come into the world and it's a paradox as a the to go together as years
no knives the world is passing realize the presence of girl when you think this world it's permanent to forget about god he see something very remote so to real nice past any word and the presence of god and message to the gospels watch and pray as he do he says
watch them for you do not know when the master of the house would come the evening or midnight or contrary in the morning that he come and find to escape what i hesitate to all i say to all his watch so the
he heard the word is passing away and god is coming into the were the to are two aspects of the one reality as we see the passing word receive the coming of god in christ into the world and
as we recognize that then this coming takes place at every or she got is coming into the world at every at every moment and watch is being aware of that coming and that is really the art of meditation see little trying to learn how to meditate and meditation is sitting and the
coming aware that of all of the body and the world as passing away and then of the mind and the thoughts of games is passing away and then as you realize these things have passed you know who become aware of the presence of the eternal present for the kingdom of god within us and it's know
weekly and the whole place is watching waiting for this awareness of the presence and so we continue to the of the curve of the christ to the advent of christ is coming in the past christ came and we continue into the future but if we have always think of it also in the present are all waiting and
watching for them coming into our lives day by day and by and that is vegetation we can do it comes from twice in the day but rarely held a knife should be meditation should be aware and said that there is a passing world around us and our own thoughts and feelings and then in the midst of it all there
is god's presence eternal reality christ coming into the world and into our lives tablet moment would be aware of their and is to watch to wait that is enlightenment and the buddhist tradition of many no box for this is an mindfulness are considered to be the essential batch with spot from
some mindfulness mindfulness word is passing and aware of something else when it was god whatever name we give to nevada is coming into our lives is present among us so we asked for the salaries and realization it isn't great gift to go to then i said having the kingdom of god
at the moment

this revelation of st john which describes the coming
an end of the world and the belongs to us ratings the apocalypse a again in israel daniel it's front of the first we have the second century before christ
and this time there were many of these apocalypses revelations about was going to come with god would intervene and reveal himself and john has his particular revelation and in all of these we have to see the divine revelation always comes through a
human medium and the it cause it always comes to a certain historic circumstances to have all the profits word of god comes to that word is known experience when as configured a historical situation and so will always have to see versus historic
situation and the word which is revealing itself and it comes down to the kinda time space understanding we all have our own time space and each people
jews this time had their own times phase very limited time the world's first been created in five thousand b c and it was expected to end at any moment and for space it was submitted terrain and well the middle east and nothing beyond stay within that time the word of god counties
and it reveals itself the eternal is there in this temple situation the internet and net finite world so it was have to see the two sides of it the van were the divine truth the weaning itself under human conditions started controlled conditions
so john hatches revelation of jesus christ which god gave him to show to be his servant what the soon take place and of course he sees it entirely in that space word and his of the roman empire at that time and the expectation that time it has a meaning for old time and see its
sort of symbol burger four times face world is an image of the heard of time his face and is same with us now we have the time-space world and seventy thousand million years of evolution and on but that's only a particular times face world in which we live and understand things it's not it's not nothing
i'm on about it so he has his own word and it symbolizes oh human destiny it summed up a bit
when she made known to his servant john and nobody knows quite to rotate probably not the apostle john the many johns and it's not all settled in this famous a profit or sierra early and had the special invitation who bore witness to the word of god that testy of
jesus christ even to all that his solo and it's pretty interesting to see this most favorite britain at the end of the first century and already there and the human jesus has almost disappeared in this wonderful figure only he sees that as the alpha and omega the beginning
the end and it reveals his tremendous new vision which cruelest as the church began to reflect on the history and vanished message is he who reads allow the word of this prophecy and guess it are those from here and to keep what is written for the time is near and then he always has its
sense of bless you know when you need a sacred scriptures to most fit to the me it was said to get a certain message with them in a tenth and attentively if we try to discern the message which comes through to ask which say and all these and say would have a historic conditioning that the word of god come through to us through he is
taken a word in this situation and then he writes to the seven churches of in seven as your nose a sacred number is signifies fullness seven gets to the holy spirit that the fullness seven churches really is in the whole church that since is symbolized and that is
an increase in case from him who is the world's who is to come and from the seven spirits of before his throne we don't often hear again of the seven spirits that a good deal and it's symbolism here which is there a jewish and which didn't survive
i think it really is have been weird because the holy spirit as i say as the seven is the number of perfection the several gift to the holy spirit represent rarely the fullness of the spirit to proceed to stem from this spirit and from jesus christ the faithful witness the first fall of the dead and the ruler of the king's on earth
six and of jesus or seen as now he's transcended time and space and he's a ruler of all the kings and their a new vision which is dawn to him of novices and as freed us from our sins by his blood there's the kingdom and faced with guard notice it same sentence you see on the very shoot where whom
in a census is interviews he loves us and as traders from austria and for his processes so what of central christian message so with all of this sort of grandeur attached to it it's still based on the basic reality of of jesus's is suffering his death on the cross and made as a kingdom and trees to his car
that you know i see it's very durational this goes back to the accidents vegetation were only nation or kingdom of priests receive and a king and priest on mediators of kenya's one who rules in god's name the priest is one who speaks in god's name and serve this is the paper
we're having this relation to go to him the glory and dominion is coming with the couch and every i will see him and always you know the company is with the is based on that vision of dad and i saw one night was son of man coming in the clouds of heaven and the crowd you know represent
to be on you say we're here on this earth and then there's the space between an account of represents is the world beyond say it comes in this transcendent way and every i will see him every one who kissed him and old tried to the ads will wail on account of him and the ruins to aspects of the coming
one is of judgment and the other of course the grace the salvation and then i am the alpha the omega since the law of god who is move was ways to come the almighty any interest to use young phenomenon of the first and last letters in the greek alphabet and this was written in greek and already we've moved out to leave
aramaic word in which jesus and this knife has lived into the greek world unless thinking now in these terms and we often compare this out for a omega to the own in sanskrit to are o from the sanskrit is is the biggest is considered dictate all letters all sound for
meaning in itself said becomes a symbol of the word to say jesus is role just a scout from the own if it's crazy over of fullness of that word
casey lives period misfit so you'll see it's a it's a tremendously and powerful scripture this many difficult to understand in forest for stone foot of deep meaning for are still today that go to reflect on it for in this time

today the memories and andrew the apostle and read the story of jesus choosing his apostles and it makes us reflect on this corner of the apollo and norman i think of it in terms of preaching the gospel
and today we emphasize every christian as a cold be an apostle not about christian calling and
think of it in terms of preaching of teaching and healing and day perhaps above all keep think with in terms of liberation with speech his gospel of liberation for humanity from all suffering more oppression for injustice and donkeys below these are apostolic callings
and they have to pay homage to the church and there is another calling which people reflect much nicer bomb is express their found us mommy miami ship time and and he wrote the jesus didn't come so much to reach any particular message there is a message or
to do anything to take an owner certain he did that to communicate and experience these as and this unique experience of god she expressed in terms of abba father and everybody critics today understand what was unique in jesus with this
amber experience and it was meet at bow is a very sacred word a wonderful familiarity it uses knew god was no one else knows knew him as father and himself as son to to be sharing in that knowledge and love the father which is the holy spirit and
he came to communicate this experience that is decide who should share in his son sonship they should know the father as he aged and share in the spirit which he communicated and his essential give to the church said gift to the holy spirit tree or received baptism confirm compromise
mesh which is renewed in the eucharist do day by day in prayer and serve as whatever we may do so in a sense this is a fundamental insight and i think we can call out to founders should fire marshal rbc amanda as apostles they came to india with this me
yes that with the christian gospel is an experienced be live and they created this ashram at a pace where this experience could be shared with believed and if we think of the deeply on this the all these other functions of an apostle scream from that unless we had an experience of god
we cannot preach the gospel and that's what a word it isn't a be ideas it's a kitson communication christ himself would see you have to experience prized within if we're going to share him without as commander and to others and so with all the risks whether it's teaching and healing or gibberish
eating it comes from the certain experience of god in christ through the holy spirit and if that is lacking then on the rest and a little meaning and perhaps is a danger to day see people are so much off to bed now with this flawed just social justice and service the poor that
they may be tempted to think that it's just going out and liberating be serving and so on and forget that a nice set service in that liberation comes from the experience of god with the unless it comes from the spirit of god is not going to be really effective and it's not really good to be
the gospel and see an atheist and can certainly work for social justice and and an atheist can be very concerned with the for that are many marxists are much more zealous some christians are liberating humanity and serving the poor could they do it from a totally different motive and a crisp of the chris
june brings is precisely the experience of burden spirit which is a source of liberation which the source of love to the source of freedom which is the source of human fulfillment so i think we have a very special cooling and gdp for few people recognize it can see you can't see and experience when somebody is
preaching the gospel you can see him when they're working in a hospital you can see them were that in an action group to the season but when they're experiencing god in an ashram you don't see anything what are they doing they're sitting for doing nothing a big and that's appropriate agency and when you talk of contemplate
patient experience of god they just wonder what you're talking about and yet we rarely is source of all receive all preaching and teaching and services liberation comes round base experience of god in spirit and the spirit experienced as got is see we have the body under so
so we experienced gotta have measured in the podium so the essence of the experience of guarded in the spirit and jesus came to communicate experience of burton the spirit which is a holy spirit uniting himself with for and she posed as a still knows all things even the deep
things of god and in the spirit we know gonna i've experienced at mysterious reality and then it comes out in our lives and work
as preaching teaching whatever we may do so i think we need to reflect deeply on this they say an ashram is any people today i think it's quite meaningless you know major theological college french and puno and send them a lot of these that is jealousy on the allergens and many of them were saying
you know ashram these new conditions or all this is what will belong to the past now were concerned with the poor with the sufferings of humanity we go out with serve and over save one point he is right for you see his teacher think you could ignore soon experience of god in the spirit which is not only in christian know suing india
is he in india we have no extends of guiding spirit euthanasia has been an awakening of humanity it and six floors